Assembling the Cluster

The full Scyld ClusterWare Cluster Virtualization Software and the underlying Linux operating system are installed only on the master node.

Most recent hardware supports network boot (PXE boot), which ClusterWare requires for booting the compute nodes.

Software Components

The following are integral components of Scyld ClusterWare:

  • beostatus: A graphic utility for monitoring the status of a ClusterWare cluster.

  • Scyld ClusterWare: Allows processes to be started on compute nodes in the cluster and tracked in the process table on the master node. Scyld ClusterWare also provides process migration mechanisms to help in creating remote processes, and removes the need for most binaries on the remote nodes.

  • MPICH2, MVAPICH2, and OpenMPI: Message Passing Interfaces, customized to work with Scyld ClusterWare.

For more detailed information on these software components, see the Administrator’s Guide and the User’s Guide.