Updating Software On Your Cluster

From time to time, Scyld may release updates and add-ons to Scyld ClusterWare. Customers on active support plans for Scyld software products can access these updates on the Penguin Computing website. Visit https://www.penguincomputing.com/support for details. This site offers answers to common technical questions and provides access to application notes, software updates, product documentation, and Release Notes.

The Release Notes for each software update will include instructions for installation, along with information on why the update was released and what bug(s) it fixes. Be sure to thoroughly read the Release Notes, as they may discuss specific requirements and potential conflicts with other software.

What Can’t Be Updated

Some packages provided with Scyld ClusterWare, such as Ganglia, are specifically optimized to take advantage of the BProc unified process space, which is added to the standard Linux distributions that Scyld supports. Other packages, such as MPICH2, MVAPICH2, MPICH3, and OpenMPI, take advantage of features of the Scyld ClusterWare TORQUE distribution. Although there are generally available versions of these packages that you can download from other sources, you should use the versions provided by Scyld for best performance with BProc and ClusterWare. Contact Scyld Customer Support if you have questions about specific packages that you would like to use with Scyld ClusterWare.

Users may also choose to use commercially available MPIs, such as Intel, HP, Scali, or Verari. These require specific configuration on Scyld ClusterWare. See the Penguin Computing Support Portal at https://www.penguincomputing.com/support, or contact Scyld Customer Support.