SLURM Release InformationΒΆ

The following is reproduced essentially verbatim from files contained within the SLURM tarball downloaded from

SLURM was produced at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in collaboration
with various organizations.

Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Los Alamos National Security, LLC.
Copyright (C) 2011 Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing
Copyright (C) 2010-2015 SchedMD LLC
Copyright (C) 2009-2013 CEA/DAM/DIF
Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS)
Copyright (C) 2008-2011 Lawrence Livermore National Security
Copyright (C) 2008 Vijay Ramasubramanian
Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Red Hat, Inc.
Copyright (C) 2007-2013 National University of Defense Technology, China
Copyright (C) 2007-2015 Bull
Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Copyright (C) 2004-2009, Marcus Holland-Moritz
Copyright (C) 2002-2007 The Regents of the University of California
Copyright (C) 2002-2003 Linux NetworX
Copyright (C) 2002 University of Chicago
Copyright (C) 2001, Paul Marquess
Copyright (C) 2000 Markus Friedl
Copyright (C) 1999, Kenneth Albanowski
Copyright (C) 1998 Todd C. Miller <>
Copyright (C) 1996-2003 Maximum Entropy Data Consultants Ltd,
Copyright (C) 1995 Tatu Ylonen <>, Espoo, Finland
Copyright (C) 1989-1994, 1996-1999, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Many other organizations contributed code and/or documentation without
including a copyright notice.

Written by:
Amjad Majid Ali (Colorado State University)
Par Andersson (National Supercomputer Centre, Sweden)
Don Albert (Bull)
Ernest Artiaga (Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Spain)
Danny Auble (LLNL, SchedMD LLC)
Susanne Balle (HP)
Anton Blanchard (Samba)
Janne Blomqvist (Aalto University, Finland)
David Bremer (LLNL)
Jon Bringhurst (LANL)
Bill Brophy (Bull)
Hongjia Cao (National University of Defense Techonogy, China)
Daniel Christians (HP)
Gilles Civario (Bull)
Chuck Clouston (Bull)
Joseph Donaghy (LLNL)
Chris Dunlap (LLNL)
Joey Ekstrom (LLNL/Bringham Young University)
Josh England (TGS Management Corporation)
Kent Engstrom (National Supercomputer Centre, Sweden)
Jim Garlick (LLNL)
Didier Gazen (Laboratoire d'Aerologie, France)
Raphael Geissert (Debian)
Yiannis Georgiou (Bull)
Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited, Ukraine)
Mark Grondona (LLNL)
Takao Hatazaki (HP, Japan)
Matthieu Hautreux (CEA, France)
Chris Holmes (HP)
David Hoppner
Nathan Huff (North Dakota State University)
David Jackson (Adaptive Computing)
Morris Jette (LLNL, SchedMD LLC)
Klaus Joas (University Karlsruhe, Germany)
Greg Johnson (LANL)
Jason King (LLNL)
Aaron Knister (Environmental Protection Agency)
Nancy Kritkausky (Bull)
Roman Kurakin (Institute of Natural Science and Ecology, Russia)
Eric Lin (Bull)
Don Lipari (LLNL)
Puenlap Lee (Bull)
Dennis Leepow
Bernard Li (Genome Sciences Centre, Canada)
Donald Lipari (LLNL)
Steven McDougall (SiCortex)
Donna Mecozzi (LLNL)
Bjorn-Helge Mevik (University of Oslo, Norway)
Chris Morrone (LLNL)
Pere Munt (Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Spain)
Michal Novotny (Masaryk University, Czech Republic)
Bryan O'Sullivan (Pathscale)
Gennaro Oliva (Institute of High Performance Computing and Networking, Italy)
Alejandro Lucero Palau (Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Spain)
Daniel Palermo (HP)
Dan Phung (LLNL/Columbia University)
Ashley Pittman (Quadrics, UK)
Vijay Ramasubramanian (University of Maryland)
Krishnakumar Ravi[KK] (HP)
Petter Reinholdtsen (University of Oslo, Norway)
Gerrit Renker (Swiss National Computer Centre)
Andy Riebs (HP)
Asier Roa (Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Spain)
Miguel Ros (Barcelona Supercomputer Center, Spain)
Beat Rubischon (DALCO AG, Switzerland)
Dan Rusak (Bull)
Eygene Ryabinkin (Kurchatov Institute, Russia)
Federico Sacerdoti (D.E. Shaw)
Rod Schultz (Bull)
Tyler Strickland (University of Florida)
Jeff Squyres (LAM MPI)
Prashanth Tamraparni (HP, India)
Jimmy Tang (Trinity College, Ireland)
Kevin Tew (LLNL/Bringham Young University)
Adam Todorski (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Nathan Weeks (Iowa State University)
Tim Wickberg (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Ramiro Brito Willmersdorf (Universidade Federal de Pemambuco, Brazil)
Jay Windley (Linux NetworX)
Anne-Marie Wunderlin (Bull)

CODE-OCEC-09-009. All rights reserved.

This file is part of SLURM, a resource management program.

SLURM is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option)
any later version.

SLURM is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with SLURM; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301  USA.


Our Preamble Notice


This work performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under Contract DE-AC52-07NA27344.


This work was sponsored by an agency of the United States government.
Neither the United States Government nor Lawrence Livermore National
Security, LLC, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express
or implied, or assumes any liability or responsibility for the accuracy,
completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or
process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately
owned rights. References herein to any specific commercial products, process,
or services by trade names, trademark, manufacturer or otherwise does not
necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or
favoring by the United States Government or the Lawrence Livermore National
Security, LLC. The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not
necessarily state or reflect those of the United States government or
Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC, and shall not be used for
advertising or product endorsement purposes.

The precise terms and conditions for copying, distribution and modification
is provided in the file named "COPYING" in this directory.

This file describes changes in recent versions of Slurm. It primarily
documents those changes that are of interest to users and administrators.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.6-2
 -- Remove deadlock situation when logging and --enable-debug is used.
 -- Fix RPM packaging for accounting_storage/mysql.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.6
 -- Added parsing of -H flag with scancel.
 -- Fix slurmsmwd build on 32-bit systems.
 -- acct_gather_filesystem/lustre - add support for Lustre 2.12 client.
 -- Fix per-partition TRES factors/priority
 -- Fix per-partition NICE priority
 -- Fix partition access check validation for multi-partition job submissions.
 -- Prevent segfault on empty response in 'scontrol show dwstat'.
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin - Preserve node's active features if it has
    already booted when slurmctld daemon is reconfigured.
 -- Detect missing burst buffer script and reject job.
 -- GRES: Properly reset the topo_gres_cnt_alloc counter on slurmctld restart
    to prevent underflow.
 -- Avoid errors from packing when RPM is built
    with out mysql support.
 -- Remove deprecated -t option from slurmctld --help.
 -- acct_gather_filesystem/lustre - fix stats gathering.
 -- Enforce documented default usage start and end times when querying jobs from
    the database.
 -- Fix issues when querying running jobs from the database.
 -- Deny sacct request where start time is later than the end time requested.
 -- Fix sacct verbose about time and states queried.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - allow 'scancel --hurry <jobid>' to tear down a burst
    buffer that is currently staging data out.
 -- X11 forwarding - allow setup if the DISPLAY environment variable lacks
    a screen number. (Permit both "localhost:10.0" and "localhost:10".)
 -- docs - change HTML title to include the page title or man page name.
 -- X11 forwarding - fix an unnecessary error message when using the
    local_xauthority X11Parameters option.
 -- Add use_raw_hostname to X11Parameters.
 -- Fix smail so it passes job arrays to seff correctly.
 -- Don't check InactiveLimit for salloc --no-shell jobs.
 -- Add SALLOC_GRES and SBATCH_GRES as input to salloc/sbatch.
 -- Remove drain state when node doesn't reboot by ResumeTimeout.
 -- Fix considering "resuming" nodes in scheduling.
 -- Do not kill suspended jobs due to exceeding time limit.
 -- Add NoAddrCache CommunicationParameter.
 -- Don't ping powering up cloud nodes.
 -- Add cloud_dns SlurmctldParameter.
 -- Consider --sbindir configure option as the default path to find slurmstepd.
 -- Fix node state printing of DRAINED$
 -- Fix spamming dbd of down/drained nodes in maintenance reservation.
 -- Avoid buffer overflow in time_str2secs.
 -- Calculate suspended time for suspended steps.
 -- Add null check for step_ptr->step_node_bitmap in _pick_step_nodes.
 -- Fix multi-cluster srun issue after 'scontrol reconfigure' was called.
 -- Fix accessing response_cluster_rec outside of write locks.
 -- Fix Lua user messages not showing up on rejected submissions.
 -- Fix printing multi-line error messages on rejected submissions.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.5-2
 -- Fix Perl build for 32-bit systems.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.5
 -- Backfill - If a job has a time_limit guess the end time of a job better
    if OverTimeLimit is Unlimited.
 -- Fix "sacctmgr show events event=cluster"
 -- Fix sacctmgr show runawayjobs from sibling cluster
 -- Avoid bit offset of -1 in call to bit_nclear().
 -- Insure that "hbm" is a configured GresType on knl systems.
 -- Fix NodeFeaturesPlugins=node_features/knl_generic to allow other gres
    other than knl.
 -- cons_res: Prevent overflow on multiply.
 -- Better debug for bad values in gres.conf.
 -- Fix double accounting of energy at end of job.
 -- Read gres.conf for cloud nodes on slurmctld.
 -- Don't assume the first node of a job is the batch host when purging jobs
    from a node.
 -- Better debugging when a job doesn't have a job_resrcs ptr.
 -- Store ave watts in energy plugins.
 -- Add XCC plugin for reading Lenovo Power.
 -- Fix minor memory leak when scheduling rebootable nodes.
 -- Fix debug2 prefix for sched log.
 -- Fix printing correct SLURM_JOB_ACCOUNT_PACK_GROUP_* in env for a Het Job.
 -- sbatch - search current working directory first for job script.
 -- Make it so held jobs reset the AccrueTime and do not count against any
    AccrueTime limits.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of bf_hetjob_prio=[min|avg|max] to alter the
    job sorting algorithm for scheduling heterogeneous jobs.
 -- Fix initialization of assoc_mgr_locks and slurmctld_locks lock structures.
 -- Fix segfault with job arrays using X11 forwarding.
 -- Revert regression caused by e0ee1c7054 which caused negative values and
    values starting with a decimal to be invalid for PriorityWeightTRES and
 -- Fix possibility to update a job's reservation to none.
 -- Suppress connection errors to primary slurmdbd when backup dbd is active.
 -- Suppress connection errors to primary db when backup db kicks in
 -- Add missing fields for sacct --completion when using jobcomp/filetxt.
 -- Fix incorrect values set for UserCPU, SystemCPU, and TotalCPU sacct fields
    when JobAcctGatherType=jobacct_gather/cgroup.
 -- Fixed srun from double printing invalid option msg twice.
 -- Remove unused -b flag from getopt call in sbatch.
 -- Disable reporting of node TRES in sreport.
 -- Re-enabling features combined by OR within parenthesis for non-knl setups.
 -- Prevent sending duplicate requests to reboot a node before ResumeTimeout.
 -- Down nodes that don't reboot by ResumeTimeout.
 -- Update seff to reflect API change from rss_max to tres_usage_in_max.
 -- Add missing TRES constants from perl API.
 -- Fix issue where sacct would return incorrect array tasks when querying
    specific tasks.
 -- Add missing variables to slurmdb_stats_t in the perlapi.
 -- Fix nodes not getting reboot RPC when job requires reboot of nodes.
 -- Fix failing update the partition list of a job.
 -- Use slurm.conf gres ids instead of gres.conf names to get a gres type name.
 -- Add mitigation for a potential heap overflow on 32-bit systems in xmalloc.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.4
 -- burst_buffer/cray - avoid launching a job that would be immediately
    cancelled due to a DataWarp failure.
 -- Fix message sent to user to display preempted instead of time limit when
    a job is preempted.
 -- Fix memory leak when a failure happens processing a nodes gres config.
 -- Improve error message when failures happen processing a nodes gres config.
 -- When building rpms ignore redundant standard rpaths and insecure relative
    rpaths, for RHEL based distros which use "check-rpaths" tool.
 -- Don't skip jobs in scontrol hold.
 -- Avoid locking the job_list when unneeded.
 -- Allow --cpu-bind=verbose to be used with SLURM_HINT environment variable.
 -- Make it so fixing runaway jobs will not alter the same job requeued
    when not runaway.
 -- Avoid checking state when searching for runaway jobs.
 -- Remove redundant check for end time of job when searching for runaway jobs.
 -- Make sure that we properly check for runawayjobs where another job might
    have the same id (for example, if a job was requeued) by also checking the
    submit time.
 -- Add scontrol update job ResetAccrueTime to clear a job's time
    previously accrued for priority.
 -- cons_res: Delay exiting cr_job_test until after cores/cpus are calculated
    and distributed.
 -- Fix bug where binary in cwd would trump binary in PATH with test_exec.
 -- Fix check to test printf("%s\n", NULL); to not require
    -Wno-format-truncation CFLAG.
 -- Fix JobAcctGatherParams=UsePss to report the correct usage.
 -- Fix minor memory leak in pmix plugin.
 -- Fix minor memory leak in slurmctld when reading configuration.
 -- Handle return codes correctly from pthread_* functions.
 -- Fix minor memory leak when a slurmd is unable to contact a slurmctld
    when trying to register.
 -- Fix sreport sizesbyaccount report when using Flatview and accounts.
 -- Fix incorrect shift when dealing with node weights and scheduling.
 -- libslurm/perl - Fix segfault caused by incorrect hv_to_slurm_ctl_conf.
 -- Add qos and assoc options to confirmation dialogs.
 -- Handle updating identical license or partition information correctly.
 -- Makes sure accounts and QOS' are all lower case to match documentation
    when read in from the slurm.conf file.
 -- Don't consider partitions without enough nodes in reservation,
    main scheduler.
 -- Set SLURM_NTASKS correctly if having to determine from other options.
 -- Removed GCP scripts from contribs. Now located at:
 -- Don't check existence of srun --prolog or --epilog executables when set to
    "none" and SLURM_TEST_EXEC is used.
 -- Add "P" suffix support to job and step tres specifications.
 -- When doing a reconfigure handle QOS' GrpJobsAccrue correctly.
 -- Remove unneeded extra parentheses from sh5util.
 -- Fix jobacct_gather/cgroup to work correctly when more than one task is
    started on a node.
 -- If requesting --ntasks-per-node with no tasks set tasks correctly.
 -- Accept modifiers for TRES originally added in 6f0342e0358.
 -- Don't remove reservation on slurmctld restart if nodes are removed from
 -- Fix bad xfree in task/cgroup.
 -- Fix removing counters if a job array isn't subject to limits and is
    canceled while pending.
 -- Make sure SLURM_NTASKS_PER_NODE is set correctly when env is overwritten
    by the command line.
 -- Clean up step on a failed node correctly.
 -- mpi/pmix: Fixed the logging of collective state.
 -- mpi/pmix: Make multi-slurmd work correctly when using ring communication.
 -- mpi/pmix: Fix double invocation of the PMIx lib fence callback.
 -- mpi/pmix: Remove unneeded libpmix callback drop in tree-based coll.
 -- Fix race condition in route/topology when the slurmctld is reconfigured.
 -- In route/topology validate the slurmctld doesn't try to initialize the
    node system.
 -- Fix issue when requesting invalid gres.
 -- Validate job_ptr in backfill before restoring preempt state.
 -- Fix issue when job's environment is minimal and only contains variables
    Slurm is going to replace internally.
 -- When handling runaway jobs remove all usage before rollup to remove any
    time that wasn't existent instead of just updating lines that have time
    with a lesser time.
    environment if the corresponding command line options are used.
 -- slurmd - fix handling of the -f flag to specify alternate config file
 -- Fix scheduling logic to avoid using nodes that require a reboot for KNL
    node change when possible.
 -- Fix scheduling logic bug. There should have been a test for _not_
    NODE_SET_REBOOT to continue.
 -- Fix a scheuling logic bug with respect to XOR operation support when there
    are down nodes.
 -- If there is a constraint construct of the form "[...&...]"
    then an error is generated if more than one of those specifications
    contains KNL NUMA or MCDRAM modes.
 -- Fix stepd segfault race if slurmctld hasn't registered with the launching
    slurmd yet delivering it's TRES list.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of bf_ignore_newly_avail_nodes to avoid
    scheduling lower priority jobs on resources that become available during
    the backfill scheduling cycle when bf_continue is enabled.
 -- Decrement message_connections in stepd code on error path correctly.
 -- Decrease an error message to be debug.
 -- Fix missing suffixes in squeue.
 -- pam_slurm_adopt - send an error message to the user if no Slurm jobs
    can be located on the node.
 -- Run SlurmctldPrimaryOffProg when the primary slurmctld process shuts down.
 -- job_submit/lua: Add several slurmctld return codes.
 -- job_submit/lua: Add user/group info to jobs.
 -- Fix formatting issues when printing uint64_t.
 -- Bump RLIMIT_NOFILE for daemons in systemd services.
 -- Expand %x in job name in 'scontrol show job'.
 -- salloc/sbatch/srun - print warning if mutually exclusive options of --mem
    and --mem-per-cpu are both set.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.3
 -- Fix regression in 18.08.1 that caused dbd messages to not be queued up
    when the dbd was down.
 -- Fix regression in 18.08.1 that can cause a slurmctld crash when splitting
    job array elements.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.2
 -- Correctly initialize variable in env_array_user_default().
 -- Remove race condition when signaling starting step.
 -- Fix issue where 17.11 job's using GRES in didn't initialize new 18.08
    structures after unpack.
 -- Stop removing nodes once the minimum CPU or node count for the job is
    reached in the cons_res plugin.
 -- Process any changes to MinJobAge and SlurmdTimeout in the slurmctld when
    it is reconfigured to determine changes in its background timers.
 -- Use previous SlurmdTimeout in the slurmctld after a reconfigure to
    determine the time a node has been down.
 -- Fix multi-cluster srun between clusters with different SelectType plugins.
 -- Fix removing job licenses on reconfig/restart when configured license
    counts are 0.
 -- If a job requested multiple licenses and one license was removed then on
    a reconfigure/restart all of the licenses -- including the valid ones
    would be removed.
 -- Fix issue where job's license string wasn't updated after a restart when
    licenses were removed or added.
 -- Add allow_zero_lic to SchedulerParameters.
 -- Avoid scheduling tasks in excess of ArrayTaskThrottle when canceling tasks
    of an array.
 -- Fix jobs that request memory per node and task count that can't be
    scheduled right away.
 -- Avoid infinite loop with jobacct_gather/linux when pids wrap around
 -- Fix --parsable2 output for sacct and sstat commands to remove a stray
    trailing delimiter.
 -- When modifying a user's name in sacctmgr enforce PreserveCaseUser.
 -- When adding a coordinator or user that was once deleted enforce
 -- Correctly handle scenarios where a partitions MaxMemPerCPU is less than
    a jobs --mem-per-cpu and also -c is greater than 1.
 -- Set AccrueTime correctly when MaxJobsAccrue is disabled and BeginTime has
    not been established.
 -- Correctly account for job arrays for new {Max/Grp}JobsAccrue limits.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.1
 -- Remove commented-out parts of man pages related to cons_tres work in 19.05,
    as these were showing up on the web version due to a syntax error.
 -- Prevent slurmctld performance issues in main background loop if multiple
    backup controllers are unavailable.
 -- Add missing user read association lock in burst_buffer/cray during init().
 -- Fix incorrect spacing for PartitionName lines in 'scontrol write config'.
 -- Fix creation of step hwloc xml file for after cpuset cgroup has been
 -- Add userspace as a valid default governor.
 -- Add timers to group_cache_lookup so if going slow advise
 -- Fix SLURM_STEP_GRES=none to work correctly.
 -- Fix potential memory leak when a failure happens unpacking a ctld_multi_msg.
 -- Fix potential double free when a faulure happens when unpacking a
 -- Fix sacctmgr show runaways.
 -- Removed non-POSIX append operator from configure script for non-bash
 -- Fix incorrect spacing for PartitionName lines in 'scontrol write config'.
 -- Fix sacct to not print huge reserve times when the job was never eligible.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Add missing locks around assoc_mgr when timing out a
    burst buffer.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Update burst buffers when an association or qos
    is removed from the system.
 -- Remove documentation for deprecated Cray/ALPS systems. Please switch to
    Native Cray mode instead.
 -- Completely copy features when copying the list in the slurmctld.
 -- PMIX - Fix issue with packing processes when using an arbitrary task
 -- Fix hostlists to be able to handle nodenames with '-' in them surrounded
    by integers.
 -- Fix correct job CPU count allocated.
 -- Fix sacctmgr setting GrpJobs limit when setting GrpJobsAccrue limit.
 -- Change the defaults to MemLimitEnforce=no and NoOverMemoryKill
 -- Prevent abort when using Cray node features plugin on non-knl.
 -- Add ability to reboot down nodes with scontrol reboot_nodes.
 -- Protect against sending to the slurmdbd if the connection has gone away.
 -- Fix invalid read when not using backup slurmctlds.
 -- Prevent acct coordinators from changing default acct on add user.
 -- Don't allow scontrol top do modify job priorities when priority == 1.
 -- slurmsmwd - change parsing code to handle systems with the svid or inst
    fields set in xtconsumer output.
 -- Fix infinite loop in slurmctld if GRES is specified without a count.
 -- sacct: Print error when unknown arguments are found.
 -- Fix checking missing return codes when unpacking structures.
 -- Fix slurm.spec-legacy including slurmsmwd
 -- More explicit error message when cgroup oom-kill events detected.
 -- When updating an association and are unable to find parent association
    initialize old fairshare association pointer correctly.
 -- Wrap slurm_cond_signal() calls with mutexes where needed.
 -- Fix correct timeout with resends in slurm_send_only_node_msg.
 -- Fix pam_slurm_adopt to honor action_adopt_failure.
 -- Have the slurmd recreate the hwloc xml file for the full system on restart.
 -- sdiag - correct the units for the gettimeofday() stat to microseconds.
 -- Set SLURM_CLUSTER_NAME environment variable in MailProg to the ClusterName.
 -- smail - use SLURM_CLUSTER_NAME environment variable.
 -- job_submit/lua - expose argc/argv options through lua interface.
 -- slurmdbd - prevent false-positive warning about innodb settings having
    been set too low if they're actually set over 2GB.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.0
 -- Fix segfault on job arrays when starting controller without dbd up.
 -- Fix pmi2 to build with gcc 8.0+.
 -- Remove the development snapshot of select/cons_tres plugin.
 -- Fix slurmd -C to not print benign error from xcpuinfo.
 -- Fix potential double locks in the assoc_mgr.
 -- Fix sacct truncate flag behavior Truncated pending jobs will always
    return a start and end time set to the window end time, so elapsed
    time is 0.
 -- Fix extern step hanging forever when canceled right after creation.
 -- sdiag - add slurmctld agent count.
 -- Remove requirement to have cgroup_allowed_devices_file.conf in order to
    constrain devices. By default all devices are allowed and GRES, that are
    associated with a device file, that are not requested are restricted.
 -- Fix proper alignment of clauses when determining if more nodes are needed
    for an allocation.
 -- Fix race condition when canceling a federation job that just started
 -- Prevent extra resources from being allocated when combining certain flags.
 -- Fix problem in task/affinity plugin that can lead to slurmd fatal()'ing
    when using --hint=nomultithread.
 -- Fix left over socket file when step is ending and using pmi2 with
    %n or %h in the spool dir.
 -- Don't remove hwloc full system xml file when shutting down the slurmd.
 -- Fix segfault that could happen with a het job when it was canceled while
 -- Fix scan-build false-positive warning about invalid memory access in the
    _ping_controller() function.
 -- Add control_inx value to trigger_info_msg_t to permit future work in the
    trigger management code to distinguish which of multiple backup controllers
    has changed state.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.0rc1
 -- Add TimelimitRaw sacct output field to display timelimit numbers.
 -- Fix job array preemption during backfill scheduling.
 -- Fix scontrol -o show assoc output.
 -- Add support for sacct --whole-hetjob=[yes|no] option.
 -- Make salloc handle node requests the same as sbatch.
 -- Add shutdown_on_reboot SlurmdParameter to control whether the Slurmd will
    shutdown itself down or not when a reboot request is received.
 -- Add cancel_reboot scontrol option to cancel pending reboot of nodes.
 -- Make Users case insensitive in the database based on
    Parameters=PreserveCaseUser in the slurmdbd.conf.
 -- Improve scheduling when dealing with node_features that could have a
    boot delay.
 -- Fix issue if a step launch fails we don't get a bunch of '(null)' strings
    in the step record for usage.
 -- Changed the default AuthType for slurmdbd to auth/munge.
 -- Make it so doesn't link to$apiversion.
 -- Added '' to After directive of slurmd.service file.
 -- Fix filetxt plugin to handle it when you aren't running a jobacct_gather
 -- Remove drain on node when reboot nextstate used.
 -- Speed up pack of job's qos.
 -- Fix race condition when trying to update reservation in the database.
 -- For the PrologFlags slurm.conf option, make NoHold mutually exclusive with
    Contain and/or X11 options.
 -- Revise the handling of SlurmctldSyslogLevel and SlurmdSyslogLevel options
    in slurm.conf and DebugLevelSyslog in slurmdbd.conf.
 -- Gate reading the cgroup.conf file.
 -- Gate reading the acct_gather_* plugins.
 -- Add sacctmgr options to prevent/manage job queue stuffing:
    - GrpJobsAccrue=<max_jobs>
      Maximum number of pending jobs in aggregate able to accrue age priority
      for this association and all associations which are children of this
      association. To clear a previously set value use the modify command with
      a new value of -1.
    - MaxJobsAccrue=<max_jobs>
      Maximum number of pending jobs able to accrue age priority at any given
      time for the given association. This is overridden if set directly on a
      user. Default is the cluster's limit. To clear a previously set value use
      the modify command with a new value of -1.
    - MinPrioThreshold
      Minimum priority required to reserve resources when scheduling.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.0pre2
 -- Remove support for "ChosLoc" configuration parameter.
 -- Configuration parameters "ControlMachine", "ControlAddr", "BackupController"
    and "BackupAddr" replaced by an ordered list of "SlurmctldHost" records
    with the optional address appended to the name enclosed in parenthesis.
    For example: "SlurmctldHost=head(". An arbitrary number of
    backup servers can be configured.
 -- When a pending job's state includes "UnavailableNodes" do not include the
    nodes in FUTURE state.
 -- Remove --immediate option from sbatch.
 -- Add infrastructure for per-job and per-step TRES parameters: tres-per-job,
    tres-per-node, tres-per-socket, tres-per-task, cpus-per-tres, mem-per-tres,
    tres-bind and tres-freq. These new parameters are not currently used, but
    have been added to the appropriate RPCs.
 -- Add DefCpuPerGpu and DefMemPerGpu to global and per-partition configuration
    parameters. Shown in scontrol/sview as "JobDefaults=...". NOTE: These
    options are for future use and currently have no effect.
 -- Fix for setting always the correct status on job update in mysql
 -- Add ValidateMode configuration parameter to knl_cray.conf for static
    MCDRAM/NUMA configurations.
 -- Fix security issue in accounting_storage/mysql plugin by always escaping
    strings within the slurmdbd. CVE-2018-7033.
 -- Disable local PTY output processing when using 'srun --unbuffered'. This
    prevents the PTY subsystem from inserting extraneous \r characters into
    the output stream.
 -- Change the column name for the %U (User ID) field in squeue to 'UID'.
 -- CRAY - Add CheckGhalQuiesce to the CommunicationParameters.
 -- When a process is core dumping, avoid terminating other processes in that
    task group. This fixes a problem with writing out incomplete OpenMP core
 -- CPU frequency management enhancements: If scaling_available_frequencies
    file is not available, then derive values from scaling_min_freq and
    scaling_max_freq values. If cpuinfo_cur_freq file is not available then
    try to use scaling_cur_freq.
 -- Add pending jobs count to sdiag output.
 -- Fix update job function. There were some incosistencies on the behavior
    that caused time limits to be modified when swapping QOS, bad permissions
    check for a coordinator and AllowQOS and DenyQOS were not enforced on
    job update.
 -- Add configuration paramerers SlurmctldPrimaryOnProg and
    SlurmctldPrimaryOffProg, which define programs to execute when a slurmctld
    daemon becomes the primary server or goes from primary to backup mode.
 -- Add configuration paramerers SlurmctldAddr for use with virtual IP to manage
    backup slurmctld daemons.
 -- Explicitly shutdown the slurmd process when instructed to reboot.
 -- Add ability to create/update partition with TRESBillingWeights through
 -- Calcuate TRES billing values at submission so that billing limits can be
    enforced at submission with QOS DenyOnLimit.
 -- Add node_features plugin function "node_features_p_reboot_weight()" to
    return the node weight to be used for a compute node that requires reboot
    for use (e.g. to change the NUMA mode of a KNL node).
 -- Add NodeRebootWeight parameter to knl.conf configuration file.
 -- Fix insecure handling of job requested gid field. CVE-2018-10995.
 -- Fix srun to return highest signal of any task.
 -- Completely remove "gres" field from step record. Use "tres_per_node",
    "tres_per_socket", etc.
 -- Add "Links" parameter to gres.conf configuration file.
 -- Force slurm_mktime() to set tm_isdst to -1 so anyone using the function
    doesn't forget to set it.
 -- burst_buffer.conf - Add SetExecHost flag to enable burst buffer access
    from the login node for interactive jobs.
 -- Append ", with requeued tasks" to job array "end" emails if any tasks in the
    array were requeued. This is a hint to use "sacct --duplicates" to see the
    whole picture of the array job.
 -- Add ResumeFailProgram slurm.conf option to specify a program that is called
    when a node fails to respond by ResumeTimeout.
 -- Add new job pending reason of "ReqNodeNotAvail, reserved for maintenance".
 -- Remove AdminComment += syntax from 'scontrol update job'.
 -- sched/backfill: Reset job time limit if needed for deadline scheduling.
 -- For heterogeneous job component with required nodes, explicitly exclude
    those nodes from all other job components.
 -- Add name of partition used to output of srun --test-only output (valuable
    for jobs submitted to multiple partitions).
 -- If MailProg is not configured and "/bin/mail" (the default) does not exist,
    but "/usr/bin/mail" does exist then use "/usr/bin/mail" as a default value.
 -- sdiag output now reports outgoing slurmctld message queue contents.
 -- Fix issue in performance when reading slurm conf having nodes with features.
 -- Make it so the slurmdbd's pid file gets created before initing
    the database.
 -- Improve escaping special characters on user commands when specifying paths.
 -- Fix directory names with special char '\' that are not handled correctly.
 -- Add salloc/sbatch/srun option of --gres-flags=disable-binding to disable
    filtering of CPUs with respect to generic resource locality. This option is
    currently required to use more CPUs than are bound to a GRES (i.e. if a GPU
    is bound to the CPUs on one socket, but resources on more than one socket
    are required to run the job). This option may permit a job to be allocated
    resources sooner than otherwise possible, but may result in lower job
 -- SlurmDBD - Print warning if MySQL/MariaDB internal tuning is not at least
    half of the recommended values.
 -- Move libpmi from src/api to contribs/pmi.
 -- Add ability to specify a node reason when rebooting nodes with "scontrol
 -- Add nextstate option to "scontrol reboot" to dictate state of node after
 -- Consider "resuming" (nextstate=resume) nodes as available in backfill
    future scheduling and don't replace "resuming" nodes in reservations.
 -- Add the use of a xml file to help performance when using hwloc.

* Changes in Slurm 18.08.0pre1
 -- Add new burst buffer state of "teardown-fail" to indicate the burst buffer
    teardown operation is failing on specific buffers. This changes the numeric
    value of the BB_STATE_COMPLETE type. Any Slurm version 17.02 or 17.11 tool
    used to report burst buffer state information will report a state of "66"
    rather than "complete" for burst buffers which have been deleted, but still
    exist in the slurmctld daemon's tables (a very short-lived situation).
 -- Multiple backup slurmctld daemons can be configured:
    * Specify "BackupController#=<hostname> and "BackupAddr#=<address>" to
      identify up to 9 backup servers.
    * Output format of "scontrol ping" and the daemon status at the end of
      "scontrol status" is modified to report up status of the primary and all
      backup servers.
    * "scontrol takeover [#]" command can now identify the SlurmctldHost
      index number. Default value is "1" (the first backup configured
 -- Enable jobs with zero node count for creation and/or deletion of persistent
    burst buffers.
    * The partition default MinNodes configuration parameter is now 0
      (previously 1 node).
    * Zero size jobs disabled for job arrays and heterogeneous jobs, but
      supported for salloc, sbatch and srun commands.
 -- Add "scontrol show dwstat" command to display Cray burst buffer status.
 -- Add "GetSysStatus" option to burst_buffer.conf file. For burst_buffer/cray
    this would indicate the location of the "dwstat" command.
 -- Add node and partition configuration options of "CpuBind" to control default
    task binding. Modify the scontrol to report and modify these parameters.
 -- Add "NumaCpuBind" option to knl.conf file to automatically change a node's
    CpuBind parameter based upon changes to a node's NUMA mode.
 -- Add sbatch "--batch" option to identify features required on batch node.
    For example "sbatch --batch=haswell ...".
 -- Add "BatchFeatures" field to output of "scontrol show job".
 -- Add support for "--bb" option to sbatch command.
 -- Add new SystemComment field to job data structure and database. Currently
    used for Burst Buffer error logs.
 -- Expand reservation "flags" field from 32 to 64 bits.
 -- Add job state flag of "SIGNALING" to avoid race condition with multiple
    SIGSTOP/SIGCONT signals for the same job being active at the same time.
 -- Properly handle srun --will-run option when there are jobs in COMPLETING
 -- Properly report who is signaling a step.
 -- Don't combine updated reservation records in sreport's reservation report.
 -- node_features plugin - Add suport for XOR & XAND of job constraints (node
    feature specifications).
 -- Add support for parenthesis in a job's constraint specification to group
    like options together. For example
    --constraint="[(knl&snc4&flat)*4&haswell*1]" might be used to specify that
    four nodes with the features "knl", "snc4" and "flat" plus one node with
    the feature "haswell" are required.
 -- Improvements to how srun searches for the executible when using cwd.
 -- Now programs can be checked before execution if test_exec is set when using
    multi-prog option.
 -- Report NodeFeatures plugin configuration with scontrol and sview commands.
 -- Add acct_gather_profile/influxdb plugin.
 -- Add new job state of SO/STAGE_OUT indicating that burst buffer stage-out
    operation is in progress.
 -- Correct SLURM_NTASKS and SLURM_NPROCS environment variable for heterogeneous
    job step. Report values representing full allocation.
 -- Expand advanced reservation feature specification to support parenthesis and
    counts of nodes with specified features. Nodes with the feature currently
    active will be prefered.
 -- Defer job signaling until prolog is completed
 -- Have the primary slurmctld wait until the backup has completely shutdown
    before taking control.
 -- Fix issue where unpacking job state after TRES count changed could lead to
    invalid reads.
 -- Heterogeneous job steps allocations supported with
    * Open MPI (with Slurm's PMI2 and PMIx plugins) and
    * Intel MPI (with Slurm's PMI2 plugin)
 -- Remove redundant function arguments from task plugins:
    * Remove "job_id" field from task_p_slurmd_batch_request() function.
    * Remove "job_id" field from task_p_slurmd_launch_request() function.
    * Remove "job_id" field from task_p_slurmd_reserve_resources() function.
 -- Change function name from node_features_p_changible_feature() to
    node_features_p_changeable_feature in node_features plugin.
 -- Add Slurm configuration file check logic using "slurmctld -t" command.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.10
 -- Move priority_sort_part_tier from slurmctld to libslurm to make it possible
    to run the regression tests 24.* without changing that code since it links
    directly to the priority plugin where that function isn't defined.
 -- Fix issue where job time limits can increase to max walltime when updating
    a job with scontrol.
 -- Fix invalid protocol_version manipulation on big endian platforms causing
    srun and sattach to fail.
 -- Fix for QOS, Reservation and Alias env variables in srun.
 -- mpi/pmi2 - Backport 6a702158b49c4 from 18.08 to avoid dangerous detached
 -- When allowing heterogeneous steps make sure we copy all the options to
    avoid copying strings that may be overwritten.
 -- Print correctly when sh5util finds and empty file.
 -- Fix sh5util to not seg fault on exit.
 -- Fix sh5util to check correctly for H5free_memory.
 -- Adjust OOM monitoring function in task/cgroup to prevent problems in
    regression suite from leaked file descriptors.
 -- Fix issue with gres when defined with a type and no count
    (i.e. gres=gpu/tesla) it would get a count of 0.
 -- Allow sstat to talk to slurmd's that are new in protocol version.
 -- Permit database names over 33 characters in accounting_storage/mysql.
 -- Fix negative values when profiling.
 -- Fix srun segfault caused by invalid memory reads on the env.
 -- Fix segfault on job arrays when starting controller without dbd up.
 -- Fix pmi2 to build with gcc 8.0+.
 -- Fix proper alignment of clauses when determining if more nodes are needed
    for an allocation.
 -- Fix race condition when canceling a federation job that just started
 -- Prevent extra resources from being allocated when combining certain flags.
 -- Fix problem in task/affinity plugin that can lead to slurmd fatal()'ing
    when using --hint=nomultithread.
 -- Fix left over socket file when step is ending and using pmi2 with
    %n or %h in the spool dir.
 -- Fix incorrect spacing for PartitionName lines in 'scontrol write config'.
 -- Fix sacct to not print huge reserve times when the job was never eligible.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Add missing locks around assoc_mgr when timing out a
    burst buffer.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Update burst buffers when an association or qos
    is removed from the system.
 -- If failed over to a backup controller, ensure the agent thread is launched
    to handle deferred tasks.
 -- Fix correct job CPU count allocated.
 -- Protect against sending to the slurmdbd if the connection has gone away.
 -- Fix checking missing return codes when unpacking structures.
 -- Fix slurm.spec-legacy including slurmsmwd
 -- More explicit error message when cgroup oom-kill events detected.
 -- When updating an association and are unable to find parent association
    initialize old fairshare association pointer correctly.
 -- Wrap slurm_cond_signal() calls with mutexes where needed.
 -- Fix correct timeout with resends in slurm_send_only_node_msg.
 -- Fix pam_slurm_adopt to honor action_adopt_failure.
 -- job_submit/lua - expose argc/argv options through lua interface.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.9-2
 -- Fix printing of node state "drain + reboot" (and other node state flags).
 -- Fix invalid read (segfault) when sorting multi-partition jobs.
 -- Move several new error() messages to debug() to keep them out of users'
    srun output.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.9
 -- Fix segfault in slurmctld when a job's node bitmap is NULL during a
    scheduling cycle.  Primarily caused by EnforcePartLimits=ALL.
 -- Remove erroneous unlock in acct_gather_energy/ipmi.
 -- Enable support for hwloc version 2.0.1.
 -- Fix 'srun -q' (--qos) option handling.
 -- Fix socket communication issue that can lead to lost task completition
    messages, which will cause a permanently stuck srun process.
 -- Handle creation of TMPDIR if environment variable is set or changed in
    a task prolog script.
 -- Avoid node layout fragmentation if running with a fixed CPU count but
    without Sockets and CoresPerSocket defined.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Fix datawarp swap default pool overriding jobdw.
 -- Fix incorrect job priority assignment for multi-partition job with
    different PriorityTier settings on the partitions.
 -- Fix sinfo to print correct node state.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.8
 -- Fix incomplete RESPONSE_[RESOURCE|JOB_PACK]_ALLOCATION building path.
 -- Do not allocate nodes that were marked down due to the node not responding
    by ResumeTimeout.
 -- task/cray plugin - search for "mems" cgroup information in the file
    "cpuset.mems" then fall back to the file "mems".
 -- Fix ipmi profile debug uninitialized variable.
 -- Improve detection of Lua package on older RHEL distributions.
 -- PMIx: fixed the direct connect inline msg sending.
 -- MYSQL: Fix issue not handling all fields when loading an archive dump.
 -- Allow a job_submit plugin to change the admin_comment field during
 -- job_submit/lua - fix access into reservation table.
 -- MySQL - Prevent deadlock caused by archive logic locking reads.
 -- Don't enforce MaxQueryTimeRange when requesting specific jobs.
 -- Modify --test-only logic to properly support jobs submitted to more than
    one partition.
 -- Prevent slurmctld from abort when attempting to set non-existing
    qos as def_qos_id.
 -- Add new job dependency type of "afterburstbuffer". The pending job will be
    delayed until the first job completes execution and it's burst buffer
    stage-out is completed.
 -- Reorder proctrack/task plugin load in the slurmstepd to match that of slurmd
    and avoid race condition calling task before proctrack can introduce.
 -- Prevent reboot of a busy KNL node when requesting inactive features.
 -- Revert to previous behavior when requesting memory per cpu/node introduced
    in 17.11.7.
 -- Fix to reinitialize previously adjusted job members to their original value
    when validating the job memory in multi-partition requests.
 -- Fix _step_signal() from always returning SLURM_SUCCESS.
 -- Combine active and available node feature change logs on one line rather
    than one line per node for performance reasons.
 -- Prevent occasionally leaking freezer cgroups.
 -- Fix potential segfault when closing the mpi/pmi2 plugin.
 -- Fix issues with --exclusive=[user|mcs] to work correctly
    with preemption or when job requests a specific list of hosts.
 -- Make code compile with hdf5 1.10.2+
 -- mpi/pmix: Fixed the collectives canceling.
 -- SlurmDBD: improve error message handling on archive load failure.
 -- Fix incorrect locking when deleting reservations.
 -- Fix incorrect locking when setting up the power save module.
 -- Fix setting format output length for squeue when showing array jobs.
 -- Add xstrstr function.
 -- Fix printing out of --hint options in sbatch, salloc --help.
 -- Prevent possible divide by zero in _validate_time_limit().
 -- Add Delegate=yes to the slurmd.service file to prevent systemd from
    interfering with the jobs' cgroup hierarchies.
 -- Change the backlog argument to the listen() syscall within srun to 4096
    to match elsewhere in the code, and avoid communication problems at scale.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.7
 -- Fix for possible slurmctld daemon abort with NULL pointer.
 -- Fix different issues when requesting memory per cpu/node.
 -- PMIx - override default paths at configure time if --with-pmix is used.
 -- Have sprio display jobs before eligible time when
    PriorityFlags=ACCRUE_ALWAYS is set.
 -- Make sure locks are always in place when calling _post_qos_list().
 -- Notify srun and ctld when unkillable stepd exits.
 -- Fix slurmstepd deadlock in stepd cleanup caused by race condition in
    the jobacct_gather fini() interfaces introduced in 17.11.6.
 -- Fix slurmstepd deadlock in PMIx startup.
 -- task/cgroup - fix invalid free() if the hwloc library does not return a
    string as expected.
 -- Fix insecure handling of job requested gid field. CVE-2018-10995.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.6
 -- CRAY - Add slurmsmwd to the contribs/cray dir.
 -- sview - fix crash when closing any search dialog.
 -- Fix initialization of variable in stepd when using native x11.
 -- Fix reading slurm_io_init_msg to handle partial messages.
 -- Fix scontrol create res segfault when wrong user/account parameters given.
 -- Fix documentation for sacct on parameter -X (--allocations)
 -- Change TRES Weights debug messages to debug3.
 -- FreeBSD - assorted fixes to restore build.
 -- Fix for not tracking environment variables from unrelated different jobs.
 -- PMIX - Added the direct connect authentication.
    When upgrading this may cause issues with jobs using pmix starting on mixed
    slurmstepd versions where some are less than 17.11.6.
 -- Prevent the backup slurmctld from losing the active/available node
    features list on takeover.
 -- Add documentation for fix IDLE*+POWER due to capmc stuck in Cray systems.
 -- Fix missing mutex unlock when prolog is failing on a node, leading to a
    hung slurmd.
 -- Fix locking around Cray CCM prolog/epilog.
 -- Add missing fed_mgr read locks.
 -- Fix issue incorrectly setting a job time_start to 0 while requeueing.
 -- smail - remove stray '-s' from mail subject line.
 -- srun - prevent segfault if ClusterName setting is unset but
    SLURM_WORKING_CLUSTER environment variable is defined.
 -- In configurator.html web pages change default configuration from
    task/none to task/affinity plugin and from select/linear plugin to
    select/cons_res plus CR_Core.
 -- Allow jobs to run beyond a FLEX reservation end time.
 -- Fix problem with wrongly set as Reservation job state_reason.
 -- Prevent bit_ffs() from returnig value out of bitmap range.
 -- Improve performance of 'squeue -u' when PrivateData=jobs is enabled.
 -- Make UnavailableNodes value in job reason be correct for each job.
 -- Fix 'squeue -o %s' on Cray systems.
 -- Fix incorrect error thrown when cancelling part of a job array.
 -- Fix error code and scheduling problem for --exclusive=[user|mcs].
 -- Fix build when lz4 is in a non-standard location.
 -- Be able to force power_down of cloud node even if in power_save state.
 -- Allow cloud nodes to be recognized in Slurm when booted out of band.
 -- Fixes race condition in _pack_job_gres() when is called multiple times.
 -- Increase duration of "sleep" command used to keep extern step alive.
 -- Remove unsafe usage of pthread_cancel in slurmstepd that can lead to
    to deadlock in glibc.
 -- Fix total TRES Billing on partitions.
 -- Don't tear down a BB if a node fails and --no-kill or resize of a job
 -- Remove unsafe usage of pthread_cancel in pmix plugin that can lead to
    to deadlock in glibc.
 -- Fix fatal in controller when loading completed trigger
 -- Ignore reservation overlap at submission time.
 -- GRES type model and QOS limits documentation added
 -- slurmd - fix ABRT on SIGINT after reconfigure with MemSpecLimit set.
 -- PMIx - move two error messages on retry to debug level, and only display
    the error after the retry count has been exceeded.
 -- Increase number of tries when sending responses to srun.
 -- Fix checkpointing requeued/completing jobs in a bad state which caused a
    segfault on restart.
 -- Fix srun on ppc64 platforms.
 -- Prevent slurmd from starting steps if the Prolog returns an error when using
 -- priority/multifactor - prevent segfault running sprio if a partition has
    just been deleted and PriorityFlags=CALCULATE_RUNNING is turned on.
 -- job_submit/lua - add ESLURM_INVALID_TIME_LIMIT return code value.
 -- job_submit/lua - print an error if the script calls log.user in
    job_modify() instead of returning it to the next submitted job erroneously.
 -- select/linear - handle job resize correctly.
 -- select/cons_res - improve handling of --cores-per-socket requests.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.5
 -- Fix cloud nodes getting stuck in DOWN+POWER_UP+NO_RESPOND state after not
    responding by ResumeTimeout.
 -- Add job's array_task_cnt and user_name along with partitions
    [max|def]_mem_per_[cpu|node], max_cpus_per_node, and max_share with the
    SHARED_FORCE definition to the job_submit/lua plugin.
 -- srun - fix for SLURM_JOB_NUM_NODES env variable assignment.
 -- sacctmgr - fix runaway jobs identification.
 -- Fix for setting always the correct status on job update in mysql.
 -- Fix issue if running with an association manager cache (slurmdbd was down
    when slurmctld was started) you could loose QOS usage information.
 -- CRAY - Fix spec file to work correctly.
 -- Set scontrol exit code to 1 if attempting to update a node state to DRAIN
    or DOWN without specifying a reason.
 -- Fix race condition when running with an association manager cache
    (slurmdbd was down when slurmctld was started).
 -- Print out missing SLURM_PERSIST_INIT slurmdbd message type.
 -- Fix two build errors related to use of the O_CLOEXEC flag with older glibc.
 -- Add Google Cloud Platform integration scripts into contribs directory.
 -- Fix minor potential memory leak in backfill plugin.
 -- Add missing node flags (maint/power/etc) to node states.
 -- Fix issue where job time limits may end up at 1 minute when using the
    NoReserve flag on their QOS.
 -- Fix security issue in accounting_storage/mysql plugin by always escaping
    strings within the slurmdbd. CVE-2018-7033.
 -- Soften messages about best_fit topology to debug2 to avoid alarm.
 -- Fix issue in sreport reservation utilization report to handle more
    allocated time than 100% (Flex reservations).
 -- When a job is requesting a Flex reservation prefer the reservation's nodes
    over any other nodes.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.4
 -- Add fatal_abort() function to be able to get core dumps if we hit an
    "impossible" edge case.
 -- Link slurmd against all libraries that slurmstepd links to.
 -- Fix limits enforce order when they're set at partition and other levels.
 -- Add slurm_load_single_node() function to the Perl API.
 -- slurm.spec - change dependency for --with lua to use pkgconfig.
 -- Fix small memory leaks in node_features plugins on reconfigure.
 -- slurmdbd - only permit requests to update resources from operators or
 -- Fix handling of partial writes in io_init_msg_write_to_fd() which can
    lead to job step launch failure under higher cluster loads.
 -- MYSQL - Fix to handle quotes in a given work_dir of a job.
 -- sbcast - fix a race condition that leads to "Unspecified error".
 -- Log that support for the ChosLoc configuration parameter will end in Slurm
    version 18.08.
 -- Fix backfill performance issue where bf_min_prio_reserve was not respected.
 -- Fix MaxQueryTimeRange checks.
 -- Print MaxQueryTimeRange in "sacctmgr show config".
 -- Correctly check return codes when creating a step to check if needing to
    wait to retry or not.
 -- Fix issue where a job could be denied by Reason=MaxMemPerLimit when not
    requesting any tasks.
 -- In perl tools, fix for regexp that caused extra incorrectly shown results.
 -- Add some extra locks in fed_mgr to be extra safe.
 -- Minor memory leak fixes in the fed_mgr on slurmctld shutdown.
 -- Make sreport job reports also report duplicate jobs correctly.
 -- Fix issues restoring certain Partition configuration elements, especially
    when ReconfigFlags=KeepPartInfo is enabled.
 -- Don't add TRES whose value is NO_VAL64 when building string line.
 -- Fix removing array jobs from hash in slurmctld.
 -- Print out missing user messages from jobsubmit plugin when srun/salloc are
    waiting for an allocation.
 -- Handle --clusters=all as case insensitive.
 -- Only check requested clusters in federation when using --test-only
    submission option.
 -- In the federation, make it so you can cancel stranded sibling jobs.
 -- Silence an error from PSS memory stat collection process.
 -- Requeue jobs allocated to nodes requested to DRAIN or FAIL if nodes are
    POWER_SAVE or POWER_UP, preventing jobs to start on NHC-failed nodes.
 -- Make MAINT and OVERLAP resvervation flags order agnostic on overlap test.
 -- Preserve node features when slurmctld daemons reconfigured including active
    and available KNL features.
 -- Prevent creation of multiple io_timeout threads within srun, which can
    lead to fatal() messages when those unexpected and additional mutexes are
    destroyed when srun shuts down.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Prevent use of "#DW create_persistent" and
    "#DW destroy_persistent" directives available in Cray CLE6.0UP06. This
    will be supported in Slurm version 18.08. Use "#BB" directives until then.
 -- Fix task/cgroup affinity to behave correctly.
 -- FreeBSD - fix build on systems built with WITHOUT_KERBEROS.
 -- Fix to restore pn_min_memory calculated result to correctly enforce
    MaxMemPerCPU setting on a partition when the job uses --mem.
 -- slurmdbd - prevent infinite loop if a QOS is set to preempt itself.
 -- Fix issue with log rotation for slurmstepd processes.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.3-2
 -- Revert node_features changes in 17.11.3 that lead to various segfaults on
    slurmctld startup.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.3
 -- Send SIG_UME correctly to a step.
 -- Sort sreport's reservation report by cluster, time_start, resv_name instead
    of cluster, resv_name, time_start.
 -- Avoid setting node in COMPLETING state indefinitely if the job initiating
    the node reboot is cancelled while the reboot in in progress.
 -- Scheduling fix for changing node features without any NodeFeatures plugins.
 -- Improve logic when summarizing job arrays mail notifications.
 -- Add scontrol -F/--future option to display nodes in FUTURE state.
 -- Fix REASONABLE_BUF_SIZE to actually be 3/4 of MAX_BUF_SIZE.
 -- When a job array is preempting make it so tasks in the array don't wait
    to preempt other possible jobs.
 -- Change free_buffer to FREE_NULL_BUFFER to prevent possible double free
    in slurmstepd.
 -- node_feature/knl_cray - Fix memory leaks that occur when slurmctld
 -- node_feature/knl_cray - Fix memory leak that can occur during normal
 -- Fix srun environment variables for --prolog script.
 -- Fix job array dependency with "aftercorr" option and some task arrays in
    the first job fail. This fix lets all task array elements that can run
    proceed rather than stopping all subsequent task array elements.
 -- Fix potential deadlock in the slurmctld when using list_for_each.
 -- Fix for possible memory corruption in srun when running heterogeneous job
 -- Fix job array dependency with "aftercorr" option and some task arrays in
    the first job fail. This fix lets all task array elements that can run
    proceed rather than stopping all subsequent task array elements.
 -- Fix output file containing "%t" (task ID) for heterogeneous job step to
    be based upon global task ID rather than task ID for that component of the
    heterogeneous job step.
 -- MYSQL - Fix potential abort when attempting to make an account a parent of
 -- Fix potentially uninitialized variable in slurmctld.
 -- MYSQL - Fix issue for multi-dimensional machines when using sacct to
    find jobs that ran on specific nodes.
 -- Reject --acctg-freq at submit if invalid.
 -- Added info string on sh5util when deleting an empty file.
 -- Correct dragonfly topology support when job allocation specifies desired
    switch count.
 -- Fix minor memory leak on an sbcast error path.
 -- Fix issues when starting the backup slurmdbd.
 -- Revert uid check when requesting a jobid from a pid.
 -- task/cgroup - add support to detect OOM_KILL cgroup events.
 -- Fix whole node allocation cpu counts when --hint=nomultihtread.
 -- Allow execution of task prolog/epilog when uid has access
    rights by a secondary group id.
 -- Validate command existence on the srun *[pro|epi]log options
    if LaunchParameter test_exec is set.
 -- Fix potential memory leak if clean starting and the TRES didn't change
    from when last started.
 -- Fix for association MaxWall enforcement when none is given at submission.
 -- Add a job's allocated licenses to the [Pro|Epi]logSlurmctld.
 -- burst_buffer/cray: Attempts by job to create persistent burst buffer when
    one already exists owned by a different user will be logged and the job
 -- CRAY - Remove race in the core_spec where we add the slurmstepd to the
    job container where if the step was canceled would also cancel the stepd
 -- Make sure the slurmstepd blocks signals like SIGTERM correctly.
 -- SPANK - When slurm_spank_init_post_opt() fails return error correctly.
 -- When revoking a sibling job in the federation we want to send a start
    message before purging the job record to get the uid of the revoked job.
 -- Make JobAcctGatherParams options case-insensitive. Previously, UsePss
    was the only correct capitialization; UsePSS or usepss were silently
 -- Prevent pthread_atfork handlers from being added unnecessarily after
    'scontrol reconfigure', which can eventually lead to a crash if too
    many handlers have been registered.
 -- Better debug messages when MaxSubmitJobs is hit.
 -- Docs - update squeue man page to describe all possible job states.
 -- Prevent orphaned step_extern steps when a job is cancelled while the
    prolog is still running.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.2
 -- jobcomp/elasticsearch - append Content-Type to the HTTP header.
 -- MYSQL - Fix potential abort of slurmdbd when job has no TRES.
 -- Add advanced reservation flag of "REPLACE_DOWN" to replace DOWN or DRAINED
 -- slurm.spec-legacy - add missing to slurm.files.
 -- Fix squeue job ID filtering for pending job array records.
 -- Fix potential deadlock in _run_prog() in power save code.
 -- MYSQL - Add dynamic_offset in the database to force range for auto
    increment ids for the tres_table.
 -- MYSQL - Fix fallout from MySQL auto increment bug, see RELEASE_NOTES,
    only affects current 17.11 users tracking licenses or GRES in the database.
 -- Refactor logging logic to avoid possible memory corruption on non-x86
 -- Fix memory leak when getting jobs from the slurmdbd.
 -- Fix incorrect logic behind MemorySwappiness, and only set the value when
    specified in the configuration.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.1-2
 -- MYSQL - Make index for pack_job_id

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.1
 -- Fix --with-shared-libslurm option to work correctly.
 -- Make it so only daemons log errors on configuration option duplicates.
 -- Fix for ConstrainDevices=yes to work correctly.
 -- Fix to purge old jobs using burst buffer if slurmctld daemon restarted
    after the job's burst buffer work was already completed.
 -- Make logging prefix for slurmstepd to happen as soon as possible.
 -- mpi/pmix: Fix the job registration for the PMIx v2.1.
 -- Fix uid check for signaling a step with anything but SIGKILL.
 -- Return ESLURM_TRANSITION_STATE_NO_UPDATE instead of EAGAIN when trying to
    signal a step that is still running a prolog.
 -- Update Cray slurm_playbook.yaml with latest recommended version.
 -- Only say a prolog is done running after the extern step is launched.
 -- Wait to start a batch step until the prolog and extern step are
    fully ran/launched.  Only matters if running with
 -- Truncate a range for SlurmctldPort to FD_SETSIZE elements and throw an
    error, otherwise network traffic may be lost due to poll() not detecting
 -- Fix for srun --pack-group option that can reuse/corrupt memory.
 -- Fix handling ultra long hostlists in a hostfile.
 -- X11: fix xauth regex to handle '-' in hostnames again.
 -- Fix potential node reboot timeout problem for "scontrol reboot" command.
 -- Add ability for squeue to sort jobs by submit time.
 -- CRAY - Switch to standard pid files on Cray systems.
 -- Update jobcomp records on duplicate inserts.
 -- If unrecognized configuration file option found then print an appropriate
    fatal error message rather than relying upon random errno value.
 -- Initialize job_desc_msg_t's instead of just memset'ing them.
 -- Fix divide by zero when job requests no tasks and more memory than
 -- Avoid changing Slurm internal errno on syslog() failures.
 -- BB - Only launch dependent jobs after the burst buffer is staged-out
    completely instead of right after the parent job finishes.
 -- node_features/knl_generic - If plugin can not fully load then do not spawn
    a background pthread (which will fail with invalid memory reference).
 -- Don't set the next jobid to give out to the highest jobid in the system on
    controller startup. Just use the checkpointed next use jobid.
 -- Docs - add Slurm/PMIx and OpenMPI build notes to the mpi_guide page.
 -- Add lustre_no_flush option to LaunchParameters for Native Cray systems.
 -- Fix rpmbuild issue with rpm 4.13+ / Fedora 25+.
 -- sacct - fix the display for the NNodes field when using the --units option.
 -- Prevent possible double-xfree on a buffer in stepd_completion.
 -- Fix for record job state on successful allocation but failed reply message.
 -- Fill in the user_name field for batch jobs if not sent by the slurmctld.
    (Which is the default behavior if PrologFlags=send_gids is not enabled.)
    This prevents job launch problems for sites using UsePAM=1.
 -- Handle syncing federated jobs that ran on non-origin clusters and were
    cancelled while the origin cluster was down.
 -- Fix accessing variable outside of lock.
 -- slurm.spec: move libpmi to a separate package to solve a conflict with the
    version provided by PMIx. This will require a separate change to PMIx as
 -- X11 forwarding: change xauth handling to use hostname/unix:display format,
    rather than localhost:display.
 -- mpi/pmix - Fix warning if not compiling with debug.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.0
 -- Fix documentation for MaxQueryTimeRange option in slurmdbd.conf.
 -- Avoid srun abort trying to run on heterogeneous job component that has
 -- Add SLURM_PACK_JOB_ID,SLURM_PACK_JOB_OFFSET to PrologSlurmctld and
    EpilogSlurmctld environment.
 -- Treat ":" in #SBATCH arguments as fatal error. The "#SBATCH packjob" syntax
    must be used instead.
 -- job_submit/lua plugin: expose pack_job fields to get.
 -- Prevent scheduling deadlock with multiple components of heterogeneous job
    in different partitions (i.e. one heterogeneous job component is higher
    priority in one partition and another component is lower priority in a
    different partition).
 -- Fix for heterogeneous job starvation bug.
 -- Fix some slurmctld memory leaks.
 -- Add SLURM_PACK_JOB_NODELIST to PrologSlurmctld and EpilogSlurmctld
 -- If PrologSlurmctld fails for pack job leader then requeue or kill all
    components of the job.
 -- Fix for mulitple --pack-group srun arguments given out of order.
 -- Update slurm.conf(5) man page with updated example logrotate script.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters=whole_pack configuration parameter. If set, then
    hold, release and cancel operations on any component of a heterogeneous job
    will be applied to all components
 -- Handle FQDNs in xauth cookies for x11 display forwarding properly.
 -- For heterogeneous job steps, the srun --open-mode option default value will
    be set to "append".
 -- Pack job scheduling list not being cleared between runs of the backfill
    scheduler resulted in various anomalies.
 -- Fix that backward compat for pmix version < 1.1.5.
 -- Fix use-after-free that can lead to slurmstepd segfaulting when setting
    ulimit values.
 -- Add heterogeneous job start data to sdiag output.
 -- X11 forwarding - handle systems with X11UseLocalhost=no set in sshd_config.
 -- Fix potential missing issue with missin symbols in gres plugins.
 -- Ignore querying clusters in federation that are down from status commands.
 -- Base federated jobs off of origin job and not the local cluster in API.
 -- Remove erroneous double '-' on rpath for libslurmfull.
 -- Remove version from libslurmfull and move it to $LIBDIR/slurm since the ABI
    could change from one version to the other.
 -- Fix unused wall time for reservations.
 -- Convert old reservation records to insert unused wall into the rows.
 -- slurm.spec: further restructing and improvements.
 -- Allow nodes state to be updated between FAIL and DRAIN.
 -- x11 forwarding: handle build with alternate location for libssh2.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.0rc3
 -- Fix extern step to wait until launched before allowing job to start.
 -- Add missing locks around figuring out TRES when clean starting the
 -- Cray modulefile: avoid removing /usr/bin from path on module unload.
 -- Make reoccurring reservations show up in the database.
 -- Adjust related resources (cpus, tasks, gres, mem, etc.) when updating
    NumNodes with scontrol.
 -- Don't initialize MPI plugins for batch or extern steps.`
 -- slurm.spec - do not install a slurm.conf file under /etc/
 -- X11 forwarding - fix keepalive message generation code.
 -- If heterogeneous job step is unable to acquire MPI reserved ports then
    avoid referencing NULL pointer. Retry assigning ports ONLY for
    non-heterogeneous job steps.
 -- If any acct_gather_*_init fails fatal instead of error and keep going.
 -- launch/slurm plugin - Avoid using global variable for heterogeneous job
    steps, which could corrupt memory.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.0rc2
 -- Prevent slurmctld abort with NodeFeatures=knl_cray and non-KNL nodes lacking
    any configured features.
 -- The --cpu_bind and --mem_bind options have been renamed to --cpu-bind
    and --mem-bind for consistency with the rest of Slurm's options. Both
    old and new syntaxes are supported for now.
 -- Add slurmdb_connection_commit to the slurmdb api to commit when needed.
 -- Add the federation api's to the slurmdb.h file.
 -- Add job functions to the db_api.
 -- Fix sacct to always use the db_api instead of sometimes calling functions
 -- Fix sacctmgr to always use the db_api instead of sometimes calling functions
 -- Fix sreport to always use the db_api instead of sometimes calling functions
 -- Make global uid to the db_api to minimize calls to getuid().
 -- Add support for HWLOC version 2.0.
 -- Added more validation logic for updates to node features.
 -- Added node_features_p_node_update_valid() function to node_features plugin.
 -- If a job is held due to bad constraints and a node's features change then
    test the job again to see if can run with the new features.
 -- Added node_features_p_changible_feature() function to node_features plugin.
 -- Avoid rebooting a node if a job's requested feature is not under the control
    of the node_features plugin and is not currently active.
 -- node_features/knl_generic plugin: Do not clear a node's non-KNL features
    specified in slurm.conf.
 -- Added SchedulerParameters configuration option "disable_hetero_steps" to
    disable job steps that span multiple components of a heterogeneous job.
    Disabled by default except with mpi/none plugin. This limitation to be
    removed in Slurm version 18.08.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.0rc1
 -- Added the following jobcomp/script environment variables: CLUSTER,
    The format of LIMIT (job time limit) has been modified to D-HH:MM:SS.
 -- Fix QOS usage factor applying to individual TRES run minute usage.
 -- Print numbers using exponential format if required to fit in allocated
    field width. The sacctmgr and sshare commands are impacted.
 -- Make it so a backup DBD doesn't attempt to create database tables and
    relies on the primary to do so.
 -- By default have Slurm dynamically link to instead of static
    linking.  If static linking is desired configure with
 -- Change --workdir in sbatch to be --chdir as in all other commands (salloc,
 -- Add WorkDir to the job record in the database.
 -- Make the UsageFactor of a QOS work when a qos has the nodecay flag.
 -- Add MaxQueryTimeRange option to slurmdbd.conf to limit accounting query
    ranges when fetching job records.
 -- Add LaunchParameters=batch_step_set_cpu_freq to allow the setting of the cpu
    frequency on the batch step.
 -- CRAY - Fix statically linked applications to CRAY's PMI.
 -- Fix - Raise an error back to the user when trying to update currently
    unsupported core-based reservations.
 -- Do not print TmpDisk space as part of 'slurmd -C' line.
 -- Fix to test MaxMemPerCPU/Node partition limits when scheduling, previously
    only checked on submit.
 -- Work for heterogeneous job support (complete solution in v17.11):
    * Set SLURM_PROCID environment variable to reflect global task rank (needed
      by MPI).
    * Set SLURM_NTASKS environment variable to reflect global task count (needed
      by MPI).
    * In srun, if only some steps are allocated and one step allocation fails,
      then delete all allocated steps.
    * Get SPANK plungins working with heterogeneous jobs. The
      spank_init_post_opt() function is executed once per job component.
    * Modify sbcast command and srun's --bcast option to support heterogeneous
    * Set more environment variables for MPI: SLURM_GTIDS and SLURM_NODEID.
    * Prevent a heterogeneous job allocation from including the same nodes in
      multiple components (required by MPI jobs spanning components).
    * Modify step create logic so that call components of a heterogeneous job
      launched by a single srun command have the same step ID value.
 -- Modify output of "--mpi=list" to avoid duplicates for version numbers in
    mpi/pmix plugin names.
 -- Allow nodes to be rebooted while in a maintenance reservation.
 -- Show nodes as down even when nodes are in a maintenance reservation.
 -- Harden the slurmctld HA stack to mitigate certain split-brain issues.
 -- Work for heterogeneous job support (complete solution in v17.11):
    * Add burst buffer support.
    * Remove srun's --mpi-combine option (always combined).
    * Add SchedulerParameters configuration option "enable_hetero_steps" to
      enable job steps that span multiple components of a heterogeneous job.
      Disabled by default as most MPI implementations and Slurm configurations
      are not currently supported. Limitation to be removed in Slurm version
    * Synchronize application launch across multiple components with debugger.
    * Modify slurm_kill_job_step() to cancel all components of a heterogeneous
      job step (used by MPI).
    * Set SLURM_JOB_NUM_NODES environment variable as needed by MVAPICH.
    * Base time limit upon the time that the latest job component is available
      (after all nodes in all components booted and ready for use).
 -- Add cluster name to smail tool email header.
 -- Speedup arbitrary distribution algorithm.
 -- Modify "srun --mpi=list" output to match valid option input by removing the
    "mpi/" prefix on each line of output.
 -- Automatically set the reservation's partition for the job if not the
    cluster default.
 -- mpi/pmi2 plugin - vestigial pointer could be referenced at shutdown with
    invalid memory reference resulting.
 -- Fix to _is_gres_cnt_zero() return false for improper input string
 -- Cleanup all pthread_create calls and replace with new slurm_thread_create
 -- Removed obsolete MPI plugins. Remaining options are openmpi, pmi2, pmix.
 -- Removed obsolete checkpoint/poe plugin.
 -- Process spank environment variable options before processing spank command
    line options. Spank plugins should be able to handle option callbacks being
    called multiple times.
 -- Add support for specialized cores with task/affinity plugin (previously
    only supported with task/cgroup plugin).
 -- Add "TaskPluginParam=SlurmdOffSpec" option that will prevent the Slurm
    compute node daemons (slurmd and slurmstepd) from executing on specialized
 -- CRAY - Make native mode default, use --disable-native-cray to use ALPS
    instead of native Slurm.
 -- Add ability to prevent suspension of some count of nodes in a specified
    range using the SuspendExcNodes configuration parameter.
 -- Add SLURM_WCKEY to PrologSlurmctld and EpilogSlurmctld  environment.
 -- Return user response string in response to successful job allocation request
    not only on failure. Set in LUA using function 'slurm.user_msg("STRING")'.
 -- Add 'scontrol write batch_script <jobid>' command to retrieve the batch
    script for a given job.
 -- Remove option to display the batch script as part of 'scontrol show job'.
 -- On native Cray system the configured RebootProgram is executed on on the
    head node by the slurmctld daemon rather than by the slurmd daemons on the
    compute nodes. The "capmc_resume" program from "contribs/cray" can be used.
 -- Modify "scontrol top" command to accept a comma separated list of job IDs
    as an argument rather than a single job ID.
 -- Add MemorySwappiness value to cgroup.conf.
 -- Add new "billing" TRES which allows jobs to be limited based on the job's
    billable TRES calculated by the job's partition's TRESBillingWeights.
 -- sbatch - force line-buffered output so 'sbatch -W' returns the jobid
    over a piped output immediately.
 -- Regular user use of "scontrol top" command is now diabled. Use the
    configuration parameter "SchedulerParameters=enable_user_top" to enable
    that functionality. The configuration parameter
    "SchedulerParameters=disable_user_top" will be silently ignored.
 -- Add -TALL to sreport.
 -- Removed unused SlurmdPlugstack option and associated framework.
 -- Correct logic for line continuation in srun --multi-prog file.
 -- Add DBD Agent queue size to sdiag output.
 -- Add running job count to sdiag output.
 -- Print unix timestamps next to ASCII timestamps in sdiag output.
 -- In a job allocation spanning KNL and non-KNL nodes and requiring a reboot,
    do not attempt to set default NUMA or MCDRAM modes on non-KNL nodes.
 -- Change default to let pending jobs run outside of reservation after
    reservation is gone to put jobs in held state. Added NO_HOLD_JOBS_AFTER_END
    reservation flag to use old default.
 -- When creating a reservation, validate the CoreCnt specification matches
    the number of nodes listed.
 -- When creating a reservation, correct logic to ignoring job allocations on
 -- Deprecate BLCR plugin, and do not build by default.
 -- Change sreport report titles from "Use" to "Usage"

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.0pre2
 -- Initial work for heterogeneous job support (complete solution in v17.11):
    * Modified salloc, sbatch and srun commands to parse command line, job
      script and environment variables to recognize requests for heterogeneous
      jobs. Same commands also modified to set environment variables describing
      each component of the heterogeneous job.
    * Modified job allocate, batch job submit and job "will-run" requests to
      pass a list of job specifications and get a list of responses.
    * Modify slurmctld daemon to process a heterogeneous job request and create
      multiple job records as needed.
    * Added new fields to job record: pack_job_id, pack_job_offset and
      pack_job_set (set of job IDs). Added to slurmctld state save/restore
      logic and job information reported.
    * Display new job fields in "scontrol show job" output.
    * Modify squeue command to display heterogeneous job records using "#+#"
      format. The squeue --job=# output lists all components of a heterogeneous
    * Modify scancel logic to cancel all components of a heterogeneous job with
      a single request/RPC.
    * Configuration parameter DebugFlags value of "HeteroJobs" added.
    * Job requeue and suspend/resume modified to operate on all components of
      a heterogeneous job with a single request/RPC.
    * New web page added to describe heterogeneous jobs.
    * Descriptions of new API added to man pages.
    * Modified email notifications to only operate on the first job component.
    * Purge heterogeneous job records at the same time and not by individual
    * Modified logic for heterogeneous jobs submitted to multiple clusters
      ("--clusters=...") so the job will be routed to the cluster that is
      expected to start all components earliest.
    * Modified srun to create multiple job steps for heterogeneous job
    * Modified launch plugin to accept a pointer to job step options structure
      rather than work from a single/common data structure.
 -- Improve backfill scheduling algorithm with respect to starting jobs as soon
    as possible while avoiding advanced reservations.
 -- Add URG as an option to 'scancel --signal'.
 -- Check if the buffer returned from slurm_persist_msg_pack() isn't NULL.
 -- Modify all daemons to re-open log files on receipt of SIGUSR2 signal. This
    is much than using SIGHUP to re-read the configuration file and rebuild
    various tables.
 -- Add PrivateData=events configuration parameter
 -- Work for heterogeneous job support (complete solution in v17.11):
    * Add pointer to job option structure to job_step_create_allocation()
      function used by srun.
    * Parallelize task launch for heterogeneous job allocations (initial work).
    * Make packjobid, packjoboffset, and packjobidset fields available in squeue
    * Modify smap command to display heterogeneous job records using "#+#"
    * Add srun --pack-group and --mpi-combine options to control job step
      launch behaviour (not fully implemented).
    * Add pack job component ID to srun --label output (e.g. "P0 1:" for
      job component 0 and task 1).
    * jobcomp/elasticsearch: Add pack_job_id and pack_job_offset fields.
    * sview: Modified to display pack job information.
    * Major re-write of task state container logic to support for list of
      containers rather than one container per srun command.
    * Add some regression tests.
    * Add srun pack job environment variables when performing job allocation.
 -- Set Reason=dependency over Reason=JobArrayTaskLimit for pending jobs.
 -- Add slurm.conf configuration parameters SlurmctldSyslogDebug and
    SlurmdSyslogDebug to control which messages from the slurmctld and slurmd
    daemons get written to syslog.
 -- Add slurmdbd.conf configuration parameter DebugLevelSyslog to control which
    messages from the slurmdbd daemon get written to syslog.
 -- Fix handling of GroupUpdateForce option.
 -- Work for heterogeneous job support (complete solution in v17.11):
    * Add support to sched/backfill for concurrent allocation of all pack job
      components including support of --time-min option.
    * Defer initiation of a heterogeneous job until a components can be started
      at the same time, taking into consideration association and QOS limits
      for the job as a whole.
    * Perform limit check on heterogeneous job as a whole at submit time to
      reject jobs that will never be able to run.
    * Add pack_job_id and pack_job_offset to accounting database.
    * Modified sacct to accept pack job ID specification using "#+#" notation.
    * Modified sstat to accept pack job ID specification using "#+#" notation.
 -- Clear a job's "wait reason" value of BeginTime" after that time has passed.
    Previously a readon of "BeginTime" could be reported long after the job's
    requested begin time had passed.
 -- Split group_info in slurm_ctl_conf_t into group_force and group_time.
 -- Work for heterogeneous job support (complete solution in v17.11):
    * Fix I/O race condition on step termination for srun launching multiple
      pack job groups.
    * If prolog is running when attempting to signal a step, then return EAGAIN
      and retry rather than simply returning SLURM_ERROR and aborting.
    * Modify launch/slurm plugin to signal all components of a pack job rather
      than just the one (modify to use a list of step context records).
    * Add logic to support srun --mpi-combine option.
    * Set up debugger data structures.
    * Disable cancellation of individual component while the job is pending.
    * Modify scontrol job hold/release and update to operate with heterogeneous
      job id specification (e.g. "scontrol hold 123+4").
    * If srun lacks application specification for some component, the next one
      specified will be used for earlier components.

* Changes in Slurm 17.11.0pre1
 -- Interpet all format options in output/error file to log prolog errors. Prior
    logic only supported "%j" (job ID) option.
 -- Add the configure option --with-shared-libslurm which will link to instead of libslurm.o thus reducing the footprint of all the
 -- In switch plugin, added plugin_id symbol to plugins and wrapped
    switch_jobinfo_t with dynamic_plugin_data_t in interface calls in
    order to pass switch information between clusters with different switch
 -- Switch naming of acct_gather_infiniband to acct_gather_interconnect
 -- Make it so you can "stack" the interconnect plugins.
 -- Add a last_sched_eval timestamp to record when a job was last evaluated
    by the main scheduler or backfill.
 -- Add scancel "--hurry" option to avoid staging out any burst buffer data.
 -- Simplify the sched plugin interface.
 -- Add new advanced reservation flags of "weekday" (repeat on each weekday;
    Monday through Friday) and "weekend" (repeat on each weekend day; Saturday
    and Sunday).
 -- Add new advanced reservation flag of "flex", which permits jobs requesting
    the reservation to begin prior to the reservation's start time and use
    resources inside or outside of the reservation. A typical use case is to
    prevent jobs not explicitly requesting the reservation from using those
    reserved resources rather than forcing jobs requesting the reservation to
    use those resources in the time frame reserved.
 -- Add NoDecay flag to QOS.
 -- Node "OS" field expanded from "sysname" to "sysname release version" (e.g.
    change from "Linux" to
    "Linux 4.8.0-28-generic #28-Ubuntu SMP Sat Feb 8 09:15:00 UTC 2017").
 -- jobcomp/elasticsearch - Add "job_name" and "wc_key" fields to stored
 -- jobcomp/filetxt - Add ArrayJobId, ArrayTaskId, ReservationName, Gres,
    Account, QOS, WcKey, Cluster, SubmitTime, EligibleTime, DerivedExitCode and
 -- scontrol modified to report core IDs for reservation containing individual
 -- MYSQL - Get rid of table join during rollup which speeds up the process
    dramatically on large job/step tables.
 -- Add ability to define features on clusters for directing federated jobs to
    different clusters.
 -- Add new RPC to process multiple federation RPCs in a single communication.
 -- Modify slurm_load_jobs() function to load job information from all clusters
    in a federation.
 -- Add squeue --local and --sibling options to modify filtering of jobs on
    federated clusters.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of bf_max_job_user_part to specifiy the
    maximum number of jobs per user for any single partition. This differs from
    bf_max_job_user in that a separate counter is applied to each partition
    rather than having a single counter per user applied to all partitions.
 -- Modify backfill logic so that bf_max_job_user, bf_max_job_part and
    bf_max_job_user_part options can all be used independently of each other.
 -- Add sprio -p/--partition option to filter jobs by partition name.
 -- Add partition name to job priority factor response message.
 -- Add sprio --local and --sibling options for use in federation of clusters.
 -- Add sprio "%c" format to print cluster name in federation mode.
 -- Modify sinfo logic to provided unified view of all nodes and partitions
    in a federation, add --local option to only report local state information
    even in a cluster, print cluster name with "%V" format option, and
    optionally sort by cluster name.
 -- If a task in a parallel job fails and it was launched with the
    --kill-on-bad-exit option then terminate the remaining tasks using the
    SIGCONT, SIGTERM and SIGKILL signals rather than just sending SIGKILL.
 -- Include submit_time when doing the sort for job scheduling.
 -- Modify sacct to report all jobs in federation by default. Also add --local
 -- Modify sacct to accept "--cluster all" option (in addition to the old
    "--cluster -1", which is still accepted).
 -- Modify sreport to report all jobs in federation by default. Also add --local
 -- sched/backfill: Improve assoc_limit_stop configuration parameter support.
 -- KNL features: Always keep active and available features in the same order:
    first site-specific features, next MCDRAM modes, last NUMA modes.
 -- Changed default ProctrackType to cgroup.
 -- Add "cluster_name" field to node_info_t and partition_info_t data structure.
    It is filled in only when the cluster is part of a federation and
    SHOW_FEDERATION flag used.
 -- Functions slurm_load_node() slurm_load_partitions() modified to show all
    nodes/partitions in a federation when the SHOW_FEDERATION flag is used.
 -- Add federated views to sview.
 -- Add --federation option to sacct, scontrol, sinfo, sprio, squeue, sreport to
    show a federated view. Will show local view by default.
 -- Add FederationParameters=fed_display slurm.conf option to configure status
    commands to display a federated view by default if the cluster is a member
    of a federation.
 -- Log the down nodes whenever slurmctld restarts.
 -- Report that "CPUs" plus "Boards" in node configuration invalid only if the
    CPUs value is not equal to the total thread count.
 -- Extend the output of the seff utility to also include the job's wall-clock
 -- Add bf_max_time to SchedulerParameters.
 -- Add bf_max_job_assoc to SchedulerParameters.
 -- Add new SchedulerParameters option bf_window_linear to control the rate at
    which the backfill test window expands. This can be used on a system with
    a modest number of running jobs (hundreds of jobs) to help prevent expected
    start times of pending jobs to get pushed forward in time. On systems with
    large numbers of running jobs, performance of the backfill scheduler will
    suffer and fewer jobs will be evaluated.
 -- Improve scheduling logic with respect to license use and node reboots.
 -- CRAY - Alter algorithm to come up with the SLURM_ID_HASH.
 -- Implement federated scheduling and federated status outputs.
 -- The '-q' option to srun has changed from being the short form of
    '--quit-on-interrupt' to '--qos'.
 -- Change sched_min_interval default from 0 to 2 microseconds.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.11
 -- Fix insecure handling of user_name and gid fields. CVE-2018-10995.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.10
 -- Fix updating of requested TRES memory.
 -- Cray modulefile: avoid removing /usr/bin from path on module unload.
 -- Fix issue when resetting the partition pointers on nodes.
 -- Show reason field in 'sinfo -R' when nodes is marked as failed.
 -- Fix potential of slurmstepd segfaulting when the extern step fails to start.
 -- Allow nodes state to be updated between FAIL and DRAIN.
 -- Avoid registering a job'd credential multiple times.
 -- Fix sbatch --wait to stop waiting after job is gone from memory.
 -- Fix memory leak of MailDomain configuration string when slurmctld daemon is
 -- Fix to properly remove extern steps from the starting_steps list.
 -- Fix Slurm to work correctly with HDF5 1.10+.
 -- Add support in salloc/srun --bb option for "access_mode" in addition to
    "access" for consistency with DW options.
 -- Fix potential deadlock in _run_prog() in power save code.
 -- MYSQL - Add dynamic_offset in the database to force range for auto
    increment ids for the tres_table.
 -- Avoid setting node in COMPLETING state indefinitely if the job initiating
    the node reboot is cancelled while the reboot in in progress.
 -- node_feature/knl_cray - Fix memory leaks that occur when slurmctld
 -- node_feature/knl_cray - Fix memory leak that can occur during normal
 -- Fix job array dependency with "aftercorr" option and some task arrays in
    the first job fail. This fix lets all task array elements that can run
    proceed rather than stopping all subsequent task array elements.
 -- Fix whole node allocation cpu counts when --hint=nomultihtread.
 -- NRT - Fix issue when running on a HFI (p775) system with multiple protocols.
 -- Fix uninitialized variables when unpacking slurmdb_archive_cond_t.
 -- Fix security issue in accounting_storage/mysql plugin by always escaping
    strings within the slurmdbd. CVE-2018-7033.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.9
 -- When resuming powered down nodes, mark DOWN nodes right after ResumeTimeout
    has been reached (previous logic would wait about one minute longer).
 -- Fix sreport not showing full column name for TRES Count.
 -- Fix slurmdb_reservations_get() giving wrong usage data when job's spanned
    reservation that was modified.
 -- Fix sreport reservation utilization report showing bad data.
 -- Show all TRES' on a reservation in sreport reservation utilization report by
 -- Fix sacctmgr show reservation handling "end" parameter.
 -- Work around issue with sysmacros.h and gcc7 / glibc 2.25.
 -- Fix layouts code to only allow setting a boolean.
 -- Fix sbatch --wait to keep waiting even if a message timeout occurs.
 -- CRAY - If configured with NodeFeatures=knl_cray and there are non-KNL
    nodes which include no features the slurmctld will abort without
    this patch when attemping strtok_r(NULL).
 -- Fix regression in 17.02.7 which would run the spank_task_privileged as
    part of the slurmstepd instead of it's child process.
 -- Fix security issue in Prolog and Epilog by always prepending SPANK_ to
    all user-set environment variables. CVE-2017-15566.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.8
 -- Add 'slurmdbd:' to the accounting plugin to notify message is from dbd
    instead of local.
 -- mpi/mvapich - Buffer being only partially cleared. No failures observed.
 -- Fix for job --switch option on dragonfly network.
 -- In salloc with --uid option, drop supplementary groups before changing UID.
 -- jobcomp/elasticsearch - strip any trailing slashes from JobCompLoc.
 -- jobcomp/elasticsearch - fix memory leak when transferring generated buffer.
 -- Prevent slurmstepd ABRT when parsing gres.conf CPUs.
 -- Fix sbatch --signal to signal all MPI ranks in a step instead of just those
    on node 0.
 -- Check multiple partition limits when scheduling a job that were previously
    only checked on submit.
 -- Cray: Avoid running application/step Node Health Check on the external
    job step.
 -- Optimization enhancements for partition based job preemption.
 -- Address some build warnings from GCC 7.1, and one possible memory leak if
    /proc is inaccessible.
 -- If creating/altering a core based reservation with scontrol/sview on a
    remote cluster correctly determine the select type.
 -- Fix autoconf test for libcurl when clang is used.
 -- Fix default location for cgroup_allowed_devices_file.conf to use correct
    default path.
 -- Document NewName option to sacctmgr.
 -- Reject a second PMI2_Init call within a single step to prevent slurmstepd
    from hanging.
 -- Handle old 32bit values stored in the database for requested memory
    correctly in sacct.
 -- Fix memory leaks in the task/cgroup plugin when constraining devices.
 -- Make extremely verbose info messages debug2 messages in the task/cgroup
    plugin when constraining devices.
 -- Fix issue that would deny the stepd access to /dev/null where GRES has a
    'type' but no file defined.
 -- Fix issue where the slurmstepd would fatal on job launch if you have no
    gres listed in your slurm.conf but some in gres.conf.
 -- Fix validating time spec to correctly validate various time formats.
 -- Make scontrol work correctly with job update timelimit [+|-]=.
 -- Reduce the visibily of a number of warnings in _part_access_check.
 -- Prevent segfault in sacctmgr if no association name is specified for
    an update command.
 -- burst_buffer/cray plugin modified to work with changes in Cray UP05
    software release.
 -- Fix job reasons for jobs that are violating assoc MaxTRESPerNode limits.
 -- Fix segfault when unpacking a 16.05 slurm_cred in a 17.02 daemon.
 -- Fix setting TRES limits with case insensitive TRES names.
 -- Add alias for xstrncmp() -- slurm_xstrncmp().
 -- Fix sorting of case insensitive strings when using xstrcasecmp().
 -- Gracefully handle race condition when reading /proc as process exits.
 -- Avoid error on Cray duplicate setup of core specialization.
 -- Skip over undefined (hidden in Slurm) nodes in pbsnodes.
 -- Add empty hashes in perl api's slurm_load_node() for hidden nodes.
 -- CRAY - Add rpath logic to work for the alpscomm libs.
 -- Fixes for administrator extended TimeLimit (job reason & time limit reset).
 -- Fix gres selection on systems running select/linear.
 -- sview: Added window decorator for maximize,minimize,close buttons for all
 -- squeue: interpret negative length format specifiers as a request to
    delimit values with spaces.
 -- Fix the torque pbsnodes wrapper script to parse a gres field with a type
    set correctly.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.7
 -- Fix deadlock if requesting to create more than 10000 reservations.
 -- Fix potential memory leak when creating partition name.
 -- Execute the HealthCheckProgram once when the slurmd daemon starts rather
    than executing repeatedly until an exit code of 0 is returned.
 -- Set job/step start and end times to 0 when using --truncate and start > end.
 -- Make srun --pty option ignore EINTR allowing windows to resize.
 -- When resuming node only send one message to the slurmdbd.
 -- Modify srun --pty option to use configured SrunPortRange range.
 -- Fix issue with whole gres not being printed out with Slurm tools.
 -- Fix issue with multiple jobs from an array are prevented from starting.
 -- Fix for possible slurmctld abort with use of salloc/sbatch/srun
    --gres-flags=enforce-binding option.
 -- Fix race condition when using jobacct_gather/cgroup where the memory of the
    step wasn't always gathered correctly.
 -- Better debug when slurmdbd queue is filling up in the slurmctld.
 -- Fixed truncation on scontrol show config output.
 -- Serialize updates from from the dbd to the slurmctld.
 -- Fix memory leak in slurmctld when agent queue to the DBD has filled up.
 -- CRAY - Throttle step creation if trying to create too many steps at once.
 -- If failing after switch_g_job_init happened make sure switch_g_job_fini is
 -- Fix minor memory leak if launch fails in the slurmstepd.
 -- Fix issue where UnkillableStepProgram if step was in an ending state.
 -- Fix bug when tracking multiple simultaneous spawned ping cycles.
 -- jobcomp/elasticsearch plugin now saves state of pending requests on
    slurmctld daemon shutdown so then can be recovered on restart.
 -- Fix issue when an alternate munge key when communicating on a persistent
 -- Document inconsistent behavior of GroupUpdateForce option.
 -- Fix bug in selection of GRES bound to specific CPUs where the GRES count
    is 2 or more. Previous logic could allocate CPUs not available to the job.
 -- Increase buffer to handle long /proc/<pid>/stat output so that Slurm can
    read correct RSS value and take action on jobs using more memory than
 -- Fix srun job jobs that can run immediately to run in the highest priority
    partion when multiple partitions are listed. scontrol show jobs can
    potentially show the partition list in priority order.
 -- Fix starting controller if StateSaveLocation path didn't exist.
 -- Fix inherited association 'max' TRES limits combining multiple limits in
    the tree.
 -- Sort TRES id's on limits when getting them from the database.
 -- Fix issue with pmi[2|x] when TreeWidth=1.
 -- Correct buffer size used in determining specialized cores to avoid possible
    truncation of core specification and not reserving the specified cores.
 -- Close race condition on Slurm structures when setting DebugFlags.
 -- Make it so the cray/switch plugin grabs new DebugFlags on a reconfigure.
 -- Fix incorrect lock levels when creating or updating a reservation.
 -- Fix overlapping reservation resize.
 -- Add logic to help support Dell KNL systems where syscfg is different than
    the normal Intel syscfg.
 -- CRAY - Fix BB to handle type= correctly, regression in 17.02.6.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.6
 -- Fix configurator.easy.html to output the SelectTypeParameters line.
 -- If a job requests a specific memory requirement then gets something else
    from the slurmctld make sure the step allocation is made aware of it.
 -- Fix missing initialization in slurmd.
 -- Fix potential degradation when running HTC (> 100 jobs a sec) like
    workflows through the slurmd.
 -- Fix race condition which could leave a stepd hung on shutdown.
 -- CRAY - Add configuration for ATP to the ansible play script.
 -- Fix potential to corrupt DBD message.
 -- burst_buffer logic modified to support sizes in both SI and EIC size units
    (e.g. M/MiB for powers of 1024, MB for powers of 1000).

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.5
 -- Prevent segfault if a job was blocked from running by a QOS that is then
 -- Improve selection of jobs to preempt when there are multiple partitions
    with jobs subject to preemption.
 -- Only set kmem limit when ConstrainKmemSpace=yes is set in cgroup.conf.
 -- Fix bug in task/affinity that could result in slurmd fatal error.
 -- Increase number of jobs that are tracked in the slurmd as finishing at one
 -- Note when a job finishes in the slurmd to avoid a race when launching a
    batch job takes longer than it takes to finish.
 -- Improve slurmd startup on large systems (> 10000 nodes)
 -- Add LaunchParameters option of cray_net_exclusive to control whether all
    jobs on the cluster have exclusive access to their assigned nodes.
 -- Make sure srun inside an allocation gets --ntasks-per-[core|socket]
    set correctly.
 -- Only make the extern step at job creation.
 -- Fix for job step task layout with --cpus-per-task option.
 -- Fix --ntasks-per-core option/environment variable parsing to set
    the requested value, instead of always setting one (srun).
 -- Correct error message when ClusterName in configuration files does not match
    the name in the slurmctld daemon's state save file.
 -- Better checking when a job is finishing to avoid underflow on job's
    submitted to a QOS/association.
 -- Handle partition QOS submit limits correctly when a job is submitted to
    more than 1 partition or when the partition is changed with scontrol.
 -- Performance boost for when Slurm is dealing with credentials.
 -- Fix race condition which could leave a stepd hung on shutdown.
 -- Add lua support for opensuse.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.4
 -- Do not attempt to schedule jobs after changing the power cap if there are
    already many active threads.
 -- Job expansion example in FAQ enhanced to demonstrate operation in
    heterogeneous environments.
 -- Prevent scontrol crash when operating on array and no-array jobs at once.
 -- knl_cray plugin: Log incomplete capmc output for a node.
 -- knl_cray plugin: Change capmc parsing of mcdram_pct from string to number.
 -- Remove log files from test20.12.
 -- When rebooting a node and using the PrologFlags=alloc make sure the
    prolog is ran after the reboot.
 -- node_features/knl_generic - If a node is rebooted for a pending job, but
    fails to enter the desired NUMA and/or MCDRAM mode then drain the node and
    requeue the job.
 -- node_features/knl_generic disable mode change unless RebootProgram
 -- Add new burst_buffer function bb_g_job_revoke_alloc() to be executed
    if there was a failure after the initial resource allocation. Does not
    release previously allocated resources.
 -- Test if the node_bitmap on a job is NULL when testing if the job's nodes
    are ready.  This will be NULL is a job was revoked while beginning.
 -- Fix incorrect lock levels when testing when job will run or updating a job.
 -- Add missing locks to job_submit/pbs plugin when updating a jobs
 -- Add support for lua5.3
 -- Add min_memory_per_node|cpu to the job_submit/lua plugin to deal with lua
    not being able to deal with pn_min_memory being a uint64_t.  Scripts are
    urged to change to these new variables avoid issue.  If not set the
    variables will be 'nil'.
 -- Calculate priority correctly when 'nice' is given.
 -- Fix minor typos in the documentation.
 -- node_features/knl_cray: Preserve non-KNL active features if slurmctld
    reconfigured while node boot in progress.
 -- node_features/knl_generic: Do not repeatedly log errors when trying to read
    KNL modes if not KNL system.
 -- Add missing QOS read lock to backfill scheduler.
 -- When doing a dlopen on liblua only attempt the version compiled against.
 -- Fix null-dereference in sreport cluster ulitization when configured with
 -- Fix Partition info in 'scontrol show node'. Previously duplicate partition
    names, or Partitions the node did not belong to could be displayed.
 -- Fix it so the backup slurmdbd will take control correctly.
 -- Fix unsafe use of MAX() macro, which could result in problems cleaning up
    accounting plugins in slurmd, or repeat job cancellation attempts in
 -- Fix 'scontrol update reservation duration=unlimited' to set the duration
    to 365-days (as is done elsewhere), rather than 49710 days.
 -- Check if variable given to scontrol show job is a valid jobid.
 -- Fix WithSubAccounts option to not include WithDeleted unless requested.
 -- Prevent a job tested on multiple partitions from being marked
 -- Prevent a race between completing jobs on a user-exclusive node from
    leaving the node owned.
 -- When scheduling take the nodes in completing jobs out of the mix to reduce
    fragmentation.  SchedulerParameters=reduce_completing_frag
 -- For jobs submited to multiple partitions, report the job's earliest start
    time for any partition.
 -- Backfill partitions that use QOS Grp limits to "float" better.
 -- node_features/knl_cray: don't clear configured GRES from non-KNL node.
 -- sacctmgr - prevent segfault in command when a request is denied due
    to a insufficient priviledges.
 -- Add warning about libcurl-devel not being installed during configure.
 -- Streamline job purge by handling file deletion on a separate thread.
 -- Always set RLIMIT_CORE to the maximum permitted for slurmd, to ensure
    core files are created even on non-developer builds.
 -- Fix --ntasks-per-core option/environment variable parsing to set
    the requested value, instead of always setting one.
 -- If trying to cancel a step that hasn't started yet for some reason return
    a good return code.
 -- Fix issue with sacctmgr show where user=''

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.3
 -- Increase --cpu_bind and --mem_bind field length limits.
 -- Fix segfault when using AdminComment field with job arrays.
 -- Clear Dependency field when all dependencies are satisfied.
 -- Add --array-unique to squeue which will display one unique pending job
    array element per line.
 -- Reset backfill timers correctly without skipping over them in certain
 -- When running the "scontrol top" command, make sure that all of the user's
    jobs have a priority that is lower than the selected job. Previous logic
    would permit other jobs with equal priority (no jobs with higher priority).
 -- Fix perl api so we always get an allocation when calling Slurm::new().
 -- Fix issue with cleaning up cpuset and devices cgroups when multiple steps
    end at the same time.
 -- Document that PriorityFlags option of DEPTH_OBLIVIOUS precludes the use of
 -- Fix issue if an invalid message came in a Slurm daemon/command may abort.
 -- Make it impossible to use CR_CPU* along with CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE. The
    options are mutually exclusive.
 -- ALPS - Fix scheduling when ALPS doesn't agree with Slurm on what nodes
    are free.
 -- When removing a partition make sure it isn't part of a reservation.
 -- Fix seg fault if loading attempting to load non-existent burstbuffer plugin.
 -- Fix to backfill scheduling with respect to QOS and association limits. Jobs
    submitted to multiple partitions are most likley to be effected.
 -- sched/backfill: Improve assoc_limit_stop configuration parameter support.
 -- CRAY - Add ansible play and README.
 -- sched/backfill: Fix bug related to advanced reservations and the need to
    reboot nodes to change KNL mode.
 -- Preempt plugins - fix check for 'preempt_youngest_first' option.
 -- Preempt plugins - fix incorrect casts in preempt_youngest_first mode.
 -- Preempt/job_prio - fix incorrect casts in sort function.
 -- Fix to make task/affinity work with ldoms where there are more than 64
    cpus on the node.
 -- When using node_features/knl_generic make it so the slurmd doesn't segfault
    when shutting down.
 -- Fix potential double-xfree() when using job arrays that can lead to
    slurmctld crashing.
 -- Fix priority/multifactor priorities on a slurmctld restart if not using
 -- Fix NULL dereference reported by CLANG.
 -- Update proctrack documentation to strongly encourage use of
 -- Fix potential memory leak if job fails to begin after nodes have been
    selected for a job.
 -- Handle a job that made it out of the select plugin without a job_resrcs
 -- Fix potential race condition when persistent connections are being closed at
 -- Fix incorrect locks levels when submitting a batch job or updating a job
    in general.
 -- CRAY - Move delay waiting for job cleanup to after we check once.
 -- MYSQL - Fix memory leak when loading archived jobs into the database.
 -- Fix potential race condition when starting the priority/multifactor plugin's
    decay thread.
 -- Sanity check to make sure we have started a job in acct_policy.c before we
    clear it as started.
 -- Allow reboot program to use arguments.
 -- Message Aggr - Remove race condition on slurmd shutdown with respects to
    destroying a mutex.
 -- Fix updating job priority on multiple partitions to be correct.
 -- Don't remove admin comment when updating a job.
 -- Return error when bad separator is given for scontrol update job licenses.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.2
 -- Update hyperlink to LBNL Node Health Check program.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Add support for line continuation.
 -- If a job is cancelled by the user while it's allocated nodes are being
    reconfigured (i.e. the capmc_resume program is rebooting nodes for the job)
    and the node reconfiguration fails (i.e. the reboot fails), then don't
    requeue the job but leave it in a cancelled state.
 -- capmc_resume (Cray resume node script) - Do not disable changing a node's
    active features if SyscfgPath is configured in the knl.conf file.
 -- Improve the srun documentation for the --resv-ports option.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Fix parsing for discontinuous allocated nodes. A job
    allocation of "20,22" must be expressed as "20\n22".
 -- Fix rare segfault when shutting down slurmctld and still sending data to
    the database.
 -- Fix gres output of a job if it is updated while pending to be displayed
    correctly with Slurm tools.
 -- Fix pam_slurm_adopt.
 -- Fix missing unlock when job_list doesn't exist when starting priority/
 -- Fix segfault if slurmctld is shutting down and the slurmdbd plugin was
    in the middle of setting db_indexes.
 -- Add ESLURM_JOB_SETTING_DB_INX to errno to note when a job can't be updated
    because the dbd is setting a db_index.
 -- Fix possible double insertion into database when a job is updated at the
    moment the dbd is assigning a db_index.
 -- Fix memory error when updating a job's licenses.
 -- Fix seff to work correctly with non-standard perl installs.
 -- Export missing slurmdbd_defs_[init|fini] needed for to work.
 -- Fix sacct from returning way more than requested when querying against a job
    array task id.
 -- Fix double read lock of tres when updating gres or licenses on a job.
 -- Make sure locks are always in place when calling
 -- Prevent slurmctld SEGV when creating reservation with duplicated name.
 -- Consider QOS flags Partition[Min|Max]Nodes when doing backfill.
 -- Fix slurmdbd_defs.c to not have half symbols go to and the
    other half go to
 -- Fix 'scontrol show jobs' to remove an errant newline when 'Switches' is
 -- Better code for handling memory required by a task on a heterogeneous
 -- Fix regression in 17.02.0 with respects to GrpTresMins on a QOS or
 -- Cleanup to make make dist work.
 -- Schedule interactive jobs quicker.
 -- Perl API - correct value of MEM_PER_CPU constant to correctly handle
    memory values.
 -- Fix 'flags' variable to be 32 bit from the old 16 bit value in the perl api.
 -- Export sched_nodes for a job in the perl api.
 -- Improve error output when updating a reservation that has already started.
 -- Fix --ntasks-per-node issue with srun so DenyOnLimit would work correctly.
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin - Fix memory leak.
 -- Fix wrong cpu_per_task count issue on heterogeneous system when dealing with
 -- Fix double free issue when removing usage from an association with sacctmgr.
 -- Fix issue with SPANK plugins attempting to set null values as environment
    variables, which leads to the command segfaulting on newer glibc versions.
 -- Fix race condition on slurmctld startup when plugins have not gone through
    init() ahead of the rpc_manager processing incoming messages.
 -- job_submit/lua - expose admin_comment field.
 -- Allow AdminComment field to be set by the job_submit plugin.
 -- Allow AdminComment field to be changed by any Administrator.
 -- Fix key words in jobcomp select.
 -- MYSQL - Streamline job flush sql when doing a clean start on the slurmctld.
 -- Fix potential infinite loop when talking to the DBD when shutting down
    the slurmctld.
 -- Fix MCS filter.
 -- Make it so pmix can be included in the plugin rpm without having to
    specify --with-pmix.
 -- MYSQL - Fix initial load when not using he DBD.
 -- Fix scontrol top to not make jobs priority 0 (held).
 -- Downgrade info message about exceeding partition time limit to a debug2.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.1-2
 -- Replace clock_gettime with time(NULL) for very old systems without the call.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.1
 -- Modify pam module to work when configured NodeName and NodeHostname differ.
 -- Update to sbatch/srun man pages to explain the "filename pattern" clearer
 -- Add %x to sbatch/srun filename pattern to represent the job name.
 -- job_submit/lua - Add job "bitflags" field.
 -- Update slurm.spec file to note obsolete RPMs.
 -- Fix deadlock scenario when dumping configuration in the slurmctld.
 -- Remove unneeded job lock when running assoc_mgr cache.  This lock could
    cause potential deadlock when/if TRES changed in the database and the
    slurmctld wasn't made aware of the change.  This would be very rare.
 -- Fix missing locks in gres logic to avoid potential memory race.
 -- If gres is NULL on a job don't try to process it when returning detailed
    information about a job to scontrol.
 -- Fix print of consumed energy in sstat when no energy is being collected.
 -- Print formatted tres string when creating/updating a reservation.
 -- Fix issues with QOS flags Partition[Min|Max]Nodes to work correctly.
 -- Prevent manipulation of the cpu frequency and governor for batch or
    extern steps. This addresses an issue where the batch step would
    inadvertently set the cpu frequency maximum to the minimum value
    supported on the node.
 -- Convert a slurmctd power management data structure from array to list in
    order to eliminate the possibility of zombie child suspend/resume
 -- Burst_buffer/cray - Prevent slurmctld daemon abort if "paths" operation
    fails. Now job will be held. Update job update time when held.
 -- Fix issues with QOS flags Partition[Min|Max]Nodes to work correctly.
 -- Refactor slurmctld agent logic to eliminate some pthreads.
 -- Added "SyscfgTimeout" parameter to knl.conf configuration file.
 -- Fix for CPU binding for job steps run under a batch job.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.0
 -- job_submit/lua - Make "immediate" parameter available.
 -- Fix srun I/O race condtion to eliminate a error message that might be
    generated if the application exits with outstanding stdin.
 -- Fix regression when purging/archiving jobs/events.
 -- Add new job state JOB_OOM indicating Out Of Memory condition as detected
    by task/cgroup plugin.
 -- If QOS has been added to the system go refigure out Deny/AllowQOS on
 -- Deny job with duplicate GRES requested.
 -- Fix loading super old assoc_mgr usage without segfaulting.
 -- CRAY systems: Restore TaskPlugins order of task/cray before task/cgroup.
 -- Task/cray: Treat missing "mems" cgroup with "debug" messages rather than
    "error" messages. The file may be missing at step termination due to a
    change in how cgroups are released at job/step end.
 -- Fix for job constraint specification with counts, --ntasks-per-node value,
    and no node count.
 -- Fix ordering of step task allocation to fill in a socket before going into
    another one.
 -- Fix configure to not require C++
 -- job_submit/lua - Remove access to slurmctld internal reservation fields of
    job_pend_cnt and job_run_cnt.
 -- Prevent job_time_limit enforcement from blocking other internal operations
    if a large number of jobs need to be cancelled.
 -- Add 'preempt_youngest_order' option to preempt/partition_prio plugin.
 -- Fix controller being able to talk to a pre-released DBD.
 -- Added ability to override the invoking uid for "scontrol update job"
    by specifying "--uid=<uid>|-u <uid>".
 -- Changed file broadcast "offset" from 32 to 64 bits in order to support files
    over 2 GB.
 -- slurm.spec - do not install init scripts alongside systemd service files.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.0rc1
 -- Add port info to 'sinfo' and 'scontrol show node'.
 -- Fix errant definition of USE_64BIT_BITSTR which can lead to core dumps.
 -- Move BatchScript to end of each job's information when using
    "scontrol -dd show job" to make it more readable.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters configuration parameter of "default_gbytes", which
    treats numeric only (no suffix) value for memory and tmp disk space as being
    in units of Gigabytes. Mostly for compatability with LSF.
 -- Fix race condtion in srun/sattach logic which would prevent srun from
 -- Bitstring operations are now 64bit instead of 32bit.
 -- Replace hweight() function in bitstring with faster version.
 -- scancel would treat a non-numeric argument as the name of jobs to be
    cancelled (a non-documented feature). Cancelling jobs by name now require
    the "--jobname=" command line argument.
 -- scancel modified to note that no jobs satisfy the filter options when the
    --verbose option is used along with one or more job filters (e.g. "--qos=").
 -- Change _pack_cred to use pack_bit_str_hex instead of pack_bit_fmt for
    better scalability and performance.
 -- Add BootTime configuration parameter to knl.conf file to optimize resource
    allocations with respect to required node reboots.
 -- Add node_features_p_boot_time() to node_features plugin to optimize
    scheduling with respect to node reboots.
 -- Avoid allocating resources to a job in the event that its run time plus boot
    time (if needed) extent into an advanced reservation.
 -- Burst_buffer/cray - Avoid stage-out operation if job never started.
 -- node_features/knl_cray - Add capability to detected Uncorrectable Memory
    Errors (UME) and if detected then log the event in all job and step stderr
    with a message of the form:
    error: *** STEP 1.2 ON tux1 UNCORRECTABLE MEMORY ERROR AT 2016-12-14T09:09:37 ***
    Similar logic added to node_features/knl_generic in version 17.02.0pre4.
 -- If job is allocated nodes which are powered down, then reset job start time
    when the nodes are ready and do not charge the job for power up time.
 -- Add the ability to purge transactions from the database.
 -- Add support for requeue'ing of federated jobs (BETA).
 -- Add support for interactive federated jobs (BETA).
 -- Add the ability to purge rolled up usage from the database.
 -- Properly set SLURM_JOB_GPUS environment variable for Prolog.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.0pre4
 -- Add support for per-partitiion OverTimeLimit configuration.
 -- Add --mem_bind option of "sort" to run zonesort on KNL nodes at step start.
 -- Add LaunchParameters=mem_sort option to configure running of zonesort
    by default at step startup.
 -- Add "FreeSpace" information for each pool to the "scontrol show burstbuffer"
    output. Required changes to the burst_buffer_info_t data structure.
 -- Add new node state flag of NODE_STATE_REBOOT for node reboots triggered by
    "scontrol reboot" commands. Previous logic re-used NODE_STATE_MAINT flag,
    which could lead to inconsistencies. Add "ASAP" option to "scontrol reboot"
    command that will drain a node in order to reboot it as soon as possible,
    then return it to service.
 -- Allow unit conversion routine to convert 1024M to 1G.
 -- switch/cray plugin - change legacy spool directory location.
 -- Add new PriorityFlags option of INCR_ONLY, which prevents a job's priority
    from being decremented.
 -- Make it so we don't purge job start messages until after we purge step
    messages.  Hopefully this will reduce the number of messages lost when
    filling up memory when the database/DBD is down.
 -- Added SchedulingParameters option of "bf_job_part_count_reserve". Jobs below
    the specified threshold will not have resources reserved for them.
 -- If GRES are configured with file IDs, then "scontrol -d show node" will
    not only identify the count of currently allocated GRES, but their specific
    index numbers (e.g. "GresUsed=gpu:alpha:2(IDX:0,2),gpu:beta:0(IDX:N/A)").
    Ditto for job information with "scontrol -d show job".
 -- Add new mcs/account plugin.
 -- Add "GresEnforceBind=Yes" to "scontrol show job" output if so configured.
    environment variables to set default constraints for salloc, sbatch and
    srun commands respectively.
 -- Provide limited support for the MemSpecLimit configuration parameter without
    the task/cgroup plugin.
 -- node_features/knl_generic - Add capability to detected Uncorrectable Memory
    Errors (UME) and if detected then log the event in all job and step stderr
    with a message of the form:
    error: *** STEP 1.2 ON tux1 UNCORRECTABLE MEMORY ERROR AT 2016-12-14T09:09:37 ***
 -- Add SLURM_JOB_GID to TaskProlog environment.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Remove leading zeros from node ID lists passed to
    dw_wlm_cli program.
 -- Add "Partitions" field to "scontrol show node" output.
 -- Remove sched/wiki and sched/wiki2 plugins and associated code.
 -- Remove SchedulerRootFilter option and slurm_get_root_filter() API call.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of spec_cores_first to select specialized
    cores from the lowest rather than highest number cores and sockets.
 -- Add PrologFlags option of Serial to disable concurrent launch of
    Prolog and Epilog scripts.
 -- Fix security issue caused by insecure file path handling triggered by the
    failure of a Prolog script. To exploit this a user needs to anticipate or
    cause the Prolog to fail for their job. CVE-2016-10030.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.0pre3
 -- Add srun host & PID to job step data structures.
 -- Avoid creating duplicate pending step records for the same srun command.
 -- Rewrite srun's logic for pending steps for better efficiency (fewer RPCs).
 -- Added new SchedulerParameters options step_retry_count and step_retry_time
    to control scheduling behaviour of job steps waiting for resources.
 -- Optimize resource allocation logic for --spread-job job option.
 -- Modify cpu_bind and mem_bind map and mask options to accept a repetition
    count to better support large task count. For example:
    "mask_mem:0x0f*2,0xf0*2" is equivalent to "mask_mem:0x0f,0x0f,0xf0,0xf0".
 -- Add support for --mem_bind=prefer option to prefer, but not restrict memory
    use to the identified NUMA node.
 -- Add mechanism to constrain kernel memory allocation using cgroups. New
    cgroup.conf parameters added: ConstrainKmemSpace, MaxKmemPercent, and
 -- Correct invokation of man2html, which previously could cause FreeBSD builds
    to hang.
 -- MYSQL - Unconditionally remove 'ignore' clause from 'alter ignore'.
 -- Modify service files to not start Slurm daemons until after Munge has been
    NOTE: If you are not using Munge, but are using the "service" scripts to
    start Slurm daemons, then you will need to remove this check from the
    etc/slurm*service scripts.
 -- Do not process SALLOC_HINT, SBATCH_HINT or SLURM_HINT environment variables
    if any of the following salloc, sbatch or srun command line options are
    specified: -B, --cpu_bind, --hint, --ntasks-per-core, or --threads-per-core.
 -- burst_buffer/cray: Accept new jobs on backup slurmctld daemon without access
    to dw_wlm_cli command. No burst buffer actions will take place.
    SLURM_JOB_EXIT_CODE in PrologSlurmctld environment (not available yet).
 -- Cray - set task plugin to fatal() if task/cgroup is not loaded after
    task/cray in the TaskPlugin settings.
 -- Remove separate slurm_blcr package. If Slurm is built with BLCR support,
    the files will now be part of the main Slurm packages.
 -- Replace sjstat, seff and sjobexit RPM packages with a single "contribs"
 -- Remove long since defunct slurmdb-direct scripts.
 -- Add SbcastParameters configuration option to control default file
    destination directory and compression algorithm.
 -- Add new SchedulerParameter (max_array_tasks) to limit the maximum number of
    tasks in a job array independently from the maximum task ID (MaxArraySize).
 -- Fix issue where number of nodes is not properly allocated when sbatch and
    salloc are requested with -n tasks < hosts from -w hostlist or from -N.
 -- Add infrastructure for submitting federated jobs.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.0pre2
 -- Add new RPC (REQUEST_EVENT_LOG) so that slurmd and slurmstepd can log events
    through the slurmctld daemon.
 -- Remove sbatch --bb option. That option was never supported.
 -- Automatically clean up task/cgroup cpuset and devices cgroups after steps
    are completed.
 -- Add federation read/write locks.
 -- Limit job purge run time to 1 second at a time.
 -- The database index for jobs is now 64 bits.  If you happen to be close to
    4 billion jobs in your database you will want to update your slurmctld at
    the same time as your slurmdbd to prevent roll over of this variable as
    it is 32 bit previous versions of Slurm.
 -- Optionally lock slurmstepd in memory for performance reasons and to avoid
    possible SIGBUS if the daemon is paged out at the time of a Slurm upgrade
    (changing plugins). Controlled via new LaunchParameters options of
    slurmstepd_memlock and slurmstepd_memlock_all.
 -- Add event trigger on burst buffer errors (see strigger man page,
    --burst_buffer option).
 -- Add job AdminComment field which can only be set by a Slurm administrator.
 -- Add salloc, sbatch and srun option of --delay-boot=<time>, which will
    temporarily delay booting nodes into the desired state for a job in the
    hope of using nodes already in the proper state which will be available at
    a later time.
 -- Add job burst_buffer_state and delay_boot fields to scontrol and squeue
    output. Also add ability to modify delay_boot from scontrol.
 -- Fix for node's available TRES array getting filled in with configured GRES
    model types.
 -- Log if job --bb option contains any unrecognized content.
 -- Display configured and allocated TRES for nodes in scontrol show nodes.
 -- Change all memory values (in MB) to uint64_t to accommodate > 2TB per node.
 -- Add MailDomain configuration parameter to qualify email addresses.
 -- Refactor the persistent connections within the federation code to use
    the same logic that was found in the slurmdbd.  Now both functionalities
    share the same code.
 -- Remove BlueGene/L and BlueGene/P support.
 -- Add "flag" field to launch_tasks_request_msg. Remove the following fields
    (moved into flags): multi_prog, task_flags, user_managed_io, pty,
    buffered_stdio, and labelio.
 -- Add protocol version to slurmd startup communications for slurmstepd to
    permit changes in the protocol.

* Changes in Slurm 17.02.0pre1
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Add support for rounding up the size of a buffer reqeust
    if the DataWarp configuration "equalize_fragments" is used.
 -- Remove AIX support.
 -- Rename "in" to "input" in slurm_step_io_fds data structure defined in
    slurm.h. This is needed to avoid breaking Python with by using one of its
    keywords in a Slurm data structure.
 -- Remove eligible_time from jobcomp/elasticsearch.
 -- Enable the deletion of a QOS, even if no clusters have been added to the
 -- SlurmDBD - change all timestamps to bigint from int to solve Y2038 problem.
 -- Add salloc/sbatch/srun --spread-job option to distribute tasks over as many
    nodes as possible. This also treats the --ntasks-per-node option as a
    maximum value.
 -- Add ConstrainKmemSpace to cgroup.conf, defaulting to yes, to allow
    cgroup Kmem enforcement to be disabled while still using ConstrainRAMSpace.
 -- Add support for sbatch --bbf option to specify a burst buffer input file.
 -- Added burst buffer support for job arrays. Add new SchedulerParameters
    configuration parameter of bb_array_stage_cnt=# to indicate how many pending
    tasks of a job array should be made available for burst buffer resource
 -- Fix small memory leak when a job fails to load from state save.
 -- Fix invalid read when attempting to delete clusters from database with
    running jobs.
 -- Fix small memory leak when deleting clusters from database.
 -- Add SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_COUNT environment variable. Total number of tasks in a
    job array (e.g. "--array=2,4,8" will set SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_COUNT=3).
 -- Add new sacctmgr commands: "shutdown" (shutdown the server), "list stats"
    (get server statistics) "clear stats" (clear server statistics).
 -- Restructure job accounting query to use 'id_job in (1, 2, .. )' format
    instead of logically equivalent 'id_job = 1 || id_job = 2 || ..' .
 -- Added start_delay field to jobcomp/elasticsearch.
 -- In order to support federated jobs, the MaxJobID configuration parameter
    default value has been reduced from 2,147,418,112 to 67,043,328 and its
    maximum value is now 67,108,863. Upon upgrading, any pre-existing jobs that
    have a job ID above the new range will continue to run and new jobs will get
    job IDs in the new range.
 -- Added infrastructure for setting up federations in database and establishing
    connections between federation clusters.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.12

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.11
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Add support for line continuation.
 -- If a job is cancelled by the user while it's allocated nodes are being
    reconfigured (i.e. the capmc_resume program is rebooting nodes for the job)
    and the node reconfiguration fails (i.e. the reboot fails), then don't
    requeue the job but leave it in a cancelled state.
 -- capmc_resume (Cray resume node script) - Do not disable changing a node's
    active features if SyscfgPath is configured in the knl.conf file.
 -- Fix memory error when updating a job's licenses.
 -- Fix double read lock of tres when updating gres or licenses on a job.
 -- Fix regression in 16.05.10 with respects to GrpTresMins on a QOS or
 -- ALPS - Fix scheduling when ALPS doesn't agree with Slurm on what nodes
    are free.
 -- Fix seg fault if loading attempting to load non-existent burstbuffer plugin.
 -- Fix to backfill scheduling with respect to QOS and association limits. Jobs
    submitted to multiple partitions are most likley to be effected.
 -- Avoid erroneous errno set by the mariadb 10.2 api.
 -- Fix security issue in Prolog and Epilog by always prepending SPANK_ to
    all user-set environment variables. CVE-2017-15566.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.10-2
 -- Replace clock_gettime with time(NULL) for very old systems without the call.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.10
 -- Record job state as PREEMPTED instead of TIMEOUT when GraceTime is reached.
 -- task/cgroup - print warnings to stderr when --cpu_bind=verbose is enabled
    and the requested processor affinity cannot be set.
 -- power/cray - Disable power cap get and set operations on DOWN nodes.
 -- Jobs preempted with PreemptMode=REQUEUE were incorrectly recorded as
    REQUEUED in the accounting.
 -- PMIX - Use volatile specifier to avoid flag caching and lock the flag to
    make sure it is protected.
 -- PMIX/PMI2 - Make it possible to use %n or %h in a spool dir.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Support default pool which is not the first pool
    reported by DataWarp and log in Slurm when pools that are added or removed
    from DataWarp.
 -- Insure job does not start running before PrologSlurmctld is complete and
    node is booted (all nodes for interactive job, at least first node for batch
    job without burst buffers).
 -- Fix minor memory leak in the slurmctld when removing a QOS.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Do not execute "pre_run" operation until after all nodes
    are booted and ready for use.
 -- scontrol - return an error when attempting to use the +=/-+ syntax to
    update a field where this is not appropriate.
 -- Fix task/affinity to work correctly with --ntasks-per-socket.
 -- Honor --ntasks-per-node and --ntasks option when used with job constraints
    that contain node counts.
 -- Prevent deadlocked slurmstepd processes due to unsafe use of regcomp with
    older glibc versions.
 -- Fix squeue when SLURM_BITSTR_LEN=0 is set in the user environment.
 -- Fix comments in acct_policy.c to reflect actual variables instead of
    old ones.
 -- Fix correct variables when validating GrpTresMins on a QOS.
 -- Better debug output when a job is being held because of a GrpTRES[Run]Min
 -- Fix correct state reason when job can't run 'safely' because of an
    association GrpWall limit.
 -- Squeue always loads new data if user_id option specified
 -- Fix for possible job ID parsing failure and abort.
 -- If node boot in progress when slurmctld daemon is restarted, then allow
    sufficient time for reboot to complete and not prematurely DOWN the node as
    "Not responding".
 -- For job resize, correct logic to build "resize" script with new values.
    Previously the scripts were based upon the original job size.
 -- Fix squeue to not limit the size of partition, burst_buffer, exec_host, or
    reason to 32 chars.
 -- Fix potential packing error when packing a NULL slurmdb_clus_res_rec_t.
 -- Fix potential packing errors when packing a NULL slurmdb_reservation_cond_t.
 -- Burst_buffer/cray - Prevent slurmctld daemon abort if "paths" operation
    fails. Now job will be held. Update job update time when held.
 -- Fix issues with QOS flags Partition[Min|Max]Nodes to work correctly.
 -- Increase number of ResumePrograms that can be managed without leaving
    zombie/orphan processes from 10 to 100.
 -- Refactor slurmctld agent logic to eliminate some pthreads.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.9
 -- Fix parsing of SBCAST_COMPRESS environment variable in sbcast.
 -- Change some debug messages to errors in task/cgroup plugin.
 -- backfill scheduler: Stop trying to determine expected start time for a job
    after 2 seconds of wall time. This can happen if there are many running jobs
    and a pending job can not be started soon.
 -- Improve performance of cr_sort_part_rows() in cons_res plugin.
 -- CRAY - Fix dealock issue when updating accounting in the slurmctld and
    scheduling a Datawarp job.
 -- Correct the job state accounting information for jobs requeued due to burst
    buffer errors.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Avoid "pre_run" operation if not using buffer (i.e.
    just creating or deleting a persistent burst buffer).
 -- Fix slurm.spec file support for BlueGene builds.
 -- Fix missing TRES read lock in acct_policy_job_runnable_pre_select() code.
 -- Fix debug2 message printing value using wrong array index in
 -- Prevent job timeout on node power up.
 -- MYSQL - Fix minor memory leak when querying steps and the sql fails.
 -- Make it so sacctmgr accepts column headers like MaxTRESPU and not MaxTRESP.
 -- Only look at SLURM_STEP_KILLED_MSG_NODE_ID on startup, to avoid race
    condition later when looking at a steps env.
 -- Make backfill scheduler behave like regular scheduler in respect to
 -- Allow a lower version client command to talk to a higher version contoller
    using the multi-cluster options (e.g. squeue -M<cluster>).
 -- slurmctld/agent race condition fix: Prevent job launch while PrologSlurmctld
    daemon is running or node boot in progress.
 -- MYSQL - Fix a few other minor memory leaks when uncommon failures occur.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Fix race condition that could cause multiple batch job
    launch requests resulting in drained nodes.
 -- Correct logic to purge old reservations.
 -- Fix DBD cache restore from previous versions.
 -- Fix to logic for getting expected start time of existing job ID with
    explicit begin time that is in the past.
 -- Clear job's reason of "BeginTime" in a more timely fashion and/or prevents
    them from being stuck in a PENDING state.
 -- Make sure acct policy limits imposed on a job are correct after requeue.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.8
 -- Remove StoragePass from being printed out in the slurmdbd log at debug2
 -- Defer PATH search for task program until launch in slurmstepd.
 -- Modify regression test1.89 to avoid leaving vestigial job. Also reduce
    logging to reduce likelyhood of Expect buffer overflow.
 -- Do not PATH search for mult-prog launches if LaunchParamters=test_exec is
 -- Fix for possible infinite loop in select/cons_res plugin when trying to
    satisfy a job's ntasks_per_core or socket specification.
 -- If job is held for bad constraints make it so once updated the job doesn't
    go into JobAdminHeld.
 -- sched/backfill - Fix logic to reserve resources for jobs that require a
    node reboot (i.e. to change KNL mode) in order to start.
 -- When unpacking a node or front_end record from state and the protocol
    version is lower than the min version, set it to the min.
 -- Remove redundant lookup for part_ptr when updating a reservation's nodes.
 -- Fix memory and file descriptor leaks in slurmd daemon's sbcast logic.
 -- Do not allocate specialized cores to jobs using the --exclusive option.
 -- Cancel interactive job if Prolog failure with "PrologFlags=contain" or
    "PrologFlags=alloc" configured. Send new error prolog failure message to
    the salloc or srun command as needed.
 -- Prevent possible out-of-bounds read in slurmstepd on an invalid #! line.
 -- Fix check for PluginDir within slurmctld to work with multiple directories.
 -- Cancel interactive jobs automatically on communication error to launching
    srun/salloc process.
 -- Fix security issue caused by insecure file path handling triggered by the
    failure of a Prolog script. To exploit this a user needs to anticipate or
    cause the Prolog to fail for their job. CVE-2016-10030.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.7
 -- Fix issue in the priority/multifactor plugin where on a slurmctld restart,
    where more time is accounted for than should be allowed.
 -- cray/busrt_buffer - If total_space in a pool decreases, reset used_space
    rather than trying to account for buffer allocations in progress.
 -- cray/busrt_buffer - Fix for double counting of used_space at slurmctld
 -- Fix regression in 16.05.6 where if you request multiple cpus per task (-c2)
    and request --ntasks-per-core=1 and only 1 task on the node
    the slurmd would abort on an infinite loop fatal.
 -- cray/busrt_buffer - Internally track both allocated and unusable space.
    The reported UsedSpace in a pool is now the allocated space (previously was
    unusable space). Base available space on whichever value leaves least free
 -- cray/burst_buffer - Preserve job ID and don't translate to job array ID.
 -- cray/burst_buffer - Update "instance" parsing to match updated dw_wlm_cli
 -- sched/backfill - Insure we don't try to start a job that was already started
    and requeued by the main scheduling logic.
 -- job_submit/lua - add access to the job features field in job_record.
 -- select/linear plugin modified to better support heterogeneous clusters when
    topology/none is also configured.
 -- Permit cancellation of jobs in configuring state.
 -- acct_gather_energy/rapl - prevent segfault in slurmd from race to gather
    data at slurmd startup.
 -- Integrate node_feature/knl_generic with "hbm" GRES information.
 -- Fix output routines to prevent rounding the TRES values for memory or BB.
 -- switch/cray plugin - fix use after free error.
 -- docs - elaborate on how way to clear TRES limits in sacctmgr.
 -- knl_cray plugin - Avoid abort from backup slurmctld at start time.
 -- cgroup plugins - fix two minor memory leaks.
 -- If a node is booting for some job, don't allocate additional jobs to the
    node until the boot completes.
 -- testsuite - fix job id output in test17.39.
 -- Modify backfill algorithm to improve performance with large numbers of
    running jobs. Group running jobs that end in a "similar" time frame using a
    time window that grows exponentially rather than linearly. After one second
    of wall time, simulate the termination of all remaining running jobs in
    order to respond in a reasonable time frame.
 -- Fix slurm_job_cpus_allocated_str_on_node_id() API call.
 -- sched/backfill plugin: Make malloc match data type (defined as uint32_t and
    allocated as int).
 -- srun - prevent segfault when terminating job step before step has launched.
 -- sacctmgr - prevent segfault when trying to reset usage for an invalid
    account name.
 -- Make the openssl crypto plugin compile with openssl >= 1.1.
 -- Fix SuspendExcNodes and SuspendExcParts on slurmctld reconfiguration.
 -- sbcast - prevent segfault in slurmd due to race condition between file
    transfers from separate jobs using zlib compression
 -- cray/burst_buffer - Increase time to synchronize operations between threads
    from 5 to 60 seconds ("setup" operation time observed over 17 seconds).
 -- node_features/knl_cray - Fix possible race condition when changing node
    state that could result in old KNL mode as an active features.
 -- Make sure if a job can't run because of resources we also check accounting
    limits after the node selection to make sure it doesn't violate those limits
    and if it does change the reason for waiting so we don't reserve resources
    on jobs violating accounting limits.
 -- NRT - Make it so a system running against IBM's PE will work with PE
    version 1.3.
 -- NRT - Make it so protocols pgas and test are allowed to be used.
 -- NRT - Make it so you can have more than 1 protocol listed in MP_MSG_API.
 -- cray/burst_buffer - If slurmctld daemon restarts with pending job and burst
    buffer having unknown file stage-in status, teardown the buffer, defer the
    job, and start stage-in over again.
 -- On state restore in the slurmctld don't overwrite the mem_spec_limit given
    from the slurm.conf when using FastSchedule=0.
 -- Recognize a KNL's proper NUMA count (rather than setting it to the value
    in slurm.conf) when using FastSchedule=0.
 -- Fix parsing in regression test1.92 for some prompts.
 -- sbcast - use slurmd's gid cache rather than a separate lookup.
 -- slurmd - return error if setgroups() call fails in _drop_privileges().
 -- Remove error messages about gres counts changing when a job is resized on
    a slurmctld restart or reconfig, as they aren't really error messages.
 -- Fix possible memory corruption if a job is using GRES and changing size.
 -- jobcomp/elasticsearch - fix printf format for a value on 32-bit builds.
 -- task/cgroup - Change error message if CPU binding can not take place to
    better identify the root cause of the problem.
 -- Fix issue where task/cgroup would not always honor --cpu_bind=threads.
 -- Fix race condition in with getgrouplist() in slurmd that can lead to
    user accounts being granted access to incorrect group memberships during
    job launch.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.6
 -- Docs - the correct default value for GroupUpdateForce is 0.
 -- mpi/pmix - improve point to point communication performance.
 -- SlurmDB - include pending jobs in search during 'sacctmgr show runawayjobs'.
 -- Add client side out-of-range checks to --nice flag.
 -- Fix support for sbatch "-W" option, previously eeded to use "--wait".
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin and capmc_suspend/resume programs modified to
    sleep and retry capmc operations if the Cray State Manager is down. Added
    CapmcRetries configuration parameter to knl_cray.conf.
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin: Remove any KNL MCDRAM or NUMA features from
    node's configuration if capmc does NOT report the node as being KNL.
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin: drain any node not reported by
    "capmc node_status" on startup or reconfig.
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin: Substantially streamline and speed up logic
    to load current node state on reconfigure failure or unexpected node boot.
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin: Add separate thread to interact with capmc
    in response to unexpected node reboots.
 -- node_features plugin - Add "mode" argument to node_features_p_node_xlate()
    function to fix some bugs updating a node's features using the node update
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin: If the reconfiguration of nodes for an
    interactive job fails, kill the job (it can't be requeued like a batch job).
 -- Testsuite - Added srun/salloc/sbatch tests with --use-min-nodes option.
 -- Fix typo when an error occurs when discovering pmix version on
 -- Fix configuring pmix support when you have your lib dir symlinked to lib64.
 -- Fix waiting reason if a job is waiting for a specific limit instead of
    always just AccountingPolicy.
 -- Correct SchedulerParameters=bf_busy_nodes logic with respect to the job's
    minimum node count. Previous logic would not decremement counter in some
    locations and reject valid job request for not reaching minimum node count.
 -- Fix FreeBSD-11 build by using llabs() function in place of abs().
 -- Cray: The slurmd can manipulate the socket/core/thread values reported based
    upon the configuration. The logic failed to consider select/cray with
    SelectTypeParameters=other_cons_res as equivalent to select/cons_res.
 -- If a node's socket or core count are changed at registration time (e.g. a
    KNL node's NUMA mode is changed), change it's board count to match.
 -- Prevent possible divide by zero in select/cons_res if a node's board count
    is higher than it's socket count.
 -- Allow an advanced reservation to contain a license count of zero.
 -- Preserve non-KNL node features when updating the KNL node features for a
    multi-node job in which the non-KNL node features vary by node.
 -- task/affinity plugin: Honor a job's --ntasks-per-socket and
    --ntasks-per-core options in task binding.
 -- slurmd - do not print ClusterName when using 'slurmd -C'.
 -- Correct a bitmap test function (used only by the select/bluegene plugin).
 -- Do not propagate SLURM_UMASK environment variable to batch script.
 -- Added node_features/knl_generic plugin for KNL support on non-Cray systems.
 -- Cray: Prevent abort in backfill scheduling logic for requeued job that has
    been cancelled while NHC is running.
 -- Improve reported estimates of start and end times for pending jobs.
 -- pbsnodes: Show OS value as "unknown" for down nodes.
 -- BlueGene - correctly scale node counts when enforcing MaxNodes limit take 2.
 -- Fix "sbatch --hold" to set JobHeldUser correctly instead of JobHeldAdmin.
 -- Cray - print warning that task/cgroup is required, and must be after
    task/cray in the TaskPlugin settings.
 -- Document that node Weight takes precedence over load with LLN scheduling.
 -- Fix issue where gang scheduling could happen even with OverSubscribe=NO.
 -- Expose JOB_SHARED_* values to job_submit/lua plugin.
 -- Fix issue where number of nodes is not properly allocated when srun is
    requested with -n tasks < hosts from -w hostlist.
 -- Update srun documentation for -N, -w and -m arbitrary.
 -- Fix bug that was clearing MAINT mode on nodes scheduled for reboot (bug
    introduced in version 16.05.5 to address bug in overlapping reservations).
 -- Add logging of node reboot requests.
 -- Docs - remove recommendation for ReleaseAgent setting in cgroup.conf.
 -- Make sure a job cleans up completely if it has a node fail.  Mostly an
    issue with gang scheduling.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.5
 -- Fix accounting for jobs requeued after the previous job was finished.
 -- slurmstepd modified to pre-load all relevant plugins at startup to avoid
    the possibility of modified plugins later resulting in inconsistent API
    or data structures and a failure of slurmstepd.
 -- Export functions from parse_time.c in
 -- Export unit convert functions from slurm_protocol_api.c in
 -- Fix scancel to allow multiple steps from a job to be cancelled at once.
 -- Update and expand upgrade guide (in Quick Start Administrator web page).
 -- burst_buffer/cray: Requeue, but do not hold a job which fails the pre_run
 -- Insure reported expected job start time is not in the past for pending jobs.
 -- Add support for PMIx v2.
 -- mpi/pmix: support for passing TMPDIR path through info key
 -- Cray: update script to correctly identify service nodes
    versus compute nodes.
 -- FreeBSD - fix build issue in knl_cray plugin.
 -- Corrections to gres.conf parsing logic.
 -- Make partition State independent of EnforcePartLimits value.
 -- Fix multipart srun submission with EnforcePartLimits=NO and job violating
    the partition limits.
 -- Fix problem updating job state_reason.
 -- pmix - Provide HWLOC topology in the job-data if Slurm was configured
    with hwloc.
 -- Cray - Fix issue restoring jobs when blade count increases due to hardware
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Hold job after 3 failed pre-run operations.
 -- sched/backfill - Check that a user's QOS is allowed to use a partition
    before trying to schedule resources on that partition for the job.
 -- sacctmgr - Fix displaying nodenames when printing out events or
 -- Fix mpiexec wrapper to accept task count with more than one digit.
 -- Add mpiexec man page to the script.
 -- Add salloc_wait_nodes option to the SchedulerParameters parameter in the
    slurm.conf file controlling when the salloc command returns in relation to
    when nodes are ready for use (i.e. booted).
 -- Handle case when slurmctld daemon restart while compute node reboot in
    progress. Return node to service rather than setting DOWN.
 -- Preserve node "RESERVATION" state when one of multiple overlapping
    reservations ends.
 -- Restructure srun command locking for task_exit processing logic for improved
 -- Modify srun task completion handling to only build the task/node string for
    logging purposes if it is needed. Modified for performance purposes.
 -- Docs - update salloc/sbatch/srun man pages to mention corresponding
    environment variables for --mem/--mem-per-cpu and allowed suffixes.
 -- Silence srun warning when overriding the job ntasks-per-node count
    with a lower task count for the step.
 -- Docs - assorted spelling fixes.
 -- node_features/knl_cray: Fix bug where MCDRAM state could be taken from
    capmc rather than cnselect.
 -- node_features/knl_cray: If a node is rebooted outside of Slurm's direction,
    update it's active features with current MCDRAM and NUMA mode information.
 -- Restore ability to manually power down nodes, broken in 15.08.12.
 -- Don't log error for job end_time being zero if node health check is still
 -- When powering up a node to change it's state (e.g. KNL NUMA or MCDRAM mode)
    then pass to the ResumeProgram the job ID assigned to the nodes in the
    SLURM_JOB_ID environment variable.
 -- Allow a node's PowerUp state flag to be cleared using update_node RPC.
 -- capmc_suspend/resume - If a request modify NUMA or MCDRAM state on a set of
    nodes or reboot a set of nodes fails then just requeue the job and abort the
    entire operation rather than trying to operate on individual nodes.
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin: Increase default CapmcTimeout parameter from
    10 to 60 seconds.
 -- Fix squeue filter by job license when a job has requested more than 1
    license of a certain type.
 -- Fix bug in PMIX_Ring in the pmi2 plugin so that it supports singleton mode.
    It also updates the testpmixring.c test program so it can be used to check
    singleton runs.
 -- Automically clean up task/cgroup cpuset and devices cgroups after steps are
 -- Testsuite - Fix test1.83 to handle gaps in node names properly.
 -- BlueGene - correctly scale node counts when enforcing MaxNodes limit.
 -- Make sure no attempt is made to schedule a requeued job until all steps are
    cleaned (Node Health Check completes for all steps on a Cray).
 -- KNL: Correct task affinity logic for some NUMA modes.
 -- Add salloc/sbatch/srun --priority option of "TOP" to set job priority to
    the highest possible value. This option is only available to Slurm operators
    and administrators.
 -- Add salloc/sbatch/srun option --use-min-nodes to prefer smaller node counts
    when a range of node counts is specified (e.g. "-N 2-4").
 -- Validate salloc/sbatch --wait-all-nodes argument.
 -- Add "sbatch_wait_nodes" to SchedulerParameters to control default sbatch
    behaviour with respect to waiting for all allocated nodes to be ready for
    use. Job can override the configuration option using the --wait-all-nodes=#
 -- Prevent partition group access updates from resetting last_part_update when
    no changes have been made. Prevents backfill scheduler from restarting
    mid-cycle unnecessarily.
 -- Cray - add NHC_ABSOLUTELY_NO to never run NHC, even on certain edge cases
    that it would otherwise be run on with NHC_NO.
 -- Ignore GRES/QOS updates that maintain the same value as before.
 -- mpi/pmix - prepare temp directory for application.
 -- Fix display for the nice and priority values in sprio/scontrol/squeue.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.4
 -- Fix potential deadlock if running with message aggregation.
 -- Streamline when schedule() is called when running with message aggregation
    on batch script completes.
 -- Fix incorrect casting when [un]packing derived_ec on slurmdb_job_rec_t.
 -- Document that persistent burst buffers can not be created or destroyed using
    the salloc or srun --bb options.
 -- Add support for setting the SLURM_JOB_ACCOUNT, SLURM_JOB_QOS and
    SLURM_JOB_RESERVAION environment variables are set for the salloc command.
    Document the same environment variables for the salloc, sbatch and srun
    commands in their man pages.
 -- Fix issue where sacctmgr load cluster.cfg wouldn't load associations
    that had a partition in them.
 -- Don't return the extern step from sstat by default.
 -- In sstat print 'extern' instead of 4294967295 for the extern step.
 -- Make advanced reservations work properly with core specialization.
 -- Fix race condition in the account_gather plugin that could result in job
    stuck in COMPLETING state.
 -- Regression test fixes if SelectTypePlugin not managing memory and no node
    memory size set (defaults to 1 MB per node).
 -- Add missing partition write locks to _slurm_rpc_dump_nodes/node_single to
    prevent a race condition leading to inconsistent sinfo results.
 -- Fix task:CPU binding logic for some processors. This bug was introduced
    in version 16.05.1 to address KNL bunding problem.
 -- Fix two minor memory leaks in slurmctld.
 -- Improve partition-specific limit logging from slurmctld daemon.
 -- Fix incorrect access check when using MaxNodes setting on the partition.
 -- Fix issue with sacctmgr when specifying a list of clusters to query.
 -- Fix issue when calculating future StartTime for a job.
 -- Make EnforcePartLimit support logic work with any ordering of partitions
    in job submit request.
 -- Prevent restoration of wrong CPU governor and frequency when using
    multiple task plugins.
 -- Prevent slurmd abort if hwloc library fails to populate the "children"
    arrays (observed with hwloc version "dev-333-g85ea6e4").
 -- burst_buffer/cray: Add "--groupid" to DataWarp "setup" command.
 -- Fix lustre profiling putting it in the Filesystem dataset instead of the
    Network dataset.
 -- Fix profiling documentation and code to match be consistent with
    Filesystem instead of Lustre.
 -- Correct the way watts is calculated in the rapl plugin when using a poll
    frequency other than AcctGatherNodeFreq.
 -- Don't about step launch if job reaches expected end time while node is
    configuring/booting (NOTE: The job end time will be adjusted after node
    becomes ready for use).
 -- Fix several print routines to respect a custom output delimiter when
    printing NO_VAL or INFINITE.
 -- Correct documented configurations where --ntasks-per-core and
    --ntasks-per-socket are supported.
 -- task/affinity plugin buffer allocated too small, can corrupt memory.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.3
 -- Make it so the extern step uses a reverse tree when cleaning up.
 -- If extern step doesn't get added into the proctrack plugin make sure the
    sleep is killed.
 -- Fix areas the slurmctld can segfault if an extern step is in the system
    cleaning up on a restart.
 -- Prevent possible incorrect counting of GRES of a given type if a node has
    the multiple "types" of a given GRES "name", which could over-subscribe
    GRES of a given type.
 -- Add web links to Slurm Diamond Collectors (from Harvard University) and
    collectd (from EDF).
 -- Add job_submit plugin for the "reboot" field.
 -- Make some more Slurm constants (INFINITE, NO_VAL64, etc.) available to
    job_submit/lua plugins.
 -- Send in a -1 for a taskid into spank_task_post_fork for the extern_step.
 -- MYSQL - Sightly better logic if a job completion comes in with an end time
    of 0.
 -- task/cgroup plugin is configured with ConstrainRAMSpace=yes, then set soft
    memory limit to allocated memory limit (previously no soft limit was set).
 -- Document limitations in burst buffer use by the salloc command (possible
    access problems from a login node).
 -- Fix proctrack plugin to only add the pid of a process once
    (regression in 16.05.2).
 -- Fix for sstat to print correct info when requesting jobid.batch as part of
    a comma-separated list.
 -- CRAY - Fix issue if pid has already been added to another job container.
 -- CRAY - Fix add of extern step to AELD.
 -- burstbufer/cray: avoid batch submit error condition if waiting for stagein.
 -- CRAY - Fix for reporting steps lingering after they are already finished.
 -- Testsuite - fix test1.29 / 17.15 for limits with values above 32-bits.
 -- CRAY - Simplify when a NHC is called on a step that has unkillable
 -- CRAY - If trying to kill a step and you have NHC_NO_STEPS set run NHC
    anyway to attempt to log the backtraces of the potential
    unkillable processes.
 -- Fix gang scheduling and license release logic if single node job killed on
    bad node.
 -- Make scontrol show steps show the extern step correctly.
 -- Do not scheduled powered down nodes in FAILED state.
 -- Do not start slurmctld power_save thread until partition information is read
    in order to prevent race condition that can result invalid pointer when
    trying to resolve configured SuspendExcParts.
 -- Add SLURM_PENDING_STEP id so it won't be confused with SLURM_EXTERN_CONT.
 -- Fix for core selection with job --gres-flags=enforce-binding option.
    Previous logic would in some cases allocate a job zero cores, resulting in
    slurmctld abort.
 -- Minimize preempted jobs for configurations with multiple jobs per node.
 -- Improve partition AllowGroups caching. Update the table of UIDs permitted to
    use a partition based upon it's AllowGroups configuration parameter as new
    valid UIDs are found rather than looking up that user's group information
    for every job they submit. If the user is now allowed to use the partition,
    then do not check that user's group access again for 5 seconds.
 -- Add routing queue information to Slurm FAQ web page.
 -- Do not select_g_step_finish() a SLURM_PENDING_STEP step, as nothing has
    been allocated for the step yet.
 -- Fixed race condition in PMIx Fence logic.
 -- Prevent slurmctld abort if job is killed or requeued while waiting for
    reboot of its allocated compute nodes.
 -- Treat invalid user ID in AllowUserBoot option of knl.conf file as error
    rather than fatal (log and do not exit).
 -- qsub - When doing the default output files for an array in qsub style
    make them using the master job ID instead of the normal job ID.
 -- Create the extern step while creating the job instead of waiting until the
    end of the job to do it.
 -- Always report a 0 exit code for the extern step instead of being canceled
    or failed based on the signal that would always be killing it.
 -- Fix to allow users to update QOS of pending jobs.
 -- CRAY - Fix minor memory leak in switch plugin.
 -- CRAY - Change to skip over disabled nodes.
 -- Fix eligible_time for elasticsearch as well as add queue_wait
    (difference between start of job and when it was eligible).

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.2
 -- CRAY - Fix issue where the proctrack plugin could hang if the container
    id wasn't able to be made.
 -- Move test for job wait reason value of BurstBufferResources and
    BurstBufferStageIn later in the scheduling logic.
 -- Document which srun options apply to only job, only step, or job and step
 -- Use more compatible function to get thread name (>= 2.6.11).
 -- Fix order of job then step id when noting cleaning flag being set.
 -- Make it so the extern step sends a message with accounting information
    back to the slurmctld.
 -- Make it so the extern step calls the select_g_step_start|finish functions.
 -- Don't print error when extern step is canceled because job is ending.
 -- Handle a few error codes when dealing with the extern step to make sure
    we have the pids added to the system correctly.
 -- Add support for job dependencies with job array expressions. Previous logic
    required listing each task of job array individually.
 -- Make sure tres_cnt is set before creating a slurmdb_assoc_usage_t.
 -- Prevent backfill scheduler from starting a second "singleton" job if another
    one started during a backfill sleep.
 -- Fix for invalid array pointer when creating advanced reservation when job
    allocations span heterogeneous nodes (differing core or socket counts).
 -- Fix hostlist_ranged_string_xmalloc_dims to correctly not put brackets on
    hostlists when brackets == 0.
 -- Make sure we don't get brackets when making a range of reserved ports
    for a step.
 -- Change fatal to an error if port ranges aren't correct when reading state
    for steps.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.1
 -- Fix __cplusplus macro in spank.h to allow compilation with C++.
 -- Fix compile issue with older glibc < 2.12
 -- Fix for starting batch step with mpi/pmix plugin.
 -- Fix for "scontrol -dd show job" with respect to displaying the specific
    CPUs allocated to a job on each node. Prior logic would only display
    the CPU information for the first node in the job allocation.
 -- Print correct return code on failure to update active node features
    through sview.
 -- Allow QOS timelimit to override partition timelimit when EnforcePartLimits
    is set to all/any.
 -- Make it so qsub will do a "basename" on a wrapped command for the output
    and error files.
 -- Fix issue where slurmd could core when running the ipmi energy plugin.
 -- Documentation - clean up typos.
 -- Add logic so that slurmstepd can be launched under valgrind.
 -- Increase buffer size to read /proc/*/stat files.
 -- Fix for tracking job resource allocation when slurmctld is reconfigured
    while Cray Node Health Check (NHC) is running. Previous logic would fail to
    record the job's allocation then perform release operation upon NHC
    completion, resulting in underflow error messages.
 -- Make "scontrol show daemons" work with long node names.
 -- CRAY - Collect energy using a uint64_t instead of uint32_t.
 -- Fix incorrect if statements when determining if the user has a default
    account or wckey.
 -- Prevent job stuck in configuring state if slurmctld daemon restarted while
    PrologSlurmctld is running. Also re-issue burst_buffer/pre-load operation
    as needed.
 -- Correct task affinity support for FreeBSD.
 -- Fix for task affinity on KNL in SNC2/Flat mode.
 -- Recalculate a job's memory allocation after node reboot if job requests all
    of a node's memory and FastSchedule=0 is configured. Intel KNL memory size
    can change on reboot with various MCDRAM modes.
 -- Fix small memory leak when printing HealthCheckNodeState.
 -- Eliminate memory leaks when AuthInfo is configured.
 -- Improve sdiag output description in man page.
 -- Cray/capmc_resume script modify a node's features (as needed) when the
    reinit (reboot) command is issued rather than wait for the nodes to change
    to the "on" state.
 -- Correctly print ranges when using step values in job arrays.
 -- Allow from file names / paths over 256 characters when launching steps,
    as well as spaces in the executable name.
 -- job_submit.license.lua example modified to send message back to user.
 -- Document job --mem=0 option means all memory on a node.
 -- Set SLURM_JOB_QOS environment variable to QOS name instead of description.
 -- knl_cray.conf file option of CnselectPath added.
 -- node_features/knl_cray plugin modified to get current node NUMA and MCDRAM
    modes using cnselect command rather than capmc command.
 -- liblua - add SLES12 paths to runtime search list.
 -- Fix qsub default output and error files for task arrays.
 -- Fix qsub to set job_name correctly when wrapping a script (-b y)
 -- Cray - set EnforcePartLimits=any in slurm.conf template.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.0
 -- Update seff to fix warnings with ncpus, and list slurm-perlapi dependency
    in spec file.
 -- Fix testsuite to consistent use /usr/bin/env {bash,expect} construct.
 -- Cray - Ensure that step completion messages get to the database.
 -- Fix step cpus_per_task calculation for heterogeneous job allocation.
 -- Fix --with-json= configure option to use specified path.
 -- Add back thread_id to "thread_id" LogTimeFormat to distinguish between
    mutliple threads with the same name. Now displays thread name and id.
 -- Change how Slurm determines the NUMA count of a node. Ignore KNL NUMA
    that only include memory.
 -- Cray - Fix node list parsing in capmc_suspend/resume programs.
 -- Fix sbatch #BSUB parsing for -W and -M options.
 -- Fix GRES task layout bug that could cause slurmctld to abort.
 -- Fix to --gres-flags=enforce-binding logic when multiple sockets needed.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.0rc2
 -- Cray node shutdown/reboot scripts, perform operations on all nodes in one
    capmc command. Only if that fails, issue the operations in parallel on
    individual nodes. Required for scalability.
 -- Cleanup two minor Coverity warnings.
 -- Make it so the tres units in a job's formatted string are converted like
    they are in a step.
 -- Correct partition's MaxCPUsPerNode enforcement when nodes are shared by
    multiple partitions.
 -- node_feature/knl_cray - Prevent slurmctld GRES errors for "hbm" references.
 -- Display thread name instead of thread id and remove process name in stderr
    logging for "thread_id" LogTimeFormat.
 -- Log IP address of bad incomming message to slurmctld.
 -- If a user requests tasks, nodes and ntasks-per-node and
    tasks-per-node/nodes != tasks print warning and ignore ntasks-per-node.
 -- Release CPU "owner" file locks.
 -- Fix for job step memory allocation: Reject invalid step at submit time
    rather than leaving it queued.
 -- Whenever possible, avoid allocating nodes that require a reboot.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.0rc1
 -- Remove the SchedulerParameters option of "assoc_limit_continue", making it
    the default value. Add option of "assoc_limit_stop". If "assoc_limit_stop"
    is set and a job cannot start due to association limits, then do not attempt
    to initiate any lower priority jobs in that partition. Setting this can
    decrease system throughput and utlization, but avoid potentially starving
    larger jobs by preventing them from launching indefinitely.
 -- Update a node's socket and cores per socket counts as needed after a node
    boot to reflect configuration changes which can occur on KNL processors.
    Note that the node's total core count must not change, only the distribution
    of cores across varying socket counts (KNL NUMA nodes treated as sockets by
 -- Rename partition configuration from "Shared" to "OverSubscribe". Rename
    salloc, sbatch, srun option from "--shared" to "--oversubscribe". The old
    options will continue to function. Output field names also changed in
    scontrol, sinfo, squeue and sview.
 -- Add SLURM_UMASK environment variable to user job.
 -- knl_conf: Added new configuration parameter of CapmcPollFreq.
 -- squeue: remove errant spaces in column formats for "squeue -o %all".
 -- Add ARRAY_TASKS mail option to send emails to each task in a job array.
 -- Change default compression library for sbcast to lz4.
 -- select/cray - Initiate step node health check at start of step termination
    rather than after application completely ends so that NHC can capture
    information about hung (non-killable) processes.
 -- Add --units=[KMGTP] option to sacct to display values in specific unit type.
 -- Modify sacct and sacctmgr to display TRES values in converted units.
 -- Modify sacctmgr to accept TRES values with [KMGTP] suffixes.
 -- Replace hash function with more modern SipHash functions.
 -- Add "--with-cray_dir" build/configure option.
 -- BB- Only send stage_out email when stage_out is set in script.
 -- Add r/w locking to file_bcast receive functions in slurmd.
 -- Add TopologyParam option of "TopoOptional" to optimize network topology
    only for jobs requesting it.
 -- Fix build on FreeBSD.
 -- Configuration parameter "CpuFreqDef" used to set default governor for job
    step not specifying --cpu-freq (previously the parameter was unused).
 -- Fix sshare -o<format> to correctly display new lengths.
 -- Update documentation to rename Shared option to OverSubscribe.
 -- Update documentation to rename partition Priority option to PriorityTier.
 -- Prevent changing of QOS on running jobs.
 -- Update accounting when changing QOS on pending jobs.
 -- Add support to ntasks_per_socket in task/affinity.
 -- Generate init.d and systemd service scripts in etc/ through Make rather
    than at configure time to ensure all variable substitutions happen.
 -- Use TaskPluginParam for default task binding if no user specified CPU
    binding. User --cpu_bind option takes precident over default. No longer
    any error if user --cpu_bind option does not match TaskPluginParam.
 -- Make sacct and sattach work with older slurmd versions.
 -- Fix protocol handling between 15.08 and 16.05 for 'scontrol show config'.
 -- Enable prefixes (e.g. info, debug, etc.) in slurmstepd debugging.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.0pre2
 -- Split partition's "Priority" field into "PriorityTier" (used to order
    partitions for scheduling and preemption) plus "PriorityJobFactor" (used by
    priority/multifactor plugin in calculating job priority, which is used to
    order jobs within a partition for scheduling).
 -- Revert call to getaddrinfo, restoring gethostbyaddr (introduced in Slurm
    16.05.0pre1) which was failing on some systems.
 -- knl_cray.conf - Added AllowMCDRAM, AllowNUMA and ALlowUserBoot
    configuration options.
 -- Add node_features_p_user_update() function to node_features plugin.
 -- Don't print Weight=1 lines in 'scontrol write config' (its the default).
 -- Remove PARAMS macro from slurm.h.
 -- Remove BEGIN_C_DECLS and END_C_DECLS macros.
 -- Check that PowerSave mode configured for node_features/knl_cray plugin.
    It is required to reconfigure and reboot nodes.
 -- Update documentation to reflect new cgroup default location change from
    /cgroup to /sys/fs/cgroup.
 -- If NodeHealthCheckProgram configured HealthCheckInterval is non-zero, then
    modify slurmd to run it before registering with slurmctld.
 -- Fix for tasks being packed onto cores when the requested --cpus-per-task is
    greater than the number of threads on a core and --ntasks-per-core is 1.
 -- Make it so jobs/steps track ':' named gres/tres, before hand gres/gpu:tesla
    would only track gres/gpu, now it will track both gres/gpu and
    gres/gpu:tesla as separate gres if configured like
 -- Added new job dependency type of "aftercorr" which will start a task of a
    job array after the corresponding task of another job array completes.
 -- Increase default MaxTasksPerNode configuration parameter from 128 to 512.
 -- Enable sbcast data compression logic (compress option previously ignored).
 -- Add --compress option to srun command for use with --bcast option.
 -- Add TCPTimeout option to slurm[dbd].conf. Decouples MessageTimeout from TCP
 -- Don't call primary controller for every RPC when backup is in control.
 -- Add --gres-flags=enforce-binding option to salloc, sbatch and srun commands.
    If set, the only CPUs available to the job will be those bound to the
    selected GRES (i.e. the CPUs identifed in the gres.conf file will be
    strictly enforced rather than advisory).
 -- Change how a node's allocated CPU count is calculated to avoid double
    counting CPUs allocated to multiple jobs at the same time.
 -- Added SchedulingParameters option of "bf_min_prio_reserve". Jobs below
    the specified threshold will not have resources reserved for them.
 -- Added "sacctmgr show lostjobs" to report any orphaned jobs in the database.
 -- When a stepd is about to shutdown and send it's response to srun
    make the wait to return data only hit after 500 nodes and configurable
    based on the TcpTimeout value.
 -- Add functionality to reset the lft and rgt values of the association table
    with the slurmdbd.
 -- Add SchedulerParameter no_env_cache, if set no env cache will be use when
    launching a job, instead the job will fail and drain the node if the env
    isn't loaded normally.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Plug small memory leak on DataWarp create_persistent
    buffer error.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Do not purge a job record if it's stage-out operation
    fails. The description of the failure will be in the job's "Reason" field.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Append information about errors to job's AdminComments
 -- DBD - When using LogTimeFormat=thread_id fill in the cluster name before
    printing anything for a connection.
 -- Have srun read in modern env var's instead of obsolete ones
 -- mpi/pmix: add the thresholds for the parameters of micro-benchmarks.

* Changes in Slurm 16.05.0pre1
 -- Add sbatch "--wait" option that waits for job completion before exiting.
    Exit code will match that of spawned job.
 -- Modify advanced reservation save/restore logic for core reservations to
    support configuration changes (changes in configured nodes or cores counts).
 -- Allow ControlMachine, BackupController, DbdHost and DbdBackupHost to be
    either short or long hostname.
 -- Job output and error files can now contain "%" character by specifying
    a file name with two consecutive "%" characters. For example,
    "sbatch -o "slurm.%%.%j" for job ID 123 will generate an output file named
 -- Pass user name in Prolog RPC from controller to slurmd when using
    PrologFlags=Alloc. Allows SLURM_JOB_USER env variable to be set when using
    Native Slurm on a Cray.
 -- Add "NumTasks" to job information visible to Slurm commands.
 -- Add mail wrapper script "smail" that will include job statistics in email
    notification messages.
 -- Remove vestigial "SICP" job option (inter-cluster job option). Completely
    different logic will be forthcoming.
 -- Fix case where the primary and backup dbds would both be performing rollup.
 -- Add an ack reply from slurmd to slurmstepd when job setup is done and the
    job is ready to be executed.
 -- Removed support for authd. authd has not been developed and supported since
    several years.
 -- Introduce a new parameter requeue_setup_env_fail in SchedulerParameters.
    A job that fails to setup the environment will be requeued and the node
 -- Add ValidateTimeout and OtherTimeout to "scontrol show burst" output.
 -- Increase default sbcast buffer size from 512KB to 8MB.
 -- Enable the hdf5 profiling of the batch step.
 -- Eliminate redundant environment and script files for job arrays.
 -- Stop searching sbatch scripts for #PBS directives after 100 lines of
    non-comments. Stop parsing #PBS or #SLURM directives after 1024 characters
    into a line. Required for decent perforamnce with huge scripts.
 -- Add debug flag for timing Cray portions of the code.
 -- Remove all *.la files from RPMs.
 -- Add Multi-Category Security (MCS) infrastructure to permit nodes to be bound
    to specific users or groups.
 -- Install the pmi2 unix sockets in slurmd spool directory instead of /tmp.
 -- Implement the getaddrinfo and getnameinfo instead of gethostbyaddr and
 -- Finished PMIx implementation.
 -- Implemented the --without=package option for configure.
 -- Fix sshare to show each individual cluster with -M,--clusters option.
 -- Added --deadline option to salloc, sbatch and srun. Jobs which can not be
    completed by the user specified deadline will be terminated with a state of
    "Deadline" or "DL".
 -- Implemented and documented PMIX protocol which is used to bootstrap an
    MPI job. PMIX is an alternative to PMI and PMI2.
 -- Change default CgroupMountpoint (in cgroup.conf) from "/cgroup" to
    "/sys/fs/cgroup" to match current standard.
 -- Add #BSUB options to sbatch to read in from the batch script.
 -- HDF: Change group name of node from nodename to nodeid.
 -- The partition-specific SelectTypeParameters parameter can now be used to
    change the memory allocation tracking specification in the global
    SelectTypeParameters configuration parameter. Supported partition-specific
    values are CR_Core, CR_Core_Memory, CR_Socket and CR_Socket_Memory. If the
    global SelectTypeParameters value includes memory allocation management and
    the partition-specific value does not, then memory allocation management for
    that partition will NOT be supported (i.e. memory can be over-allocated).
    Likewise the global SelectTypeParameters might not include memory management
    while the partition-specific value does.
 -- Burst buffer/cray - Add support for multiple buffer pools including support
    for different resource granularity by pool.
 -- Burst buffer advanced reservation units treated as bytes (per documentation)
    rather than GB.
 -- Add an "scontrol top <jobid>" command to re-order the priorities of a user's
    pending jobs. May be disabled with the "disable_user_top" option in the
    SchedulerParameters configuration parameter.
 -- Modify sview to display negative job nice values.
 -- Increase job's nice value field from 16 to 32 bits.
 -- Remove deprecated job_submit/cnode plugin.
 -- Enhance slurm.conf option EnforcePartLimit to include options like "ANY" and
    "ALL".  "Any" is equivalent to "Yes" and "All" will check all partitions
    a job is submitted to and if any partition limit is violated the job will
    be rejected even if it could possibly run on another partition.
 -- Add "features_act" field (currently active features) to the node
    information. Output of scontrol, sinfo, and sview changed accordingly.
    The field previously displayed as "Features" is now "AvailableFeatures"
    while the new field is displayed as "ActiveFeatures".
 -- Remove Sun Constellation, IBM Federation Switches (replaced by NRT switch
    plugin) and long-defunct Quadrics Elan support.
 -- Add -M<clusters> option to sreport.
 -- Rework group caching to work better in environments with
    enumeration disabled. Removed CacheGroups config directive, group
    membership lists are now always cached, controlled by
    GroupUpdateTime parameter. GroupUpdateForce parameter default
    value changed to 1.
 -- Add reservation flag of "purge_comp" which will purge an advanced
    reservation once it has no more active (pending, suspended or running) jobs.
 -- Add new configuration parameter "KNLPlugins" and plugin infrastructure.
 -- Add optional job "features" to node reboot RPC.
 -- Add slurmd "-b" option to report node rebooted at daemon start time. Used
    for testing purposes.
 -- contribs/cray: Add framework for powering nodes up and down.
 -- For job constraint, convert comma separator to "&".
 -- Add Max*PerAccount options for QOS.
 -- Protect slurm_mutex_* calls with abort() on failure.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.14
 -- For job resize, correct logic to build "resize" script with new values.
    Previously the scripts were based upon the original job size.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.13
 -- Fix issue where slurmd could core when running the ipmi energy plugin.
 -- Print correct return code on failure to update node features through sview.
 -- Documentation - cleanup typos.
 -- Add logic so that slurmstepd can be launched under valgrind.
 -- Increase buffer size to read /proc/*/stat files.
 -- MYSQL - Handle ER_HOST_IS_BLOCKED better by failing when it occurs instead
    of continuously printing the message over and over as the problem will
    most likely not resolve itself.
 -- Add --disable-bluegene to configure.  This will make it so Slurm
    can work on a BGAS node.
 -- Prevent job stuck in configuring state if slurmctld daemon restarted while
    PrologSlurmctld is running.
 -- Handle association correctly if using FAIR_TREE as well as shares=Parent
 -- Fix race condition when setting priority of a job and the association
    doesn't have a parent.
 -- MYSQL - Fix issue with adding a reservation if the name has single quotes in
 -- Correctly print ranges when using step values in job arrays.
 -- Fix for invalid array pointer when creating advanced reservation when job
    allocations span heterogeneous nodes (differing core or socket counts).
 -- Fix for sstat to print correct info when requesting jobid.batch as part of
    a comma-separated list.
 -- Cray - Fix issue restoring jobs when blade count increases due to hardware
 -- Ignore warnings about depricated functions. This is primarily there for
    new glibc 2.24+ that depricates readdir_r.
 -- Fix security issue caused by insecure file path handling triggered by the
    failure of a Prolog script. To exploit this a user needs to anticipate or
    cause the Prolog to fail for their job. CVE-2016-10030.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.12
 -- Do not attempt to power down a node which has never responded if the
    slurmctld daemon restarts without state.
 -- Fix for possible slurmstepd segfault on invalid user ID.
 -- MySQL - Fix for possible race condition when archiving multiple clusters
    at the same time.
 -- Fix compile for when you don't have hwloc.
 -- Fix issue where daemons would only listen on specific address given in
    slurm.conf instead of all.  If looking for specific addresses use
    TopologyParam options No*InAddrAny.
 -- Cray - Better robustness when dealing with the aeld interface.
 -- job_submit.lua - add array_inx value for job arrays.
 -- Perlapi - Remove unneeded/undefined mutex.
 -- Fix issue when TopologyParam=NoInAddrAny is set the responses wouldn't
    make it to the slurmctld when using message aggregation.
 -- MySQL - Fix potential memory leak when rolling up data.
 -- Fix issue with clustername file when running on NFS with root_squash.
 -- Fix race condition with respects to cleaning up the profiling threads
    when in use.
 -- Fix issues when building on NetBSD.
 -- Fix jobcomp/elasticsearch build when libcurl is installed in a
    non-standard location.
 -- Fix MemSpecLimit to explicitly require TaskPlugin=task/cgroup and
    ConstrainRAMSpace set in cgroup.conf.
 -- MYSQL - Fix order of operations issue where if the database is locked up
    and the slurmctld doesn't wait long enough for the response it would give
    up leaving the connection open and create a situation where the next message
    sent could receive the response of the first one.
 -- Fix CFULL_BLOCK distribution type.
 -- Prevent sbatch from trying to enable debug messages when using job arrays.
 -- Prevent sbcast from enabling "--preserve" when specifying a jobid.
 -- Prevent wrong error message from spank plugin stack on GLOB_NOSPACE error.
 -- Fix proctrack/lua plugin to prevent possible deadlock.
 -- Prevent infinite loop in slurmstepd if execve fails.
 -- Prevent multiple responses to REQUEST_UPDATE_JOB_STEP message.
 -- Prevent possible deadlock in acct_gather_filesystem/lustre on error.
 -- Make it so --mail-type=NONE didn't throw an invalid error.
 -- If no default account is given for a user when creating (only a list of
    accounts) no default account is printed, previously NULL was printed.
 -- Fix for tracking a node's allocated CPUs with gang scheduling.
 -- Fix Hidden error during _rpc_forward_data call.
 -- Fix bug resulting from wrong order-of-operations in _connect_srun_cr(),
    and two others that cause incorrect debug messages.
 -- Fix backwards compatibility with sreport going to <= 14.11 coming from
    >= 15.08 for some reports.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.11
 -- Fix for job "--contiguous" option that could cause job allocation/launch
    failure or slurmctld crash.
 -- Fix to setup logs for single-character program names correctly.
 -- Backfill scheduling performance enhancement with large number of running
 -- Reset job's prolog_running counter on slurmctld restart or reconfigure.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Update job's prolog_running counter if pre_run fails.
 -- MYSQL - Make the error message more specific when removing a reservation
    and it doesn't meet basic requirements.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Fix for script creating or deleting persistent buffer
    would fail "paths" operation and hold the job.
 -- power/cray - Prevent possible divide by zero.
 -- power/cray - Fix bug introduced in 15.08.10 preventin operation in many
 -- Prevent deadlock for flow of data to the slurmdbd when sending reservation
    that wasn't set up correctly.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Don't call Datawarp "paths" function if script includes
    only create or destroy of persistent burst buffer. Some versions of Datawarp
    software return an error for such scripts, causing the job to be held.
 -- Fix potential issue when adding and removing TRES which could result
    in the slurmdbd segfaulting.
 -- Add cast to memory limit calculation to prevent integer overflow for
    very large memory values.
 -- Bluegene - Fix issue with reservations resizing under the covers on a
    restart of the slurmctld.
 -- Avoid error message of "Requested cpu_bind option requires entire node to
    be allocated; disabling affinity" being generated in some cases where
    task/affinity and task/cgroup plugins used together.
 -- Fix version issue when packing GRES information between 2 different versions
    of Slurm.
 -- Fix for srun hanging with OpenMPI and PMIx
 -- Better initialization of node_ptr when dealing with protocol_version.
 -- Fix incorrect type when initializing header of a message.
 -- MYSQL - Fix incorrect usage of limit and union.
 -- MYSQL - Remove 'ignore' from alter ignore when updating a table.
 -- Documentation - update prolog_epilog page to reflect current behavior
    if the Prolog fails.
 -- Documentation - clarify behavior of 'srun --export=NONE' in man page.
 -- Fix potential gres underflow on restart of slurmctld.
 -- Fix sacctmgr to remove a user who has no associations.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.10
 -- Fix issue where if a slurmdbd rollup lasted longer than 1 hour the
    rollup would effectively never run again.
 -- Make error message in the pmi2 code to debug as the issue can be expected
    and retries are done making the error message a little misleading.
 -- Power/cray: Don't specify NID list to Cray APIs. If any of those nodes are
    not in a ready state, the API returned an error for ALL nodes rather than
    valid data for nodes in ready state.
 -- Fix potential divide by zero when tree_width=1.
 -- checkpoint/blcr plugin: Fix memory leak.
 -- If using PrologFlags=contain: Don't launch the extern step if a job is
    cancelled while launching.
 -- Remove duplicates from AccountingStorageTRES
 -- Fix backfill scheduler race condition that could cause invalid pointer in
    select/cons_res plugin. Bug introduced in 15.08.9.
 -- Avoid double calculation on partition QOS if the job is using the same QOS.
 -- Do not change a job's time limit when updating unrelated field in a job.
 -- Fix situation on a heterogeneous memory cluster where the order of
    constraints mattered in a job.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.9
 -- BurstBuffer/cray - Defer job cancellation or time limit while "pre-run"
    operation in progress to avoid inconsistent state due to multiple calls
    to job termination functions.
 -- Fix issue with resizing jobs and limits not be kept track of correctly.
 -- BGQ - Remove redeclaration of job_read_lock.
 -- BGQ - Tighter locks around structures when nodes/cables change state.
 -- Make it possible to change CPUsPerTask with scontrol.
 -- Make it so scontrol update part qos= will take away a partition QOS from
    a partition.
 -- Fix issue where SocketsPerBoard didn't translate to Sockets when CPUS=
    was also given.
 -- Add note to slurm.conf man page about setting "--cpu_bind=no" as part
    of SallocDefaultCommand if a TaskPlugin is in use.
 -- Set correct reason when a QOS' MaxTresMins is violated.
 -- Insure that a job is completely launched before trying to suspend it.
 -- Remove historical presentations and design notes. Only distribute
    maintained doc/html and doc/man directories.
 -- Remove duplicate xmalloc() in task/cgroup plugin.
 -- Backfill scheduler to validate correct job partition for job submitted to
    multiple partitions.
 -- Force close on exec on first 256 file descriptors when launching a
    slurmstepd to close potential open ones.
 -- Step GRES value changed from type "int" to "int64_t" to support larger
 -- Fix getting reservations to database when database is down.
 -- Fix issue with sbcast not doing a correct fanout.
 -- Fix issue where steps weren't always getting the gres/tres involved.
 -- Fixed double read lock on getting job's gres/tres.
 -- Fix display for RoutePlugin parameter to display the correct value.
 -- Fix route/topology plugin to prevent segfault in sbcast when in use.
 -- Fix Cray script to use nid as nid, not nic.
 -- Fix Cray NHC spawning on job requeue. Previous logic would leave nodes
    allocated to a requeued job as non-usable on job termination.
 -- burst_buffer/cray plugin: Prevent a requeued job from being restarted while
    file stage-out is still in progress. Previous logic could restart the job
    and not perform a new stage-in.
 -- Fix job array formatting to allow return [0-100:2] display for arrays with
    step functions rather than [0,2,4,6,8,...] .
 -- FreeBSD - replace Linux-specific set_oom_adj to avoid errors in slurmd log.
 -- Add option for TopologyParam=NoInAddrAnyCtld to make the slurmctld listen
    on only one port like TopologyParam=NoInAddrAny does for everything else.
 -- Fix burst buffer plugin to prevent corruption of the CPU TRES data when bb
    is not set as an AccountingStorageTRES type.
 -- Surpress error messages in acct_gather_energy/ipmi plugin after repeated
 -- Change burst buffer use completion email message from
    "SLURM Job_id=1360353 Name=tmp Staged Out, StageOut time 00:01:47" to
    "SLURM Job_id=1360353 Name=tmp StageOut/Teardown time 00:01:47"
 -- Generate burst buffer use completion email immediately afer teardown
    completes rather than at job purge time (likely minutes later).
 -- Fix issue when adding a new TRES to AccountingStorageTRES for the first
 -- Update gang scheduling tables when job manually suspended or resumed. Prior
    logic could mess up job suspend/resume sequencing.
 -- Update gang scheduling data structures when job changes in size.
 -- Associations - prevent hash table corruption if uid initially unset for
    a user, which can cause slurmctld to crash if that user is deleted.
 -- Avoid possibly aborting srun on SIGSTOP while creating the job step due to
    threading bug.
 -- Fix deadlock issue with burst_buffer/cray when a newly created burst
    buffer is found.
 -- burst_buffer/cray: Set environment variables just before starting job rather
    than at job submission time to reflect persistent buffers created or
    modified while the job is pending.
 -- Fix check of per-user qos limits on the initial run by a user.
 -- Fix gang scheduling resource selection bug which could prevent multiple jobs
    from being allocated the same resources. Bug was introduced in 15.08.6.
 -- Don't print the Rgt value of an association from the cache as it isn't
    kept up to date.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - If the pre-run operation fails then don't issue
    duplicate job cancel/requeue unless the job is still in run state. Prevents
    jobs hung in COMPLETING state.
 -- task/cgroup - Fix bug in task binding to CPUs.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.8
 -- Backfill scheduling properly synchronized with Cray Node Health Check.
    Prior logic could result in highest priority job getting improperly
 -- Make it so daemons also support TopologyParam=NoInAddrAny.
 -- If scancel is operating on large number of jobs and RPC responses from
    slurmctld daemon are slow then introduce a delay in sending the cancel job
    requests from scancel in order to reduce load on slurmctld.
 -- Remove redundant logic when updating a job's task count.
 -- MySQL - Fix querying jobs with reservations when the id's have rolled.
 -- Perl - Fix use of uninitialized variable in slurm_job_step_get_pids.
 -- Launch batch job requsting --reboot after the boot completes.
 -- Move debug messages like "not the right user" from association manager
    to debug3 when trying to find the correct association.
 -- Fix incorrect logic when querying assoc_mgr information.
 -- Move debug messages to debug3 notifying a gres_bit_alloc was NULL for
    gres types without a file.
 -- Sanity Check Patch to setup variables for RAPL if in a race for it.
 -- GRES - Fix minor typecast issues.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Increase size of intermediate variable used to store
    buffer byte size read from DW instance from 32 to 64-bits to avoid overflow
    and reporting invalid buffer sizes.
 -- Allow an existing reservation with running jobs to be modified without
 -- srun - don't attempt to execve() a directory with a name matching the
    requested command
 -- Do not automatically relocate an advanced reservation for individual cores
    that spans multiple nodes when nodes in that reservation go down (e.g.
    a 1 core reservation on node "tux1" will be moved if node "tux1" goes
    down, but a reservation containing 2 cores on node "tux1" and 3 cores on
    "tux2" will not be moved node "tux1" goes down). Advanced reservations for
    whole nodes will be moved by default for down nodes.
 -- Avoid possible double free of memory (and likely abort) for slurmctld in
    background mode.
 -- contribs/cray/csm/ - avoid including repurposed compute
    nodes in configs.
 -- Support AuthInfo in slurmdbd.conf that is different from the value in
 -- Fix build on FreeBSD 10.
 -- Fix hdf5 build on ppc64 by using correct fprintf formatting for types.
 -- Fix cosmetic printing of NO_VALs in scontrol show assoc_mgr.
 -- Fix perl api for newer perl versions.
 -- Fix for jobs requesting cpus-per-task (eg. -c3) that exceed the number of
    cpus on a core.
 -- Remove unneeded perl files from the .spec file.
 -- Flesh out filters for scontrol show assoc_mgr.
 -- Add function to remove assoc_mgr_info_request_t members without freeing
 -- Fix build on some non-glibc systems by updating includes.
 -- Add new PowerParameters options of get_timeout and set_timeout. The default
    set_timeout was increased from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Also re-read current
    power caps periodically or after any failed "set" operation.
 -- Fix slurmdbd segfault when listing users with blank user condition.
 -- Save the ClusterName to a file in SaveStateLocation, and use that to
    verify the state directory belongs to the given cluster at startup to avoid
    corruption from multiple clusters attempting to share a state directory.
 -- MYSQL - Fix issue when rerolling monthly data to work off correct time
    period.  This would only hit you if you rerolled a 15.08 prior to this
 -- If FastSchedule=0 is used make sure TRES are set up correctly in accounting.
 -- Fix sreport's truncation of columns with large TRES and not using
    a parsing option.
 -- Make sure count of boards are restored when slurmctld has option -R.
 -- When determine if a job can fit into a TRES time limit after resources
    have been selected set the time limit appropriately if the job didn't
    request one.
 -- Fix inadequate locks when updating a partition's TRES.
 -- Add new assoc_limit_continue flag to SchedulerParameters.
 -- Avoid race in acct_gather_energy_cray if energy requested before available.
 -- MYSQL - Avoid having multiple default accounts when a user is added to
    a new account and making it a default all at once.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.7
 -- sched/backfill: If a job can not be started within the configured
    backfill_window, set it's start time to 0 (unknown) rather than the end
    of the backfill_window.
 -- Remove the 1024-character limit on lines in batch scripts.
 -- burst_buffer/cray: Round up swap size by configured granularity.
 -- select/cray: Log repeated aeld reconnects.
 -- task/affinity: Disable core-level task binding if more CPUs required than
    available cores.
 -- Preemption/gang scheduling: If a job is suspended at slurmctld restart or
    reconfiguration time, then leave it suspended rather than resume+suspend.
 -- Don't use lower weight nodes for job allocation when topology/tree used.
 -- BGQ - If a cable goes into error state remove the under lying block on
    a dynamic system and mark the block in error on a static/overlap system.
 -- BGQ - Fix regression in 9cc4ae8add7f where blocks would be deleted on
    static/overlap systems when some hardware issue happens when restarting
    the slurmctld.
 -- Log if CLOUD node configured without a resume/suspend program or suspend
 -- MYSQL - Better locking around g_qos_count which was previously unprotected.
 -- Correct size of buffer used for jobid2str to avoid truncation.
 -- Fix allocation/distribution of tasks across multiple nodes when
    --hint=nomultithread is requested.
 -- If a reservation's nodes value is "all" then track the current nodes in the
    system, even if those nodes change.
 -- Fix formatting if using "tree" option with sreport.
 -- Make it so sreport prints out a line for non-existent TRES instead of
    error message.
 -- Set job's reason to "Priority" when higher priority job in that partition
    (or reservation) can not start rather than leaving the reason set to
 -- Fix memory corruption when a new non-generic TRES is added to the
    DBD for the first time.  The corruption is only noticed at shutdown.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Improve tracking of allocated resources to handle race
    condition when reading state while buffer allocation is in progress.
 -- If a job is submitted only with -c option and numcpus is updated before
    the job starts update the cpus_per_task appropriately.
 -- Update salloc/sbatch/srun documentation to mention time granularity.
 -- Fixed memory leak when freeing assoc_mgr_info_msg_t.
 -- Prevent possible use of empty reservation core bitmap, causing abort.
 -- Remove unneeded pack32's from qos_rec when qos_rec is NULL.
 -- Make sacctmgr print MaxJobsPerUser when adding/altering a QOS.
 -- Correct dependency formatting to print array task ids if set.
 -- Update sacctmgr help with current QOS options.
 -- Update slurmstepd to initialize authentication before task launch.
 -- burst_cray/cray: Eliminate need for dedicated nodes.
 -- If no MsgAggregationParams is set don't set the internal string to
    anything.  The slurmd will process things correctly after the fact.
 -- Fix output from api when printing job step not found.
 -- Don't allow user specified reservation names to disrupt the normal
    reservation sequeuece numbering scheme.
 -- Fix scontrol to be able to accept TRES as an option when creating
    a reservation.
 -- contrib/torque/ - return exit code of zero even with no records
    printed for 'qstat -u'.
 -- When a reservation is created or updated, compress user provided node names
    using hostlist functions (e.g. translate user input of "Nodes=tux1,tux2"
    into "Nodes=tux[1-2]").
 -- Change output routines for scontrol show partition/reservation to handle
    unexpectedly large strings.
 -- Add more partition fields to "scontrol write config" output file.
 -- Backfill scheduling fix: If a job can't be started due to a "group" resource
    limit, rather than reserve resources for it when the next job ends, don't
    reserve any resources for it.
 -- Avoid slurmstepd abort if malloc fails during accounting gather operation.
 -- Fix nodes from being overallocated when allocation straddles multiple nodes.
 -- Fix memory leak in slurmctld job array logic.
 -- Prevent decrementing of TRESRunMins when AccountingStorageEnforce=limits is
    not set.
 -- Fix backfill scheduling bug which could postpone the scheduling of jobs due
    to avoidance of nodes in COMPLETING state.
 -- Properly account for memory, CPUs and GRES when slurmctld is reconfigured
    while there is a suspended job. Previous logic would add the CPUs, but not
    memory or GPUs. This would result in underflow/overflow errors in select
    cons_res plugin.
 -- Strip flags from a job state in qstat wrapper before evaluating.
 -- Add missing job states from the qstat wrapper.
 -- Cleanup output routines to reduce number of fixed-sized buffer function
    calls and allow for unexpectedly large strings.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.6
 -- In slurmctld log file, log duplicate job ID found by slurmd. Previously was
    being logged as prolog/epilog failure.
 -- If a job is requeued while in the process of being launch, remove it's
    job ID from slurmd's record of active jobs in order to avoid generating a
    duplicate job ID error when launched for the second time (which would
    drain the node).
 -- Cleanup messages when handling job script and environment variables in
    older directory structure formats.
 -- Prevent triggering gang scheduling within a partition if configured with
    PreemptType=partition_prio and PreemptMode=suspend,gang.
 -- Decrease parallelism in job cancel request to prevent denial of service
    when cancelling huge numbers of jobs.
 -- If all ephemeral ports are in use, try using other port numbers.
 -- Revert way lib lua is handled when doing a dlopen, fixing a regression in
 -- Set the debug level of the rmdir message in xcgroup_delete() to debug2.
 -- Fix the qstat wrapper when user is removed from the system but still
    has running jobs.
 -- Log the request to terminate a job at info level if DebugFlags includes
    the Steps keyword.
 -- Fix potential memory corruption in _slurm_rpc_epilog_complete as well as
 -- Fix cosmetic display of AccountingStorageEnforce option "nosteps" when
    in use.
 -- If a job can never be started due to unsatisfied job dependencies, report
    the full original job dependency specification rather than the dependencies
    remaining to be satisfied (typically NULL).
 -- Refactor logic to synchronize active batch jobs and their script/environment
    files, reducing overhead dramatically for large numbers of active jobs.
 -- Avoid hard-link/copy of script/environment files for job arrays. Use the
    master job record file for all tasks of the job array.
    NOTE: Job arrays submitted to Slurm version 15.08.6 or later will fail if
    the slurmctld daemon is downgraded to an earlier version of Slurm.
 -- Move slurmctld mail handler to separate thread for improved performance.
 -- Fix containment of adopted processes from pam_slurm_adopt.
 -- If a pending job array has multiple reasons for being in a pending state,
    then print all reasons in a comma separated list.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.5
 -- Prevent "scontrol update job" from updating jobs that have already finished.
 -- Show requested TRES in "squeue -O tres" when job is pending.
 -- Backfill scheduler: Test association and QOS node limits before reserving
    resources for pending job.
 -- burst_buffer/cray: If teardown operations fails, sleep and retry.
 -- Clean up the external pids when using the PrologFlags=Contain feature
    and the job finishes.
 -- burst_buffer/cray: Support file staging when job lacks job-specific buffer
    (i.e. only persistent burst buffers).
 -- Added srun option of --bcast to copy executable file to compute nodes.
 -- Fix for advanced reservation of burst buffer space.
 -- BurstBuffer/cray: Add logic to terminate dw_wlm_cli child processes at
 -- If job can't be launch or requeued, then terminate it.
 -- BurstBuffer/cray: Enable clearing of burst buffer string on completed job
    as a means of recovering from a failure mode.
 -- Fix wrong memory free when parsing SrunPortRange=0-0 configuration.
 -- BurstBuffer/cray: Fix job record purging if cancelled from pending state.
 -- BGQ - Handle database throw correctly when syncing users on blocks.
 -- MySQL - Make sure we don't have a NULL string returned when not
    requesting any specific association.
 -- sched/backfill: If max_rpc_cnt is configured and the backlog of RPCs has
    not cleared after yielding locks, then continue to sleep.
 -- Preserve the job dependency description displayed in 'scontrol show job'
    even if the dependee jobs was terminated and cleaned causing the
    dependent to never run because of DependencyNeverSatisfied.
 -- Correct job task count calculation if only node count and ntasks-per-node
    options supplied.
 -- Make sure the association manager converts any string to be lower case
    as all the associations from the database will be lower case.
 -- Sanity check for xcgroup_delete() to verify incoming parameter is valid.
 -- Fix formatting for sacct with variables that switched from uint32_t to
 -- Fix a typo in sacct man page.
 -- Set up extern step to track any children of an ssh if it leaves anything
    else behind.
 -- Prevent slurmdbd divide by zero if no associations defined at rollup time.
 -- Multifactor - Add sanity check to make sure pending jobs are handled
    correctly when PriorityFlags=CALCULATE_RUNNING is set.
 -- Add slurmdb_find_tres_count_in_string() to slurm db perl api.
 -- Make lua dlopen() conditional on version found at build.
 -- sched/backfill - Delay backfill scheduler for completing jobs only if
    CompleteWait configuration parameter is set (make code match documentation).
 -- Release a job's allocated licenses only after epilog runs on all nodes
    rather than at start of termination process.
 -- Cray job NHC delayed until after burst buffer released and epilog completes
    on all allocated nodes.
 -- Fix abort of srun if using PrologFlags=NoHold
 -- Let devices step_extern cgroup inherit attributes of job cgroup.
 -- Add new hook to Task plugin to be able to put adopted processes in the
    step_extern cgroups.
 -- Fix AllowUsers documentation in burst_buffer.conf man page. Usernames are
    comma separated, not colon delimited.
 -- Fix issue with time limit not being set correctly from a QOS when a job
    requests no time limit.
 -- Various CLANG fixes.
 -- In both sched/basic and backfill: If a job can not be started due to some
    account/qos limit, then don't start other jobs which could delay jobs. The
    old logic would skip the job and start other jobs, which could delay the
    higher priority job.
 -- select/cray: Prevent NHC from running more than once per job or step.
 -- Fix fields not properly printed when adding an account through sacctmgr.
 -- Update LBNL Node Health Check (NHC) link on FAQ.
 -- Fix multifactor plugin to prevent slurmctld from getting segmentation fault
    should the tres_alloc_cnt be NULL.
 -- sbatch/salloc - Move nodelist logic before the time min_nodes is used
    so we can set it correctly before tasks are set.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.4
 -- Fix typo for the "devices" cgroup subsystem in pam_slurm_adopt.c
 -- Fix TRES_MAX flag to work correctly.
 -- Improve the systemd startup files.
 -- Added burst_buffer.conf flag parameter of "TeardownFailure" which will
    teardown and remove a burst buffer after failed stage-in or stage-out.
    By default, the buffer will be preserved for analysis and manual teardown.
 -- Prevent a core dump in srun if the signal handler runs during the job
    allocation causing the step context to be NULL.
 -- Don't fail job if multiple prolog operations in progress at slurmctld
    restart time.
 -- Burst_buffer/cray: Fix to purge terminated jobs with burst buffer errors.
 -- Burst_buffer/cray: Don't stall scheduling of other jobs while a stage-in
    is in progress.
 -- Make it possible to query 'extern' step with sstat.
 -- Make 'extern' step show up in the database.
 -- MYSQL - Quote assoc table name in mysql query.
    environment variables available to PrologSlurmctld and EpilogSlurmctld.
 -- Fix slurmctld bug in which a pending job array could be canceled
    by a user different from the owner or the administrator.
 -- Support taking node out of FUTURE state with "scontrol reconfig" command.
 -- Sched/backfill: Fix to properly enforce SchedulerParameters of
 -- Enable operator to reset sdiag data.
 -- jobcomp/elasticsearch plugin: Add array_job_id and array_task_id fields.
 -- Remove duplicate #define IS_NODE_POWER_UP.
 -- Added SchedulerParameters option of max_script_size.
 -- Add REQUEST_ADD_EXTERN_PID option to add pid to the slurmstepd's extern
 -- Add unique identifiers to anchor tags in HTML generated from the man pages.
 -- Add with_freeipmi option to spec file.
 -- Minor elasticsearch code improvements

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.3
 -- Correct Slurm's RPM build if Munge is not installed.
 -- Job array termination status email ExitCode based upon highest exit code
    from any task in the job array rather than the last task. Also change the
    state from "Ended" or "Failed" to "Mixed" where appropriate.
 -- Squeue recombines pending job array records only if their name and partition
    are identical.
 -- Fix some minor leaks in the job info and step info API.
 -- Export missing QOS id when filling in association with the association
 -- Fix invalid reference if a lua job_submit plugin references a default qos
    when a user doesn't exist in the database.
 -- Use association enforcement in the lua plugin.
 -- Fix a few spots missing defines of accounting_enforce or acct_db_conn
    in the plugins.
 -- Show requested TRES in scontrol show jobs when job is pending.
 -- Improve sched/backfill support for job features, especially XOR construct.
 -- Correct scheduling logic for job features option with XOR construct that
    could delay a job's initiation.
 -- Remove unneeded frees when creating a tres string.
 -- Send a tres_alloc_str for the batch step
 -- Fix incorrect check for slurmdb_find_tres_count_in_string in various places,
    it needed to check for INFINITE64 instead of zero.
 -- Don't allow scontrol to create partitions with the name "DEFAULT".
 -- burst_buffer/cray: Change error from "invalid request" to "permssion denied"
    if a non-authorized user tries to create/destroy a persistent buffer.
 -- PrologFlags work: Setting a flag of "Contain" implicitly sets the "Alloc"
    flag. Fix code path which could prevent execution of the Prolog when the
    "Alloc" or "Contain" flag were set.
 -- Fix for acct_gather_energy/cray|ibmaem to work with missed enum.
 -- MYSQL - When inserting a job and begin_time is 0 do not set it to
    submit_time.  0 means the job isn't eligible yet so we need to treat it so.
 -- MYSQL - Don't display ineligible jobs when querying for a window of time.
 -- Fix creation of advanced reservation of cores on nodes which are DOWN.
 -- Return permission denied if regular user tries to release job held by an
 -- MYSQL - Fix rollups for multiple jobs running by the same association
    in an hour counting multiple times.
 -- Burstbuffer/Cray plugin - Fix for persistent burst buffer use.
    Don't call paths if no #DW options.
 -- Modifications to pam_slurm_adopt to work correctly for the "extern" step.
 -- Alphabetize debugflags when printing them out.
 -- Fix systemd's slurmd service from killing slurmstepds on shutdown.
 -- Fixed counter of not indexed jobs, error_cnt post-increment changed to

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.2
 -- Fix for tracking node state when jobs that have been allocated exclusive
    access to nodes (i.e. entire nodes) and later relinquish some nodes. Nodes
    would previously appear partly allocated and prevent use by other jobs.
 -- Correct some cgroup paths ("step_batch" vs. "step_4294967294", "step_exter"
    vs. "step_extern", and "step_extern" vs. "step_4294967295").
 -- Fix advanced reservation core selection logic with network topology.
 -- MYSQL - Remove restriction to have to be at least an operator to query TRES
 -- For pending jobs have sacct print 0 for nnodes instead of the bogus 2.
 -- Fix for tracking node state when jobs that have been allocated exclusive
    access to nodes (i.e. entire nodes) and later relinquish some nodes. Nodes
    would previously appear partly allocated and prevent use by other jobs.
 -- Fix updating job in db after extending job's timelimit past partition's
 -- Fix srun -I<timeout> from flooding the controller with step create requests.
 -- Requeue/hold batch job launch request if job already running (possible if
    node went to DOWN state, but jobs remained active).
 -- If a job's CPUs/task ratio is increased due to configured MaxMemPerCPU,
    then increase it's allocated CPU count in order to enforce CPU limits.
 -- Don't mark powered down node as not responding. This could be triggered by
    race condition of the node suspend and ping logic, preventing use of the
 -- Don't requeue RPC going out from slurmctld to DOWN nodes (can generate
    repeating communication errors).
 -- Propagate sbatch "--dist=plane=#" option to srun.
 -- Add acct_gather_energy/ibmaem plugin for systems with IBM Systems Director
    Active Energy Manager.
 -- Fix spec file to look for mariadb or mysql devel packages for build
 -- MySQL - Improve the code with asking for jobs in a suspended state.
 -- Fix slurcmtld allowing root to see job steps using squeues -s.
 -- Do not send burst buffer stage out email unless the job uses burst buffers.
 -- Fix sacct to not return all jobs if the -j option is given with a trailing
 -- Permit job_submit plugin to set a job's priority.
 -- Fix occasional srun segfault.
 -- Fix issue with sacct, printing 0_0 for array's that had finished in the
    database but the start record hadn't made it yet.
 -- sacctmgr - Don't allow default account associations to be removed
    from a user.
 -- Fix sacct -j, (nothing but a comma) to not return all jobs.
 -- Fixed slurmctld not sending cold-start messages correctly to the database
    when a cold-start (-c) happens to the slurmctld.
 -- Fix case where if the backup slurmdbd has existing connections when it gives
    up control that the it would be killed.
 -- Fix task/cgroup affinity to work correctly with multi-socket
    single-threaded cores.  A regression caused only 1 socket to be used on
    this kind of node instead of all that were available.
 -- MYSQL - Fix minor issue after an index was added to the database it would
    previously take 2 restarts of the slurmdbd to make it stick correctly.
 -- Add hv_to_qos_cond() and qos_rec_to_hv() functions to the Perl interface.
 -- Add new burst_buffer.conf parameters: ValidateTimeout and OtherTimeout.
    See man page for details.
 -- Fix burst_buffer/cray support for interactive allocations >4GB.
 -- Correct backfill scheduling logic for job with INFINITE time limit.
 -- Fix issue on a scontrol reconfig all available GRES/TRES would be zeroed
 -- Set SLURM_HINT environment variable when --hint is used with sbatch or
 -- Add scancel -f/--full option to signal all steps including batch script and
    all of its child processes.
 -- Fix salloc -I to accept an argument.
 -- Avoid reporting more allocated CPUs than exist on a node. This can be
    triggered by resuming a previosly suspended job, resulting in
    oversubscription of CPUs.
 -- Fix the pty window manager in slurmstepd not to retry IO operation with
    srun if it read EOF from the connection with it.
 -- sbatch --ntasks option to take precedence over --ntasks-per-node plus node
    count, as documented. Set SLURM_NTASKS/SLURM_NPROCS environment variables
 -- MYSQL - Make sure suspended time is only subtracted from the CPU TRES
    as it is the only TRES that can be given to another job while suspended.
 -- Clarify how TRESBillingWeights operates on memory and burst buffers.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.1
 -- Fix test21.30 and 21.34 to check grpwall better.
 -- Add time to the partition QOS the job is running on instead of just the
    job QOS.
 -- Print usage for GrpJobs, GrpSubmitJobs and GrpWall even if there is no
 -- If AccountingEnforce=safe is set make sure a job can finish before going
    over the limit with grpwall on a QOS or association.
 -- burst_buffer/cray - Major updates based upon recent Cray changes.
 -- Improve clean up logic of pmi2 plugin.
 -- Improve job state reason string when required nodes not available.
 -- Fix missing else when packing an update partition message
 -- Fix srun from inheriting the SLURM_CPU_BIND and SLURM_MEM_BIND environment
    variables when running in an existing srun (e.g. an srun within an salloc).
 -- Fix missing else when packing an update partition message.
 -- Use more flexible mechnanism to find json installation.
 -- Make sure safe_limits was initialized before processing limits in the
 -- Fix for burst_buffer/cray to parse type option correctly.
 -- Fix memory error and version number in the nonstop plugin and reservation
 -- When requesting GRES in a step check for correct variable for the count.
 -- Fix issue with GRES in steps so that if you have multiple exclusive steps
    and you use all the GRES up instead of reporting the configuration isn't
    available you hold the requesting step until the GRES is available.
 -- MYSQL - Change debug to print out with DebugFlags=DB_Step instead of debug4
 -- Simplify code when user is selecting a job/step/array id and removed
    anomaly when only asking for 1 (task_id was never set to INFINITE).
 -- MYSQL - If user is requesting various task_ids only return requested steps.
 -- Fix issue when tres cnt for energy is 0 for total reported.
 -- Resolved scalability issues of power adaptive scheduling with layouts.
 -- Burst_buffer/cray bug - Fix teardown race condition that can result in
    infinite loop.
 -- Add support for --mail-type=NONE option.
 -- Job "--reboot" option automatically, set's exclusive node mode.
 -- Fix memory leak when using PrologFlags=Alloc.
 -- Fix truncation of job reason in squeue.
 -- If a node is in DOWN or DRAIN state, leave it unavailable for allocation
    when powered down.
 -- Update the slurm.conf man page documenting better nohold_on_prolog_fail
 -- Don't trucate task ID information in "squeue --array/-r" or "sview".
 -- Fix a bug which caused scontrol to core dump when releasing or
    holding a job by name.
 -- Fix unit conversion bug in slurmd which caused wrong memory calculation
    for cgroups.
 -- Fix issue with GRES in steps so that if you have multiple exclusive steps
    and you use all the GRES up instead of reporting the configuration isn't
    available you hold the requesting step until the GRES is available.
 -- Fix slurmdbd backup to use DbdAddr when contacting the primary.
 -- Fix error in MPI documentation.
 -- Fix to handle arrays with respect to number of jobs submitted.  Previously
    only 1 job was accounted (against MaxSubmitJob) for when an array was
 -- Correct counting for job array limits, job count limit underflow possible
    when master cancellation of master job record.
 -- Combine 2 _valid_uid_gid functions into a single function to avoid
 -- Pending job array records will be combined into single line by default,
    even if started and requeued or modified.
 -- Fix sacct --format=nnodes to print out correct information for pending
 -- Make is so 'scontrol update job 1234 qos='' will set the qos back to
    the default qos for the association.
 -- Add [Alloc|Req]Nodes to sacct to be more like cpus.
 -- Fix sacct documentation about [Alloc|Req]TRES
 -- Put node count in TRES string for steps.
 -- Fix issue with wrong protocol version when using the srun --no-allocate
 -- Fix TRES counts on GRES on a clean start of the slurmctld.
 -- Add ability to change a job array's maximum running task count:
    "scontrol update jobid=# arraytaskthrottle=#"

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.0
 -- Fix issue with frontend systems (outside ALPs or BlueGene) where srun
    wouldn't get the correct protocol version to launch a step.
 -- Fix for message aggregation return rpcs where none of the messages are
    intended for the head of the tree.
 -- Fix segfault in sreport when there was no response from the dbd.
 -- ALPS - Fix compile to not link against -ljob and -lexpat with every lib
    or binary.
 -- Fix testing for CR_Memory when CR_Memory and CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE are used
    with select/linear.
 -- When restarting or reconfiging the slurmctld, if job is completing handle
    accounting correctly to avoid meaningless errors about overflow.
 -- Add AccountingStorageTRES to scontrol show config
 -- MySQL - Fix minor memory leak if a connection ever goes away whist using it.
 -- ALPS - Make it so srun --hint=nomultithread works correctly.
 -- Make MaxTRESPerUser work in sacctmgr.
 -- Fix handling of requeued jobs with steps that are still finishing.
 -- Cleaner copy for PriorityWeightTRES, it also fixes a core dump when trying
    to free it otherwise.
 -- Add environment variables SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_MAX, SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_MIN,
    SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_STEP for job arrays.
 -- Fix srun to use the NoInAddrAny TopologyParam option.
 -- Change QOS flag name from PartitionQOS to OverPartQOS to be a better
 -- Fix rpmbuild issue on Centos7.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.0rc1
 -- Added power_cpufreq layout.
 -- Make complete_batch_script RPC work with message aggregation.
 -- Do not count slurmctld threads waiting in a "throttle" lock against the
    daemon's thread limit as they are not contending for resources.
 -- Modify slurmctld outgoing RPC logic to support more parallel tasks (up to
    85 RPCs and 256 pthreads; the old logic supported up to 21 RPCs and 256
    threads). This change can dramatically improve performance for RPCs
    operating on small node counts.
 -- Increase total backfill scheduler run time in stats_info_response_msg data
    structure from 32 to 64 bits in order to prevent overflow.
 -- Add NoInAddrAny option to TopologyParam in the slurm.conf which allows to
    bind to the interface of return of gethostname instead of any address on
    the node which avoid RSIP issues in Cray systems.  This is most likely
    useful in other systems as well.
 -- Fix memory leak in Slurm::load_jobs perl api call.
 -- Added --noconvert option to sacct, sstat, squeue and sinfo which allows
    values to be displayed in their original unit types (e.g. 2048M won't be
    converted to 2G).
 -- Fix spelling of node_rescrs to node_resrcs in Perl API.
 -- Fix node state race condition, UNKNOWN->IDLE without configuration info.
 -- Cray: Disable LDAP references from slurmstepd on job launch due for
    improved scalability.
 -- Remove srun "read header error" due to application termination race
 -- Optimize sacct queries with additional db indexes.
 -- Add SLURM_TOPO_LEN env variable for scontrol show topology.
 -- Add free_mem to node information.
 -- Fix abort of batch launch if prolog is running, wait for prolog instead.
 -- Fix case where job would get the wrong cpu count when using
    --ntasks-per-core and --cpus-per-task together.
 -- Add TRESBillingWeights to partitions in slurm.conf which allows taking into
    consideration any TRES Type when calculating the usage of a job.
 -- Add PriorityWeightTRES slurm.conf option to be able to configure priority
    factors for TRES types.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.0pre6
 -- Add scontrol options to view and modify layouts tables.
 -- Add MsgAggregationParams which controls a reverse tree to the slurmctld
    which can be used to aggregate messages to the slurmctld into a single
    message to reduce communication to the slurmctld.  Currently only epilog
    complete messages and node registration messages use this logic.
 -- Add sacct and squeue options to print trackable resources.
 -- Add sacctmgr option to display trackable resources.
 -- If an salloc or srun command is executed on a "front-end" configuration,
    that job will be assigned a slurmd shepherd daemon on the same host as used
    to execute the command when possible rather than an slurmd daemon on an
    arbitrary front-end node.
 -- Add srun --accel-bind option to control how tasks are bound to GPUs and NIC
    Generic RESources (GRES).
 -- gres/nic plugin modified to set OMPI_MCA_btl_openib_if_include environment
    variable based upon allocated devices (usable with OpenMPI and Melanox).
 -- Make it so info options for srun/salloc/sbatch print with just 1 -v instead
    of 4.
 -- Add "no_backup_scheduling" SchedulerParameter to prevent jobs from being
    scheduled when the backup takes over. Jobs can be submitted, modified and
    cancelled while the backup is in control.
 -- Enable native Slurm backup controller to reside on an external Cray node
    when the "no_backup_scheduling" SchedulerParameter is used.
 -- Removed TICKET_BASED fairshare. Consider using the FAIR_TREE algorithm.
 -- Disable advanced reservation "REPLACE" option on IBM Bluegene systems.
 -- Add support for control distribution of tasks across cores (in addition
    to existing support for nodes and sockets, (e.g. "block", "cyclic" or
    "fcyclic" task distribution at 3 levels in the hardware rather than 2).
 -- Create db index on <cluster>_assoc_table.acct. Deleting accounts that didn't
    have jobs in the job table could take a long time.
 -- The performance of Profiling with HDF5 is improved. In addition, internal
    structures are changed to make it easier to add new profile types,
    particularly energy sensors. sh5util will continue to work with either
 -- Add partition information to sshare output if the --partition option
    is specified on the sshare command line.
 -- Add sreport -T/--tres option to identify Trackable RESources (TRES) to
 -- Display job in sacct when single step's cpus are different from the job
 -- Add association usage information to "scontrol show cache" command output.
 -- MPI/MVAPICH plugin now requires Munge for authentication.
 -- job_submit/lua: Add default_qos fields. Add job record qos.  Add partition
    record allow_qos and qos_char fields.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.0pre5
 -- Add jobcomp/elasticsearch plugin. Libcurl is required for build. Configure
    the server as follows: "JobCompLoc=http://YOUR_ELASTICSEARCH_SERVER:9200".
 -- Scancel logic large re-written to better support job arrays.
 -- Added a slurm.conf parameter PrologEpilogTimeout to control how long
    prolog/epilog can run.
 -- Added TRES (Trackable resources) to track Mem, GRES, license, etc
 -- Add re-entrant versions of glibc time functions (e.g. localtime) to Slurm
    in order to eliminate rare deadlock of slurmstepd fork and exec calls.
 -- Constrain kernel memory (if available) in cgroups.
 -- Add PrologFlags option of "Contain" to create a proctrack container at
    job resource allocation time.
 -- Disable the OOM Killer in slurmd and slurmstepd's memory cgroup when using

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.0pre4
 -- Burst_buffer/cray - Convert logic to use new commands/API names (e.g.
    "dws_setup" rather than "bbs_setup").
 -- Remove the MinJobAge size limitation. It can now exceed 65533 as it
    is represented using an unsigned integer.
 -- Verify that all plugin version numbers are identical to the component
    attempting to load them. Without this verification, the plugin can reference
    Slurm functions in the caller which differ (e.g. the underlying function's
    arguments could have changed between Slurm versions).
    NOTE: All plugins (except SPANK) must be built against the identical
    version of Slurm in order to be used by any Slurm command or daemon. This
    should eliminate some very difficult to diagnose problems due to use of old
 -- Increase the MAX_PACK_MEM_LEN define to avoid PMI2 failure when fencing
    with large amount of ranks (to 1GB).
 -- Requests by normal user to reset a job priority (even to lower it) will
    result in an error saying to change the job's nice value instead.
 -- SPANK naming changes: For environment variables set using the
    spank_job_control_setenv() function, the values were available in the
    slurm_spank_job_prolog() and slurm_spank_job_epilog() functions using
    getenv where the name was given a prefix of "SPANK_". That prefix has
    been removed for consistency with the environment variables available in
    the Prolog and Epilog scripts.
 -- Major additions to the layouts framework code.
 -- Add "TopologyParam" configuration parameter. Optional value of "dragonfly"
    is supported.
 -- Optimize resource allocation for systems with dragonfly networks.
 -- Add "--thread-spec" option to salloc, sbatch and srun commands. This is
    the count of threads reserved for system use per node.
 -- job_submit/lua: Enable reading and writing job environment variables.
    For example: if (job_desc.environment.LANGUAGE == "en_US") then ...
 -- Added two new APIs slurm_job_cpus_allocated_str_on_node_id()
    and slurm_job_cpus_allocated_str_on_node() to print the CPUs id
    allocated to a job.
 -- Specialized memory (a node's MemSpecLimit configuration parameter) is not
    available for allocation to jobs.
 -- Modify scontrol update job to allow jobid specification without
    the = sign. 'scontrol update job=123 ...' and 'scontrol update job 123 ...'
    are both valid syntax.
 -- Archive a month at a time when there are lots of records to archive.
 -- Introduce new sbatch option '--kill-on-invalid-dep=yes|no' which allows
    users to specify which behavior they want if a job dependency is not
 -- Add Slurmdb::qos_get() interface to perl api.
 -- If a job fails to start set the requeue reason to be:
    job requeued in held state.
 -- Implemented a new MPI key,value PMIX_RING() exchange algorithm as
    an alternative to PMI2.
 -- Remove possible deadlocks in the slurmctld when the slurmdbd is busy
 -- Add DB_ARCHIVE debug flag for filtering out debug messages in the slurmdbd
    when the slurmdbd is archiving/purging.
 -- Fix some power_save mode issues: Parsing of SuspendTime in slurm.conf was
    bad, powered down nodes would get set non-responding if there was an
    in-flight message, and permit nodes to be powered down from any state.
 -- Initialize variables in consumable resource plugin to prevent core dump.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.0pre3
 -- CRAY - addition of acct_gather_energy/cray plugin.
 -- Add job credential to "Run Prolog" RPC used with a configuration of
    PrologFlags=alloc. This allows the Prolog to be passed identification of
    GPUs allocated to the job.
 -- Add SLURM_JOB_CONSTAINTS to environment variables available to the Prolog.
 -- Added "--mail=stage_out" option to job submission commands to notify user
    when burst buffer state out is complete.
 -- Require a "Reason" when using scontrol to set a node state to DOWN.
 -- Mail notifications on job BEGIN, END and FAIL now apply to a job array as a
    whole rather than generating individual email messages for each task in the
    job array.
 -- task/affinity - Fix memory binding to NUMA with cpusets.
 -- Display job's estimated NodeCount based off of partition's configured
    resources rather than the whole system's.
 -- Add AuthInfo option of "cred_expire=#" to specify the lifetime of a job
    step credential. The default value was changed from 1200 to 120 seconds.
 -- Set the delay time for job requeue to the job credential lifetime (120
    seconds by default). This insures that prolog runs on every node when a
    job is requeued. (This change will slow down launch of re-queued jobs).
 -- Add AuthInfo option of "cred_expire=#" to specify the lifetime of a job
    step credential.
 -- Remove srun --max-launch-time option. The option has not been functional
    since Slurm version 2.0.
 -- Add sockets and cores to TaskPluginParams' autobind option.
 -- Added LaunchParameters configuration parameter. Have srun command test
    locally for the executable file if LaunchParameters=test_exec or the
    environment variable SLURM_TEST_EXEC is set. Without this an invalid
    command will generate one error message per task launched.
 -- Fix the slurm /etc/init.d script to return 0 upon stopping the
    daemons and return 1 in case of failure.
 -- Add the ability for a compute node to be allocated to multiple jobs, but
    restricted to a single user. Added "--exclusive=user" option to salloc,
    sbatch and srun commands. Added "owner" field to node record, visible using
    the scontrol and sview commands. Added new partition configuration parameter

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.0pre2
 -- Add the environment variables SLURM_JOB_ACCOUNT, SLURM_JOB_QOS
    and SLURM_JOB_RESERVATION in the batch/srun jobs.
 -- Add sview burst buffer display.
 -- Properly enforce partition Shared=YES option. Previously oversubscribing
    resources required gang scheduling to be configured.
 -- Enable per-partition gang scheduling resource resolution (e.g. the partition
    can have SelectTypeParameters=CR_CORE, while the global value is CR_SOCKET).
 -- Make it so a newer version of a slurmstepd can talk to an older srun.
    allocation. Nodes could have been added while waiting for an allocation.
 -- Expanded --cpu-freq parameters to include min-max:governor specifications.
    --cpu-freq now supported on salloc and sbatch.
 -- Add support for optimized job allocations with respect to SGI Hypercube
    NOTE: Only supported with select/linear plugin.
    NOTE: The program contribs/sgi/netloc_to_topology can be used to build
    Slurm's topology.conf file.
 -- Remove 64k validation of incoming RPC nodelist size. Validated at 64MB
    when unpacking.
 -- In slurmstepd() add the user primary group if it is not part of the
    groups sent from the client.
 -- Added BurstBuffer field to advanced reservations.
 -- For advanced reservation, replace flag "License_only" with flag "Any_Nodes".
    It can be used to indicate the an advanced reservation resources (licenses
    and/or burst buffers) can be used with any compute nodes.
 -- Allow users to specify the srun --resv-ports as 0 in which case no ports
    will be reserved. The default behaviour is to allocate one port per task.
 -- Interpret a partition configuration of "Nodes=ALL" in slurm.conf as
    including all nodes defined in the cluster.
 -- Added new configuration parameters PowerParameters and PowerPlugin.
 -- Added power management plugin infrastructure.
 -- If job already exceeded one of its QOS/Accounting limits do not
    return error if user modifies QOS unrelated job settings.
 -- Added DebugFlags value of "Power".
 -- When caching user ids of AllowGroups use both getgrnam_r() and getgrent_r()
    then remove eventual duplicate entries.
 -- Remove rpm dependency between slurm-pam and slurm-devel.
 -- Remove support for the XCPU (cluster management) package.
 -- Add Slurmdb::jobs_get() interface to perl api.
 -- Performance improvement when sending data from srun to stepds when
    processing fencing.
 -- Add the feature to specify arbitrary field separator when running
    sacct -p or sacct -P. The command line option is --separator.
 -- Introduce slurm.conf parameter to use Proportional Set Size (PSS) instead
    of RSS to determinate the memory footprint of a job.
    Add an slurm.conf option not to kill jobs that is over memory limit.
 -- Add job submission command options: --sicp (available for inter-cluster
    dependencies) and --power (specify power management options) to salloc,
    sbatch, and srun commands.
 -- Add DebugFlags option of SICP (inter-cluster option logging).
 -- In order to support inter-cluster job dependencies, the MaxJobID
    configuration parameter default value has been reduced from 4,294,901,760
    to 2,147,418,112 and it's maximum value is now 2,147,463,647.
 -- Add QOS name to the output of a partition in squeue/scontrol/sview/smap.

* Changes in Slurm 15.08.0pre1
 -- Add sbcast support for file transfer to resources allocated to a job step
    rather than a job allocation.
 -- Change structures with association in them to assoc to save space.
 -- Add support for job dependencies jointed with OR operator (e.g.
 -- Add "--bb" (burst buffer specification) option to salloc, sbatch, and srun.
 -- Added configuration parameters BurstBufferParameters and BurstBufferType.
 -- Added burst_buffer plugin infrastructure (needs many more functions).
 -- Make it so when the fanout logic comes across a node that is down we abandon
    the tree to avoid worst case scenarios when the entire branch is down and
    we have to try each serially.
 -- Add better error reporting of invalid partitions at submission time.
 -- Move will-run test for multiple clusters from the sbatch code into the API
    so that it can be used with DRMAA.
 -- If a non-exclusive allocation requests --hint=nomultithread on a
    CR_CORE/SOCKET system lay out tasks correctly.
 -- Avoid including unused CPUs in a job's allocation when cores or sockets are
 -- Added new job state of STOPPED indicating processes have been stopped with a
    SIGSTOP (using scancel or sview), but retain its allocated CPUs. Job state
    returns to RUNNING when SIGCONT is sent (also using scancel or sview).
 -- Added EioTimeout parameter to slurm.conf. It is the number of seconds srun
    waits for slurmstepd to close the TCP/IP connection used to relay data
    between the user application and srun when the user application terminates.
 -- Remove slurmctld/dynalloc plugin as the work was never completed, so it is
    not worth the effort of continued support at this time.
 -- Remove DynAllocPort configuration parameter.
 -- Add advance reservation flag of "replace" that causes allocated resources
    to be replaced with idle resources. This maintains a pool of available
    resources that maintains a constant size (to the extent possible).
 -- Added SchedulerParameters option of "bf_busy_nodes". When selecting
    resources for pending jobs to reserve for future execution (i.e. the job
    can not be started immediately), then preferentially select nodes that are
    in use. This will tend to leave currently idle resources available for
    backfilling longer running jobs, but may result in allocations having less
    than optimal network topology. This option is currently only supported by
    the select/cons_res plugin.
 -- Permit "SuspendTime=NONE" as slurm.conf value rather than only a numeric
    value to match "scontrol show config" output.
 -- Add the 'scontrol show cache' command which displays the associations
    in slurmctld.
 -- Test more frequently for node boot completion before starting a job.
    Provides better responsiveness.
 -- Fix PMI2 singleton initialization.
 -- Permit PreemptType=qos and PreemptMode=suspend,gang to be used together.
    A high-priority QOS job will now oversubscribe resources and gang schedule,
    but only if there are insufficient resources for the job to be started
    without preemption. NOTE: That with PreemptType=qos, the partition's
    Shared=FORCE:# configuration option will permit one job more per resource
    to be run than than specified, but only if started by preemption.
 -- Remove the CR_ALLOCATE_FULL_SOCKET configuration option.  It is now the
 -- Fix a race condition in PMI2 when fencing counters can be out of sync.
 -- Increase the MAX_PACK_MEM_LEN define to avoid PMI2 failure when fencing
    with large amount of ranks.
 -- Add QOS option to a partition.  This will allow a partition to have
    all the limits a QOS has.  If a limit is set in both QOS the partition
    QOS will override the job's QOS unless the job's QOS has the
    OverPartQOS flag set.
 -- The task_dist_states variable has been split into "flags" and "base"
    components. Added SLURM_DIST_PACK_NODES and SLURM_DIST_NO_PACK_NODES values
    to give user greater control over task distribution. The srun --dist options
    has been modified to accept a "Pack" and "NoPack" option. These options can
    be used to override the CR_PACK_NODE configuration option.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.12
 -- Correct dependency formatting to print array task ids if set.
 -- Fix for configuration of "AuthType=munge" and "AuthInfo=socket=..." with
    alternate munge socket path.
 -- BGQ - Remove redeclaration of job_read_lock.
 -- BGQ - Tighter locks around structures when nodes/cables change state.
 -- Fix job array formatting to allow return [0-100:2] display for arrays with
    step functions rather than [0,2,4,6,8,...] .
 -- Associations - prevent hash table corruption if uid initially unset for
    a user, which can cause slurmctld to crash if that user is deleted.
 -- Add cast to memory limit calculation to prevent integer overflow for
    very large memory values.
 -- Fix test cases to have proper int return signature.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.11
 -- Fix systemd's slurmd service from killing slurmstepds on shutdown.
 -- Fix the qstat wrapper when user is removed from the system but still
    has running jobs.
 -- Log the request to terminate a job at info level if DebugFlags includes
    the Steps keyword.
 -- Fix potential memory corruption in _slurm_rpc_epilog_complete as well as
 -- Fix incorrectly sized buffer used by jobid2str which will cause buffer
    overflow in slurmctld. (Bug 2295.)

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.10
 -- Fix truncation of job reason in squeue.
 -- If a node is in DOWN or DRAIN state, leave it unavailable for allocation
    when powered down.
 -- Update the slurm.conf man page documenting better nohold_on_prolog_fail
 -- Don't trucate task ID information in "squeue --array/-r" or "sview".
 -- Fix a bug which caused scontrol to core dump when releasing or
    holding a job by name.
 -- Fix unit conversion bug in slurmd which caused wrong memory calculation
    for cgroups.
 -- Fix issue with GRES in steps so that if you have multiple exclusive steps
    and you use all the GRES up instead of reporting the configuration isn't
    available you hold the requesting step until the GRES is available.
 -- Fix slurmdbd backup to use DbdAddr when contacting the primary.
 -- Fix error in MPI documentation.
 -- Fix to handle arrays with respect to number of jobs submitted.  Previously
    only 1 job was accounted (against MaxSubmitJob) for when an array was
 -- Correct counting for job array limits, job count limit underflow possible
    when master cancellation of master job record.
 -- For pending jobs have sacct print 0 for nnodes instead of the bogus 2.
 -- Fix for tracking node state when jobs that have been allocated exclusive
    access to nodes (i.e. entire nodes) and later relinquish some nodes. Nodes
    would previously appear partly allocated and prevent use by other jobs.
 -- Fix updating job in db after extending job's timelimit past partition's
 -- Fix srun -I<timeout> from flooding the controller with step create requests.
 -- Requeue/hold batch job launch request if job already running (possible if
    node went to DOWN state, but jobs remained active).
 -- If a job's CPUs/task ratio is increased due to configured MaxMemPerCPU,
    then increase it's allocated CPU count in order to enforce CPU limits.
 -- Don't mark powered down node as not responding. This could be triggered by
    race condition of the node suspend and ping logic.
 -- Don't requeue RPC going out from slurmctld to DOWN nodes (can generate
    repeating communication errors).
 -- Propagate sbatch "--dist=plane=#" option to srun.
 -- Fix sacct to not return all jobs if the -j option is given with a trailing
 -- Permit job_submit plugin to set a job's priority.
 -- Fix occasional srun segfault.
 -- Fix issue with sacct, printing 0_0 for array's that had finished in the
    database but the start record hadn't made it yet.
 -- Fix sacct -j, (nothing but a comma) to not return all jobs.
 -- Prevent slurmstepd from core dumping if /proc/<pid>/stat has
    unexpected format.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.9
 -- Correct "sdiag" backfill cycle time calculation if it yields locks. A
    microsecond value was being treated as a second value resulting in an
    overflow in the calcuation.
 -- Fix segfault when updating timelimit on jobarray task.
 -- Fix to job array update logic that can result in a task ID of 4294967294.
 -- Fix of job array update, previous logic could fail to update some tasks
    of a job array for some fields.
 -- CRAY - Fix seg fault if a blade is replaced and slurmctld is restarted.
 -- Fix plane distribution to allocate in blocks rather than cyclically.
 -- squeue - Remove newline from job array ID value printed.
 -- squeue - Enable filtering for job state SPECIAL_EXIT.
 -- Prevent job array task ID being inappropriately set to NO_VAL.
 -- MYSQL - Make it so you don't have to restart the slurmctld
    to gain the correct limit when a parent account is root and you
    remove a subaccount's limit which exists on the parent account.
 -- MYSQL - Close chance of setting the wrong limit on an association
    when removing a limit from an association on multiple clusters
    at the same time.
 -- MYSQL - Fix minor memory leak when modifying an association but no
    change was made.
 -- srun command line of either --mem or --mem-per-cpu will override both the
    SLURM_MEM_PER_CPU and SLURM_MEM_PER_NODE environment variables.
 -- Prevent slurmctld abort on update of advanced reservation that contains no
 -- ALPS - Revert commit 2c95e2d22 which also removes commit 2e2de6a4 allowing
    cray with the SubAllocate option to work as it did with 2.5.
 -- Properly parse CPU frequency data on POWER systems.
 -- Correct sacct.a man pages describing -i option.
 -- Capture salloc/srun information in sdiag statistics.
 -- Fix bug in node selection with topology optimization.
 -- Don't set distribution when srun requests 0 memory.
 -- Read in correct number of nodes from SLURM_HOSTFILE when specifying nodes
    and --distribution=arbitrary.
 -- Fix segfault in Bluegene setups where RebootQOSList is defined in
    bluegene.conf and accounting is not setup.
 -- MYSQL - Update mod_time when updating a start job record or adding one.
 -- MYSQL - Fix issue where if an association id ever changes on at least a
    portion of a job array is pending after it's initial start in the
    database it could create another row for the remain array instead
    of using the already existing row.
 -- Fix scheduling anomaly with job arrays submitted to multiple partitions,
    jobs could be started out of priority order.
 -- If a host has suspened jobs do not reboot it. Reboot only hosts
    with no jobs in any state.
 -- ALPS - Fix issue when using --exclusive flag on srun to do the correct
    thing (-F exclusive) instead of -F share.
 -- Fix various memory leaks in the Perl API.
 -- Fix a bug in the controller which display jobs in CF state as RUNNING.
 -- Preserve advanced _core_ reservation when nodes added/removed/resized on
    slurmctld restart. Rebuild core_bitmap as needed.
 -- Fix for non-standard Munge port location for srun/pmi use.
 -- Fix gang scheduling/preemption issue that could cancel job at startup.
 -- Fix a bug in squeue which prevented squeue -tPD to print array jobs.
 -- Sort job arrays in job queue according to array_task_id when priorities are
 -- Fix segfault in sreport when there was no response from the dbd.
 -- ALPS - Fix compile to not link against -ljob and -lexpat with every lib
    or binary.
 -- Fix testing for CR_Memory when CR_Memory and CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE are used
    with select/linear.
 -- MySQL - Fix minor memory leak if a connection ever goes away whist using it.
 -- ALPS - Make it so srun --hint=nomultithread works correctly.
 -- Prevent job array task ID from being reported as NO_VAL if last task in the
    array gets requeued.
 -- Fix some potential deadlock issues when state files don't exist in the
    association manager.
 -- Correct RebootProgram logic when executed outside of a maintenance
 -- Requeue job if possible when slurmstepd aborts.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.8
 -- Eliminate need for user to set user_id on job_update calls.
 -- Correct list of unavailable nodes reported in a job's "reason" field when
    that job can not start.
 -- Map job --mem-per-cpu=0 to --mem=0.
 -- Fix squeue -o %m and %d unit conversion to Megabytes.
 -- Fix issue with incorrect time calculation in the priority plugin when
    a job runs past it's time limit.
 -- Prevent users from setting job's partition to an invalid partition.
 -- Fix sreport core dump when requesting
    'job SizesByAccount grouping=individual'.
 -- select/linear: Correct count of CPUs allocated to job on system with
 -- Fix race condition where last array task might not get updated in the db.
 -- CRAY - Remove libpmi from rpm install
 -- Fix squeue -o %X output to correctly handle NO_VAL and suffix.
 -- When deleting a job from the system set the job_id to 0 to avoid memory
    corruption if thread uses the pointer basing validity off the id.
 -- Fix issue where sbatch would set ntasks-per-node to 0 making any srun
    afterward cause a divide by zero error.
 -- switch/cray: Refine logic to set PMI_CRAY_NO_SMP_ENV environment variable.
 -- When sacctmgr loads archives with version less than 14.11 set the array
    task id to NO_VAL, so sacct can display the job ids correctly.
 -- When using memory cgroup if a task uses more memory than requested
    the failures are logged into memory.failcnt count file by cgroup
    and the user is notified by slurmstepd about it.
 -- Fix scheduling inconsistency with GRES bound to specific CPUs.
 -- If user belongs to a group which has split entries in /etc/group
    search for its username in all groups.
 -- Do not consider nodes explicitly powered up as DOWN with reason of "Node
    unexpected rebooted".
 -- Use correct slurmd spooldir when creating cpu-frequency locks.
 -- Note that TICKET_BASED fairshare will be deprecated in the future. Consider
    using the FAIR_TREE algorithm instead.
 -- Set job's reason to BadConstaints when job can't run on any node.
 -- Prevent abort on update of reservation with no nodes (licenses only).
 -- Prevent slurmctld from dumping core if job_resrcs is missing in the
    job data structure.
 -- Fix squeue to print array task ids according to man page when
    SLURM_BITSTR_LEN is defined in the environment.
 -- In squeue, sort jobs based on array job ID if available.
 -- Fix the calculation of job energy by not including the NO_VAL values.
 -- Advanced reservation fixes: enable update of bluegene reservation, avoid
    abort on multi-core reservations.
 -- Set the totalview_stepid to the value of the job step instead of NO_VAL.
 -- Fix slurmdbd core dump if the daemon does not have connection with
    the database.
 -- Display error message when attempting to modify priority of a held job.
 -- Backfill scheduler: The configured backfill_interval value (default 30
    seconds) is now interpretted as a maximum run time for the backfill
    scheduler. Once reached, the scheduler will build a new job queue and
    start over, even if not all jobs have been tested.
 -- Backfill scheduler now considers OverTimeLimit and KillWait configuration
    parameters to estimate when running jobs will exit.
 -- Correct task layout with CR_Pack_Node option and more than 1 CPU per task.
 -- Fix the scontrol man page describing the release argument.
 -- When job QOS is modified, do so before attempting to change partition in
    order to validate the partition's Allow/DenyQOS parameter.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.7
 -- Initialize some variables used with the srun --no-alloc option that may
    cause random failures.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of sched_min_interval that controls the
    minimum time interval between any job scheduling action. The default value
    is zero (disabled).
 -- Change default SchedulerParameters=max_sched_time from 4 seconds to 2.
 -- Refactor scancel so that all pending jobs are cancelled before starting
    cancellation of running jobs. Otherwise they happen in parallel and the
    pending jobs can be scheduled on resources as the running jobs are being
 -- ALPS - Add new cray.conf variable NoAPIDSignalOnKill.  When set to yes this
    will make it so the slurmctld will not signal the apid's in a batch job.
    Instead it relies on the rpc coming from the slurmctld to kill the job to
    end things correctly.
 -- ALPS - Have the slurmstepd running a batch job wait for an ALPS release
    before ending the job.
 -- Initialize variables in consumable resource plugin to prevent core dump.
 -- Fix scancel bug which could return an error on attempt to signal a job step.
 -- In slurmctld communication agent, make the thread timeout be the configured
    value of MessageTimeout rather than 30 seconds.
 -- sshare -U/--Users only flag was used uninitialized.
 -- Cray systems, add "plugstack.conf.template" sample SPANK configuration file.
 -- BLUEGENE - Set DB2NOEXITLIST when starting the slurmctld daemon to avoid
    random crashing in db2 when the slurmctld is exiting.
 -- Make full node reservations display correctly the core count instead of
    cpu count.
 -- Preserve original errno on execve() failure in task plugin.
 -- Add SLURM_JOB_NAME env variable to an salloc's environment.
 -- Overwrite SLURM_JOB_NAME in an srun when it gets an allocation.
 -- Make sure each job has a wckey if that is something that is tracked.
 -- Make sure old step data is cleared when job is requeued.
 -- Load libtinfo as needed when building ncurses tools.
 -- Fix small memory leak in backup controller.
 -- Fix segfault when backup controller takes control for second time.
 -- Cray - Fix backup controller running native Slurm.
 -- Provide prototypes for init_setproctitle()/fini_setproctitle on NetBSD.
 -- Add configuration test to find out the full path to su command.
 -- preempt/job_prio plugin: Fix for possible infinite loop when identifying
    preemptable jobs.
 -- preempt/job_prio plugin: Implement the concept of Warm-up Time here. Use
    the QoS GraceTime as the amount of time to wait before preempting.
    Basically, skip preemption if your time is not up.
 -- Make srun wait KillWait time when a task is cancelled.
 -- switch/cray: Revert logic added to 14.11.6 that set "PMI_CRAY_NO_SMP_ENV=1"
    if CR_PACK_NODES is configured.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.6
 -- If SchedulerParameters value of bf_min_age_reserve is configured, then
    a newly submitted job can start immediately even if there is a higher
    priority non-runnable job which has been waiting for less time than
 -- qsub wrapper modified to export "all" with -V option
 -- RequeueExit and RequeueExitHold configuration parameters modified to accept
    numeric ranges. For example "RequeueExit=1,2,3,4" and "RequeueExit=1-4" are
 -- Correct the job array specification parser to accept brackets in job array
    expression (e.g. "123_[4,7-9]").
 -- Fix for misleading job submit failure errors sent to users. Previous error
    could indicate why specific nodes could not be used (e.g. too small memory)
    when other nodes could be used, but were not for another reason.
 -- Fix squeue --array to display correctly the array elements when the
    % separator is specified at the array submission time.
 -- Fix priority from not being calculated correctly due to memory issues.
 -- Fix a transient pending reason 'JobId=job_id has invalid QOS'.
 -- A non-administrator change to job priority will not be persistent except
    for holding the job. User's wanting to change a job priority on a persistent
    basis should reset it's "nice" value.
 -- Print buffer sizes as unsigned values when failed to pack messages.
 -- Fix race condition where sprio would print factors without weights applied.
 -- Document the sacct option JobIDRaw which for arrays prints the jobid instead
    of the arrayTaskId.
 -- Allow users to modify MinCPUsNode, MinMemoryNode and MinTmpDiskNode of
    their own jobs.
 -- Increase the jobid print field in SQUEUE_FORMAT in
 -- Enable compiling without optimizations and with debugging symbols by
    default. Disable this by configuring with --disable-debug.
 -- job_submit/lua plugin: Add mail_type and mail_user fields.
 -- Correct output message from sshare.
 -- Use standard statvfs(2) syscall if available, in preference to
    non-standard statfs.
 -- Add a new option -U/--Users to sshare to display only users
    information, parent and ancestors are not printed.
 -- Purge 50000 records at a time so that locks can released periodically.
 -- Fix potentially uninitialized variables
 -- ALPS - Fix issue where a frontend node could become unresponsive and never
    added back into the system.
 -- Gate epilog complete messages as done with other messages
 -- If we have more than a certain number of agents (50) wait longer when gating
 -- FrontEnd - ping non-responding or down nodes.
 -- switch/cray: If CR_PACK_NODES is configured, then set the environment
    variable "PMI_CRAY_NO_SMP_ENV=1"
 -- Fix invalid memory reference in SlurmDBD when putting a node up.
 -- Allow opening of plugstack.conf even when a symlink.
 -- Fix scontrol reboot so that rebooted nodes will not be set down with reason
    'Node xyz unexpectedly rebooted' but will be correctly put back to service.
 -- CRAY - Throttle the post NHC operations as to not hog the job write lock
    if many steps/jobs finish at once.
 -- Disable changes to GRES count while jobs are running on the node.
 -- CRAY - Fix issue with scontrol reconfig.
 -- slurmd: Remove wrong reporting of "Error reading step  ... memory limit".
    The logic was treating success as an error.
 -- Eliminate "Node ping apparently hung" error messages.
 -- Fix average CPU frequency calculation.
 -- When allocating resources with resolution of sockets, charge the job for all
    CPUs on allocated sockets rather than just the CPUs on used cores.
 -- Prevent slurmdbd error if cluster added or removed while rollup in progress.
    Removing a cluster can cause slurmdbd to abort. Adding a cluster can cause
    the slurmdbd rollup to hang.
 -- sview - When right clicking on a tab make sure we don't display the page
    list, but only the column list.
 -- FRONTEND - If doing a clean start make sure the nodes are brought up in the
 -- MySQL - Fix issue when using the TrackSlurmctldDown and nodes are down at
    the same time, don't double bill the down time.
 -- MySQL - Various memory leak fixes.
 -- sreport - Fix Energy displays
 -- Fix node manager logic to keep unexpectedly rebooted node in state
    NODE_STATE_DOWN even if already down when rebooted.
 -- Fix for array jobs submitted to multiple partitions not starting.
 -- CRAY - Enable ALPs mpp compatibility code in sbatch for native Slurm.
 -- ALPS - Move basil_inventory to less confusing function.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of "sched_max_job_start="  to limit the
    number of jobs that can be started in any single execution of the main
    scheduling logic.
 -- Fixed compiler warnings generated by gcc version >= 4.6.
 -- sbatch to stop parsing script for "#SBATCH" directives after first command,
    which matches the documentation.
 -- Overwrite the SLURM_JOB_NAME in sbatch if already exist in the environment
    and use the one specified on the command line --job-name.
 -- Remove xmalloc_nz from unpack functions.  If the unpack ever failed the
    free afterwards would not have zeroed out memory on the variables that
    didn't get unpacked.
 -- Improve database interaction from controller.
 -- Fix for data shift when loading job archives.
 -- ALPS - Added new SchedulerParameters=inventory_interval to specify how
    often an inventory request is handled.
 -- ALPS - Don't run a release on a reservation on the slurmctld for a batch
    job.  This is already handled on the stepd when the script finishes.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.5
 -- Correct the squeue command taking into account that a node can
    have NULL name if it is not in DNS but still in slurm.conf.
 -- Fix slurmdbd regression which would cause a segfault when a node is set
    down with no reason.
 -- BGQ - Fix issue with job arrays not being handled correctly
    in the runjob_mux plugin.
 -- Print FAIR_TREE, if configured, in "scontrol show config" output for
 -- Add SLURM_JOB_GPUS environment variable to those available in the Prolog.
 -- Load lua-5.2 library if using lua5.2 for lua job submit plugin.
 -- GRES logic: Prevent bad node_offset due to not preserving no_consume flag.
 -- Fix wrong variables used in the wrapper functions needed for systems that
    don't support strong_alias
 -- Fix code for apple computers SOL_TCP is not defined
 -- Cray/BASIL - Check for mysql credentials in /root/.my.cnf.
 -- Fix sprio showing wrong priority for job arrays until priority is
 -- Account to batch step all CPUs that are allocated to a job not
    just one since the batch step has access to all CPUs like other steps.
 -- Fix job getting EligibleTime set before meeting dependency requirements.
 -- Correct the initialization of QOS MinCPUs per job limit.
 -- Set the debug level of information messages in cgroup plugin to debug2.
 -- For job running under a debugger, if the exec of the task fails, then
    cancel its I/O and abort immediately rather than waiting 60 seconds for
    I/O timeout.
 -- Fix associations not getting default qos set until after a restart.
 -- Set the value of total_cpus not to be zero before invoking
 -- MySQL - When requesting cluster resources, only return resources for the
    cluster(s) requested.
 -- Add TaskPluginParam=autobind=threads option to set a default binding in the
    case that "auto binding" doesn't find a match.
 -- Introduce a new SchedulerParameters variable nohold_on_prolog_fail.
    If configured don't requeue jobs on hold is a Prolog fails.
 -- Make it so sched_params isn't read over and over when an epilog complete
    message comes in
 -- Fix squeue -L <licenses> not filtering out jobs with licenses.
 -- Changed the implementation of xcpuinfo_abs_to_mac() be identical
    _abs_to_mac() to fix CPUs allocation using cpuset cgroup.
 -- Improve the explanation of the unbuffered feature in the
    srun man page.
 -- Make taskplugin=cgroup work for core spec.  needed to have task/cgroup
 -- Fix reports not using the month usage table.
 -- BGQ - Sanity check given for translating small blocks into slurm bg_records.
 -- Fix bug preventing the requeue/hold or requeue/special_exit of job from the
    completing state.
 -- Cray - Fix for launching batch step within an existing job allocation.
 -- Cray - Add ALPS_APP_ID_ENV environment variable.
 -- Increase maximum MaxArraySize configuration parameter value from 1,000,001
    to 4,000,001.
 -- Added new SchedulerParameters value of bf_min_age_reserve. The backfill
    scheduler will not reserve resources for pending jobs until they have
    been pending for at least the specified number of seconds. This can be
    valuable if jobs lack time limits or all time limits have the same value.
 -- Fix support for --mem=0 (all memory of a node) with select/cons_res plugin.
 -- Fix bug that can permit someone to kill job array belonging to another user.
 -- Don't set the default partition on a license only reservation.
 -- Show a NodeCnt=0, instead of NO_VAL, in "scontrol show res" for a license
    only reservation.
 -- BGQ - When using static small blocks make sure when clearing the job the
    block is set up to it's original state.
 -- Start job allocation using lowest numbered sockets for block task
    distribution for consistency with cyclic distribution.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.4
 -- Make sure assoc_mgr locks are initialized correctly.
 -- Correct check of enforcement when filling in an association.
 -- Make sacctmgr print out classification correctly for clusters.
 -- Add array_task_str to the perlapi job info.
 -- Fix for slurmctld abort with GRES types configured and no CPU binding.
 -- Fix for GRES scheduling where count > 1 per topology type (or GRES types).
 -- Make CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE work correctly with task/affinity.
 -- job_submit/pbs - Fix possible deadlock.
 -- job_submit/lua - Add "alloc_node" to job information available.
 -- Fix memory leak in mysql accounting when usage rollup happens.
 -- If users specify ALL together with other variables using the
    --export sbatch/srun command line option, propagate the users'
    environ to the execution side.
 -- Fix job array scheduling anomaly that can stop scheduling of valid tasks.
 -- Fix perl api tests for libslurmdb to work correctly.
 -- Remove some misleading logs related to non-consumable GRES.
 -- Allow --ignore-pbs to take effect when read as an #SBATCH argument.
 -- Fix Slurmdb::clusters_get() in perl api from not returning information.
 -- Fix TaskPluginParam=Cpusets from logging error message about not being able
    to remove cpuset dir which was already removed by the release_agent.
 -- Fix sorting by time left in squeue.
 -- Fix the file name substitution for job stderr when %A, %a %j and %u
    are specified.
 -- Remove minor warning when compiling slurmstepd.
 -- Fix database resources so they can add new clusters to them after they have
    initially been added.
 -- Use the slurm_getpwuid_r wrapper of getpwuid_r to handle possible
 -- Correct the scontrol man page and command listing which node states can
    be set by the command.
 -- Stop sacct from printing non-existent stat information for
    Front End systems.
 -- Correct srun and acct_gather.conf man pages, mention Filesystem instead
    of Lustre.
 -- When a job using multiple partition starts send to slurmdbd only
    the partition in which the job runs.
 -- ALPS - Fix depth for MemoryAllocation in BASIL with CLE 5.2.3.
 -- Fix assoc_mgr hash to deal with users that don't have a uid yet when making
 -- When a job uses multiple partition set the environment variable
    SLURM_JOB_PARTITION to be the one in which the job started.
 -- Print spurious message about the absence of cgroup.conf at log level debug2
    instead of info.
 -- Enable CUDA v7.0+ use with a Slurm configuration of TaskPlugin=task/cgroup
    ConstrainDevices=yes (in cgroup.conf). With that configuration
    CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES will start at 0 rather than the device number.
 -- Fix job array logic that can cause slurmctld to abort.
 -- Report job "shared" field properly in scontrol, squeue, and sview.
 -- If a job is requeued because of RequeueExit or RequeueExitHold sent event
    REQUEUED to slurmdbd.
 -- Fix build if hwloc is in non-standard location.
 -- Fix slurmctld job recovery logic which could cause the last task in a job
    array to be lost.
 -- Fix slurmctld initialization problem which could cause requeue of the last
    task in a job array to fail if executed prior to the slurmctld loading
    the maximum size of a job array into a variable in the job_mgr.c module.
 -- Fix fatal in controller when deleting a user association of a user which
    had been previously removed from the system.
 -- MySQL - If a node state and reason are the same on a node state change
    don't insert a new row in the event table.
 -- Fix issue with "sreport cluster AccountUtilizationByUser" when using
 -- Fix perlapi tests for libslurm perl module.
 -- MySQL - Fix potential issue when PrivateData=Usage and a normal user
    runs certain sreport reports.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.3
 -- Prevent vestigial job record when canceling a pending job array record.
 -- Fixed squeue core dump.
 -- Fix job array hash table bug, could result in slurmctld infinite loop or
    invalid memory reference.
 -- In srun honor ntasks_per_node before looking at cpu count when the user
    doesn't request a number of tasks.
 -- Fix ghost job when submitting job after all jobids are exhausted.
 -- MySQL - Enhanced coordinator security checks.
 -- Fix for task/affinity if an admin configures a node for having threads
    but then sets CPUs to only represent the number of cores on the node.
 -- Make it so previous versions of salloc/srun work with newer versions
    of Slurm daemons.
 -- Avoid delay on commit for PMI rank 0 to improve performance with some
    MPI implementations.
 -- auth/munge - Correct logic to read old format AccountingStoragePass.
 -- Reset node "RESERVED" state as appropriate when deleting a maintenance
 -- Prevent a job manually suspended from being resumed by gang scheduler once
    free resources are available.
 -- Prevent invalid job array task ID value if a task is started using gang
 -- Fixes for clean build on FreeBSD.
 -- Fix documentation bugs in slurm.conf.5. DenyAccount should be DenyAccounts.
 -- For backward compatibility with older versions of OMPI not compiled
    with --with-pmi restore the SLURM_STEP_RESV_PORTS in the job environment.
 -- Update the html documentation describing the integration with openmpi.
 -- Fix sacct when searching by nodelist.
 -- Fix cosmetic info statements when dealing with a job array task instead of
    a normal job.
 -- Fix segfault with job arrays.
 -- Correct the sbatch pbs parser to process -j.
 -- BGQ - Put print statement under a DebugFlag.  This was just an oversight.
 -- BLUEGENE - Remove check that would erroneously remove the CONFIGURING
    flag from a job while the job is waiting for a block to boot.
 -- Fix segfault in slurmstepd when job exceeded memory limit.
 -- Fix race condition that could start a job that is dependent upon a job array
    before all tasks of that job array complete.
 -- PMI2 race condition fix.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.2
 -- Fix Centos5 compile errors.
 -- Fix issue with association hash not getting the correct index which
    could result in seg fault.
 -- Fix salloc/sbatch -B segfault.
 -- Avoid huge malloc if GRES configured with "Type" and huge "Count".
 -- Fix jobs from starting in overlapping reservations that won't finish before
    a "maint" reservation begins.
 -- When node gets drained while in state mixed display its status as draining
    in sinfo output.
 -- Allow priority/multifactor to work with sched/wiki(2) if all priorities
    have no weight.  This allows for association and QOS decay limits to work.
 -- Fix "squeue --start" to override SQUEUE_FORMAT env variable.
 -- Fix scancel to be able to cancel multiple jobs that are space delimited.
 -- Log Cray MPI job calling exit() without mpi_fini(), but do not treat it as
    a fatal error. This partially reverts logic added in version 14.03.9.
 -- sview - Fix displaying of suspended steps elapsed times.
 -- Increase number of messages that get cached before throwing them away
    when the DBD is down.
 -- Fix jobs from starting in overlapping reservations that won't finish before
    a "maint" reservation begins.
 -- Restore GRES functionality with select/linear plugin. It was broken in
    version  14.03.10.
 -- Fix bug with GRES having multiple types that can cause slurmctld abort.
 -- Fix squeue issue with not recognizing "localhost" in --nodelist option.
 -- Make sure the bitstrings for a partitions Allow/DenyQOS are up to date
    when running from cache.
 -- Add smap support for job arrays and larger job ID values.
 -- Fix possible race condition when attempting to use QOS on a system running
 -- Fix issue with accounting_storage/filetxt and job arrays not being printed
 -- In proctrack/linuxproc and proctrack/pgid, check the result of strtol()
    for error condition rather than errno, which might have a vestigial error
 -- Improve information recording for jobs deferred due to advanced
 -- Exports eio_new_initial_obj to the plugins and initialize kvs_seq on
    mpi/pmi2 setup to support launching.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.1
 -- Get libs correct when doing the xtree/xhash make check.
 -- Update xhash/tree make check to work correctly with current code.
 -- Remove the reference 'experimental' for the jobacct_gather/cgroup
 -- Add QOS manipulation examples to the qos.html documentation page.
 -- If 'squeue -w node_name' specifies an unknown host name print
    an error message and return 1.
 -- Fix race condition in job_submit plugin logic that could cause slurmctld to
 -- Job wait reason of "ReqNodeNotAvail" expanded to identify unavailable nodes
    (e.g. "ReqNodeNotAvail(Unavailable:tux[3-6])").

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0
 -- ALPS - Fix issue with core_spec warning.
 -- Allow multiple partitions to be specified in sinfo -p.
 -- Install the service files in /usr/lib/systemd/system.
 -- MYSQL - Add id_array_job and id_resv keys to $CLUSTER_job_table.  THIS
 -- CRAY - Resize bitmaps on a restart and find we have more blades
    than before.
 -- Add new eio API function for removing unused connections.
 -- ALPS - Fix issue where batch allocations weren't correctly confirmed or
    slurm.h as per documentation.
 -- Update the FAQ about relocating slurmctld.
 -- In the memory cgroup enable memory.use_hierarchy in the cgroup root.
 -- Export eio.c functions for use by MPI/PMI2.
 -- Add SLURM_CLUSTER_NAME to job environment.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0rc3
 -- Allow envs to override autotools binaries in
 -- Added system services files.
 -- If the jobs pends with DependencyNeverSatisfied keep it pending even after
    the job which it was depending upon was cleaned.
 -- Let operators (in addition to user root and SlurmUser) see job script for
    other user's jobs.
 -- Perl API modified to return node state of MIXED rather than ALLOCATED if
    only some CPUs allocated.
 -- Double Munge connect retry timeout from 1 to 2 seconds.
 -- sview - Remove unneeded code that was resolved globally in commit
 -- Collect and report the accounting of the batch step and its children.
 -- Add configure checks for faccessat and eaccess, and make use of one of
    them if available.
 -- Make configure --enable-developer also set --enable-debug
 -- Introduce a SchedulerParameters variable kill_invalid_depend, if set
    then jobs pending with invalid dependency are going to be terminated.
 -- Move spank_user_task() call in slurmstepd after the task_g_pre_launch()
    so that the task affinity information is available to spank.
 -- Make /etc/init.d/slurm script return value 3 when the daemon is
    not running. This is required by Linux Standard Base Core
    Specification 3.1

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0rc2
 -- Logs for jobs which are explicitly requeued will say so rather than saying
    that a node in their allocation failed.
 -- Updated the documentation about the remote licenses served by
    the Slurm database.
 -- Insure that slurm_spank_exit() is only called once from srun.
 -- Change the signature of net_set_low_water() to use 4 bytes instead of 8.
 -- Export working_cluster_rec in as well as move some function
    definitions needed for drmaa.
 -- If using cons_res or serial cause a fatal in the plugin instead of causing
    the SelectTypeParameters to magically set to CR_CPU.
 -- Enhance task/affinity auto binding to consider tasks * cpus-per-task.
 -- Fix regression the priority/multifactor which would cause memory corruption.
    Issue is only in rc1.
 -- Add PrivateData value of "cloud". If set, powered down nodes in the cloud
    will be visible.
 -- Sched/backfill - Eliminate clearing start_time of running jobs.
 -- Fix various backwards compatibility issues.
 -- If failed to launch a batch job, requeue it in hold.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0rc1
 -- When using cgroup name the batch step as step_batch instead of
 -- Changed LEVEL_BASED priority to be "Fair_Tree"
 -- Port to NetBSD.
 -- BGQ - Add cnode based reservations.
 -- Alongside totalview_jobid implement totalview_stepid available
    to sattach.
 -- Add ability to include other files in slurm.conf based upon the ClusterName.
 -- Update strlcpy to latest upstream version.
 -- Add reservation information in the sacct and sreport output.
 -- Add job priority calculation check for overflow and fix memory leak.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of pack_serial_at_end to put serial jobs at
    the end of the available nodes rather than using a best fit algorithm.
 -- Allow regular users to view default sinfo output when
    privatedata=reservations is set.
 -- PrivateData=reservation modified to permit users to view the reservations
    which they have access to (rather then preventing them from seeing ANY
 -- job_submit/lua: Fix job_desc set field logic

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0pre5
 -- Fix sbatch --export=ALL, it was treated by srun as a request to explicitly
    export only the environment variable named "ALL".
 -- Improve scheduling of jobs in reservations that overlap other reservations.
 -- Modify sgather to make global file systems easier to configure.
 -- Added sacctmgr reconfig to reread the slurmdbd.conf in the slurmdbd.
 -- Modify scontrol job operations to accept comma delimited list of job IDs.
    Applies to job update, hold, release, suspend, resume, requeue, and
    requeuehold operations.
 -- Refactor job_submit/lua interface. LUA FUNCTIONS NEED TO CHANGE! The
    lua script no longer needs to explicitly load meta-tables, but information
    is available directly using names slurm.reservations,,
    slurm.log_info, etc. Also, the job_submit.lua script is reloaded when
    updated without restarting the slurmctld daemon.
 -- Allow users to specify --resv_ports to have value 0.
 -- Cray MPMD (Multiple-Program Multiple-Data) support completed.
 -- Added ability for "scontrol update" to references jobs by JobName (and
    filtered optionally by UserID).
 -- Add support for an advanced reservation start time that remains constant
    relative to the current time. This can be used to prevent the starting of
    longer running jobs on select nodes for maintenance purpose. See the
    reservation flag "TIME_FLOAT" for more information.
 -- Enlarge the jobid field to 18 characters in squeue output.
 -- Added "scontrol write config" option to save a copy of the current
    configuration in a file containing a time stamp.
 -- Eliminate native Cray specific port management. Native Cray systems must
    now use the MpiParams configuration parameter to specify ports to be used
    for commmunications. When upgrading Native Cray systems from version 14.03,
    all running jobs should be killed and the switch_cray_state file (in
    SaveStateLocation of the nodes where the slurmctld daemon runs) must be
    explicitly deleted.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0pre4
 -- Added job array data structure and removed 64k array size restriction.
 -- Added SchedulerParameters options of bf_max_job_array_resv to control how
    many tasks of a job array should have resources reserved for them.
 -- Added more validity checking of incoming job submit requests.
 -- Added srun --export option to set/export specific environment variables.
 -- Scontrol modified to print separate error messages for job arrays with
    different exit codes on the different tasks of the job array. Applies to
    job suspend and resume operations.
 -- Fix race condition in CPU frequency set with job preemption.
 -- Always call select plugin on step termination, even if the job is also
 -- Srun executable names beginning with "." will be resolved based upon the
    working directory and path on the compute node rather than the submit node.
 -- Add node state string suffix of "$" to identify nodes in maintenance
    reservation or scheduled for reboot. This applies to scontrol, sinfo,
    and sview commands.
 -- Enable scontrol to clear a nodes's scheduled reboot by setting its state
    to "RESUME".
 -- As per sbatch and srun documentation when the --signal option is used
    signal only the steps and unless, in the case, of a batch job B is
    specified in which case signal only the batch script.
 -- Modify AuthInfo configuration parameter to accept credential lifetime
 -- Modify crypto/munge plugin to use socket and timeout specified in AuthInfo.
 -- If we have a state for a step on completion put that in the database
    instead of guessing off the exit_code.
 -- Added squeue -P/--priority option that can be used to display pending jobs
    in the same order as used by the Slurm scheduler even if jobs are submitted
    to multiple partitions (job is reported once per usable partition).
 -- Improve the pending reason description for various QOS limits. For each
    QOS limit that causes a job to be pending print its specific reason.
    For example if job pends because of GrpCpus the squeue command will
    print QOSGrpCpuLimit as pending reason.
 -- sched/backfill - Set expected start time of job submitted to multiple
    partitions to the earliest start time on any of the partitions.
 -- Introduce a MAX_BATCH_REQUEUE define that indicates how many times a job
    can be requeued upon prolog failure. When the number is reached the job
    is put on hold with reason JobHoldMaxRequeue.
 -- Add sbatch job array option to limit the number of simultaneously running
    tasks from a job array (e.g. "--array=0-15%4").
 -- Implemented a new QOS limit MinCPUs. Users running under a QOS must
    request a minimum number of CPUs which is at least MinCPUs otherwise
    their job will pend.
 -- Introduced a new pending reason WAIT_QOS_MIN_CPUS to reflect the new QOS
 -- Job array dependency based upon state is now dependent upon the state of
    the array as a whole (e.g. afterok requires ALL tasks to complete
    sucessfully, afternotok is true if ANY tasks does not complete successfully,
    and after requires all tasks to at least be started).
 -- The srun -u/--unbuffered options set the stdout of the task launched
    by srun to be line buffered.
 -- The srun options -/--label and -u/--unbuffered can be specified together.
    This limitation has been removed.
 -- Provide sacct display of gres accounting information per job.
 -- Change the node status size from uin16_t to uint32_t.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0pre3
 -- Move xcpuinfo.[c|h] to the slurmd since it isn't needed anywhere else
    and will avoid the need for all the daemons to link to libhwloc.
 -- Add memory test to job_submit/partition plugin.
 -- Added new internal Slurm functions xmalloc_nz() and xrealloc_nz(), which do
    not initialize the allocated memory to zero for improved performance.
 -- Modify hostlist function to dynamically allocate buffer space for improved
 -- In the job_submit plugin: Remove all slurmctld locks prior to job_submit()
    being called for improved performance. If any slurmctld data structures are
    read or modified, add locks directly in the plugin.
 -- Added PriorityFlag LEVEL_BASED described in doc/html/level_based.shtml
 -- If Fairshare=parent is set on an account, that account's children will be
    effectively reparented for fairshare calculations to the first parent of
    their parent that is not Fairshare=parent.  Limits remain the same,
    only it's fairshare value is affected.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0pre2
 -- Added AllowSpecResourcesUsage configuration parameter in slurm.conf. This
    allows jobs to use specialized resources on nodes allocated to them if the
    job designates --core-spec=0.
 -- Add new SchedulerParameters option of build_queue_timeout to throttle how
    much time can be consumed building the job queue for scheduling.
 -- Added HealthCheckNodeState option of "cycle" to cycle through the compute
    nodes over the course of HealthCheckInterval rather than running all at
    the same time.
 -- Add job "reboot" option for Linux clusters. This invokes the configured
    RebootProgram to reboot nodes allocated to a job before it begins execution.
 -- Added squeue -O/--Format option that makes all job and step fields available
    for printing.
 -- Improve database slurmctld entry speed dramatically.
 -- Add "CPUs" count to output of "scontrol show step".
 -- Add support for lua5.2
 -- scancel -b signals only the batch step neither any other step nor any
    children of the shell script.
 -- Added CpuFreqDef configuration parameter in slurm.conf to specify the
    default CPU frequency and governor to be set at job end.
 -- Added support for job email triggers: TIME_LIMIT, TIME_LIMIT_90 (reached
    90% of time limit), TIME_LIMIT_80 (reached 80% of time limit), and
    TIME_LIMIT_50 (reached 50% of time limit). Applies to salloc, sbatch and
    srun commands.
 -- In slurm.conf add the parameter SrunPortRange=min-max. If this is configured
    then srun will use its dynamic ports only from the configured range.
 -- Make debug_flags 64 bit to handle more flags.

* Changes in Slurm 14.11.0pre1
 -- Modify etc/cgroup.release_common.example to set specify full path to the
    scontrol command. Also find cgroup mount point by reading cgroup.conf file.
 -- Improve qsub wrapper support for passing environment variables.
 -- Modify sdiag to report Slurm RPC traffic by user, type, count and time
 -- In select plugins, stop triggering extra logging based upon the debug flag
    CPU_Bind and use SelectType instead.
 -- Added SchedulerParameters options of bf_yield_interval and bf_yield_sleep
    to control how frequently and for how long the backfill scheduler will
    relinquish its locks.
 -- To support larger numbers of jobs when the StateSaveDirectory is on a
    file system that supports a limited number of files in a directory, add a
    subdirectory called "hash.#" based upon the last digit of the job ID.
 -- More gracefully handle missing batch script file. Just kill the job and do
    not drain the compute node.
 -- Add support for allocation of GRES by model type for heterogenous systems
    (e.g. request a Kepler GPU, a Tesla GPU, or a GPU of any type).
 -- Record and enable display of nodes anticipated to be used for pending jobs.
 -- Modify squeue --start option to print the nodes expected to be used for
    pending job (in addition to expected start time, etc.).
 -- Add association hash to the assoc_mgr.
 -- Better logic to handle resized jobs when the DBD is down.
 -- Introduce MemLimitEnforce yes|no in slurm.conf. If set no Slurm will
    not terminate jobs if they exceed requested memory.
 -- Add support for non-consumable generic resources for resources that are
    limited, but can be shared between jobs.
 -- Introduce 5 new Slurm errors in slurm_errno.h related to job to better
    report error conditions.
 -- Modify scontrol to print error message for each array task when updating
    the entire array.
 -- Added gres_drain and gres_used fields to node_info_t.
 -- Added PriorityParameters configuration parameter in slurm.conf.
 -- Introduce automatic job requeue policy based on exit value. See RequeueExit
    and RequeueExitHold descriptions in slurm.conf man page.
 -- Modify slurmd to cache launched job IDs for more responsive job suspend and
    gang scheduling.
 -- Permit jobs steps full control over cpu_bind options if specialized cores
    are included in the job allocation.
 -- Added ChosLoc configuration parameter to specifiy the pathname of the
    Chroot OS tool.
 -- Sent SIGCONT/SIGTERM when a job is selected for preemption with GraceTime
    configured rather than waiting for GraceTime to be reached before notifying
    the job.
 -- Do not resume a job with specialized cores on a node running another job
    with specialized cores (only one can run at a time).
 -- Add specialized core count to job suspend/resume calls.
 -- task/affinity and task/cgroup - Correct specialized core task binding with
    user supplied invalid CPU mask or map.
 -- Add srun --cpu-freq options to set the CPU governor (OnDemand, Performance,
    PowerSave or UserSpace).
 -- Add support for a job step's CPU governor and/or frequency to be reset on
    suspend/resume (or gang scheduling). The default for an idle CPU will now
    be "ondemand" rather than "userspace" with the lowest frequency (to recover
    from hard slurmd failures and support gang scheduling).
 -- Added PriorityFlags option of Calulate_Running to continue recalculating
    the priority of running jobs.
 -- Replace round-robin front-end node selection with least-loaded algorithm.
 -- CRAY - Improve support of XC30 systems when running natively.
 -- Add new node configuration parameters CoreSpecCount, CPUSpecList and
    MemSpecLimit which support the reservation of resources for system use
    with Linux cgroup.
 -- Add child_forked() function to the slurm_acct_gather_profile plugin to
    close open files, leaving application with no extra open file descriptors.
 -- Cray/ALPS system - Enable backup controller to run outside of the Cray to
    accept new job submissions and most other operations on the pending jobs.
 -- Have sacct print job and task array id's for job arrays.
 -- Smooth out fanout logic
 -- If <sys/prctl.h> is present name major threads in slurmctld, for
    example backfill
    thread: slurmctld_bckfl, the rpc manager: slurmctld_rpcmg etc.
    The name can be seen for example using top -H.
 -- sview - Better job_array support.
 -- Provide more precise error message when job allocation can not be satisfied
    (e.g. memory, disk, cpu count, etc. rather than just "node configuration
    not available").
 -- Create a new DebugFlags named TraceJobs in slurm.conf to print detailed
    information about jobs in slurmctld. The information include job ids, state
    and node count.
 -- When a job dependency can never be satisfied do not cancel the job but keep
    pending with reason WAIT_DEP_INVALID (DependencyNeverSatisfied).

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.12
 -- Make it so previous versions of salloc/srun work with newer versions
    of Slurm daemons.
 -- PMI2 race condition fix.
 -- Avoid delay on commit for PMI rank 0 to improve performance with some
    MPI implementations.
 -- Correct the sbatch pbs parser to process -j.
 -- Squeue modified to not merge tasks of a job array if their wait reasons
 -- Use the slurm_getpwuid_r wrapper of getpwuid_r to handle possible
 -- Allow --ignore-pbs to take effect when read as an #SBATCH argument.
 -- Do not launch step if job killed while the prolog was running.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.11
 -- ALPS - Fix depth for Memory items in BASIL with CLE 5.2
    (changed starting in 5.2.3).
 -- ALPS - Fix issue when tracking memory on a PerNode basis instead of
 -- Modify assoc_mgr_fill_in_qos() to allow for a flag to know if the QOS read
    lock was locked outside of the function or not.
 -- Give even better estimates on pending node count if no node count
    is requested.
 -- Fix jobcomp/mysql plugin for MariaDB 10+/Mysql 5.6+ to work with reserved
    work "partition".
 -- If requested (scontrol reboot node_name) reboot a node even if it has
    an maintenance reservation that is not active yet.
 -- Fix issue where exclusive allocations wouldn't lay tasks out correctly
    with CR_PACK_NODES.
 -- Do not requeue a batch job from slurmd daemon if it is killed while in
    the process of being launched (a race condition introduced in v14.03.9).
 -- Do not let srun overwrite SLURM_JOB_NUM_NODES if already in an allocation.
 -- Prevent a job's end_time from being too small after a basil reservation
 -- Fix sbatch --ntasks-per-core option from setting invalid
    SLURM_NTASKS_PER_CORE environment value.
 -- Prevent scancel abort when no job satisfies filter options.
 -- ALPS - Fix --ntasks-per-core option on multiple nodes.
 -- Double max string that Slurm can pack from 16MB to 32MB to support
    larger MPI2 configurations.
 -- Fix Centos5 compile issues.
 -- Log Cray MPI job calling exit() without mpi_fini(), but do not treat it as
    a fatal error. This partially reverts logic added in version 14.03.9.
 -- sview - Fix displaying of suspended steps elapsed times.
 -- Increase number of messages that get cached before throwing them away
    when the DBD is down.
 -- Fix jobs from starting in overlapping reservations that won't finish before
    a "maint" reservation begins.
 -- Fix "squeue --start" to override SQUEUE_FORMAT env variable.
 -- Restore GRES functionality with select/linear plugin. It was broken in
    version  14.03.10.
 -- Fix possible race condition when attempting to use QOS on a system running
 -- Sanity check for Correct QOS on startup.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.10
 -- Fix a few sacctmgr error messages.
 -- Treat non-zero SlurmSchedLogLevel without SlurmSchedLogFile as a fatal
 -- Correct sched_config.html documentation SchedulingParameters
    should be SchedulerParameters.
 -- When using gres and cgroup ConstrainDevices set correct access
    permission for the batch step.
 -- Fix minor memory leak in jobcomp/mysql on slurmctld reconfig.
 -- Fix bug that prevented preservation of a job's GRES bitmap on slurmctld
    restart or reconfigure (bug was introduced in 14.03.5 "Clear record of a
    job's gres when requeued" and only applies when GRES mapped to specific
 -- BGQ: Fix race condition when job fails due to hardware failure and is
    requeued. Previous code could result in slurmctld abort with NULL pointer.
 -- Prevent negative job array index, which could cause slurmctld to crash.
 -- Fix issue with squeue/scontrol showing correct node_cnt when only tasks
    are specified.
 -- Check the status of the database connection before using it.
 -- ALPS - If an allocation requests -n set the BASIL -N option to the
    amount of tasks / number of node.
 -- ALPS - Don't set the env var APRUN_DEFAULT_MEMORY, it is not needed anymore.
 -- Fix potential buffer overflow.
 -- Give better estimates on pending node count if no node count is requested.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix issue where requeuing jobs could cause an assert.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.9
 -- If slurmd fails to stat(2) the configuration print the string describing
    the error code.
 -- Fix for mixing core base reservations with whole node based reservations
    to avoid overlapping erroneously.
 -- BLUEGENE - Remove references to Base Partition.
 -- sview - If compiled on a non-bluegene system then used to view a BGQ fix
    to allow sview to display blocks correctly.
 -- Fix bug in update reservation. When modifying the reservation the end time
    was set incorrectly.
 -- The start time of a reservation that is in ACTIVE state cannot be modified.
 -- Update the cgroup documentation about release agent for devices.
 -- MYSQL - fix for setting up preempt list on a QOS for multiple QOS.
 -- Correct a minor error in the scancel.1 man page related to the
    --signal option.
 -- Enhance the scancel.1 man page to document the sequence of signals sent
 -- Fix slurmstepd core dump if the cgroup hierarchy is not completed
    when terminating the job.
 -- Fix hostlist_shift to be able to give correct node names on names with a
    different number of dimensions than the cluster.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix invalid pointer in corner case in the plugin.
 -- Make sure on a reconfigure the select information for a node is preserved.
 -- Correct logic to support job GRES specification over 31 bits (problem
    in logic converting int to uint32_t).
 -- Remove logic that was creating GRES bitmap for node when not needed (only
    needed when GRES mapped to specific files).
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix sinfo -tr before it would only print idle nodes correctly.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for licenses_only reservation on bluegene systems.
 -- sview - Verify pointer before using strchr.
 -- -M option on tools talking to a Cray from a non-Cray fixed.
 -- CRAY - Fix rpmbuild issue for missing file slurm.conf.template.
 -- Fix race condition when dealing with removing many associations at
    different times when reservations are using the associations that are
    being deleted.
 -- When a node's state is set to power_down/power_up, then execute
    SuspendProgram/ResumeProgram even if previously executed for that node.
 -- Fix logic determining when job configuration (i.e. running node power up
    logic) is complete.
 -- Setting the state of a node in powered down state node to "resume" will
    no longer cause it to reboot, but only clear the "drain" state flag.
 -- Fix srun documentation to remove SLURM_NODELIST being equivalent as the -w
    option (since it isn't).
 -- Fix issue with --hint=nomultithread and allocations with steps running
    arbitrary layouts (test1.59).
 -- PrivateData=reservation modified to permit users to view the reservations
    which they have access to (rather then preventing them from seeing ANY
    reservation).  Backport from 14.11 commit 77c2bd25c.
 -- Fix PrivateData=reservation when using associations to give privileges to
    a reservation.
 -- Better checking to see if select plugin is linear or not.
 -- Add support for time specification of "fika" (3 PM).
 -- Standardize qstat wrapper more.
 -- Provide better estimate of minimum node count for pending jobs using more
    job parameters.
 -- ALPS - Add SubAllocate to cray.conf file for those who like the way <=2.5
    did the ALPS reservation.
 -- Safer check to avoid invalid reads when shutting down the slurmctld with
    lots of jobs.
 -- Fix minor memory leak in the backfill scheduler when shutting down.
 -- Add ArchiveResvs to the output of sacctmgr show config and init the variable
    on slurmdbd startup.
 -- SLURMDBD - Only set the archive flag if purging the object
    (i.e ArchiveJobs PurgeJobs).  This is only a cosmetic change.
 -- Fix for job step memory allocation logic if step requests GRES and memory
    is not allocations are not managed.
 -- Fix sinfo to display mixed nodes as allocated in '%F' output.
 -- Sview - Fix cpu and node counts for partitions.
 -- Ignore NO_VAL in SLURMDB_PURGE_* macros.
 -- ALPS - Don't drain nodes if epilog fails.  It leaves them in drain state
    with no way to get them out.
 -- Fix issue with task/affinity oversubscribing cpus erroneously when
    using --ntasks-per-node.
 -- MYSQL - Fix load of archive files.
 -- Treat Cray MPI job calling exit() without mpi_fini() as fatal error for
    that specific task and let srun handle all timeout logic.
 -- Fix small memory leak in jobcomp/mysql.
 -- Correct tracking of licenses for suspended jobs on slurmctld reconfigure or
 -- If failed to launch a batch job requeue it in hold.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.8
 -- Fix minor memory leak when Job doesn't have nodes on it (Meaning the job
    has finished)
 -- Fix sinfo/sview to be able to query against nodes in reserved and other
 -- Make sbatch/salloc read in (SLURM|(SBATCH|SALLOC))_HINT in order to
    handle sruns in the script that will use it.
 -- srun properly interprets a leading "." in the executable name based upon
    the working directory of the compute node rather than the submit host.
 -- Fix Lustre misspellings in hdf5 guide
 -- Fix wrong reference in slurm.conf man page to what --profile option should
    be used for AcctGatherFilesystemType.
 -- Update HDF5 document to point out the SlurmdUser is who creates the
    ProfileHDF5Dir directory as well as all it's sub-directories and files.
 -- CRAY NATIVE - Remove error message for srun's ran inside an salloc that
    had --network= specified.
 -- Defer job step initiation of required GRES are in use by other steps rather
    than immediately returning an error.
 -- Deprecate --cpu_bind from sbatch and salloc.  These never worked correctly
    and only caused confusion since the cpu_bind options mostly refer to a
    step we opted to only allow srun to set them in future versions.
 -- Modify sgather to work if Nodename and NodeHostname differ.
 -- Changed use of JobContainerPlugin where it should be JobContainerType.
 -- Fix for possible error if job has GRES, but the step explicitly requests a
    GRES count of zero.
 -- Make "srun --gres=none ..." work when executed without a job allocation.
 -- Change the global eio_shutdown_time to a field in eio handle.
 -- Advanced reservation fixes for heterogeneous systems, especially when
    reserving cores.
 -- If --hint=nomultithread is used in a job allocation make sure any srun's
    ran inside the allocation can read the environment correctly.
 -- If batchdir can't be made set errno correctly so the slurmctld is notified
 -- Remove repeated batch complete if batch directory isn't able to be made
    since the slurmd will send the same message.
 -- sacctmgr fix default format for list transactions.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix backfill issue with backfilling jobs on blocks already
    reserved for higher priority jobs.
 -- When creating job arrays the job specification files for each elements
    are hard links to the first element specification files. If the controller
    fails to make the links the files are copied instead.
 -- Fix error handling for job array create failure due to inability to copy
    job files (script and environment).
 -- Added patch in the contribs directory for integrating make version 4.0 with
    Slurm and renamed the previous patch "make-3.81.slurm.patch".
 -- Don't wait for an update message from the DBD to finish before sending rc
    message back.  In slow systems with many associations this could speed
    responsiveness in sacctmgr after adding associations.
 -- Eliminate race condition in enforcement of MaxJobCount limit for job arrays.
 -- Fix anomaly allocating cores for GRES with specific device/CPU mapping.
 -- cons_res - When requesting exclusive access make sure we set the number
    of cpus in the job_resources_t structure so as nodes finish the correct
    cpu count is displayed in the user tools.
 -- If the job_submit plugin calls take longer than 1 second to run, print a
 -- Make sure transfer_s_p_options transfers all the portions of the
    s_p_options_t struct.
 -- Correct the srun man page, the SLURM_CPU_BIND_VERBOSE, SLURM_CPU_BIND_TYPE
    SLURM_CPU_BIND_LIST environment variable are set only when task/affinity
    plugin is configured.
 -- sacct - Initialize variables correctly to avoid incorrect structure
 -- Performance adjustment to avoid calling a function multiple times when it
    only needs to be called once.
 -- Give more correct waiting reason if job is waiting on association/QOS
    MaxNode limit.
 -- DB - When sending lft updates to the slurmctld only send non-deleted lfts.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix documentation on how to build a reservation less than
    a midplane.
 -- If Slurmctld fails to read the job environment consider it an error
    and abort the job.
 -- Add the name of the node a job is running on to the message printed by
    slurmstepd when terminating a job.
 -- Remove unsupported options from sacctmgr help and the dump function.
 -- Update sacctmgr man page removing reference to obsolete parameter
 -- Added more validity checking of incoming job submit requests.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.7
 -- Correct typos in man pages.
 -- Add note to MaxNodesPerUser and multiple jobs running on the same node
    counting as multiple nodes.
 -- PerlAPI - fix renamed call from slurm_api_set_conf_file to
 -- Fix gres race condition that could result in job deallocation error message.
 -- Correct NumCPUs count for jobs with --exclusive option.
 -- When creating reservation with CoreCnt, check that Slurm uses
    SelectType=select/cons_res, otherwise don't send the request to slurmctld
    and return an error.
 -- Save the state of scheduled node reboots so they will not be lost should the
    slurmctld restart.
 -- In select/cons_res plugin - Insure the node count does not exceed the task
 -- switch/nrt - Do not explicitly unload windows for a job on termination,
    only unload its table (which automatically unloads its windows).
 -- When HealthCheckNodeState is configured as IDLE don't run the
    HealthCheckProgram for nodes in any other states than IDLE.
 -- Remove all slurmctld locks prior to job_submit() being called in plugins.
    If any slurmctld data structures are read or modified, add locks directly
    in the plugin.
 -- Minor sanity check to verify the string sent in isn't NULL when using
 -- CRAY NATIVE - Fix issue on heavy systems to only run the NHC once per
    job/step completion.
 -- Remove unneeded step cleanup for pending steps.
 -- Fix issue where if a batch job was manually requeued the batch step
    information wasn't stored in accounting.
 -- When job is release from a requeue hold state clean up its previous
    exit code.
 -- Correct the srun man page about how the output from the user application
    is sent to srun.
 -- Increase the timeout of the main thread while waiting for the i/o thread.
    Allow up to 180 seconds for the i/o thread to complete.
 -- When using sacct -c to read the job completion data compute the correct
    job elapsed time.
 -- Perl package: Define some missing node states.
 -- When using AccountingStorageType=accounting_storage/mysql zero out the
    database index for the array elements avoiding duplicate database values.
 -- Reword the explanation of cputime and cputimeraw in the sacct man page.
 -- JobCompType allows "jobcomp/mysql" as valid name but the code used
    "job_comp/mysql" setting an incorrect default database.
 -- Try to load only when necessary.
 -- When nodes scheduled for reboot, set state to DOWN rather than FUTURE so
    they are still visible to sinfo. State set to IDLE after reboot completes.
 -- Apply BatchStartTimeout configuration to task launch and avoid aborting
    srun commands due to long running Prolog scripts.
 -- Fix minor memory leaks when freeing node_info_t structure.
 -- Fix various memory leaks in sview
 -- If a batch script is requeued and running steps get correct exit code/signal
    previous it was always -2.
 -- If step exitcode hasn't been set display with sacct the -2 instead
    of acting like it is a signal and exitcode.
 -- Send calculated step_rc for batch step instead of raw status as
    done for normal steps.
 -- If a job times out, set the exit code in accounting to 1 instead of the
    signal 1.
 -- Update the acct_gather.conf.5 man page removing the reference to
 -- Fix gang scheduling for jobs submitted to multiple partitions.
 -- Enable srun to submit job to multiple partitions.
 -- Update slurm.conf man page. When Epilog or Prolog fail the node state
    is set ro DRAIN.
 -- Start a job in the highest priority partition possible, even if it requires
    preempting other jobs and delaying initiation, rather than using a lower
    priority partition. Previous logic would preempt lower priority jobs, but
    then might start the job in a lower priority partition and not use the
    resources released by the preempted jobs.
 -- Fix SelectTypeParameters=CR_PACK_NODES for srun making both job and step
    resource allocation.
 -- BGQ - Make it possible to pack multiple tasks on a core when not using
    the entire cnode.
 -- MYSQL - if unable to connect to mysqld close connection that was inited.
 -- DBD - when connecting make sure we wait MessageTimeout + 5 since the
    timeout when talking to the Database is the same timeout so a race
    condition could occur in the requesting client when receiving the response
    if the database is unresponsive.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.6
 -- Added examples to demonstrate the use of the sacct -T option to the man
 -- Fix for regression in 14.03.5 with sacctmgr load when Parent has "'"
    around it.
 -- Update comments in sacctmgr dump header.
 -- Fix for possible abort on change in GRES configuration.
 -- CRAY - fix modules file, (backport from 14.11 commit 78fe86192b.
 -- Fix race condition which could result in requeue if batch job exit and node
    registration occur at the same time.
 -- switch/nrt - Unload job tables (in addition to windows) in user space mode.
 -- Differentiate between two identical debug messages about purging vestigial
    job scripts.
 -- If the socket used by slurmstepd to communicate with slurmd exist when
    slurmstepd attempts to create it, for example left over from a previous
    requeue or crash, delete it and recreate it.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.5
 -- If a srun runs in an exclusive allocation and doesn't use the entire
    allocation and CR_PACK_NODES is set layout tasks appropriately.
 -- Correct Shared field in job state information seen by scontrol, sview, etc.
 -- Print Slurm error string in scontrol update job and reset the Slurm errno
    before each call to the API.
 -- Fix task/cgroup to handle -mblock:fcyclic correctly
 -- Fix for core-based advanced reservations where the distribution of cores
    across nodes is not even.
 -- Fix issue where association maxnodes wouldn't be evaluated correctly if a
    QOS had a GrpNodes set.
 -- GRES fix with multiple files defined per line in gres.conf.
 -- When a job is requeued make sure accounting marks it as such.
 -- Print the state of requeued job as REQUEUED.
 -- Fix if a job's partition was taken away from it don't allow a requeue.
 -- Make sure we lock on the conf when sending slurmd's conf to the slurmstepd.
 -- Fix issue with sacctmgr 'load' not able to gracefully handle bad formatted
 -- sched/backfill: Correct job start time estimate with advanced reservations.
 -- Error message added when in proctrack/cgroup the step freezer path isn't
    able to be destroyed for debug.
 -- Added extra index's into the database for better performance when
    deleting users.
 -- Fix issue with wckeys when tracking wckeys, but not enforcing them,
    you could get multiple '*' wckeys.
 -- Fix bug which could report to squeue the wrong partition for a running job
    that is submitted to multiple partitions.
 -- Report correct CPU count allocated to job when allocated whole node even if
    not using all CPUs.
 -- If job's constraints cannot be satisfied put it in pending state with reason
    BadConstraints and don't remove it.
 -- sched/backfill - If job started with infinite time limit, set its end_time
    one year in the future.
 -- Clear record of a job's gres when requeued.
 -- Clear QOS GrpUsedCPUs when resetting raw usage if QOS is not using any cpus.
 -- Remove log message left over from debugging.
 -- When using CR_PACK_NODES fix make --ntasks-per-node work correctly.
 -- Report correct partition associated with a step if the job is submitted to
    multiple partitions.
 -- Fix to allow removing of preemption from a QOS
 -- If the proctrack plugins fail to destroy the job container print an error
    message and avoid to loop forever, give up after 120 seconds.
 -- Make srun obey POSIX convention and increase the exit code by 128 when the
    process terminated by a signal.
 -- Sanity check for acct_gather_energy/rapl
 -- If the proctrack plugins fail to destroy the job container print an error
    message and avoid to loop forever, give up after 120 seconds.
 -- If the sbatch command specifies the option --signal=B:signum sent the signal
    to the batch script only.
 -- If we cancel a task and we have no other exit code send the signal and
    exit code.
 -- Added note about InnoDB storage engine being used with MySQL.
 -- Set the job exit code when the job is signaled and set the log level to
    debug2() when processing an already completed job.
 -- Reset diagnostics time stamp when "sdiag --reset" is called.
 -- squeue and scontrol to report a job's "shared" value based upon partition
    options rather than reporting "unknown" if job submission does not use
    --exclusive or --shared option.
 -- task/cgroup - Fix cpuset binding for batch script.
 -- sched/backfill - Fix anomaly that could result in jobs being scheduled out
    of order.
 -- Expand pseudo-terminal size data structure field sizes from 8 to 16 bits.
 -- Set the job exit code when the job is signaled and set the log level to
    debug2() when processing an already completed job.
 -- Distinguish between two identical error messages.
 -- If using accounting_storage/mysql directly without a DBD fix issue with
    start of requeued jobs.
 -- If a job fails because of batch node failure and the job is requeued and an
    epilog complete message comes from that node do not process the batch step
    information since the job has already been requeued because the epilog
    script running isn't guaranteed in this situation.
 -- Change message to note a NO_VAL for return code could of come from node
    failure as well as interactive user.
 -- Modify test4.5 to only look at one partition instead of all of them.
 -- Fix sh5util -u to accept username different from the user that runs the
 -- Corrections to man pages:salloc.1 sbatch.1 srun.1 nonstop.conf.5
 -- Restore srun --pty resize ability.
 -- Have sacctmgr dump cluster handle situations where users or such have
    special characters in their names like ':'
 -- Add more debugging for information should the job ran on wrong node
    and should there be problems accessing the state files.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.4
 -- Fix issue where not enforcing QOS but a partition either allows or denies
 -- CRAY - Make switch/cray default when running on a Cray natively.
 -- CRAY - Make job_container/cncu default when running on a Cray natively.
 -- Disable job time limit change if it's preemption is in progress.
 -- Correct logic to properly enforce job preemption GraceTime.
 -- Fix sinfo -R to print each down/drained node once, rather than once per
 -- If a job has non-responding node, retry job step create rather than
    returning with DOWN node error.
 -- Support SLURM_CONF path which does not have "slurm.conf" as the file name.
 -- CRAY - make job_container/cncu default when running on a Cray natively
 -- Fix issue where batch cpuset wasn't looked at correctly in
 -- Correct squeue's job node and CPU counts for requeued jobs.
 -- Correct SelectTypeParameters=CR_LLN with job selecition of specific nodes.
 -- Only if ALL of their partitions are hidden will a job be hidden by default.
 -- Run EpilogSlurmctld for a job is killed during slurmctld reconfiguration.
 -- Close window with srun if waiting for an allocation and while printing
    something you also get a signal which would produce deadlock.
 -- Add SelectTypeParameters option of CR_PACK_NODES to pack a job's tasks
    tightly on its allocated nodes rather than distributing them evenly across
    the allocated nodes.
 -- cpus-per-task support: Try to pack all CPUs of each tasks onto one socket.
    Previous logic could spread the tasks CPUs across multiple sockets.
 -- Add new distribution method fcyclic so when a task is using multiple cpus
    it can bind cyclically across sockets.
 -- task/affinity - When using --hint=nomultithread only bind to the first
    thread in a core.
 -- Make cgroup task layout (block | cyclic) method mirror that of
 -- If TaskProlog sets SLURM_PROLOG_CPU_MASK reset affinity for that task
    based on the mask given.
 -- Keep supporting 'srun -N x --pty bash' for historical reasons.
 -- If EnforcePartLimits=Yes and QOS job is using can override limits, allow
 -- Fix issues if partition allows or denies account's or QOS' and either are
    not set.
 -- If a job requests a partition and it doesn't allow a QOS or account the
    job is requesting pend unless EnforcePartLimits=Yes.  Before it would
    always kill the job at submit.
 -- Fix format output of scontrol command when printing node state.
 -- Improve the clean up of cgroup hierarchy when using the
    jobacct_gather/cgroup plugin.
 -- Added SchedulerParameters value of Ignore_NUMA.
 -- Fix issues with code when using automake 1.14.1
 -- select/cons_res plugin: Fix memory leak related to job preemption.
 -- After reconfig rebuild the job node counters only for jobs that have
    not finished yet, otherwise if requeued the job may enter an invalid
    COMPLETING state.
 -- Do not purge the script and environment files for completed jobs on
    slurmctld reconfiguration or restart (they might be later requeued).
 -- scontrol now accepts the option job=xxx or jobid=xxx for the requeue,
    requeuehold and release operations.
 -- task/cgroup - fix to bind batch job in the proper CPUs.
 -- Added strigger option of -N, --noheader to not print the header when
    displaying a list of triggers.
 -- Modify strigger to accept arguments to the program to execute when an
    event trigger occurs.
 -- Attempt to create duplicate event trigger now generates ESLURM_TRIGGER_DUP
    ("Duplicate event trigger").
 -- Treat special characters like %A, %s etc. literally in the file names
    when specified escaped e.g. sbatch -o /home/zebra\\%s will not expand
    %s as the stepid of the running job.
 -- CRAYALPS - Add better support for CLE 5.2 when running Slurm over ALPS.
 -- Test time when job_state file was written to detect multiple primary
    slurmctld daemons (e.g. both backup and primary are functioning as
    primary and there is a split brain problem).
 -- Fix scontrol to accept update jobid=# numtasks=#
 -- If the backup slurmctld assumes primary status, then do NOT purge any
    job state files (batch script and environment files) and do not re-use them.
    This may indicate that multiple primary slurmctld daemons are active (e.g.
    both backup and primary are functioning as primary and there is a split
    brain problem).
 -- Set correct error code when requeuing a completing/pending job
 -- When checking for if dependency of type afterany, afterok and afternotok
    don't clear the dependency if the job is completing.
 -- Cleanup the JOB_COMPLETING flag and eventually requeue the job when the
    last epilog completes, either slurmd epilog or slurmctld epilog, whichever
    comes last.
 -- When attempting to requeue a job distinguish the case in which the job is
    JOB_COMPLETING or already pending.
 -- When reconfiguring the controller don't restart the slurmctld epilog if it
    is already running.
 -- Email messages for job array events print now use the job ID using the
    format "#_# (#)" rather than just the internal job ID.
 -- Set the number of free licenses to be 0 if the global license count
    decreases and total is less than in use.
 -- Add DebugFlag of BackfillMap. Previously a DebugFlag value of Backfill
    logged information about what it was doing plus a map of expected resouce
    use in the future. Now that very verbose resource use map is only logged
    with a DebugFlag value of BackfillMap
 -- Fix slurmstepd core dump.
 -- Modify the description of -E and -S option of sacct command as point in time
    'before' or 'after' the database records are returned.
 -- Correct support for partition with Shared=YES configuration.
 -- If job requests --exclusive then do not use nodes which have any cores in an
    advanced reservation. Also prevents case where nodes can be shared by other
 -- For "scontrol --details show job" report the correct CPU_IDs when thre are
    multiple threads per core (we are translating a core bitmap to CPU IDs).
 -- If DebugFlags=Protocol is configured in slurm.conf print details of the
    connection, ip address and port accepted by the controller.
 -- Fix minor memory leak when reading in incomplete node data checkpoint file.
 -- Enlarge the width specifier when printing partition SHARE to display larger
    sharing values.
 -- sinfo locks added to prevent possibly duplicate record printing for
    resources in multiple partitions.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.3-2
 -- BGQ - Fix issue with uninitialized variable.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.3
 -- Correction to default batch output file name. In version 14.03.2 was using
    "slurm_<jobid>_4294967294.out" due to error in job array logic.
 -- In slurm.spec file, replace "Requires cray-MySQL-devel-enterprise" with
    "Requires mysql-devel".

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.2
 -- Fix race condition if PrologFlags=Alloc,NoHold is used.
 -- Cray - Make NPC only limit running other NPC jobs on shared blades instead
    of limited non NPC jobs.
 -- Fix for sbatch #PBS -m (mail) option parsing.
 -- Fix job dependency bug. Jobs dependent upon multiple other jobs may start
 -- Set "Reason" field for all elements of a job array on short-circuited
    scheduling for job arrays.
 -- Allow -D option of salloc/srun/sbatch to specify relative path.
 -- Added SchedulerParameter of batch_sched_delay to permit many batch jobs
    to be submitted between each scheduling attempt to reduce overhead of
    scheduling logic.
 -- Added job reason of "SchedTimeout" if the scheduler was not able to reach
    the job to attempt scheduling it.
 -- Add job's exit state and exit code to email message.
 -- scontrol hold/release accepts job name option (in addition to job ID).
 -- Handle when trying to cancel a step that hasn't started yet better.
 -- Handle Max/GrpCPU limits better
 -- Add --priority option to salloc, sbatch and srun commands.
 -- Honor partition priorities over job priorities.
 -- Fix sacct -c when using jobcomp/filetxt to read newer variables
 -- Fix segfault of sacct -c if spaces are in the variables.
 -- Release held job only with "scontrol release <jobid>" and not by resetting
    the job's priority. This is needed to support job arrays better.
 -- Correct squeue command not to merge jobs with state pending and completing
 -- Fix issue where user is requesting --acctg-freq=0 and no memory limits.
 -- Fix issue with GrpCPURunMins if a job's timelimit is altered while the job
    is running.
 -- Temporary fix for handling our typemap for the perl api with newer perl.
 -- Fix allowgroup on bad group seg fault with the controller.
 -- Handle node ranges better when dealing with accounting max node limits.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.1-2
 -- Update configure to set correct version without having to run

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.1
 -- Add support for job std_in, std_out and std_err fields in Perl API.
 -- Add "Scheduling Configuration Guide" web page.
 -- BGQ - fix check for jobinfo when it is NULL
 -- Do not check cleaning on "pending" steps.
 -- task/cgroup plugin - Fix for building on older hwloc (v1.0.2).
 -- In the PMI implementation by default don't check for duplicate keys.
    Set the SLURM_PMI_KVS_DUP_KEYS if you want the code to check for
    duplicate keys.
 -- Add job submission time to squeue.
 -- Permit user root to propagate resource limits higher than the hard limit
    slurmd has on that compute node has (i.e. raise both current and maximum
 -- Fix issue with license used count when doing an scontrol reconfig.
 -- Fix the PMI iterator to not report duplicated keys.
 -- Fix issue with sinfo when -o is used without the %P option.
 -- Rather than immediately invoking an execution of the scheduling logic on
    every event type that can enable the execution of a new job, queue its
    execution. This permits faster execution of some operations, such as
    modifying large counts of jobs, by executing the scheduling logic less
    frequently, but still in a timely fashion.
 -- If the environment variable is greater than MAX_ENV_STRLEN don't
    set it in the job env otherwise the exec() fails.
 -- Optimize scontrol hold/release logic for job arrays.
 -- Modify srun to report an exit code of zero rather than nine if some tasks
    exit with a return code of zero and others are killed with SIGKILL. Only an
    exit code of zero did this.
 -- Fix a typo in scontrol man page.
 -- Avoid slurmctld crash getting job info if detail_ptr is NULL.
 -- Fix sacctmgr add user where both defaultaccount and accounts are specified.
 -- Added SchedulerParameters option of max_sched_time to limit how long the
    main scheduling loop can execute for.
 -- Added SchedulerParameters option of sched_interval to control how frequently
    the main scheduling loop will execute.
 -- Move start time of main scheduling loop timeout after locks are aquired.
 -- Add squeue job format option of "%y" to print a job's nice value.
 -- Update scontrol update jobID logic to operate on entire job arrays.
 -- Fix PrologFlags=Alloc to run the prolog on each of the nodes in the
    allocation instead of just the first.
 -- Fix race condition if a step is starting while the slurmd is being
 -- Make sure a job's prolog has ran before starting a step.
 -- BGQ - Fix invalid memory read when using DefaultConnType in the
 -- Make sure we send node state to the DBD on clean start of controller.
 -- Fix some sinfo and squeue sorting anomalies due to differences in data
 -- Only send message back to slurmctld when PrologFlags=Alloc is used on a
    Cray/ALPS system, otherwise use the slurmd to wait on the prolog to gate
    the start of the step.
 -- Remove need to check PrologFlags=Alloc in slurmd since we can tell if prolog
    has ran yet or not.
 -- Fix squeue to use a correct macro to check job state.
 -- BGQ - Fix incorrect logic issues if MaxBlockInError=0 in the bluegene.conf.
 -- priority/basic - Insure job priorities continue to decrease when jobs are
    submitted with the --nice option.
 -- Make the PrologFlag=Alloc work on batch scripts
 -- Make PrologFlag=NoHold (automatically sets PrologFlag=Alloc) not hold in
    salloc/srun, instead wait in the slurmd when a step hits a node and the
    prolog is still running.
 -- Added --cpu-freq=highm1 (high minus one) option.
 -- Expand StdIn/Out/Err string length output by "scontrol show job" from 128
    to 1024 bytes.
 -- squeue %F format will now print the job ID for non-array jobs.
 -- Use quicksort for all priority based job sorting, which improves performance
    significantly with large job counts.
 -- If a job has already been released from a held state ignore successive
    release requests.
 -- Fix srun/salloc/sbatch man pages for the --no-kill option.
 -- Add squeue -L/--licenses option to filter jobs by license names.
 -- Handle abort job on node on front end systems without core dumping.
 -- Fix dependency support for job arrays.
 -- When updating jobs verify the update request is not identical to
    the current settings.
 -- When sorting jobs and priorities are equal sort by job_id.
 -- Do not overwrite existing reason for node being down or drained.
 -- Requeue batch job if Munge is down and credential can not be created.
 -- Make _slurm_init_msg_engine() tolerate bug in bind() returning a busy
    ephemeral port.
 -- Don't block scheduling of entire job array if it could run in multiple
 -- Introduce a new debug flag Protocol to print protocol requests received
    together with the remote IP address and port.
 -- CRAY - Set up the network even when only using 1 node.
 -- CRAY - Greatly reduce the number of error messages produced from the task
    plugin and provide more information in the message.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.0
 -- job_submit/lua: Fix invalid memory reference if script returns error message
    for user.
 -- Add logic to sleep and retry if slurm.conf can't be read.
 -- Reset a node's CpuLoad value at least once each SlurmdTimeout seconds.
 -- Scheduler enhancements for reservations: When a job needs to run in
    reservation, but can not due to busy resources, then do not block all jobs
    in that partition from being scheduled, but only the jobs in that
 -- Export "SLURM*" environment variables from sbatch even if --export=NONE.
 -- When recovering node state if the Slurm version is 2.6 or 2.5 set the
    protocol version to be SLURM_2_5_PROTOCOL_VERSION which is the minimum
    supported version.
 -- Update the scancel man page documenting the -s option.
 -- Update sacctmgr man page documenting how to modify account's QOS.
 -- Fix for sjstat which currently does not print >1TB memory values correctly.
 -- Change xmalloc()/xfree() to malloc()/free() in hostlist.c for better
 -- Update squeue.1 man page describing the SPECIAL_EXIT state.
 -- Added scontrol option of errnumstr to return error message given a slurm
    error number.
 -- If srun invoked with the --multi-prog option, but no task count, then use
    the task count provided in the MPMD configuration file.
 -- Prevent sview abort on some systems when adding or removing columns to the
    display for nodes, jobs, partitions, etc.
 -- Add job array hash table for improved performance.
 -- Make AccountingStorageEnforce=all not include nojobs or nosteps.
 -- Added sacctmgr mod qos set RawUsage=0.
 -- Modify hostlist functions to accept more than two numeric ranges (e.g.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.0rc1
 -- Fixed typos in srun_cr man page.
 -- Run job scheduling logic immediately when nodes enter service.
 -- Added sbatch '--parsable' option to output only the job id number and the
    cluster name separated by a semicolon. Errors will still be displayed.
 -- Added failure management "slurmctld/nonstop" plugin.
 -- Prevent jobs being killed when a checkpoint plugin is enabled or disabled.
 -- Update the documentation about SLURM_PMI_KVS_NO_DUP_KEYS environment
 -- select/cons_res bug fix for range of node counts with --cpus-per-task
    option (e.g. "srun -N2-3 -c2 hostname" would allocate 2 CPUs on the first
    node and 0 CPUs on the second node).
 -- Change reservation flags field from 16 to 32-bits.
 -- Add reservation flag value of "FIRST_CORES".
 -- Added the idea of Resources to the database.  Framework for handling
    license servers outside of Slurm.
 -- When starting the slurmctld only send past job/node state information to
    accounting if running for the first time (should speed up startup
    dramatically on systems with lots of nodes or lots of jobs).
 -- Compile and run on FreeBSD 8.4.
 -- Make job array expressions more flexible to accept multiple step counts in
    the expression (e.g. "--array=1-10:2,50-60:5,123").
 -- switch/cray - add state save/restore logic tracking allocated ports.
 -- SchedulerParameters - Replace max_job_bf with bf_max_job_start (both will
    work for now).
 -- Add SchedulerParameters options of preempt_reorder_count and
 -- Make memory types in acct_gather uint64_t to handle systems with more than
    4TB of memory on them.
 -- BGQ - --export=NONE option for srun to make it so only the SLURM_JOB_ID
    and SLURM_STEP_ID env vars are set.
 -- Munge plugins - Add sleep between retries if can't connect to socket.
 -- Added DebugFlags value of "License".
 -- Added --enable-developer which will give you -Werror when compiling.
 -- Fix for job request with GRES count of zero.
 -- Fix a potential memory leak in hostlist.
 -- Job array dependency logic: Cache results for major performance improvement.
 -- Modify squeue to support filter on job states Special_Exit and Resizing.
 -- Defer purging job record until after EpilogSlurmctld completes.
 -- Add -j option for jobid to sbcast.
 -- Fix handling RPCs from a 14.03 slurmctld to a 2.6 slurmd

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.0pre6
 -- Modify slurmstepd to log messages according to the LogTimeFormat
    parameter in slurm.conf.
 -- Insure that overlapping reservations do not oversubscribe available
 -- Added core specialization logic to select/cons_res plugin.
 -- Added whole_node field to job_resources structure and enable gang scheduling
    for jobs with core specialization.
 -- When using FastSchedule = 1 the nodes with less than configured resources
    are not longer set DOWN, they are set to DRAIN instead.
 -- Modified 'sacctmgr show associations' command to show GrpCPURunMins
    by default.
 -- Replace the hostlist_push() function with a more efficient
 -- Modify the reading of lustre file system statistics to print more
    information when debug and when io error occur.
 -- Add specialized core count field to job credential data.
    NOTE: This changes the communications protocol from other pre-releases of
    version 14.03. All programs must be cancelled and daemons upgraded from
    previous pre-releases of version 14.03. Upgrades from version 2.6 or earlier
    can take place without loss of jobs
 -- Add version number to node and front-end configuration information visible
    using the scontrol tool.
 -- Add idea of a RESERVED flag for node state so idle resources are marked
    not "idle" when in a reservation.
 -- Added core specialization plugin infrastructure.
 -- Added new job_submit/trottle plugin to control the rate at which a user
    can submit jobs.
 -- CRAY - added network performance counters option.
 -- Allow scontrol suspend/resume to accept jobid in the format jobid_taskid
    to suspend/resume array elements.
 -- In the slurmctld job record, split "shared" variable into "share_res" (share
    resource) and "whole_node" fields.
 -- Fix the format of SLURM_STEP_RESV_PORTS. It was generated incorrectly
    when using the hostlist_push_host function and input surrounded by [].
 -- Modify the srun --slurmd-debug option to accept debug string tags
    (quiet, fatal, error, info verbose) beside the numerical values.
 -- Fix the bug where --cpu_bind=map_cpu is interpreted as mask_cpu.
 -- Update the documentation egarding the state of cpu frequencies after
    a step using --cpu-freq completes.
 -- CRAY - Fix issue when a job is requeued and nhc is still running as it is
    being scheduled to run again.  This would erase the previous job info
    that was still needed to clean up the nodes from the previous job run.
    (Bug 526).
 -- Set SLURM_JOB_PARTITION environment variable set for all job allocations.
 -- Set SLURM_JOB_PARTITION environment variable for Prolog program.
 -- Added SchedulerParameters option of partition_job_depth to limit scheduling
    logic depth by partition.
 -- Handle the case in which errno is not reset to 0 after calling
    getgrent_r(), which causes the controller to core dump.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.0pre5
 -- Added squeue format option of "%X" (core specialization count).
 -- Added core specialization web page (just a start for now).
    in epilog slurmctld environment.
 -- Fix bug in job step allocation failing due to memory limit.
 -- Modify the pbsnodes script to reflect its output on a TORQUE system.
 -- Add ability to clear a node's DRAIN flag using scontrol or sview by setting
    it's state to "UNDRAIN". The node's base state (e.g. "DOWN" or "IDLE") will
    not be changed.
 -- Modify the output of 'scontrol show partition' by displaying
    DefMemPerCPU=UNLIMITED and MaxMemPerCPU=UNLIMITED when these limits are
    configured as 0.
 -- mpirun-mic - Major re-write of the command wrapper for Xeon Phi use.
 -- Add new configuration parameter of AuthInfo to specify port used by
    authentication plugin.
 -- Fixed conditional RPM compiling.
 -- Corrected slurmstepd ident name when logging to syslog.
 -- Fixed sh5util loop when there are no node-step files.
 -- Add SLURM_CLUSTER_NAME to environment variables passed to PrologSlurmctld,
    Prolog, EpilogSlurmctld, and Epilog
 -- Add the idea of running a prolog right when an allocation happens
    instead of when running on the node for the first time.
 -- If user runs 'scontrol reconfig' but hostnames or the host count changes
    the slurmctld throws a fatal error.
 -- gres.conf - Add "NodeName" specification so that a single gres.conf file
    can be used for a heterogeneous cluster.
 -- Add flag to accounting RPC to indicate if job data is packed or not.
 -- After all srun tasks have terminated on a node close the stdout/stderr
    channel with the slurmstepd on that node.
 -- In case of i/o error with slurmstepd log an error message and abort the
 -- Add --test-only option to sbatch command to validate the script and options.
    The response includes expected start time and resources to be allocated.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.0pre4
 -- Remove the ThreadID documentation from slurm.conf. This functionality has
    been obsoleted by the LogTimeFormat.
 -- Sched plugins - rename global and plugin functions names for consistency
    with other plugin types.
 -- BGQ - Added RebootQOSList option to bluegene.conf to allow an implicate
    reboot of a block if only jobs in the list are running on it when cnodes
    go into a failure state.
 -- Correct task count of pending job steps.
 -- Improve limit enforcement for jobs, set RLIMIT_RSS, RLIMIT_AS and/or
    RLIMIT_DATA to enforce memory limit.
 -- Pending job steps will have step_id of INFINITE rather than NO_VAL and
    will be reported as "TBD" by scontrol and squeue commands.
 -- Add logic so PMI_Abort or PMI2_Abort can propagate an exit code.
 -- Added SlurmdPlugstack configuration parameter.
 -- Added PriorityFlag DEPTH_OBLIVIOUS to have the depth of an association
    not effect it's priorty.
 -- Multi-thread the sinfo command (one thread per partition).
 -- Added sgather tool to gather files from a job's compute nodes into a
    central location.
 -- Added configuration parameter FairShareDampeningFactor to offer a greater
    priority range based upon utilization.
 -- Change MaxArraySize and job's array_task_id from 16-bit to 32-bit field.
    Additional Slurm enhancements are be required to support larger job arrays.
 -- Added -S/--core-spec option to salloc, sbatch and srun commands to reserve
    specialized cores for system use. Modify scontrol and sview to get/set
    the new field. No enforcement exists yet for these new options.
    struct job_info / slurm_job_info_t: Added core_spec
    struct job_descriptorjob_desc_msg_t: Added core_spec

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.0pre3
 -- Do not set SLURM_NODEID environment variable on front-end systems.
 -- Convert bitmap functions to use int32_t instead of int in data structures
    and function arguments. This is to reliably enable use of bitmaps containing
    up to 4 billion elements. Several data structures containing index values
    were also changed from data type int to int32_t:
    - Struct job_info / slurm_job_info_t: Changed exc_node_inx, node_inx, and
      req_node_inx from type int to type int32_t
    - job_step_info_t: Changed node_inx from type int to type int32_t
    - Struct partition_info / partition_info_t: Changed node_inx from type int
      to type int32_t
    - block_job_info_t: Changed cnode_inx from type int to type int32_t
    - block_info_t: Changed ionode_inx and mp_inx from type int to type int32_t
    - Struct reserve_info / reserve_info_t: Changed node_inx from type int to
      type int32_t
 -- Modify qsub wrapper output to match torque command output, just print the
    job ID rather than "Submitted batch job #"
 -- Change Slurm error string for ESLURM_MISSING_TIME_LIMIT from
    "Missing time limit" to
    "Time limit specification required, but not provided"
 -- Change salloc job_allocate error message header from
    "Failed to allocate resources" to
    "Job submit/allocate failed"
 -- Modify slurmctld message retry logic to support Cray cold-standby SDB.

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.0pre2
 -- Added "JobAcctGatherParams" configuration parameter. Value of "NoShare"
    disables accounting for shared memory.
 -- Added fields to "scontrol show job" output: boards_per_node,
    sockets_per_board, ntasks_per_node, ntasks_per_board, ntasks_per_socket,
    ntasks_per_core, and nice.
 -- Add squeue output format options for job command and working directory
    (%o and %Z respectively).
 -- Add stdin/out/err to sview job output.
 -- Add new job_state of JOB_BOOT_FAIL for job terminations due to failure to
    boot it's allocated nodes or BlueGene block.
 -- CRAY - Add SelectTypeParameters NHC_NO_STEPS and NHC_NO which will disable
    the node health check script for steps and allocations respectfully.
 -- Reservation with CoreCnt: Avoid possible invalid memory reference.
 -- Add new error code for attempt to create a reservation with duplicate name.
 -- Validate that a hostlist file contains text (i.e. not a binary).
 -- switch/generic - propagate switch information from srun down to slurmd and
 -- CRAY - Do not package Slurm's libpmi or libpmi2 libraries. The Cray version
    of those libraries must be used.
 -- Added a new option to the scontrol command to view licenses that are
    configured in use and avalable. 'scontrol show licenses'.
 -- MySQL - Made Slurm compatible with 5.6

* Changes in Slurm 14.03.0pre1
 -- sview - improve scalability
 -- Add task pointer to the task_post_term() function in task plugins. The
    terminating task's PID is available in task->pid.
 -- Move select/cray to select/alps
 -- Defer sending SIGKILL signal to processes while core dump in progress.
 -- Added JobContainerPlugin configuration parameter and plugin infrastructure.
 -- Added partition configuration parameters AllowAccounts, AllowQOS,
    DenyAccounts and DenyQOS.
 -- The rpmbuild option for a cray system with ALPS has changed from
    %_with_cray to %_with_cray_alps.
 -- The log file timestamp format can now be selected at runtime via the
    LogTimeFormat configuration option. See the slurm.conf and slurmdbd.conf
    man pages for details.
 -- Added switch/generic plugin to a job's convey network topology.
 -- BLUEGENE - If block is in 'D' state or has more cnodes in error than
    MaxBlockInError set the job wait reason appropriately.
 -- API use: Generate an error return rather than fatal error and exit if the
    configuraiton file is absent or invalid. This will permit Slurm APIs to be
    more reliably used by other programs.
 -- Add support for load-based scheduling, allocate jobs to nodes with the
    largest number of available CPUs. Added SchedulingParameters paramter of
    "CR_LLN" and partition parameter of "LLN=yes|no".
 -- Added job_info() and step_info() functions to the gres plugins to extract
    plugin specific fields from the job's or step's GRES data structure.
 -- Added sbatch --signal option of "B:" to signal the batch shell rather than
    only the spawned job steps.
 -- Added sinfo and squeue format option of "%all" to print all fields available
    for the data type with a vertical bar separating each field.
 -- Add mechanism for job_submit plugin to generate error message for srun,
    salloc or sbatch to stderr. New argument added to job_submit function in
    the plugin.
 -- Add StdIn, StdOut, and StdErr paths to job information dumped with
    "scontrol show job".
 -- Permit Slurm administrator to submit a batch job as any user.
 -- Set a job's RLIMIT_AS limit based upon it's memory limit and VsizeFactor
    configuration value.
 -- Remove Postgres plugins
 -- Make jobacct_gather/cgroup work correctly and also make all jobacct_gather
    plugins more maintainable.
 -- Proctrack/pgid - Add support for proctrack_p_plugin_get_pids() function.
 -- Sched/backfill - Change default max_job_bf parameter from 50 to 100.
 -- Added -I|--item-extract option to sh5util to extract data item from series.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.10
 -- Switch/nrt - On switch resource allocation failure, free partial allocation.
 -- Switch/nrt - Properly track usage of CAU and RDMA resources with multiple
    tasks per compute node.
 -- Fix issue where user is requesting --acctg-freq=0 and no memory limits.
 -- BGQ - Temp fix issue where job could be left on job_list after it finished.
 -- BGQ - Fix issue where limits were checked on midplane counts instead of
    cnode counts.
 -- BGQ - Move code to only start job on a block after limits are checked.
 -- Handle node ranges better when dealing with accounting max node limits.
 -- Fix perlapi to compile correctly with perl 5.18
 -- BGQ - Fix issue with uninitialized variable.
 -- Correct sinfo --sort fields to match documentation: E => Reason,
    H -> Reason Time (new), R -> Partition Name, u/U -> Reason user (new)
 -- If an invalid assoc_ptr comes in don't use the id to verify it.
 -- Sched/backfill modified to avoid using nodes in completing state.
 -- Correct support for job --profile=none option and related documentation.
 -- Properly enforce job --requeue and --norequeue options.
 -- If a job --mem-per-cpu limit exceeds the partition or system limit, then
    scale the job's memory limit and CPUs per task to satisfy the limit.
 -- Correct logic to support Power7 processor with 1 or 2 threads per core
    (CPU IDs are not consecutive).

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.9
 -- Fix sinfo to work correctly with draining/mixed nodes as well as filtering
    on Mixed state.
 -- Fix sacctmgr update user with no "where" condition.
 -- Fix logic bugs for SchedulerParameters option of max_rpc_cnt.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.8
 -- Add support for Torque/PBS job array options and environment variables.
 -- CRAY/ALPS - Add support for CLE52
 -- Fix issue where jobs still pending after a reservation would remain
    in waiting reason ReqNodeNotAvail.
 -- Update last_job_update when a job's state_reason was modified.
 -- Free job_ptr->state_desc where ever state_reason is set.
 -- Fixed sacct.1 and srun.1 manual pages which contains a hyphen where
    a minus sign for options was intended.
 -- sinfo - Make sure if partition name is long and the default the last char
    doesn't get chopped off.
 -- task/affinity - Protect against zero divide when simulating more hardware
    than you really have.
 -- NRT - Fix issue with 1 node jobs.  It turns out the network does need to
    be setup for 1 node jobs.
 -- Fix recovery of job dependency on task of job array when slurmctld restarts.
 -- mysql - Fix invalid memory reference.
 -- Lock the /cgroup/freezer subsystem when creating files for tracking processes.
 -- Fix preempt/partition_prio to avoid preempting jobs in partitions with
 -- launch/poe - Implicitly set --network in job step create request as needed.
 -- Permit multiple batch job submissions to be made for each run of the
    scheduler logic if the job submissions occur at the nearly same time.
 -- Fix issue where associations weren't correct if backup takes control and
    new associations were added since it was started.
 -- Fix race condition is corner case with backup slurmctld.
 -- With the backup slurmctld make sure we reinit beginning values in the
    slurmdbd plugin.
 -- Fix sinfo to work correctly with draining/mixed nodes.
 -- MySQL - Fix it so a lock isn't held unnecessarily.
 -- Added new SchedulerParameters option of max_rpc_cnt when too many RPCs
    are active.
 -- BGQ - Fix deny_pass to work correctly.
 -- BGQ - Fix sub block steps using a block when the block has passthrough's
    in it.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.7
 -- Properly enforce a job's cpus-per-task option when a job's allocation is
    constrained on some nodes by the mem-per-cpu option.
 -- Correct the slurm.conf man pages and checkpoint_blcr.html page
    describing that jobs must be drained from cluster before deploying
    any checkpoint plugin. Corrected in version 14.03.
 -- Fix issue where if using munge and munge wasn't running and a slurmd
    needed to forward a message, the slurmd would core dump.
 -- Update srun.1 man page documenting the PMI2 support.
 -- Fix slurmctld core dump when a jobs gets its QOS updated but there
    is not a corresponding association.
 -- If a job requires specific nodes and can not run due to those nodes being
    busy, the main scheduling loop will block those specific nodes rather than
    the entire queue/partition.
 -- Fix minor memory leak when updating a job's name.
 -- Fix minor memory leak when updating a reservation on a partition using "ALL"
 -- Fix minor memory leak when adding a reservation with a nodelist and core
 -- Update sacct man page description of job states.
 -- BGQ - Fix minor memory leak when selecting blocks that can't immediately be
 -- Fixed minor memory leak in backfill scheduler.
 -- MYSQL - Fixed memory leak when querying clusters.
 -- MYSQL - Fix when updating QOS on an association.
 -- NRT - Fix to supply correct error messages to poe/pmd when a launch fails.
 -- Add SLURM_STEP_ID to Prolog environment.
 -- Add support for SchedulerParameters value of bf_max_job_start that limits
    the total number of jobs that can be started in a single iteration of the
    backfill scheduler.
 -- Don't print negative number when dealing with large memory sizes with
 -- Fix sinfo output so that host in state allocated and mixed will not be
    merged together.
 -- GRES: Avoid crash if GRES configurations is inconstent.
 -- Make S_SLURM_RESTART_COUNT item available to SPANK.
 -- Munge plugins - Add sleep between retries if can't connect to socket.
 -- Fix the database query to return all pending jobs in a given time interval.
 -- switch/nrt - Correct logic to get dynamic window count.
 -- Remove need to use job->ctx_params in the launch plugin, just to simplify
 -- NRT - Fix possible memory leak if using multiple adapters.
 -- NRT - Fix issue where there are more than NRT_MAXADAPTERS on a system.
 -- NRT - Increase Max number of adapters from 8 -> 9
 -- NRT - Initialize missing variables when the PMD is starting a job.
 -- NRT - Fix issue where we are launching hosts out of numerical order,
    this would cause pmd's to hang.
 -- NRT - Change xmalloc's to malloc just to be safe.
 -- NRT - Sanity check to make sure a jobinfo is there before packing.
 -- Add missing options to the print of TaskPluginParam.
 -- Fix a couple of issues with scontrol reconfig and adding nodes to
    slurm.conf.  Rebooting daemons after adding nodes to the slurm.conf
    is highly recommended.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.6
 -- sched/backfill - Fix bug that could result in failing to reserve resources
    for high priority jobs.
 -- Correct job RunTime if requeued from suspended state.
 -- Reset job priority from zero (held) on manual resume from suspend state.
 -- If FastSchedule=0 then do not DOWN a node with low memory or disk size.
 -- Remove vestigial note.
 -- Update sshare.1 man page making it consistent with sacctmgr.1.
 -- Do not reset a job's priority when the slurmctld restarts if previously
    set to some specific value.
 -- sview - Fix regression where the Node tab wasn't able to add/remove columns.
 -- Fix slurmstepd lock when job terminates inside the infiniband
    network traffic accounting plugin.
 -- Correct the documentation to read filesystem instead of Lustre. Update
    the srun help.
 -- Fix the acct_gather_filesystem_lustre.c to compute the Lustre accounting
    data correctly accumulating differences between sampling intervals.
    Fix the data structure mismatch between acct_gather_filesystem_lustre.c
    and slurm_jobacct_gather.h which caused the hdf5 plugin to log incorrect
 -- Don't allow PMI_TIME to be zero which will cause floating exception.
 -- Fix purging of old reservation errors in database.
 -- MYSQL - If starting the plugin and the database isn't up attempt to
    connect in a loop instead of producing a fatal.
 -- BLUEGENE - If IONodesPerMP changes in bluegene.conf recalculate bitmaps
    based on ionode count correctly on slurmctld restart.
 -- Fix step allocation when some CPUs are not available due to memory limits.
    This happens when one step is active and using memory that blocks the
    scheduling of another step on a portion of the CPUs needed. The new step
    is now delayed rather than aborting with "Requested node configuration is
    not available".
 -- Make sure node limits get assessed if no node count was given in request.
 -- Removed obsolete slurm_terminate_job() API.
 -- Update documentation about QOS limits
 -- Retry task exit message from slurmstepd to srun on message timeout.
 -- Correction to logic reserving all nodes in a specified partition.
 -- Added support for selecting AMD GPU by setting GPU_DEVICE_ORDINAL env var.
 -- Properly enforce GrpSubmit limit for job arrays.
 -- CRAY - fix issue with using CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE
 -- CRAY - fix memory leak when using accelerators

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.5
 -- Correction to hostlist parsing bug introduced in v2.6.4 for hostlists with
    more than one numeric range in brackets (e.g. rack[0-3]_blade[0-63]").
 -- Add notification if using proctrack/cgroup and task/cgroup when oom hits.
 -- Corrections to advanced reservation logic with overlapping jobs.
 -- job_submit/lua - add cpus_per_task field to those available.
 -- Add cpu_load to the node information available using the Perl API.
 -- Correct a job's GRES allocation data in accounting records for non-Cray
 -- Substantial performance improvement for systems with Shared=YES or FORCE
    and large numbers of running jobs (replace bubble sort with quick sort).
 -- proctrack/cgroup - Add locking to prevent race condition where one job step
    is ending for a user or job at the same time another job stepsis starting
    and the user or job container is deleted from under the starting job step.
 -- Fixed sh5util loop when there are no node-step files.
 -- Fix race condition on batch job termination that could result in a job exit
    code of 0xfffffffe if the slurmd on node zero registers its active jobs at
    the same time that slurmstepd is recording the job's exit code.
 -- Correct logic returning remaining job dependencies in job information
    reported by scontrol and squeue. Eliminates vestigial descriptors with
    no job ID values (e.g. "afterany").
 -- Improve performance of REQUEST_JOB_INFO_SINGLE RPC by removing unnecessary
    locks and use hash function to find the desired job.
 -- jobcomp/filetxt - Reopen the file when slurmctld daemon is reconfigured
    or gets SIGHUP.
 -- Remove notice of CVE with very old/deprecated versions of Slurm in
 -- Fix if hwloc_get_nbobjs_by_type() returns zero core count (set to 1).
 -- Added ApbasilTimeout parameter to the cray.conf configuration file.
 -- Handle in the API if parts of the node structure are NULL.
 -- Fix srun hang when IO fails to start at launch.
 -- Fix for GRES bitmap not matching the GRES count resulting in abort
    (requires manual resetting of GRES count, changes to gres.conf file,
    and slurmd restarts).
 -- Modify sview to better support job arrays.
 -- Modify squeue to support longer job ID values (for many job array tasks).
 -- Fix race condition in authentication credential creation that could corrupt
    memory. (NOTE: This race condition has existed since 2003 and would be
    exceedingly rare.)
 -- HDF5 - Fix minor memory leak.
 -- Slurmstepd variable initialization - Without this patch, free() is called
    on a random memory location (i.e. whatever is on the stack), which can
    result in slurmstepd dying and a completed job not being purged in a
    timely fashion.
 -- Fix slurmstepd race condition when separate threads are reading and
    modifying the job's environment, which can result in the slurmstepd failing
    with an invalid memory reference.
 -- Fix erroneous error messages when running gang scheduling.
 -- Fix minor memory leak.
 -- scontrol modified to suspend, resume, hold, uhold, or release multiple
    jobs in a space separated list.
 -- Minor debug error when a connection goes away at the end of a job.
 -- Validate return code from calls to slurm_get_peer_addr
 -- BGQ - Fix issues with making sure all cnodes are accounted for when mulitple
    steps cause multiple cnodes in one allocation to go into error at the
    same time.
 -- scontrol show job - Correct NumNodes value calculated based upon job
 -- BGQ - Fix issue if user runs multiple sub-block jobs inside a multiple
    midplane block that starts on a higher coordinate than it ends (i.e if a
    block has midplanes [0010,0013] 0013 is the start even though it is
    listed second in the hostlist).
 -- BGQ - Add midplane to the total_cnodes used in the runjob_mux plugin
    for better debug.
 -- Update AllocNodes paragraph in slurm.conf.5.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.4
 -- Fixed sh5util to print its usage.
 -- Corrected commit f9a3c7e4e8ec.
 -- Honor ntasks-per-node option with exclusive node allocations.
 -- sched/backfill - Prevent invalid memory reference if bf_continue option is
    configured and slurm is reconfigured during one of the sleep cycles or if
    there are any changes to the partition configuration or if the normal
    scheduler runs and starts a job that the backfill scheduler is actively
    working on.
 -- Update man pages information about acct-freq and JobAcctGatherFrequency
    to reflect only the latest supported format.
 -- Minor document update to include note about PrivateData=Usage for the
    slurm.conf when using the DBD.
 -- Expand information reported with DebugFlags=backfill.
 -- Initiate jobs pending to run in a reservation as soon as the reservation
    becomes active.
 -- Purged expired reservation even if it has pending jobs.
 -- Corrections to calculation of a pending job's expected start time.
 -- Remove some vestigial logic treating job priority of 1 as a special case.
 -- Memory freeing up to avoid minor memory leaks at close of daemons
 -- Updated documentation to give correct units being displayed.
 -- Report AccountingStorageBackupHost with "scontrol show config".
 -- init scripts ignore quotes around Pid file name specifications.
 -- Fixed typo about command case in quickstart.html.
 -- task/cgroup - handle new cpuset files, similar to commit c4223940.
 -- Replace the tempname() function call with mkstemp().
 -- Fix for --cpu_bind=map_cpu/mask_cpu/map_ldom/mask_ldom plus
    --mem_bind=map_mem/mask_mem options, broken in 2.6.2.
 -- Restore default behavior of allocating cores to jobs on a cyclic basis
    across the sockets unless SelectTypeParameters=CR_CORE_DEFAULT_DIST_BLOCK
    or user specifies other distribution options.
 -- Enforce JobRequeue configuration parameter on node failure. Previously
    always requeued the job.
 -- acct_gather_energy/ipmi - Add delay before retry on read error.
 -- select/cons_res with GRES and multiple threads per core, fix possible
    infinite loop.
 -- proctrack/cgroup - Add cgroup create retry logic in case one step is
    starting at the same time as another step is ending and the logic to create
    and delete cgroups overlaps.
 -- Improve setting of job wait "Reason" field.
 -- Correct sbatch documentation and job_submit/pbs plugin "%j" is job ID,
    not "%J" (which is job_id.step_id).
 -- Improvements to sinfo performance, especially for large numbers of
 -- SlurmdDebug - Permit changes to slurmd debug level with "scontrol reconfig"
 -- smap - Avoid invalid memory reference with hidden nodes.
 -- Fix sacctmgr modify qos set preempt+/-=.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix issue where node count wasn't set up correctly when srun
    preforms the allocation, regression in 2.6.3.
 -- Add support for dependencies of job array elements (e.g.
    "sbatch --depend=afterok:123_4 ...") or all elements of a job array (e.g.
    "sbatch --depend=afterok:123 ...").
 -- Add support for new options in sbatch qsub wrapper:
    -W block=true   (wait for job completion)
    Clear PBS_NODEFILE environment variable
 -- Fixed the MaxSubmitJobsPerUser limit in QOS which limited submissions
    a job too early.
 -- sched/wiki, sched/wiki2 - Fix to work with change logic introduced in
    version 2.6.3 preventing Maui/Moab from starting jobs.
 -- Updated the QOS limits documentation and man page.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.3
 -- Add support for some new #PBS options in sbatch scripts and qsub wrapper:
    -l accelerator=true|false       (GPU use)
    -l mpiprocs=#   (processors per node)
    -l naccelerators=#      (GPU count)
    -l select=#             (node count)
    -l ncpus=#              (task count)
    -v key=value    (environment variable)
    -W depend=opts  (job dependencies, including "on" and "before" options)
    -W umask=#              (set job's umask)
 -- Added qalter and qrerun commands to torque package.
 -- Corrections to qstat logic: job CPU count and partition time format.
 -- Add job_submit/pbs plugin to translate PBS job dependency options to the
    extend possible (no support for PBS "before" options) and set some PBS
    environment variables.
 -- Add spank/pbs plugin to set a bunch of PBS environment variables.
 -- Backported sh5util from master to 2.6 as there are some important
    bugfixes and the new item extraction feature.
 -- select/cons_res - Correct MacCPUsPerNode partition constraint for CR_Socket.
 -- scontrol - for setdebugflags command, avoid parsing "-flagname" as an
    scontrol command line option.
 -- Fix issue with step accounting if a job is requeued.
 -- Close file descriptors on exec of prolog, epilog, etc.
 -- Fix issue when a user has held a job and then sets the begin time
    into the future.
 -- Scontrol - Enable changing a job's stdout file.
 -- Fix issues where memory or node count of a srun job is altered while the
    srun is pending.  The step creation would use the old values and possibly
    hang srun since the step wouldn't be able to be created in the modified
 -- Add support for new SchedulerParameters value of "bf_max_job_part", the
    maximum depth the backfill scheduler should go in any single partition.
 -- acct_gather/infiniband plugin - Correct packets_in/out values.
 -- BLUEGENE - Don't ignore a conn-type request from the user.
 -- BGQ - Force a request on a Q for a MESH to be a TORUS in a dimension that
    can only be a TORUS (1).
 -- Change max message length from 100MB to 1GB before generating "Insane
    message length" error.
 -- sched/backfill - Prevent possible memory corruption due to use of
    bf_continue option and long running scheduling cycle (pending jobs could
    have been cancelled and purged).
 -- CRAY - fix AcceleratorAllocation depth correctly for basil 1.3
 -- Created the environment variable SLURM_JOB_NUM_NODES for srun jobs and
    updated the srun man page.
 -- BLUEGENE/CRAY - Don't set env variables that pertain to a node when Slurm
    isn't doing the launching.
 -- gres/gpu and gres/mic - Do not treat the existence of an empty gres.conf
    file as a fatal error.
 -- Fixed for if hours are specified as 0 the time days-0:min specification
    is not parsed correctly.
 -- switch/nrt - Fix for memory leak.
 -- Subtract the PMII_COMMANDLEN_SIZE in contribs/pmi2/pmi2_api.c to prevent
    certain implementation of snprintf() to segfault.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.2
 -- Fix issue with reconfig and GrpCPURunMins
 -- Fix of wrong node/job state problem after reconfig
 -- Allow users who are coordinators update their own limits in the accounts
    they are coordinators over.
 -- BackupController - Make sure we have a connection to the DBD first thing
    to avoid it thinking we don't have a cluster name.
 -- Correct value of min_nodes returned by loading job information to consider
    the job's task count and maximum CPUs per node.
 -- If running jobacct_gather/none fix issue on unpacking step completion.
 -- Reservation with CoreCnt: Avoid possible invalid memory reference.
 -- sjstat - Add man page when generating rpms.
 -- Make sure GrpCPURunMins is added when creating a user, account or QOS with
 -- Fix for invalid memory reference due to multiple free calls caused by
    job arrays submitted to multiple partitions.
 -- Enforce --ntasks-per-socket=1 job option when allocating by socket.
 -- Validate permissions of key directories at slurmctld startup. Report
    anything that is world writable.
 -- Improve GRES support for CPU topology. Previous logic would pick CPUs then
    reject jobs that can not match GRES to the allocated CPUs. New logic first
    filters out CPUs that can not use the GRES, next picks CPUs for the job,
    and finally picks the GRES that best match those CPUs.
 -- Switch/nrt - Prevent invalid memory reference when allocating single adapter
    per node of specific adapter type
 -- CRAY - Make Slurm work with CLE 5.1.1
 -- Fix segfault if submitting to multiple partitions and holding the job.
 -- Use MAXPATHLEN instead of the hardcoded value 1024 for maximum file path
 -- If OverTimeLimit is defined do not declare failed those jobs that ended
    in the OverTimeLimit interval.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.1
 -- slurmdbd - Allow job derived ec and comments to be modified by non-root
 -- Fix issue with job name being truncated to 24 chars when sending a mail
 -- Fix minor issues with spec file, missing files and including files
    erroneously on a bluegene system.
 -- sacct - fix --name and --partition options when using
 -- squeue - Remove extra whitespace of default printout.
 -- BGQ - added head ppcfloor as an include dir when building.
 -- BGQ - Better debug messages in runjob_mux plugin.
 -- PMI2 Updated the to build a versioned library.
 -- CRAY - Fix srun --mem_bind=local option with launch/aprun.
 -- PMI2 Corrected buffer size computation in the pmi2_api.c module.
 -- GRES accounting data wrong in database: gres_alloc, gres_req, and gres_used
    fields were empty if the job was not started immediately.
 -- Fix sbatch and srun task count logic when --ntasks-per-node specified,
    but no explicit task count.
 -- Corrected the hdf5 profile user guide and the acct_gather.conf
 -- IPMI - Fix Math bug getting new wattage.
 -- Corrected the AcctGatherProfileType documentation in slurm.conf
 -- Corrected the sh5util program to print the header in the csv file
    only once, set the debug messages at debug() level, make the argument
    check case insensitive and avoid printing duplicate \n.
 -- If cannot collect energy values send message to the controller
    to drain the node and log error slurmd log file.
 -- Handle complete removal of CPURunMins time at the end of the job instead
    of at multifactor poll.
 -- sview - Add missing debug_flag options.
 -- PGSQL - Notes about Postgres functionality being removed in the next
    version of Slurm.
 -- MYSQL - fix issue when rolling up usage and events happened when a cluster
    was down (slurmctld not running) during that time period.
 -- sched/wiki2 - Insure that Moab gets current CPU load information.
 -- Prevent infinite loop in parsing configuration if including file containing
    one blank line.
 -- Fix pack and unpack between 2.6 and 2.5.
 -- Fix job state recovery logic in which a job's accounting frequency was
    not set. This would result in a value of 65534 seconds being used (the
    equivalent of NO_VAL in uint16_t), which could result in the job being
    requeued or aborted.
 -- Validate a job's accounting frequency at submission time rather than
    waiting for it's initiation to possibly fail.
 -- Fix CPURunMins if a job is requeued from a failed launch.
 -- Fix in accounting_storage/filetxt to correct start times which sometimes
    could end up before the job started.
 -- Fix issue with potentially referencing past an array in parse_time()
 -- CRAY - fix issue with accelerators on a cray when parsing BASIL 1.3 XML.
 -- Fix issue with a 2.5 slurmstepd locking up when talking to a 2.6 slurmd.
 -- Add argument to priority plugin's priority_p_reconfig function to note
    when the association and QOS used_cpu_run_secs field has been reset.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.0
 -- Fix it so bluegene and serial systems don't get warnings over new NODEDATA
 -- When a job is aborted send a message for any tasks that have completed.
 -- Correction to memory per CPU calculation on system with threads and
    allocating cores or sockets.
 -- Requeue batch job if it's node reboots (used to abort the job).
 -- Enlarge maximum size of srun's hostlist file.
 -- IPMI - Fix first poll to get correct consumed_energy for a step.
 -- Correction to job state recovery logic that could result in assert failure.
 -- Record partial step accounting record if allocated nodes fail abnormally.
 -- Accounting - fix issue where PrivateData=jobs or users could potentially
    show information to users that had no associations on the system.
 -- Make PrivateData in slurmdbd.conf case insensitive.
 -- sacct/sstat - Add format option ConsumedEnergyRaw to print full energy

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.0rc2
 -- HDF5 - Fix issue with Ubuntu where HDF5 development headers are
    overwritten by the parallel versions thus making it so we need handle
    both cases.
 -- ACCT_GATHER - handle suspending correctly for polling threads.
 -- Make SLURM_DISTRIBUTION env var hold both types of distribution if
 -- Remove hardcoded /usr/local from slurm.spec.
 -- Modify slurmctld locking to improve performance under heavy load with
    very large numbers of batch job submissions or job cancellations.
 -- sstat - Fix issue where if -j wasn't given allow last argument to be checked
    for as the job/step id.
 -- IPMI - fix adjustment on poll when using EnergyIPMICalcAdjustment.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.0rc1
 -- Added helper script for launching symmetric and MIC-only MPI tasks within
    SLURM (in contribs/mic/mpirun-mic).
 -- Change maximum delay for state save from 2 secs to 5 secs. Make timeout
    configurable at build time by defining SAVE_MAX_WAIT.
 -- Modify slurmctld data structure locking to interleave read and write
    locks rather than always favor write locks over read locks.
 -- Added sacct format option of "ALL" to print all fields.
 -- Deprecate the SchedulerParameters value of "interval" use "bf_interval"
    instead as documented.
 -- Add acct_gather_profile/hdf5 to profile jobs with hdf5
 -- Added MaxCPUsPerNode partition configuration parameter. This can be
    especially useful to schedule systems with GPUs.
 -- Permit "scontrol reboot_node" for nodes in MAINT reservation.
 -- Added "PriorityFlags" value of "SMALL_RELATIVE_TO_TIME". If set, the job's
    size component will be based upon not the job size alone, but the job's
    size divided by it's time limit.
 -- Added sbatch option "--ignore-pbs" to ignore "#PBS" options in the batch
 -- Rename slurm_step_ctx_params_t field from "mem_per_cpu" to "pn_min_memory".
    Job step now accepts memory specification in either per-cpu or per-node
 -- Add ability to specify host repitition count in the srun hostfile (e.g.
    "host1*2" is equivalent to "host1,host1").

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.0pre3
 -- Add milliseconds to default log message header (both RFC 5424 and ISO 8601
    time formats). Disable milliseconds logging using the configure
    parameter "--disable-log-time-msec". Default time format changes to
    ISO 8601 (without time zone information). Specify "--enable-rfc5424time"
    to restore the time zone information.
 -- Add username (%u) to the filename pattern in the batch script.
 -- Added options for front end nodes of AllowGroups, AllowUsers, DenyGroups,
    and DenyUsers.
 -- Fix sched/backfill logic to initiate jobs with maximum time limit over the
    partition limit, but the minimum time limit permits it to start.
 -- gres/gpu - Fix for gres.conf file with multiple files on a single line
    using a slurm expression (e.g. "File=/dev/nvidia[0-1]").
 -- Replaced ipmi.conf with generic acct_gather.conf file for all acct_gather
    plugins.  For those doing development to use this follow the model set
    forth in the acct_gather_energy_ipmi plugin.
 -- Added more options to update a step's information
 -- Add DebugFlags=ThreadID which will print the thread id of the calling
 -- CRAY - Allocate whole node (CPUs) in reservation despite what the
    user requests.  We have found any srun/aprun afterwards will work on a
    subset of resources.

* Changes in Slurm 2.6.0pre2
 -- Do not purge inactive interactive jobs that lack a port to ping (added
    for MR+ operation).
 -- Advanced reservations with hostname and core counts now supports asymetric
    reservations (e.g. specific different core count for each node).
 -- Added slurmctld/dynalloc plugin for MapReduce+ support.
 -- Added "DynAllocPort" configuration parameter.
 -- Added partition paramter of SelectTypeParameters to override system-wide
 -- Added cr_type to partition_info data structure.
 -- Added allocated memory to node information available (within the existing
    select_nodeinfo field of the node_info_t data structure). Added Allocated
    Memory to node information displayed by sview and scontrol commands.
 -- Make sched/backfill the default scheduling plugin rather than sched/builtin
 -- Added support for a job having different priorities in different partitions.
 -- Added new SchedulerParameters configuration parameter of "bf_continue"
    which permits the backfill scheduler to continue considering jobs for
    backfill scheduling after yielding locks even if new jobs have been
    submitted. This can result in lower priority jobs from being backfill
    scheduled instead of newly arrived higher priority jobs, but will permit
    more queued jobs to be considered for backfill scheduling.
 -- Added support to purge reservation records from accounting.
 -- Cray - Add support for Basil 1.3

* Changes in SLURM 2.6.0pre1
 -- Add "state" field to job step information reported by scontrol.
 -- Notify srun to retry step creation upon completion of other job steps
    rather than polling. This results in much faster throughput for job step
    execution with --exclusive option.
 -- Added "ResvEpilog" and "ResvProlog" configuration parameters to execute a
    program at the beginning and end of each reservation.
 -- Added "slurm_load_job_user" function. This is a variation of
    "slurm_load_jobs", but accepts a user ID argument, potentially resulting
    in substantial performance improvement for "squeue --user=ID"
 -- Added "slurm_load_node_single" function. This is a variation of
    "slurm_load_nodes", but accepts a node name argument, potentially resulting
    in substantial performance improvement for "sinfo --nodes=NAME".
 -- Added "HealthCheckNodeState" configuration parameter identify node states
    on which HealthCheckProgram should be executed.
 -- Remove sacct --dump --formatted-dump options which were deprecated in
 -- Added support for job arrays (phase 1 of effort). See "man sbatch" option
    -a/--array for details.
 -- Add new AccountStorageEnforce options of 'nojobs' and 'nosteps' which will
    allow the use of accounting features like associations, qos and limits but
    not keep track of jobs or steps in accounting.
 -- Cray - Add new cray.conf parameter of "AlpsEngine" to specify the
    communication protocol to be used for ALPS/BASIL.
 -- select/cons_res plugin: Correction to CPU allocation count logic in for
    cores without hyperthreading.
 -- Added new SelectTypeParameter value of "CR_ALLOCATE_FULL_SOCKET".
 -- Added PriorityFlags value of "TICKET_BASED" and merged priority/multifactor2
    plugin into priority/multifactor plugin.
 -- Add "KeepAliveTime" configuration parameter controlling how long sockets
    used for srun/slurmstepd communications are kept alive after disconnect.
 -- Added SLURM_SUBMIT_HOST to salloc, sbatch and srun job environment.
 -- Added SLURM_ARRAY_TASK_ID to environment of job array.
 -- Added squeue --array/-r option to optimize output for job arrays.
 -- Added "SlurmctldPlugstack" configuration parameter for generic stack of
    slurmctld daemon plugins.
 -- Removed contribs/arrayrun tool. Use native support for job arrays.
 -- Modify default installation locations for RPMs to match "make install":
    _prefix /usr/local
    _slurm_sysconfdir %{_prefix}/etc/slurm
    _mandir %{_prefix}/share/man
    _infodir %{_prefix}/share/info
 -- Add acct_gather_energy/ipmi which works off freeipmi for energy gathering

* Changes in Slurm 2.5.8
 -- Fix for slurmctld segfault on NULL front-end reason field.
 -- Avoid gres step allocation errors when a job shrinks in size due to either
    down nodes or explicit resizing. Generated slurmctld errors of this type:
    "step_test ... gres_bit_alloc is NULL"
 -- Fix bug that would leak memory and over-write the AllowGroups field if on
    "scontrol reconfig" when AllowNodes is manually changed using scontrol.
 -- Get html/man files to install in correct places with rpms.
 -- Remove --program-prefix from spec file since it appears to be added by
    default and appeared to break other things.
 -- Updated the automake min version in to be correct.
 -- Select/cons_res - Correct total CPU count allocated to a job with
    --exclusive and --cpus-per-task options
 -- switch/nrt - Don't allocate network resources unless job step has 2+ nodes.
 -- select/cons_res - Avoid extraneous "oversubscribe" error messages.
 -- Reorder get config logic to avoid deadlock.
 -- Enforce QOS MaxCPUsMin limit when job submission contains no user-specified
    time limit.
 -- EpilogSlurmctld pthread is passed required arguments rather than a pointer
    to the job record, which under some conditions could be purged and result
    in an invalid memory reference.

* Changes in Slurm 2.5.7
 -- Fix for linking to the select/cray plugin to not give warning about
    undefined variable.
 -- Add missing symbols to the xlator.h
 -- Avoid placing pending jobs in AdminHold state due to backfill scheduler
    interactions with advanced reservation.
 -- Accounting - make average by task not cpu.
 -- CRAY - Change logging of transient ALPS errors from error() to debug().
 -- POE - Correct logic to support poe option "-euidevice sn_all" and
    "-euidevice sn_single".
 -- Accounting - Fix minor initialization error.
 -- POE - Correct logic to support srun network instances count with POE.
 -- POE - With the srun --launch-cmd option, report proper task count when
    the --cpus-per-task option is used without the --ntasks option.
 -- POE - Fix logic binding tasks to CPUs.
 -- sview - Fix race condition where new information could of slipped past
    the node tab and we didn't notice.
 -- Accounting - Fix an invalid memory read when slurmctld sends data about
    start job to slurmdbd.
 -- If a prolog or epilog failure occurs, drain the node rather than setting it
    down and killing all of its jobs.
 -- Priority/multifactor - Avoid underflow in half-life calculation.
 -- POE - pack missing variable to allow fanout (more than 32 nodes)
 -- Prevent clearing reason field for pending jobs. This bug was introduced in
    v2.5.5 (see "Reject job at submit time ...").
 -- BGQ - Fix issue with preemption on sub-block jobs where a job would kill
    all preemptable jobs on the midplane instead of just the ones it needed to.
 -- switch/nrt - Validate dynamic window allocation size.
 -- BGQ - When --geo is requested do not impose the default conn_types.
 -- CRAY - Support CLE 4.2.0
 -- RebootNode logic - Defers (rather than forgets) reboot request with job
    running on the node within a reservation.
 -- switch/nrt - Correct network_id use logic. Correct support for user sn_all
    and sn_single options.
 -- sched/backfill - Modify logic to reduce overhead under heavy load.
 -- Fix job step allocation with --exclusive and --hostlist option.
 -- Select/cons_res - Fix bug resulting in error of "cons_res: sync loop not
    progressing, holding job #"
 -- checkpoint/blcr - Reset max_nodes from zero to NO_VAL on job restart.
 -- launch/poe - Fix for hostlist file support with repeated host names.
 -- priority/multifactor2 - Prevent possible divide by zero.
 -- srun - Don't check for executable if --test-only flag is used.
 -- energy - On a single node only use the last task for gathering energy.
    Since we don't currently track energy usage per task (only per step).
    Otherwise we get double the energy.

* Changes in Slurm 2.5.6
 -- Gres fix for requeued jobs.
 -- Gres accounting - Fix regression in 2.5.5 for keeping track of gres
    requested and allocated.

* Changes in Slurm 2.5.5
 -- Fix for sacctmgr add qos to handle the 'flags' option.
 -- Export SLURM_ environment variables from sbatch, even if "--export"
    option does not explicitly list them.
 -- If node is in more than one partition, correct counting of allocated CPUs.
 -- If step requests more CPUs than possible in specified node count of job
    allocation then return ESLURM_TOO_MANY_REQUESTED_CPUS rather than
    ESLURM_NODES_BUSY and retrying.
 -- CRAY - Fix SLURM_TASKS_PER_NODE to be set correctly.
 -- Accounting - more checks for strings with a possible `'` in it.
 -- sreport - Fix by adding planned down time to utilization reports.
 -- Do not report an error when sstat identifies job steps terminated during
    its execution, but log using debug type message.
 -- Select/cons_res - Permit node removed from job by going down to be returned
    to service and re-used by another job.
 -- Select/cons_res - Tighter packing of job allocations on sockets.
 -- SlurmDBD - fix to allow user root along with the slurm user to register a
 -- Select/cons_res - Fix for support of consecutive node option.
 -- Select/cray - Modify build to enable direct use of libslurm library.
 -- Bug fixes related to job step allocation logic.
 -- Cray - Disable enforcement of MaxTasksPerNode, which is not applicable
    with launch/aprun.
 -- Accounting - When rolling up data from past usage ignore "idle" time from
    a reservation when it has the "Ignore_Jobs" flag set.  Since jobs could run
    outside of the reservation in it's nodes without this you could have
    double time.
 -- Accounting - Minor fix to avoid reuse of variable erroneously.
 -- Reject job at submit time if the node count is invalid. Previously such a
    job submitted to a DOWN partition would be queued.
 -- Purge vestigial job scripts when the slurmd cold starts or slurmstepd
    terminates abnormally.
 -- Add support for FreeBSD.
 -- Add sanity check for NULL cluster names trying to register.
 -- BGQ - Push action 'D' info to scontrol for admins.
 -- Reset a job's reason from PartitionDown when the partition is set up.
 -- BGQ - Handle issue where blocks would have a pending job on them and
    while it was free cnodes would go into software error and kill the job.
 -- BGQ - Fix issue where if for some reason we are freeing a block with
    a pending job on it we don't kill the job.
 -- BGQ - Fix race condition were a job could of been removed from a block
    without it still existing there.  This is extremely rare.
 -- BGQ - Fix for when a step completes in Slurm before the runjob_mux notifies
    the slurmctld there were software errors on some nodes.
 -- BGQ - Fix issue on state recover if block states are not around
    and when reading in state from DB2 we find a block that can't be created.
    You can now do a clean start to rid the bad block.
 -- Modify slurmdbd to retransmit to slurmctld daemon if it is not responding.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix issue where when doing backfill preemptable jobs were
    never looked at to determine eligibility of backfillable job.
 -- Cray/BlueGene - Disable srun --pty option unless LaunchType=launch/slurm.
 -- CRAY - Fix sanity check for systems with more than 32 cores per node.
 -- CRAY - Remove other objects from MySQL query that are available from
    the XML.
 -- BLUEGENE - Set the geometry of a job when a block is picked and the job
    isn't a sub-block job.
 -- Cray - avoid check of macro versions of CLE for version 5.0.
 -- CRAY - Fix memory issue with reading in the cray.conf file.
 -- CRAY - If hostlist is given with srun make sure the node count is the same
    as the hosts given.
 -- CRAY - If task count specified, but no tasks-per-node, then set the tasks
    per node in the BASIL reservation request.
 -- CRAY - fix issue with --mem option not giving correct amount of memory
    per cpu.
 -- CRAY - Fix if srun --mem is given outside an allocation to set the
    APRUN_DEFAULT_MEMORY env var for aprun.  This scenario will not display
    the option when used with --launch-cmd.
 -- Change sview to use GMutex instead of GStaticMutex
 -- sview - fix issue where if a partition was completely in one state the
    cpu count would be reflected correctly.
 -- BGQ - fix for handling half rack system in STATIC of OVERLAP mode to
    implicitly create full system block.
 -- CRAY - Dynamically create BASIL XML buffer to resize as needed.
 -- Fix checking if QOS limit MaxCPUMinsPJ is set along with DenyOnLimit to
    deny the job instead of holding it.
 -- Make sure on systems that use a different launcher than launch/slurm not
    to attempt to signal tasks on the frontend node.
 -- Cray - when a step is requested count other steps running on nodes in the
    allocation as taking up the entire node instead of just part of the node
    allocated.  And always enforce exclusive on a step request.
 -- Cray - display correct nodelist, node/cpu count on steps.

* Changes in Slurm 2.5.4
 -- Fix bug in PrologSlurmctld use that would block job steps until node
 -- CRAY - If a partition has MinNodes=0 and a batch job doesn't request nodes
    put the allocation to 1 instead of 0 which prevents the allocation to
 -- Better debug when the database is down and using the --cluster option in
    the user commands.
 -- When asking for job states with sacct, default to 'now' instead of midnight
    of the current day.
 -- Fix for handling a test-only job or immediate job that fails while being
 -- Comment out all of the logic in the job_submit/defaults plugin. The logic
    is only an example and not meant for actual use.
 -- Eliminate configuration file 4096 character line limitation.
 -- More robust logic for tree message forward
 -- BGQ - When cnodes fail in a timeout fashion correctly look up parent
 -- Correct sinfo "%c" (node's CPU count) output value for Bluegene systems.
 -- Backfill - Responsive improvements for systems with large numbers of jobs
    (>5000) and using the SchedulerParameters option bf_max_job_user.
 -- slurmstepd: ensure that IO redirection openings from/to files correctly
    handle interruption
 -- BGQ - Able to handle when midplanes go into Hardware::SoftwareFailure
 -- GRES - Correct tracking of specific resources used after slurmctld restart.
    Counts would previously go negative as jobs terminate and decrement from
    a base value of zero.
 -- Fix for priority/multifactor2 plugin to not assert when configured with
 -- Select/cons_res - If the job request specified --ntasks-per-socket and the
    allocation using is cores, then pack the tasks onto the sockets up to the
    specified value.
 -- BGQ - If a cnode goes into an 'error' state and the block containing the
    cnode does not have a job running on it do not resume the block.
 -- BGQ - Handle blocks that don't free themselves in a reasonable time better.
 -- BGQ - Fix for signaling steps when allocation ends before step.
 -- Fix for backfill scheduling logic with job preemption; starts more jobs.
 -- xcgroup - remove bugs with EINTR management in write calls
 -- jobacct_gather - fix total values to not always == the max values.
 -- Fix for handling node registration messages from older versions without
    energy data.
 -- BGQ - Allow user to request full dimensional mesh.
 -- sdiag command - Correction to jobs started value reported.
 -- Prevent slurmctld assert when invalid change to reservation with running
    jobs is made.
 -- BGQ - If signal is NODE_FAIL allow forward even if job is completing
    and timeout in the runjob_mux trying to send in this situation.
 -- BGQ - More robust checking for correct node, task, and ntasks-per-node
    options in srun, and push that logic to salloc and sbatch.
 -- GRES topology bug in core selection logic fixed.
 -- Fix to handle init.d script for querying status and not return 1 on

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.3
 -- Gres/gpu plugin - If no GPUs requested, set CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=NoDevFiles.
    This bug was introduced in 2.5.2 for the case where a GPU count was
    configured, but without device files.
 -- task/affinity plugin - Fix bug in CPU masks for some processors.
 -- Modify sacct command to get format from SACCT_FORMAT environment variable.
 -- BGQ - Changed order of library inclusions and fixed incorrect declaration
    to compile correctly on newer compilers
 -- Fix for not building sview if glib exists on a system but not the gtk libs.
 -- BGQ - Fix for handling a job cleanup on a small block if the job has long
    since left the system.
 -- Fix race condition in job dependency logic which can result in invalid
    memory reference.

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.2
 -- Fix advanced reservation recovery logic when upgrading from version 2.4.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix for QOS/Association node limits.
 -- Add missing "safe" flag from print of AccountStorageEnforce option.
 -- Fix logic to optimize GRES topology with respect to allocated CPUs.
 -- Add job_submit/all_partitions plugin to set a job's default partition
    to ALL available partitions in the cluster.
 -- Modify switch/nrt logic to permit build without library.
 -- Handle srun task launch failure without duplicate error messages or abort.
 -- Fix bug in QoS limits enforcement when slurmctld restarts and user not yet
    added to the QOS list.
 -- Fix issue where sjstat and sjobexitmod was installed in 2 different RPMs.
 -- Fix for job request of multiple partitions in which some partitions lack
    nodes with required features.
 -- Permit a job to use a QOS they do not have access to if an administrator
    manually set the job's QOS (previously the job would be rejected).
 -- Make more variables available to job_submit/lua plugin: slurm.MEM_PER_CPU,
    slurm.NO_VAL, etc.
 -- Fix topology/tree logic when nodes defined in slurm.conf get re-ordered.
 -- In select/cons_res, correct logic to allocate whole sockets to jobs. Work
    by Magnus Jonsson, Umea University.
 -- In select/cons_res, correct logic when job removed from only some nodes.
 -- Avoid apparent kernel bug in 2.6.32 which apparently is solved in
    at least 3.5.0.  This avoids a stack overflow when running jobs on
    more than 120k nodes.
 -- BLUEGENE - If we made a block that isn't runnable because of a overlapping
    block, destroy it correctly.
 -- Switch/nrt - Dynamically load from within the plugin as needed.
    This eliminates the need for on the head node.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix in reservation logic that could cause abort.

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.1
 -- Correction to hostlist sorting for hostnames that contain two numeric
    components and the first numeric component has various sizes (e.g.
    "rack9blade1" should come before "rack10blade1")
 -- BGQ - Only poll on initialized blocks instead of calling getBlocks on
    each block independently.
 -- Fix of task/affinity plugin logic for Power7 processors having hyper-
    threading disabled (cpu mask has gaps).
 -- Fix of job priority ordering with sched/builtin and priority/multifactor.
    Patch from Chris Read.
 -- CRAY - Fix for setting up the aprun for a large job (+2000 nodes).
 -- Fix for race condition related to compute node boot resulting in node being
    set down with reason of "Node <name> unexpectedly rebooted"
 -- RAPL - Fix for handling errors when opening msr files.
 -- BGQ - Fix for salloc/sbatch to do the correct allocation when asking for
    -N1 -n#.
 -- BGQ - in emulation make it so we can pretend to run large jobs (>64k nodes)
 -- BLUEGENE - Correct method to update conn_type of a job.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix issue with preemption when needing to preempt multiple jobs
    to make one job run.
 -- Fixed issue where if an srun dies inside of an allocation abnormally it
    would of also killed the allocation.
 -- FRONTEND - fixed issue where if a systems nodes weren't defined in the
    slurm.conf with NodeAddr's signals going to a step could be handled
 -- If sched/backfill starts a job with a QOS having NO_RESERVE and not job
    time limit, start it with the partition time limit (or one year if the
    partition has no time limit) rather than NO_VAL (140 year time limit);
 -- Alter hostlist logic to allocate large grid dynamically instead of on
 -- Change RPC version checks to support version 2.5 slurmctld with version 2.4
    slurmd daemons.
 -- Correct core reservation logic for use with select/serial plugin.
 -- Exit scontrol command on stdin EOF.
 -- Disable job --exclusive option with select/serial plugin.

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.0
 -- Add DenyOnLimit flag for QOS to deny jobs at submission time if they
    request resources that reach a 'Max' limit.
 -- Permit SlurmUser or operator to change QOS of non-pending jobs (e.g.
    running jobs).
 -- BGQ - move initial poll to beginning of realtime interaction, which will
    also cause it to run if the realtime server ever goes away.

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.0-rc2
 -- Modify sbcast logic to survive slurmd daemon restart while file a
    transmission is in progress.
 -- Add retry logic to munge encode/decode calls. This is needed if the munge
    deamon is under very heavy load (e.g. with 1000 slurmd daemons per compute
 -- Add launch and acct_gather_energy plugins to RPMs.
 -- Restore support for srun "--mpi=list" option.
 -- CRAY - Introduce step accounting for a Cray.
 -- Modify srun to abandon I/O 60 seconds after the last task ends. Otherwise
    an aborted slurmstepd can cause the srun process to hang indefinitely.
 -- ENERGY - RAPL - alter code to close open files (and only open them once
    where needed)
 -- If the PrologSlurmctld fails, then requeue the job an indefinite number
    of times instead of only one time.

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.0-rc1
 -- Added Prolog and Epilog Guide (web page). Based upon work by Jason Sollom,
    Cray Inc. and used by permission.
 -- Restore gang scheduling functionality. Preemptor was not being scheduled.
    Fix for bugzilla #3.
 -- Add "cpu_load" to node information. Populate CPULOAD in node information
    reported to Moab cluster manager.
 -- Preempt jobs only when insufficient idle resources exist to start job,
    regardless of the node weight.
 -- Added priority/multifactor2 plugin based upon ticket distribution system.
    Work by Janne Blomqvist, Aalto University.
 -- Add SLURM_NODELIST to environment variables available to Prolog and Epilog.
 -- Permit reservations to allow or deny access by account and/or user.
 -- Add ReconfigFlags value of KeepPartState. See "man slurm.conf" for details.
 -- Modify the task/cgroup plugin adding a task_pre_launch_priv function and
    move slurmstepd outside of the step's cgroup. Work by Matthieu Hautreux.
 -- Intel MIC processor support added using gres/mic plugin. BIG thanks to
    Olli-Pekka Lehto, CSC-IT Center for Science Ltd.
 -- Accounting - Change empty jobacctinfo structs to not actually be used
    instead of putting 0's into the database we put NO_VALS and have sacct
    figure out jobacct_gather wasn't used.
 -- Cray - Prevent calling basil_confirm more than once per job using a flag.
 -- Fix bug with topology/tree and job with min-max node count. Now try to
    get max node count rather than minimizing leaf switches used.
 -- Add AccountingStorageEnforce=safe option to provide method to avoid jobs
    launching that wouldn't be able to run to completion because of a
    GrpCPUMins limit.
 -- Add support for RFC 5424 timestamps in logfiles. Disable with configuration
    option of "--disable-rfc5424time". By Janne Blomqvist, Aalto University.
 -- CRAY - Replace with launch/aprun plugin to use srun to wrap the
    aprun process instead of a perl script.
 -- srun - Rename --runjob-opts to --launcher-opts to be used on systems other
    than BGQ.
 -- Added new DebugFlags - Energy for AcctGatherEnergy plugins.
 -- start deprecation of sacct --dump --fdump
 -- BGQ - added --verbose=OFF when srun --quiet is used
 -- Added acct_gather_energy/rapl plugin to record power consumption by job.
    Work by Yiannis Georgiou, Martin Perry, et. al., Bull

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.0.pre3
 -- Add Google search to all web pages.
 -- Add sinfo -T option to print reservation information. Work by Bill Brophy,
 -- Force slurmd exit after 2 minute wait, even if threads are hung.
 -- Change node_req field in struct job_resources from 8 to 32 bits so we can
    run more than 256 jobs per node.
 -- sched/backfill: Improve accuracy of expected job start with respect to
 -- sinfo partition field size will be set the the length of the longest
    partition name by default.
 -- Make it so the parse_time will return a valid 0 if given epoch time and
    set errno == ESLURM_INVALID_TIME_VALUE on error instead.
 -- Correct srun --no-alloc logic when node count exceeds node list or task
    task count is not a multiple of the node count. Work by Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Completed integration with IBM Parallel Environment including POE and IBM's
    NRT switch library.

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.0.pre2
 -- When running with multiple slurmd daemons per node, enable specifying a
    range of ports on a single line of the node configuration in slurm.conf.
 -- Add reservation flag of Part_Nodes to allocate all nodes in a partition to
    a reservation and automatically change the reservation when nodes are
    added to or removed from the reservation. Based upon work by
    Bill Brophy, Bull.
 -- Add support for advanced reservation for specific cores rather than whole
    nodes. Current limiations: homogeneous cluster, nodes idle when reservation
    created, and no more than one reservation per node. Code is still under
    development. Work by Alejandro Lucero Palau, et. al, BSC.
 -- Add DebugFlag of Switch to log switch plugin details.
 -- Correct job node_cnt value in job completion plugin when job fails due to
    down node. Previously was too low by one.
 -- Add new srun option --cpu-freq to enable user control over the job's CPU
    frequency and thus it's power consumption. NOTE: cpu frequency is not
    currently preserved for jobs being suspended and later resumed. Work by
    Don Albert, Bull.
 -- Add node configuration information about "boards" and optimize task
    placement on minimum number of boards. Work by Rod Schultz, Bull.

* Changes in SLURM 2.5.0.pre1
 -- Add new output to "scontrol show configuration" of LicensesUsed. Output is
 -- Changed jobacct_gather plugin infrastructure to be cleaner and easier to
 -- Change license option count separator from "*" to ":" for consistency with
    the gres option (e.g. "--licenses=foo:2 --gres=gpu:2"). The "*" will still
    be accepted, but is no longer documented.
 -- Permit more than 100 jobs to be scheduled per node (new limit is 250
 -- Restructure of srun code to allow outside programs to utilize existing

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.6
 -- Correct WillRun authentication logic when issued for non-job owner.
 -- BGQ - fix memory leak
 -- BGQ - Fix to check block for action 'D' if it also has nodes in error.

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.5
 -- Cray - On job kill requeust, send SIGCONT, SIGTERM, wait KillWait and send
    SIGKILL. Previously just sent SIGKILL to tasks.
 -- BGQ - Fix issue when running srun outside of an allocation and only
    specifying the number of tasks and not the number of nodes.
 -- BGQ - validate correct ntasks_per_node
 -- BGQ - when srun -Q is given make runjob be quiet
 -- Modify use of OOM (out of memory protection) for Linux 2.6.36 kernel
    or later. NOTE: If you were setting the environment variable
    SLURMSTEPD_OOM_ADJ=-17, it should be set to -1000 for Linux 2.6.36 kernel
    or later.
 -- BGQ - Fix job step timeout actually happen when done from within an
 -- Reset node MAINT state flag when a reservation's nodes or flags change.
 -- Accounting - Fix issue where QOS usage was being zeroed out on a
    slurmctld restart.
 -- BGQ - Add 64 tasks per node as a valid option for srun when used with
 -- BLUEGENE - With Dynamic layout mode - Fix issue where if a larger block
    was already in error and isn't deallocating and underlying hardware goes
    bad one could get overlapping blocks in error making the code assert when
    a new job request comes in.
 -- BGQ - handle pending actions on a block better when trying to deallocate it.
 -- Accounting - Fixed issue where if nodenames have changed on a system and
    you query against that with -N and -E you will get all jobs during that
    time instead of only the ones running on -N.
 -- BGP - Fix for HTC mode
 -- Accounting - If a job start message fails to the SlurmDBD reset the db_inx
    so it gets sent again.  This isn't a major problem since the start will
    happen when the job ends, but this does make things cleaner.
 -- If an salloc is waiting for an allocation to happen and is canceled by the
    user mark the state canceled instead of completed.
 -- Fix issue in accounting if a user puts a '\' in their job name.
 -- Accounting - Fix for if asking for users or accounts that were deleted
    with associations get the deleted associations as well.
 -- BGQ - Handle shared blocks that need to be removed and have jobs running
    on them.  This should only happen in extreme conditions.
 -- Fix inconsistency for hostlists that have more than 1 range.
 -- BGQ - Add mutex around recovery for the Real Time server to avoid hitting
    DB2 so hard.
 -- BGQ - If an allocation exists on a block that has a 'D' action on it fail
    job on future step creation attempts.

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.4
 -- BGQ - minor fix to make build work in emulated mode.
 -- BGQ - Fix if large block goes into error and the next highest priority jobs
    are planning on using the block.  Previously it would fail those jobs
 -- BGQ - Fix issue when a cnode going to an error (not SoftwareError) state
    with a job running or trying to run on it.
 -- Execute slurm_spank_job_epilog when there is no system Epilog configured.
 -- Fix for srun --test-only to work correctly with timelimits
 -- BGQ - If a job goes away while still trying to free it up in the
    database, and the job is running on a small block make sure we free up
    the correct node count.
 -- BGQ - Logic added to make sure a job has finished on a block before it is
    purged from the system if its front-end node goes down.
 -- Modify strigger so that a filter option of "--user=0" is supported.
 -- Correct --mem-per-cpu logic for core or socket allocations with multiple
    threads per core.
 -- Fix for older < glibc 2.4 systems to use euidaccess() instead of eaccess().
 -- BLUEGENE - Do not alter a pending job's node count when changing it's
 -- BGQ - Add functionality to make it so we track the actions on a block.
    This is needed for when a free request is added to a block but there are
    jobs finishing up so we don't start new jobs on the block since they will
    fail on start.
 -- BGQ - Fixed InactiveLimit to work correctly to avoid scenarios where a
    user's pending allocation was started with srun and then for some reason
    the slurmctld was brought down and while it was down the srun was removed.
 -- Fixed InactiveLimit math to work correctly
 -- BGQ - Add logic to make it so blocks can't use a midplane with a nodeboard
    in error for passthrough.
 -- BGQ - Make it so if a nodeboard goes in error any block using that midplane
    for passthrough gets removed on a dynamic system.
 -- BGQ - Fix for printing realtime server debug correctly.
 -- BGQ - Cleaner handling of cnode failures when reported through the runjob
    interface instead of through the normal method.
 -- smap - spread node information across multiple lines for larger systems.
 -- Cray - Defer salloc until after PrologSlurmctld completes.
 -- Correction to slurmdbd communications failure handling logic, incorrect
    error codes returned in some cases.

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.3
 -- Accounting - Fix so complete 32 bit numbers can be put in for a priority.
 -- cgroups - fix if initial directory is non-existent SLURM creates it
    correctly.  Before the errno wasn't being checked correctly
 -- BGQ - fixed srun when only requesting a task count and not a node count
    to operate the same way salloc or sbatch did and assign a task per cpu
    by default instead of task per node.
 -- Fix salloc --gid to work correctly.  Reported by Brian Gilmer
 -- BGQ - fix smap to set the correct default MloaderImage
 -- BLUEGENE - updated documentation.
 -- Close the batch job's environment file when it contains no data to avoid
    leaking file descriptors.
 -- Fix sbcast's credential to last till the end of a job instead of the
    previous 20 minute time limit.  The previous behavior would fail for
    large files 20 minutes into the transfer.
 -- Return ESLURM_NODES_BUSY rather than ESLURM_NODE_NOT_AVAIL error on job
    submit when required nodes are up, but completing a job or in exclusive
    job allocation.
 -- Add HWLOC_FLAGS so linking to libslurm works correctly
 -- BGQ - If using backfill and a shared block is running at least one job
    and a job comes through backfill and can fit on the block without ending
    jobs don't set an end_time for the running jobs since they don't need to
    end to start the job.
 -- Initialize bind_verbose when using task/cgroup.
 -- BGQ - Fix for handling backfill much better when sharing blocks.
 -- BGQ - Fix for making small blocks on first pass if not sharing blocks.
 -- BLUEGENE - Remove force of default conn_type instead of leaving NAV
    when none are requested.  The Block allocator sets it up temporarily so
    this isn't needed.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix deadlock issue when dealing with bad hardware if using
    static blocks.
 -- Fix to mysql plugin during rollup to only query suspended table when jobs
    reported some suspended time.
 -- Fix compile with glibc 2.16 (Kacper Kowalik)
 -- BGQ - fix for deadlock where a block has error on it and all jobs
    running on it are preemptable by scheduling job.
 -- proctrack/cgroup: Exclude internal threads from "scontrol list pids".
    Patch from Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
 -- Memory leak fixed for select/linear when preempting jobs.
 -- Fix if updating begin time of a job to update the eligible time in
    accounting as well.
 -- BGQ - make it so you can signal steps when signaling the job allocation.
 -- BGQ - Remove extra overhead if a large block has many cnode failures.
 -- Priority/Multifactor - Fix issue with age factor when a job is estimated to
    start in the future but is able to run now.
 -- CRAY - update to work with ALPS 5.1
 -- BGQ - Handle issue of speed and mutexes when polling instead of using the
    realtime server.
 -- BGQ - Fix minor sorting issue with sview when sorting by midplanes.
 -- Accounting - Fix for handling per user max node/cpus limits on a QOS
    correctly for current job.
 -- Update documentation for -/+= when updating a reservation's
 -- Update pam module to work if using aliases on nodes instead of actual
    host names.
 -- Correction to task layout logic in select/cons_res for job with minimum
    and maximum node count.
 -- BGQ - Put final poll after realtime comes back into service to avoid
    having the realtime server go down over and over again while waiting
    for the poll to finish.
 -- task/cgroup/memory - ensure that ConstrainSwapSpace=no is correctly
    handled. Work by Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
 -- CRAY - Fix for sacct -N option to work correctly
 -- CRAY - Update documentation to describe installation from rpm instead
    or previous piecemeal method.
 -- Fix sacct to work with QOS' that have previously been deleted.
 -- Added all available limits to the output of sacctmgr list qos

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.2
 -- BLUEGENE - Correct potential deadlock issue when hardware goes bad and
    there are jobs running on that hardware.
 -- If job is submitted to more than one partition, it's partition pointer can
    be set to an invalid value. This can result in the count of CPUs allocated
    on a node being bad, resulting in over- or under-allocation of its CPUs.
    Patch by Carles Fenoy, BSC.
 -- Fix bug in task layout with select/cons_res plugin and --ntasks-per-node
    option. Patch by Martin Perry, Bull.
 -- BLUEGENE - remove race condition where if a block is removed while waiting
    for a job to finish on it the number of unused cpus wasn't updated
 -- BGQ - make sure we have a valid block when creating or finishing a step
 -- BLUEGENE - If a large block (> 1 midplane) is in error and underlying
    hardware is marked bad remove the larger block and create a block over
    just the bad hardware making the other hardware available to run on.
 -- BLUEGENE - Handle job completion correctly if an admin removes a block
    where other blocks on an overlapping midplane are running jobs.
 -- BLUEGENE - correctly remove running jobs when freeing a block.
 -- BGQ - correct logic to place multiple (< 1 midplane) steps inside a
    multi midplane block allocation.
 -- BGQ - Make it possible for a multi midplane allocation to run on more
    than 1 midplane but not the entire allocation.
 -- BGL - Fix for syncing users on block from Tim Wickberg
 -- Fix initialization of protocol_version for some messages to make sure it
    is always set when sending or receiving a message.
 -- Reset backfilled job counter only when explicitly cleared using scontrol.
    Patch from Alejandro Lucero Palau, BSC.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for handling blocks when a larger block will not free and
    while it is attempting to free underlying hardware is marked in error
    making small blocks overlapping with the freeing block.  This only
    applies to dynamic layout mode.
 -- Cray and BlueGene - Do not treat lack of usable front-end nodes when
    slurmctld deamon starts as a fatal error. Also preserve correct front-end
    node for jobs when there is more than one front-end node and the slurmctld
    daemon restarts.
 -- Correct parsing of srun/sbatch input/output/error file names so that only
    the name "none" is mapped to /dev/null and not any file name starting
    with "none" (e.g. "none.o").
 -- BGQ - added version string to the load of the runjob_mux plugin to verify
    the current plugin has been loaded when using runjob_mux_refresh_config
 -- CGROUPS - Use system mount/umount function calls instead of doing fork
    exec of mount/umount from Janne Blomqvist.
 -- BLUEGENE - correct start time setup when no jobs are blocking the way
    from Mark Nelson
 -- Fixed sacct --state=S query to return information about suspended jobs
    current or in the past.
 -- FRONTEND - Made error warning more apparent if a frontend node isn't
    configured correctly.
 -- BGQ - update documentation about runjob_mux_refresh_config which works
    correctly as of IBM driver V1R1M1 efix 008.

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.1
 -- Fix bug for job state change from 2.3 -> 2.4 job state can now be preserved
    correctly when transitioning.  This also applies for 2.4.0 -> 2.4.1, no
    state will be lost. (Thanks to Carles Fenoy)

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.0
 -- Cray - Improve support for zero compute note resource allocations.
    Partition used can now be configured with no nodes nodes.
 -- BGQ - make it so srun -i<taskid> works correctly.
 -- Fix parse_uint32/16 to complain if a non-digit is given.
 -- Add SUBMITHOST to job state passed to Moab vial sched/wiki2. Patch by Jon
    Bringhurst (LANL).
 -- BGQ - Fix issue when running with AllowSubBlockAllocations=Yes without
    compiling with --enable-debug
 -- Modify scontrol to require "-dd" option to report batch job's script. Patch
    from Don Albert, Bull.
 -- Modify SchedulerParamters option to match documentation: "bf_res="
    changed to "bf_resolution=". Patch from Rod Schultz, Bull.
 -- Fix bug that clears job pending reason field. Patch fron Don Lipari, LLNL.
 -- In etc/init.d/slurm move check for scontrol after sourcing
    /etc/sysconfig/slurm. Patch from Andy Wettstein, University of Chicago.
 -- Fix in scheduling logic that can delay jobs with min/max node counts.
 -- BGQ - fix issue where if a step uses the entire allocation and then
    the next step in the allocation only uses part of the allocation it gets
    the correct cnodes.
 -- BGQ - Fix checking for IO on a block with new IBM driver V1R1M1 previous
    function didn't always work correctly.
 -- BGQ - Fix issue when a nodeboard goes down and you want to combine blocks
    to make a larger small block and are running with sub-blocks.
 -- BLUEGENE - Better logic for making small blocks around bad nodeboard/card.
 -- BGQ - When using an old IBM driver cnodes that go into error because of
    a job kill timeout aren't always reported to the system.  This is now
    handled by the runjob_mux plugin.
 -- BGQ - Added information on how to setup the runjob_mux to run as SlurmUser.
 -- Improve memory consumption on step layouts with high task count.
 -- BGQ - quiter debug when the real time server comes back but there are
    still messages we find when we poll but haven't given it back to the real
    time yet.
 -- BGQ - fix for if a request comes in smaller than the smallest block and
    we must use a small block instead of a shared midplane block.
 -- Fix issues on large jobs (>64k tasks) to have the correct counter type when
    packing the step layout structure.
 -- BGQ - fix issue where if a user was asking for tasks and ntasks-per-node
    but not node count the node count is correctly figured out.
 -- Move logic to always use the 1st alphanumeric node as the batch host for
    batch jobs.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix race condition where if a nodeboard/card goes down at the
    same time a block is destroyed and that block just happens to be the
    smallest overlapping block over the bad hardware.
 -- Fix bug when querying accounting looking for a job node size.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix possible race condition if cleaning up a block and the
    removal of the job on the block failed.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix issue if a cable was in an error state make it so we can
    check if a block is still makable if the cable wasn't in error.
 -- Put nodes names in alphabetic order in node table.
 -- If preempted job should have a grace time and preempt mode is not cancel
    but job is going to be canceled because it is interactive or other reason
    it now receives the grace time.
 -- BGQ - Modified documents to explain new plugin_flags needed in
    in order for the runjob_mux to run correctly.
 -- BGQ - change linking from libslurm.o to to avoid warning.

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.0.rc1
 -- Improve task binding logic by making fuller use of HWLOC library,
    especially with respect to Opteron 6000 series processors. Work contributed
    by Komoto Masahiro.
 -- Add new configuration parameter PriorityFlags, based upon work by
    Carles Fenoy (Barcelona Supercomputer Center).
 -- Modify the step completion RPC between slurmd and slurmstepd in order to
    eliminate a possible deadlock. Based on work by Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
 -- Change the owner of slurmctld and slurmdbd log files to the appropriate
    user. Without this change the files will be created by and owned by the
    user starting the daemons (likely user root).
 -- Reorganize the slurmstepd logic in order to better support NFS and
    Kerberos credentials via the AUKS plugin. Work by Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
 -- Fix bug in allocating GRES that are associated with specific CPUs. In some
    cases the code allocated first available GRES to job instead of allocating
    GRES accessible to the specific CPUs allocated to the job.
 -- spank: Add callbacks in slurmd: slurm_spank_slurmd_{init,exit}
    and job epilog/prolog: slurm_spank_job_{prolog,epilog}
 -- spank: Add spank_option_getopt() function to api
 -- Change resolution of switch wait time from minutes to seconds.
 -- Added CrpCPUMins to the output of sshare -l for those using hard limit
    accounting.  Work contributed by Mark Nelson.
 -- Added mpi/pmi2 plugin for complete support of pmi2 including acquiring
    additional resources for newly launched tasks. Contributed by Hongjia Cao,
 -- BGQ - fixed issue where if a user asked for a specific node count and more
    tasks than possible without overcommit the request would be allowed on more
    nodes than requested.
 -- Add support for new SchedulerParameters of bf_max_job_user, maximum number
    of jobs to attempt backfilling per user. Work by Bjorn-Helge Mevik,
    University of Oslo.
 -- BLUEGENE - fixed issue where MaxNodes limit on a partition only limited
    larger than midplane jobs.
 -- Added cpu_run_min to the output of sshare --long.  Work contributed by
    Mark Nelson.
 -- BGQ - allow regular users to resolve Rack-Midplane to AXYZ coords.
 -- Add sinfo output format option of "%R" for partition name without "*"
    appended for default partition.
 -- Cray - Add support for zero compute note resource allocation to run batch
    script on front-end node with no ALPS reservation. Useful for pre- or post-
 -- Support for cyclic distribution of cpus in task/cgroup plugin from Martin
    Perry, Bull.
 -- GrpMEM limit for QOSes and associations added Patch from Bjorn-Helge Mevik,
    University of Oslo.
 -- Various performance improvements for up to 500% higher throughput depending
    upon configuration. Work supported by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    Extreme Scale Systems Center.
 -- Added jobacct_gather/cgroup plugin.  It is not advised to use this in
    production as it isn't currently complete and doesn't provide an equivalent
    substitution for jobacct_gather/linux yet. Work by Martin Perry, Bull.

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.0.pre4
 -- Add logic to cache GPU file information (bitmap index mapping to device
    file number) in the slurmd daemon and transfer that information to the
    slurmstepd whenever a job step is initiated. This is needed to set the
    appropriate CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment variable value when the
    devices are not in strict numeric order (e.g. some GPUs are skipped).
    Based upon work by Nicolas Bigaouette.
 -- BGQ - Remove ability to make a sub-block with a geometry with one or more
    of it's dimensions of length 3.  There is a limitation in the IBM I/O
    subsystem that is problematic with multiple sub-blocks with a dimension
    of length 3, so we will disallow them to be able to be created.  This
    mean you if you ask the system for an allocation of 12 c-nodes you will
    be given 16.  If this is ever fix in BGQ you can remove this patch.
 -- BLUEGENE - Better handling blocks that go into error state or deallocate
    while jobs are running on them.
 -- BGQ - fix for handling mix of steps running at same time some of which
    are full allocation jobs, and others that are smaller.
 -- BGQ - fix for core dump after running multiple sub-block jobs on static
 -- BGQ - fixed sync issue where if a job finishes in SLURM but not in mmcs
    for a long time after the SLURM job has been flushed from the system
    we don't have to worry about rebooting the block to sync the system.
 -- BGQ - In scontrol/sview node counts are now displayed with
    CnodeCount/CnodeErrCount so to point out there are cnodes in an error state
    on the block.  Draining the block and having it reboot when all jobs are
    gone will clear up the cnodes in Software Failure.
 -- Change default SchedulerParameters max_switch_wait field value from 60 to
    300 seconds.
 -- BGQ - catch errors from the kill option of the runjob client.
 -- BLUEGENE - make it so the epilog runs until slurmctld tells it the job is
    gone.  Previously it had a timelimit which has proven to not be the right
 -- FRONTEND - fix issue where if a compute node was in a down state and
    an admin updates the node to idle/resume the compute nodes will go
    instantly to idle instead of idle* which means no response.
 -- Fix regression in 2.4.0.pre3 where number of submitted jobs limit wasn't
    being honored for QOS.
 -- Cray - Enable logging of BASIL communications with environment variables.
    Set XML_LOG to enable logging. Set XML_LOG_LOC to specify path to log file
    or "SLURM" to write to SlurmctldLogFile or unset for "slurm_basil_xml.log".
    Patch from Steve Tronfinoff, CSCS.
 -- FRONTEND - if a front end unexpectedly reboots kill all jobs but don't
    mark front end node down.
 -- FRONTEND - don't down a front end node if you have an epilog error
 -- BLUEGENE - if a job has an epilog error don't down the midplane it was
    running on.
 -- BGQ - added new DebugFlag (NoRealTime) for only printing debug from
    state change while the realtime server is running.
 -- Fix multi-cluster mode with sview starting on a non-bluegene cluster going
    to a bluegene cluster.
 -- BLUEGENE - ability to show Rack Midplane name of midplanes in sview and

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.0.pre3
 -- Let a job be submitted even if it exceeds a QOS limit. Job will be left
    in a pending state until the QOS limit or job parameters change. Patch by
    Phil Eckert, LLNL.
 -- Add sacct support for the option "--name". Work by Yuri D'Elia, Center for
    Biomedicine, EURAC Research, Italy.
 -- BGQ - handle preemption.
 -- Add an srun shepard process to cancel a job and/or step of the srun process
    is killed abnormally (e.g. SIGKILL).
 -- BGQ - handle deadlock issue when a nodeboard goes into an error state.
 -- BGQ - more thorough handling of blocks with multiple jobs running on them.
 -- Fix man2html process to compile in the build directory instead of the
    source dir.
 -- Behavior of srun --multi-prog modified so that any program arguments
    specified on the command line will be appended to the program arguments
    specified in the program configuration file.
 -- Add new command, sdiag, which reports a variety of job scheduling
    statistics. Based upon work by Alejandro Lucero Palau, BSC.
 -- BLUEGENE - Added DefaultConnType to the bluegene.conf file.  This makes it
    so you can specify any connection type you would like (TORUS or MESH) as
    the default in dynamic mode.  Previously it always defaulted to TORUS.
 -- Made squeue -n and -w options more consistent with salloc, sbatch, srun,
    and scancel. Patch by Don Lipari, LLNL.
 -- Have sacctmgr remove user records when no associations exist for that user.
 -- Several header file changes for clean build with NetBSD. Patches from
    Aleksej Saushev.
 -- Fix for possible deadlock in accounting logic: Avoid calling
    jobacct_gather_g_getinfo() until there is data to read from the socket.
 -- Fix race condition that could generate "job_cnt_comp underflow" errors on
    front-end architectures.
 -- BGQ - Fix issue where a system with missing cables could cause core dump.

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.0.pre2
 -- CRAY - Add support for GPU memory allocation using SLURM GRES (Generic
    RESource) support. Work by Steve Trofinoff, CSCS.
 -- Add support for job allocations with multiple job constraint counts. For
    example: salloc -C "LSQBrack1*2&rack2*4RSQB" ... will allocate the job 2 nodes
    from rack1 and 4 nodes from rack2. Support for only a single constraint
    name been added to job step support.
 -- BGQ - Remove old method for marking cnodes down.
 -- BGQ - Remove BGP images from view in sview.
 -- BGQ - print out failed cnodes in scontrol show nodes.
 -- BGQ - Add srun option of "--runjob-opts" to pass options to the runjob
 -- FRONTEND - handle step launch failure better.
 -- BGQ - Added a mutex to protect the now changing ba_system pointers.
 -- BGQ - added new functionality for sub-block allocations - no preemption
    for this yet though.
 -- Add --name option to squeue to filter output by job name. Patch from Yuri
 -- BGQ - Added linking to runjob client libary which gives support to totalview
    to use srun instead of runjob.
 -- Add numeric range checks to scontrol update options. Patch from Phil
    Eckert, LLNL.
 -- Add ReconfigFlags configuration option to control actions of "scontrol
    reconfig". Patch from Don Albert, Bull.
 -- BGQ - handle reboots with multiple jobs running on a block.
 -- BGQ - Add message handler thread to forward signals to runjob process.

* Changes in SLURM 2.4.0.pre1
 -- BGQ - use the ba_geo_tables to figure out the blocks instead of the old
    algorithm.  The improves timing in the worst cases and simplifies the code
 -- BLUEGENE - Change to output tools labels from BP to Midplane
    (i.e. BP List -> MidplaneList).
 -- BLUEGENE - read MPs and BPs from the bluegene.conf
 -- Modify srun's SIGINT handling logic timer (two SIGINTs within one second) to
    be based microsecond rather than second timer.
 -- Modify advance reservation to accept multiple specific block sizes rather
    than a single node count.
 -- Permit administrator to change a job's QOS to any value without validating
    the job's owner has permission to use that QOS. Based upon patch by Phil
    Eckert (LLNL).
 -- Add trigger flag for a permanent trigger. The trigger will NOT be purged
    after an event occurs, but only when explicitly deleted.
 -- Interpret a reservation with Nodes=ALL and a Partition specification as
    reserving all nodes within the specified partition rather than all nodes
    on the system. Based upon patch by Phil Eckert (LLNL).
 -- Add the ability to reboot all compute nodes after they become idle. The
    RebootProgram configuration parameter must be set and an authorized user
    must execute the command "scontrol reboot_nodes". Patch from Andriy
    Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
 -- Modify slurmdbd.conf parsing to accept DebugLevel strings (quiet, fatal,
    info, etc.) in addition to numeric values. The parsing of slurm.conf was
    modified in the same fashion for SlurmctldDebug and SlurmdDebug values.
    The output of sview and "scontrol show config" was also modified to report
    those values as strings rather than numeric values.
 -- Changed default value of StateSaveLocation configuration parameter from
    /tmp to /var/spool.
 -- Prevent associations from being deleted if it has any jobs in running,
    pending or suspended state. Previous code prevented this only for running
 -- If a job can not run due to QOS or association limits, then do not cancel
    the job, but leave it pending in a system held state (priority = 1). The
    job will run when its limits or the QOS/association limits change. Based
    upon a patch by Phil Ekcert (LLNL).
 -- BGQ - Added logic to keep track of cnodes in an error state inside of a
    booted block.
 -- Added the ability to update a node's NodeAddr and NodeHostName with
    scontrol. Also enable setting a node's state to "future" using scontrol.
 -- Add a node state flag of CLOUD and save/restore NodeAddr and NodeHostName
    information for nodes with a flag of CLOUD.
 -- Cray: Add support for job reservations with node IDs that are not in
    numeric order. Fix for Bugzilla #5.
 -- BGQ - Fix issue with smap -R
 -- Fix association limit support for jobs queued for multiple partitions.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix issue for sub-midplane systems to create a full system
    block correctly.
 -- BLUEGENE - Added option to the bluegene.conf to tell you are running on
    a sub midplane system.
 -- Added the UserID of the user issuing the RPC to the job_submit/lua
 -- Fixed issue where if a job ended with ESLURMD_UID_NOT_FOUND and
    ESLURMD_GID_NOT_FOUND where slurm would be a little over zealous
    in treating missing a GID or UID as a fatal error.
 -- If job time limit exceeds partition maximum, but job's minimum time limit
    does not, set job's time limit to partition maximum at allocation time.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.6
 -- Fix DefMemPerCPU for partition definitions.
 -- Fix to create a reservation with licenses and no nodes.
 -- Fix issue with assoc_mgr if a bad state file is given and the database
    isn't up at the time the slurmctld starts, not running the
    priority/multifactor plugin, and then the database is started up later.
 -- Gres: If a gres has a count of one and an associated file then when doing
    a reconfiguration, the node's bitmap was not cleared resulting in an
    underflow upon job termination or removal from scheduling matrix by the
    backfill scheduler.
 -- Fix race condition in job dependency logic which can result in invalid
    memory reference.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.5
 -- Improve support for overlapping advanced reservations. Patch from
    Bill Brophy, Bull.
 -- Modify Makefiles for support of Debian hardening flags. Patch from
    Simon Ruderich.
 -- CRAY: Fix support for configuration with SlurmdTimeout=0 (never mark
    node that is DOWN in ALPS as DOWN in SLURM).
 -- Fixed the setting of SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR for jobs submitted by Moab (BZ#1467).
    Patch by Don Lipari, LLNL.
 -- Correction to init.d/slurmdbd exit code for status option. Patch by Bill
    Brophy, Bull.
 -- When the optional max_time is not specified for --switches=count, the site
    max (SchedulerParameters=max_switch_wait=seconds) is used for the job.
    Based on patch from Rod Schultz.
 -- Fix bug in select/cons_res plugin when used with topology/tree and a node
    range count in job allocation request.
 -- Fixed script to correctly work for end records.
 -- Add support for new SchedulerParameters of max_depend_depth defining the
    maximum number of jobs to test for circular dependencies (i.e. job A waits
    for job B to start and job B waits for job A to start). Default value is
    10 jobs.
 -- Fix potential race condition if MinJobAge is very low (i.e. 1) and using
    slurmdbd accounting and running large amounts of jobs (>50 sec).  Job
    information could be corrupted before it had a chance to reach the DBD.
 -- Fix state restore of job limit set from admin value for min_cpus.
 -- Fix clearing of limit values if an admin removes the limit for max cpus
    and time limit where it was previously set by an admin.
 -- Fix issue where log message is more than 256 chars and then has a format.
 -- Fix sched/wiki2 to support job account name, gres, partition name, wckey,
    or working directory that contains "#" (a job record separator). Also fix
    for wckey or working directory that contains a double quote '\"'.
 -- CRAY - fix for handling memory requests from user for an allocation.
 -- Add support for switches parameter to the job_submit/lua plugin. Work by
    Par Andersson, NSC.
 -- Fix to job preemption logic to preempt multiple jobs at the same time.
 -- Fix minor issue where uid and gid were switched in sview for submitting
    batch jobs.
 -- Fix possible illegal memory reference in slurmctld for job step with
    relative option. Work by Matthieu Hautreux (CEA).
 -- Reset priority of system held jobs when dependency is satisfied. Work by
    Don Lipari, LLNL.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.4
 -- Set DEFAULT flag in partition structure when slurmctld reads the
    configuration file. Patch from Remi Palancher.
 -- Fix for possible deadlock in accounting logic: Avoid calling
    jobacct_gather_g_getinfo() until there is data to read from the socket.
 -- Fix typo in accounting when using reservations. Patch from Alejandro
    Lucero Palau.
 -- Fix to the multifactor priority plugin to calculate effective usage earlier
    to give a correct priority on the first decay cycle after a restart of the
    slurmctld. Patch from Martin Perry, Bull.
 -- Permit user root to run a job step for any job as any user. Patch from
    Didier Gazen, Laboratoire d'Aerologie.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix for not allowing jobs if all midplanes are drained and all
    blocks are in an error state.
 -- Avoid slurmctld abort due to bad pointer when setting an advanced
    reservation MAINT flag if it contains no nodes (only licenses).
 -- Fix bug when requeued batch job is scheduled to run on a different node
    zero, but attemts job launch on old node zero.
 -- Fix bug in step task distribution when nodes are not configured in numeric
    order. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Fix for srun allocating running within existing allocation with --exclude
    option and --nnodes count small enough to remove more nodes. Patch from
    Phil Eckert, LLNL.
 -- Work around to handle certain combinations of glibc/kernel
    (i.e. glibc-2.14/Linux-3.1) to correctly open the pty of the slurmstepd
    as the job user. Patch from Mark Grondona, LLNL.
 -- Modify linking to include "-ldl" only when needed. Patch from Aleksej
 -- Fix smap regression to display nodes that are drained or down correctly.
 -- Several bug fixes and performance improvements with related to batch
    scripts containing very large numbers of arguments. Patches from Par
    Andersson, NSC.
 -- Fixed extremely hard to reproduce threading issue in assoc_mgr.
 -- Correct "scontrol show daemons" output if there is more than one
    ControlMachine configured.
 -- Add node read lock where needed in slurmctld/agent code.
 -- Added test for LUA library named "" in addition to
    "" as needed by Debian. Patch by Remi Palancher.
 -- Added partition default_time field to job_submit LUA plugin. Patch by
    Remi Palancher.
 -- Fix bug in cray/srun wrapper stdin/out/err file handling.
 -- In cray/srun wrapper, only include aprun "-q" option when srun "--quiet"
    option is used.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix issue where if a small block was in error it could hold up
    the queue when trying to place a larger than midplane job.
 -- CRAY - ignore all interactive nodes and jobs on interactive nodes.
 -- Add new job state reason of "FrontEndDown" which applies only to Cray and
    IBM BlueGene systems.
 -- Cray - Enable configure option of "--enable-salloc-background" to permit
    the srun and salloc commands to be executed in the background. This does
    NOT remove the ALPS limitation that only one job reservation can be created
    for each Linux session ID.
 -- Cray - For srun wrapper when creating a job allocation, set the default job
    name to the executable file's name.
 -- Add support for Cray ALPS 5.0.0
 -- FRONTEND - if a front end unexpectedly reboots kill all jobs but don't
    mark front end node down.
 -- FRONTEND - don't down a front end node if you have an epilog error.
 -- Cray - fix for if a frontend slurmd was started after the slurmctld had
    already pinged it on startup the unresponding flag would be removed from
    the frontend node.
 -- Cray - Fix issue on smap not displaying grid correctly.
 -- Fixed minor memory leak in sview.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.3
 -- Fix task/cgroup plugin error when used with GRES. Patch by Alexander
    Bersenev (Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Russia).
 -- Permit pending job exceeding a partition limit to run if its QOS flag is
    modified to permit the partition limit to be exceeded. Patch from Bill
    Brophy, Bull.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed preemption issue.
 -- sacct search for jobs using filtering was ignoring wckey filter.
 -- Fixed issue with QOS preemption when adding new QOS.
 -- Fixed issue with comment field being used in a job finishing before it
    starts in accounting.
 -- Add slashes in front of derived exit code when modifying a job.
 -- Handle numeric suffix of "T" for terabyte units. Patch from John Thiltges,
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
 -- Prevent resetting a held job's priority when updating other job parameters.
    Patch from Alejandro Lucero Palau, BSC.
 -- Improve logic to import a user's environment. Needed with --get-user-env
    option used with Moab. Patch from Mark Grondona, LLNL.
 -- Fix bug in sview layout if node count less than configured grid_x_width.
 -- Modify PAM module to prefer to use SLURM library with same major release
    number that it was built with.
 -- Permit gres count configuration of zero.
 -- Fix race condition where sbcast command can result in deadlock of slurmd
    daemon. Patch by Don Albert, Bull.
 -- Fix bug in srun --multi-prog configuration file to avoid printing duplicate
    record error when "*" is used at the end of the file for the task ID.
 -- Let operators see reservation data even if "PrivateData=reservations" flag
    is set in slurm.conf. Patch from Don Albert, Bull.
 -- Added new sbatch option "--export-file" as needed for latest version of
    Moab. Patch from Phil Eckert, LLNL.
 -- Fix for sacct printing CPUTime(RAW) where the the is greater than a 32 bit
 -- Fix bug in --switch option with topology resulting in bad switch count use.
    Patch from Alejandro Lucero Palau (Barcelona Supercomputer Center).
 -- Fix PrivateFlags bug when using Priority Multifactor plugin.  If using sprio
    all jobs would be returned even if the flag was set.
    Patch from Bill Brophy, Bull.
 -- Fix for possible invalid memory reference in slurmctld in job dependency
    logic. Patch from Carles Fenoy (Barcelona Supercomputer Center).

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.2
 -- Add configure option of "--without-rpath" which builds SLURM tools without
    the rpath option, which will work if Munge and BlueGene libraries are in
    the default library search path and make system updates easier.
 -- Fixed issue where if a job ended with ESLURMD_UID_NOT_FOUND and
    ESLURMD_GID_NOT_FOUND where slurm would be a little over zealous
    in treating missing a GID or UID as a fatal error.
 -- Backfill scheduling - Add SchedulerParameters configuration parameter of
    "bf_res" to control the resolution in the backfill scheduler's data about
    when jobs begin and end. Default value is 60 seconds (used to be 1 second).
 -- Cray - Remove the "family" specification from the GPU reservation request.
 -- Updated set_oomadj.c, replacing deprecated oom_adj reference with
 -- Fix resource allocation bug, generic resources allocation was ignoring the
    job's ntasks_per_node and cpus_per_task parameters. Patch from Carles
    Fenoy, BSC.
 -- Avoid orphan job step if slurmctld is down when a job step completes.
 -- Fix Lua link order, patch from Par Andersson, NSC.
 -- Set SLURM_CPUS_PER_TASK=1 when user specifies --cpus-per-task=1.
 -- Fix for fatal error managing GRES. Patch by Carles Fenoy, BSC.
 -- Fixed race condition when using the DBD in accounting where if a job
    wasn't started at the time the eligible message was sent but started
    before the db_index was returned information like start time would be lost.
 -- Fix issue in accounting where normalized shares could be updated
    incorrectly when getting fairshare from the parent.
 -- Fixed if not enforcing associations  but want QOS support for a default
    qos on the cluster to fill that in correctly.
 -- Fix in select/cons_res for "fatal: cons_res: sync loop not progressing"
    with some configurations and job option combinations.
 -- BLUEGNE - Fixed issue with handling HTC modes and rebooting.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.1
 -- Do not remove the backup slurmctld's pid file when it assumes control, only
    when it actually shuts down. Patch from Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions
 -- Avoid clearing a job's reason from JobHeldAdmin or JobHeldUser when it is
    otherwise updated using scontrol or sview commands. Patch based upon work
    by Phil Eckert (LLNL).
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for if changing the defined blocks in the bluegene.conf and
    jobs happen to be running on blocks not in the new config.
 -- Many cosmetic modifications to eliminate warning message from GCC version
    4.6 compiler.
 -- Fix for sview reservation tab when finding correct reservation.
 -- Fix for handling QOS limits per user on a reconfig of the slurmctld.
 -- Do not treat the absence of a gres.conf file as a fatal error on systems
    configured with GRES, but set GRES counts to zero.
 -- BLUEGENE - Update correctly the state in the reason of a block if an
    admin sets the state to error.
 -- BLUEGENE - handle reason of blocks in error more correctly between
    restarts of the slurmctld.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix minor potential memory leak when setting block error reason.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix if running in Static/Overlap mode and full system block
    is in an error state, won't deny jobs.
 -- Fix for accounting where your cluster isn't numbered in counting order
    (i.e. 1-9,0 instead of 0-9).  The bug would cause 'sacct -N nodename' to
    not give correct results on these systems.
 -- Fix to GRES allocation logic when resources are associated with specific
    CPUs on a node. Patch from Steve Trofinoff, CSCS.
 -- Fix bugs in sched/backfill with respect to QOS reservation support and job
    time limits. Patch from Alejandro Lucero Palau (Barcelona Supercomputer
 -- BGQ - fix to set up corner correctly for sub block jobs.
 -- Major re-write of the CPU Management User and Administrator Guide (web
    page) by Martin Perry, Bull.
 -- BLUEGENE - If removing blocks from system that once existed cleanup of old
    block happens correctly now.
 -- Prevent slurmctld crashing with configuration of MaxMemPerCPU=0.
 -- Prevent job hold by operator or account coordinator of his own job from
    being an Administrator Hold rather than User Hold by default.
 -- Cray - Fix for parsing to avoid adding spaces between option and
    argument (e.g. "-N2" parsed properly without changing to "-N 2").
 -- Major updates to cgroup support by Mark Grondona (LLNL) and Matthieu
    Hautreux (CEA) and Sam Lang. Fixes timing problems with respect to the
    task_epilog. Allows cgroup mount point to be configurable. Added new
    configuration parameters MaxRAMPercent and MaxSwapPercent. Allow cgroup
    configuration parameters that are precentages to be floating point.
 -- Fixed issue where sview wasn't displaying correct nice value for jobs.
 -- Fixed issue where sview wasn't displaying correct min memory per node/cpu
    value for jobs.
 -- Disable some SelectTypeParameters for select/linear that aren't compatible.
 -- Move slurm_select_init to proper place to avoid loading multiple select
    plugins in the slurmd.
 -- BGQ - Include in the bluegene rpm.
 -- Report correct job "Reason" if needed nodes are DOWN, DRAINED, or
    NOT_RESPONDING, "Resources" rather than "PartitionNodeLimit".
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed issues with running on a sub-midplane system.
 -- Added some missing calls to allow older versions of SLURM to talk to newer.
 -- BGQ - allow steps to be ran.
 -- Do not attempt to run HeathCheckProgram on powered down nodes. Patch from
    Ramiro Alba, Centre Tecnologic de Tranferencia de Calor, Spain.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0-2
 -- Fix for memory issue inside sview.
 -- Fix issue where if a job was pending and the slurmctld was restarted a
    variable wasn't initialized in the job structure making it so that job
    wouldn't run.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0
 -- BLUEGENE - make sure we only set the jobinfo_select start_loc on a job
    when we are on a small block, not a regular one.
 -- BGQ - fix issue where not copying the correct amount of memory.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix clean start if jobs were running when the slurmctld was
    shutdown and then the system size changed.  This would probably only happen
    if you were emulating a system.
 -- Fix sview for calling a cray system from a non-cray system to get the
    correct geometry of the system.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix to correctly import pervious version of block state file.
 -- BLUEGENE - handle loading better when doing a clean start with static
 -- Add sinfo format and sort option "%n" for NodeHostName and "%o" for
 -- If a job is deferred due to partition limits, then re-test those limits
    after a partition is modified. Patch from Don Lipari.
 -- Fix bug which would crash slurmcld if job's owner (not root) tries to clear
    a job's licenses by setting value to "".
 -- Cosmetic fix for printing out debug info in the priority plugin.
 -- In sview when switching from a bluegene machine to a regular linux cluster
    and vice versa the node->base partition lists will be displayed if setup
    in your .slurm/sviewrc file.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for creating full system static block on a BGQ system.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix deadlock issue if toggling between Dynamic and Static block
    allocation with jobs running on blocks that don't exist in the static
 -- BLUEGENE - Modify code to only give HTC states to BGP systems and not
    allow them on Q systems.
 -- BLUEGENE - Make it possible for an admin to define multiple dimension
    conn_types in a block definition.
 -- BGQ - Alter tools to output multiple dimensional conn_type.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.rc2
 -- With sched/wiki or sched/wiki2 (Maui or Moab scheduler), insure that a
    requeued job's priority is reset to zero.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix to run steps correctly in a BGL/P emulated system.
 -- Fixed issue where if there was a network issue between the slurmctld and
    the DBD where both remained up but were disconnected the slurmctld would
    get registered again with the DBD.
 -- Fixed issue where if the DBD connection from the ctld goes away because of
    a POLLERR the dbd_fail callback is called.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix to smap command-line mode display.
 -- Change in GRES behavior for job steps: A job step's default generic
    resource allocation will be set to that of the job. If a job step's --gres
    value is set to "none" then none of the generic resources which have been
    allocated to the job will be allocated to the job step.
 -- Add srun environment value of SLURM_STEP_GRES to set default --gres value
    for a job step.
 -- Require SchedulerTimeSlice configuration parameter to be at least 5 seconds
    to avoid thrashing slurmd daemon.
 -- Cray - Fix to make nodes state in accounting consistent with state set by
 -- Cray - A node DOWN to ALPS will be marked DOWN to SLURM only after reaching
    SlurmdTimeout. In the interim, the node state will be NO_RESPOND. This
    change makes behavior makes SLURM handling of the node DOWN state more
    consistent with ALPS. This change effects only Cray systems.
 -- Cray - Fix to work with 4.0.* instead of just 4.0.0
 -- Cray - Modify srun/aprun wrapper to map --exclusive to -F exclusive and
    --share to -F share. Note this does not consider the partition's Shared
    configuration, so it is an imperfect mapping of options.
 -- BLUEGENE - Added notice in the print config to tell if you are emulated
    or not.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix job step scalability issue with large task count.
 -- BGQ - Improved c-node selection when asked for a sub-block job that
    cannot fit into the available shape.
 -- BLUEGENE - Modify "scontrol show step" to show  I/O nodes (BGL and BGP) or
    c-nodes (BGQ) allocated to each step. Change field name from "Nodes=" to
 -- Code cleanup on step request to get the correct select_jobinfo.
 -- Memory leak fixed for rolling up accounting with down clusters.
 -- BGQ - fix issue where if first job step is the entire block and then the
    next parallel step is ran on a sub block, SLURM won't over subscribe cnodes.
 -- Treat duplicate switch name in topology.conf as fatal error. Patch from Rod
    Schultz, Bull
 -- Minor update to documentation describing the AllowGroups option for a
    partition in the slurm.conf.
 -- Fix problem with _job_create() when not using qos's.  It makes
    _job_create() consistent with similar logic in select_nodes().
 -- GrpCPURunMins in a QOS flushed out.
 -- Fix for squeue -t "CONFIGURING" to actually work.
 -- CRAY - Add cray.conf parameter of SyncTimeout, maximum time to defer job
    scheduling if SLURM node or job state are out of synchronization with ALPS.
 -- If salloc was run as interactive, with job control, reset the foreground
    process group of the terminal to the process group of the parent pid before
    exiting. Patch from Don Albert, Bull.
 -- BGQ - set up the corner of a sub block correctly based on a relative
    position in the block instead of absolute.
 -- BGQ - make sure the recently added select_jobinfo of a step launch request
    isn't sent to the slurmd where environment variables would be overwritten

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.rc1
 -- select/cray: Add support for Accelerator information including model and
    memory options.
 -- Cray systems: Add support to suspend/resume salloc command to insure that
    aprun does not get initiated when the job is suspended. Processes suspended
    and resumed are determined by using process group ID and parent process ID,
    so some processes may be missed. Since salloc runs as a normal user, it's
    ability to identify processes associated with a job is limited.
 -- Cray systems: Modify smap and sview to display all nodes even if multiple
    nodes exist at each coordinate.
 -- Improve efficiency of select/linear plugin with topology/tree plugin
    configured, Patch by Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
 -- For front-end architectures on which job steps are run (emulated Cray and
    BlueGene systems only), fix bug that would free memory still in use.
 -- Add squeue support to display a job's license information. Patch by Andy
    Roosen (University of Deleware).
 -- Add flag to the select APIs for job suspend/resume indicating if the action
    is for gang scheduling or an explicit job suspend/resume by the user. Only
    an explicit job suspend/resume will reset the job's priority and make
    resources exclusively held by the job available to other jobs.
 -- Fix possible invalid memory reference in sched/backfill. Patch by Andriy
    Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
 -- Add select_jobinfo to the task launch RPC. Based upon patch by Andriy
    Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
 -- Add DefMemPerCPU/Node and MaxMemPerCPU/Node to partition configuration.
    This improves flexibility when gang scheduling only specific partitions.
 -- Added new enums to print out when a job is held by a QOS instead of an
    association limit.
 -- Enhancements to sched/backfill performance with select/cons_res plugin.
    Patch from Bjorn-Helge Mevik, University of Oslo.
 -- Correct job run time reported by smap for suspended jobs.
 -- Improve job preemption logic to avoid preempting more jobs than needed.
 -- Add contribs/arrayrun tool providing support for job arrays. Contributed by
    Bjorn-Helge Mevik, University of Oslo. NOTE: Not currently packaged as RPM
    and manual file editing is required.
 -- When suspending a job, wait 2 seconds instead of 1 second between sending
    SIGTSTP and SIGSTOP. Some MPI implementation were not stopping within the
    1 second delay.
 -- Add support for managing devices based upon Linux cgroup container. Based
    upon patch by Yiannis Georgiou, Bull.
 -- Fix memory buffering bug if a AllowGroups parameter of a partition has 100
    or more users. Patch by Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
 -- Fix bug in generic resource tracking of gres associated with specific CPUs.
    Resources were being over-allocated.
 -- On systems with front-end nodes (IBM BlueGene and Cray) limit batch jobs to
    only one CPU of these shared resources.
 -- Set SLURM_MEM_PER_CPU or SLURM_MEM_PER_NODE environment variables for both
    interactive (salloc) and batch jobs if the job has a memory limit. For Cray
    systems also set CRAY_AUTO_APRUN_OPTIONS environment variable with the
    memory limit.
 -- Fix bug in select/cons_res task distribution logic when tasks-per-node=0.
    Patch from Rod Schultz, Bull.
 -- Restore node configuration information (CPUs, memory, etc.) for powered
    down when slurmctld daemon restarts rather than waiting for the node to be
    restored to service and getting the information from the node (NOTE: Only
    relevent if FastSchedule=0).
 -- For Cray systems with the srun2aprun wrapper, rebuild the srun man page
    identifying the srun optioins which are valid on that system.
 -- BlueGene: Permit users to specify a separate connection type for each
    dimension (e.g. "--conn-type=torus,mesh,torus").
 -- Add the ability for a user to limit the number of leaf switches in a job's
    allocation using the --switch option of salloc, sbatch and srun. There is
    also a new SchedulerParameters value of max_switch_wait, which a SLURM
    administrator can used to set a maximum job delay and prevent a user job
    from blocking lower priority jobs for too long. Based on work by Rod
    Schultz, Bull.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre6
 -- Modify job expansion logic to support licenses, generic resources, and
    currently running job steps.
 -- Added an rpath if using the --with-munge option of configure.
 -- Add support for multiple sets of DEFAULT node, partition, and frontend
    specifications in slurm.conf so that default values can be changed mulitple
    times as the configuration file is read.
 -- BLUEGENE - Improved logic to place small blocks in free space before freeing
    larger blocks.
 -- Add optional argument to srun's --kill-on-bad-exit so that user can set
    its value to zero and override a SLURM configuration parameter of
 -- Fix bug in GraceTime support for preempted jobs that prevented proper
    operation when more than one job was being preempted. Based on patch from
    Bill Brophy, Bull.
 -- Fix for running sview from a non-bluegene cluster to a bluegene cluster.
    Regression from pre5.
 -- If job's TMPDIR environment is not set or is not usable, reset to "/tmp".
    Patch from Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
 -- Remove logic for defunct RPC: DBD_GET_JOBS.
 -- Propagate DebugFlag changes by scontrol to the plugins.
 -- Improve accuracy of REQUEST_JOB_WILL_RUN start time with respect to higher
    priority pending jobs.
 -- Add -R/--reservation option to squeue command as a job filter.
 -- Add scancel support for --clusters option.
 -- Note that scontrol and sprio can only support a single cluster at one time.
 -- Add support to salloc for a new environment variable SALLOC_KILL_CMD.
 -- Add scontrol ability to increment or decrement a job or step time limit.
 -- Add support for SLURM_TIME_FORMAT environment variable to control time
    stamp output format. Work by Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Fix error handling in mvapich plugin that could cause srun to enter an
    infinite loop under rare circumstances.
 -- Add support for multiple task plugins. Patch from Andriy Grytsenko (Massive
    Solutions Limited).
 -- Addition of per-user node/cpu limits for QOS's. Patch from Aaron Knister,
 -- Fix logic for multiple job resize operations.
 -- BLUEGENE - many fixes to make things work correctly on a L/P system.
 -- Fix bug in layout of job step with --nodelist option plus node count. Old
    code could allocate too few nodes.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre5
 -- BLUEGENE - Improve speed of start up when removing blocks at the beginning.
 -- Correct init.d/slurm status to have non-zero exit code if ANY Slurm
    damon that should be running on the node is not running. Patch from Rod
    Schulz, Bull.
 -- Improve accuracy of response to "srun --test-only jobid=#".
 -- Fix bug in front-end configurations which reports job_cnt_comp underflow
    errors after slurmctld restarts.
 -- Eliminate "error from _trigger_slurmctld_event in backup.c" due to lack of
    event triggers.
 -- Fix logic in BackupController to properly recover front-end node state and
    avoid purging active jobs.
 -- Added man pages to html pages and the new cpu_management.html page.
    Submitted by Martin Perry / Rod Schultz, Bull.
 -- Job dependency information will only show the currently active dependencies
    rather than the original dependencies. From Dan Rusak, Bull.
 -- Add RPCs to get the SPANK environment variables from the slurmctld daemon.
    Patch from Andrej N. Gritsenko.
 -- Updated plugins/task/cgroup/task_cgroup_cpuset.c to support newer
 -- Do not build select/bluegene plugin if C++ compiler is not installed.
 -- Add new configure option --with-srun2aprun to build an srun command
    which is a wrapper over Cray's aprun command and supports many srun
    options. Without this option, the srun command will advise the user
    to use the aprun command.
 -- Change container ID supported by proctrack plugin from 32-bit to 64-bit.
 -- Added contribs/cray/libalps_test_programs.tar.gz with tools to validate
    SLURM's logic used to support Cray systems.
 -- Create RPM for srun command that is a wrapper for the Cray/ALPS aprun
    command. Dependent upon .rpmmacros parameter of "%_with_srun2aprun".
 -- Add configuration parameter MaxStepCount to limit effect of bad batch
 -- Moving to github
 -- Fix for handling a 2.3 system talking to a 2.2 slurmctld.
 -- Add contribs/lua/job_submit.license.lua script. Update job_submit and Lua
    related documentation.
 -- Test if _make_batch_script() is called with a NULL script.
 -- Increase hostlist support from 24k to 64k nodes.
 -- Renamed the Accounting Storage database's "DerivedExitString" job field to
    "Comment".  Provided backward compatible support for "DerivedExitString" in
    the sacctmgr tool.
 -- Added the ability to save the job's comment field to the Accounting
    Storage db (to the formerly named, "DerivedExitString" job field).  This
    behavior is enabled by a new slurm.conf parameter:
 -- Test if _make_batch_script() is called with a NULL script.
 -- Increase hostlist support from 24k to 64k nodes.
 -- Fix srun to handle signals correctly when waiting for a step creation.
 -- Preserve the last job ID across slurmctld daemon restarts even if the job
    state file can not be fully recovered.
 -- Made the hostlist functions be able to arbitrarily handle any size
    dimension no matter what the size of the cluster is in dimensions.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre4
 -- Add GraceTime to Partition and QOS data structures. Preempted jobs will be
    given this time interval before termination. Work by Bill Brophy, Bull.
 -- Add the ability for scontrol and sview to modify slurmctld DebugFlags
 -- Various Cray-specific patches:
    - Fix a bug in distinguishing XT from XE.
    - Avoids problems with empty nodenames on Cray.
    - Check whether ALPS is hanging on to nodes, which happens if ALPS has not
      yet cleaned up the node partition.
    - Stops select/cray from clobbering node_ptr->reason.
    - Perform 'safe' release of ALPS reservations using inventory and apkill.
    - Compile-time sanity check for the apbasil and apkill files.
    - Changes error handling in do_basil_release() (called by
    - Warn that salloc --no-shell option is not supported on Cray systems.
 -- Add a reservation flag of "License_Only". If set, then jobs using the
    reservation may use the licenses associated with it plus any compute nodes.
    Otherwise the job is limited to the compute nodes associated with the
 -- Change slurm.conf node configuration parameter from "Procs" to "CPUs".
    Both parameters will be supported for now.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix for when user requests only midplane names with no count at
    job submission time to process the node count correctly.
 -- Fix job step resource allocation problem when both node and tasks counts
    are specified. New logic selects nodes with larger CPU counts as needed.
 -- BGQ - make it so srun wraps runjob (still under construction, but works
    for most cases)
 -- Permit a job's QOS and Comment field to both change in a single RPC. This
    was previously disabled since Moab stored the QOS within the Comment field.
 -- Add support for jobs to expand in size. Submit additional batch job with
    the option "--dependency=expand:<jobid>". See web page "faq.html#job_size"
    for details. Restrictions to be removed in the future.
 -- Added --with-alps-emulation to configure, and also an optional cray.conf
    to setup alps location and database information.
 -- Modify PMI data types from 16-bits to 32-bits in order to support MPICH2
    jobs with more than 65,536 tasks. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Set slurmd's soft process CPU limit equal to it's hard limit and notify the
    user if the limit is not infinite.
 -- Added proctrack/cgroup and task/cgroup plugins from Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
 -- Fix slurmctld restart logic that could leave nodes in UNKNOWN state for a
    longer time than necessary after restart.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre3
 -- BGQ - Appears to work correctly in emulation mode, no sub blocks just yet.
 -- Minor typos fixed
 -- Various bug fixes for Cray systems.
 -- Fix bug that when setting a compute node to idle state, it was failing to
    set the systems up_node_bitmap.
 -- BLUEGENE - code reorder
 -- BLUEGENE - Now only one select plugin for all Bluegene systems.
 -- Modify srun to set the SLURM_JOB_NAME environment variable when srun is
    used to create a new job allocation. Not set when srun is used to create a
    job step within an existing job allocation.
 -- Modify init.d/slurm script to start multiple slurmd daemons per compute
    node if so configured. Patch from Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
 -- Change license data structure counters from uint16_t to uint32_t to support
    larger license counts.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre2
 -- Log a job's requeue or cancellation due to preemption to that job's stderr:
    "*** JOB 65547 CANCELLED AT 2011-01-21T12:59:33 DUE TO PREEMPTION ***".
 -- Added new job termination state of JOB_PREEMPTED, "PR" or "PREEMPTED" to
    indicate job termination was due to preemption.
 -- Optimize advanced reservations resource selection for computer topology.
    The logic has been added to select/linear and select/cons_res, but will
    not be enabled until the other select plugins are modified.
 -- Remove checkpoint/xlch plugin.
 -- Disable deletion of partitions that have unfinished jobs (pending,
    running or suspended states). Patch from Martin Perry, BULL.
 -- In sview, disable the sorting of node records by name at startup for
    clusters over 1000 nodes. Users can enable this by selecting the "Name"
    tab. This change dramatically improves scalability of sview.
 -- Report error when trying to change a node's state from scontrol for Cray
 -- Do not attempt to read the batch script for non-batch jobs. This patch
    eliminates some inappropriate error messages.
 -- Preserve NodeHostName when reordering nodes due to system topology.
 -- On Cray/ALPS systems  do node inventory before scheduling jobs.
 -- Disable some salloc options on Cray systems.
 -- Disable scontrol's wait_job command on Cray systems.
 -- Disable srun command on native Cray/ALPS systems.
 -- Updated configure option "--enable-cray-emulation" (still under
    development) to emulate a cray XT/XE system, and auto-detect a real
    Cray XT/XE systems (removed no longer needed --enable-cray configure
    option).  Building on native Cray systems requires the
    cray-MySQL-devel-enterprise rpm and expat XML parser library/headers.

* Changes in SLURM 2.3.0.pre1
 -- Added that when a slurmctld closes the connection to the database it's
    registered host and port are removed.
 -- Added flag to slurmdbd.conf TrackSlurmctldDown where if set will mark idle
    resources as down on a cluster when a slurmctld disconnects or is no
    longer reachable.
 -- Added support for more than one front-end node to run slurmd on
    architectures where the slurmd does not execute on the compute nodes
    (e.g. BlueGene). New configuration parameters FrontendNode and FrontendAddr
    added. See "man slurm.conf" for more information.
 -- With the scontrol show job command when using the --details option, show
    a batch job's script.
 -- Add ability to create reservations or partitions and submit batch jobs
    using sview. Also add the ability to delete reservations and partitions.
 -- Added new configuration parameter MaxJobId. Once reached, restart job ID
    values at FirstJobId.
 -- When restarting slurmctld with priority/basic, increment all job priorities
    so the highest job priority becomes TOP_PRIORITY.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.8
 -- Prevent background salloc disconnecting terminal at termination. Patch by
    Don Albert, Bull.
 -- Fixed issue where preempt mode is skipped when creating a QOS. Patch by
    Bill Brophy, Bull.
 -- Fixed documention (html) for PriorityUsageResetPeriod to match that in the
    man pages. Patch by Nancy Kritkausky, Bull.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.7
 -- Eliminate zombie process created if salloc exits with stopped child
    process. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- With default configuration on non-Cray systems, enable salloc to be
    spawned as a background process. Based upon work by Don Albert (Bull) and
    Gerrit Renker (CSCS).
 -- Fixed Regression from 2.2.4 in accounting where an inherited limit
    would not be set correctly in the added child association.
 -- Fixed issue with accounting when asking for jobs with a hostlist.
 -- Avoid clearing a node's Arch, OS, BootTime and SlurmdStartTime when
    "scontrol reconfig" is run. Patch from Martin Perry, Bull.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.6
 -- Fix displaying of account coordinators with sacctmgr.  Possiblity to show
    deleted accounts.  Only a cosmetic issue, since the accounts are already
    deleted, and have no associations.
 -- Prevent opaque ncurses WINDOW struct on OS X 10.6.
 -- Fix issue with accounting when using PrivateData=jobs... users would not be
    able to view there own jobs unless they were admin or coordinators which is
    obviously wrong.
 -- Fix bug in node stat if slurmctld is restarted while nodes are in the
    process of being powered up. Patch from Andriy Grytsenko.
 -- Change maximum batch script size from 128k to 4M.
 -- Get slurmd -f option working. Patch from Andriy Grytsenko.
 -- Fix for linking problem on OSX. Patches from Jon Bringhurst (LANL) and
    Tyler Strickland.
 -- Reset a job's priority to zero (suspended) when Moab requeues the job.
    Patch from Par Andersson, NSC.
 -- When enforcing accounting, fix polling for unknown uids for users after
    the slurmctld started.  Previously one would have to issue a reconfigure
    to the slurmctld to have it look for new uids.
 -- BLUEGENE - if a block goes into an error state.  Fix issue where accounting
    wasn't updated correctly when the block was resumed.
 -- Synchronize power-save module better with scheduler. Patch from
    Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
 -- Avoid SEGV in association logic with user=NULL. Patch from
    Andriy Grytsenko (Massive Solutions Limited).
 -- Fixed issue in accounting where it was possible for a new
    association/wckey to be set incorrectly as a default the new object
    was added after an original default object already existed.  Before
    the slurmctld would need to be restarted to fix the issue.
 -- Updated the Normalized Usage section in priority_multifactor.shtml.
 -- Disable use of SQUEUE_FORMAT env var if squeue -l, -o, or -s option is
    used. Patch from Aaron Knister (UMBC).

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.5
 -- Correct init.d/slurm status to have non-zero exit code if ANY Slurm
    damon that should be running on the node is not running. Patch from Rod
    Schulz, Bull.
 -- Improve accuracy of response to "srun --test-only jobid=#".
 -- Correct logic to properly support --ntasks-per-node option in the
    select/cons_res plugin. Patch from Rod Schulz, Bull.
 -- Fix bug in select/cons_res with respect to generic resource (gres)
    scheduling which prevented some jobs from starting as soon as possible.
 -- Fix memory leak in select/cons_res when backfill scheduling generic
    resources (gres).
 -- Fix for when configuring a node with more resources than in real life
    and using task/affinity.
 -- Fix so slurmctld will pack correctly 2.1 step information. (Only needed if
    a 2.1 client is talking to a 2.2 slurmctld.)
 -- Set powered down node's state to IDLE+POWER after slurmctld restart instead
    of leaving in UNKNOWN+POWER. Patch from Andrej Gritsenko.
 -- Fix bug where is srun's executable is not on it's current search path, but
    can be found in the user's default search path. Modify slurmstepd to find
    the executable. Patch from Andrej Gritsenko.
 -- Make sview display correct cpu count for steps.
 -- BLUEGENE - when running in overlap mode make sure to check the connection
    type so you can create overlapping blocks on the exact same nodes with
    different connection types (i.e. one torus, one mesh).
 -- Fix memory leak if MPI ports are reserved (for OpenMPI) and srun's
    --resv-ports option is used.
 -- Fix some anomalies in select/cons_res task layout when using the
    --cpus-per-task option. Patch from Martin Perry, Bull.
 -- Improve backfill scheduling logic when job specifies --ntasks-per-node and
    --mem-per-cpu options on a heterogeneous cluster. Patch from Bjorn-Helge
    Mevik, University of Oslo.
 -- Print warning message if srun specifies --cpus-per-task larger than used
    to create job allocation.
 -- Fix issue when changing a users name in accounting, if using wckeys would
    execute correctly, but bad memcopy would core the DBD.  No information
    would be lost or corrupted, but you would need to restart the DBD.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.4
 -- For batch jobs for which the Prolog fails, substitute the job ID for any
    "%j" in the job's output or error file specification.
 -- Add licenses field to the sview reservation information.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for handling extremely overloaded system on Dynamic system
    dealing with starting jobs on overlapping blocks.  Previous fallout
    was job would be requeued.  (happens very rarely)
 -- In accounting_storage/filetxt plugin, substitute spaces within job names,
    step names, and account names with an underscore to insure proper parsing.
 -- When building contribs/perlapi ignore both INSTALL_BASE and PERL_MM_OPT.
    Use PREFIX instead to avoid build errors from multiple installation
 -- Add job_submit/cnode plugin to support resource reservations of less than
    a full midplane on BlueGene computers. Treat cnodes as liceses which can
    be reserved and are consumed by jobs. This reservation mechanism for less
    than an entire midplane is still under development.
 -- Clear a job's "reason" field when a held job is released.
 -- When releasing a held job, calculate a new priority for it rather than
    just setting the priority to 1.
 -- Fix for sview started on a non-bluegene system to pick colors correctly
    when talking to a real bluegene system.
 -- Improve sched/backfill's expected start time calculation.
 -- Prevent abort of sacctmgr for dump command with invalid (or no) filename.
 -- Improve handling of job updates when using limits in accounting, and
    updating jobs as a non-admin user.
 -- Fix for "squeue --states=all" option. Bug would show no jobs.
 -- Schedule jobs with reservations before those without reservations.
 -- Fix squeue/scancel to query correctly against accounts of different case.
 -- Abort an srun command when it's associated job gets aborted due to a
    dependency that can not be satisfied.
 -- In jobcomp plugins, report start time of zeroif pending job is cancelled.
    Previously may report expected start time.
 -- Fixed sacctmgr man to state correct variables.
 -- Select nodes based upon their Weight when job allocation requests include
    a constraint field with a count (e.g. "srun --constraint=gpu*2 -N4 a.out").
 -- Add support for user names that are entirely numeric and do not treat them
    as UID values. Patch from Dennis Leepow.
 -- Patch to un/pack double values properly if negative value.  Patch from
    Dennis Leepow
 -- Do not reset a job's priority when requeued or suspended.
 -- Fix problemm that could let new jobs start on a node in DRAINED state.
 -- Fix cosmetic sacctmgr issue where if the user you are trying to add
    doesn't exist in the /etc/passwd file and the account you are trying
    to add them to doesn't exist it would print (null) instead of the bad
    account name.
 -- Fix associations/qos for when adding back a previously deleted object
    the object will be cleared of all old limits.
 -- BLUEGENE - Added back a lock when creating dynamic blocks to be more thread
    safe on larger systems with heavy load.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.3
 -- Update srun, salloc, and sbatch man page description of --distribution
    option. Patches from Rod Schulz, Bull.
 -- Applied patch from Martin Perry to fix "Incorrect results for task/affinity
    block second distribution and cpus-per-task > 1" bug.
 -- Avoid setting a job's eligible time while held (priority == 0).
 -- Substantial performance improvement to backfill scheduling. Patch from
    Bjorn-Helge Mevik, University of Oslo.
 -- Make timeout for communications to the slurmctld be based upon the
    MessageTimeout configuration parameter rather than always 3 seconds.
    Patch from Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
 -- Add new scontrol option of "show aliases" to report every NodeName that is
    associated with a given NodeHostName when running multiple slurmd daemons
    per compute node (typically used for testing purposes). Patch from
    Matthieu Hautreux, CEA.
 -- Fix for handling job names with a "'" in the name within MySQL accounting.
    Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Modify condition under which salloc execution delayed until moved to the
    foreground. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
    Job control for interactive salloc sessions: only if ...
    a) input is from a terminal (stdin has valid termios attributes),
    b) controlling terminal exists (non-negative tpgid),
    c) salloc is not run in allocation-only (--no-shell) mode,
    d) salloc runs in its own process group (true in interactive
       shells that support job control),
    e) salloc has been configured at compile-time to support background
       execution and is not currently in the background process group.
 -- Abort salloc if no controlling terminal and --no-shell option is not used
    ("setsid salloc ..." is disabled). Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Fix to gang scheduling logic which could cause jobs to not be suspended
    or resumed when appropriate.
 -- Applied patch from Martin Perry to fix "Slurmd abort when using task
    affinity with plane distribution" bug.
 -- Applied patch from Yiannis Georgiou to fix "Problem with cpu binding to
    sockets option" behaviour. This change causes "--cpu_bind=sockets" to bind
    tasks only to the CPUs on each socket allocated to the job rather than all
    CPUs on each socket.
 -- Advance daily or weekly reservations immediately after termination to avoid
    having a job start that runs into the reservation when later advanced.
 -- Fix for enabling users to change there own default account, wckey, or QOS.
 -- BLUEGENE - If using OVERLAP mode fixed issue with multiple overlapping
    blocks in error mode.
 -- Fix for sacctmgr to display correctly default accounts.
 -- scancel -s SIGKILL will always sent the RPC to the slurmctld rather than
    the slurmd daemon(s). This insures that tasks in the process of getting
    spawned are killed.
 -- BLUEGENE - If using OVERLAP mode fixed issue with jobs getting denied
    at submit if the only option for their job was overlapping a block in
    error state.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.2
 -- Correct logic to set correct job hold state (admin or user) when setting
    the job's priority using scontrol's "update jobid=..." rather than its
    "hold" or "holdu" commands.
 -- Modify squeue to report unset --mincores, --minthreads or --extra-node-info
    values as "*" rather than 65534. Patch from Rod Schulz, BULL.
 -- Report the StartTime of a job as "Unknown" rather than the year 2106 if its
    expected start time was too far in the future for the backfill scheduler
    to compute.
 -- Prevent a pending job reason field from inappropriately being set to
 -- In sched/backfill with jobs having QOS_FLAG_NO_RESERVE set, then don't
    consider the job's time limit when attempting to backfill schedule. The job
    will just be preempted as needed at any time.
 -- Eliminated a bug in sbatch when no valid target clusters are specified.
 -- When explicitly sending a signal to a job with the scancel command and that
    job is in a pending state, then send the request directly to the slurmctld
    daemon and do not attempt to send the request to slurmd daemons, which are
    not running the job anyway.
 -- In slurmctld, properly set the up_node_bitmap when setting it's state to
    IDLE (in case the previous node state was DOWN).
 -- Fix smap to process block midplane names correctly when on a bluegene
 -- Fix smap to once again print out the Letter 'ID' for each line of a block/
    partition view.
 -- Corrected the NOTES section of the scancel man page
 -- Fix for accounting_storage/mysql plugin to correctly query cluster based
 -- Fix issue when updating database for clusters that were previously deleted
    before upgrade to 2.2 database.
 -- BLUEGENE - Handle mesh torus check better in dynamic mode.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed race condition when freeing block, most likely only would
    happen in emulation.
 -- Fix for calculating used QOS limits correctly on a slurmctld reconfig.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for bad conn-type set when running small blocks in HTC mode.
 -- If salloc's --no-shell option is used, then do not attempt to preserve the
    terminal's state.
 -- Add new SLURM configure time parameter of --disable-salloc-background. If
    set, then salloc can only execute in the foreground. If started in the
    background, then a message will be printed and the job allocation halted
    until brought into the foreground.
 -- Added the Multi-Cluster Operation web page.
 -- Removed remnant code for enforcing max sockets/cores/threads in the
    cons_res plugin (see last item in 2.1.0-pre5).  This was responsible
    for a bug reported by Rod Schultz.
 -- BLUEGENE - Set correct env vars for HTC mode on a P system to get correct
 -- Correct RunTime reported by "scontrol show job" for pending jobs.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.1
 -- Fix setting derived exit code correctly for jobs that happen to have the
    same jobid.
 -- Better checking for time overflow when rolling up in accounting.
 -- Add scancel --reservation option to cancel all jobs associated with a
    specific reservation.
 -- Treat reservation with no nodes like one that starts later (let jobs of any
    size get queued and do not block any pending jobs).
 -- Fix bug in gang scheduling logic that would temporarily resume to many jobs
    after a job completed.
 -- Change srun message about job step being deferred due to SlurmctldProlog
    running to be more clear and only print when --verbose option is used.
 -- Made it so you could remove the hold on jobs with sview by setting the
    priority to infinite.
 -- BLUEGENE - better checking small blocks in dynamic mode whether a full
    midplane job could run or not.
 -- Decrease the maximum sleep time between srun job step creation retry
    attempts from 60 seconds to 29 seconds. This should eliminate a possible
    synchronization problem with gang scheduling that could result in job
    step creation requests only occuring when a job is suspended.
 -- Fix to prevent changing a held job's state from HELD to DEPENDENCY
    until the job is released. Patch from Rod Schultz, Bull.
 -- Fixed sprio -M to reflect PriorityWeight values from remote cluster.
 -- Fix bug in sview when trying to update arbitrary field on more than one
    job. Formerly would display information about one job, but update next
    selected job.
 -- Made it so QOS with UsageFactor set to 0 would make it so jobs running
    under that QOS wouldn't add time to fairshare or association/qos
 -- Fixed issue where QOS priority wasn't re-normalized until a slurmctld
    restart when a QOS priority was changed.
 -- Fix sprio to use calculated numbers from slurmctld instead of
    calulating it own numbers.
 -- BLUEGENE - fixed race condition with preemption where if the wind blows the
    right way the slurmctld could lock up when preempting jobs to run others.
 -- BLUEGENE - fixed epilog to wait until MMCS job is totally complete before
 -- BLUEGENE - more robust checking for states when freeing blocks.
 -- Added correct files to the slurm.spec file for correct perl api rpm
 -- Added flag "NoReserve" to a QOS to make it so all jobs are created equal
    within a QOS.  So if larger, higher priority jobs are unable to run they
    don't prevent smaller jobs from running even if running the smaller
    jobs delay the start of the larger, higher priority jobs.
 -- BLUEGENE - Check preemptees one by one to preempt lower priority jobs first
    instead of first fit.
 -- In select/cons_res, correct handling of the option
 -- Fix for checking QOS to override partition limits, previously if not using
    QOS some limits would be overlooked.
 -- Fix bug which would terminate a job step if any of the nodes allocated to
    it were removed from the job's allocation. Now only the tasks on those
    nodes are terminated.
 -- Fixed issue when using a storage_accounting plugin directly without the
    slurmDBD updates weren't always sent correctly to the slurmctld, appears to
    OS dependent, reported by Fredrik Tegenfeldt.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0
 -- Change format of Duration field in "scontrol show reservation" output from
    an integer number of minutes to "[days-]hours:minutes:seconds".
 -- Add support for changing the reservation of pending or running jobs.
 -- On Cray systems only, salloc sends SIGKILL to spawned process group when
    job allocation is revoked. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Fix for sacctmgr to work correctly when modifying user associations where
    all the associations contain a partition.
 -- Minor mods to salloc signal handling logic: forwards more signals and
    releases allocation on real-time signals. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Add salloc logic to preserve tty attributes after abnormal exit. Patch
    from Mark Grondona, LLNL.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for issue in dynamic mode when trying to create a block
    overlapping a block with no job running on it but in configuring state.
 -- BLUEGENE - Speedup by skipping blocks that are deallocating for other jobs
    when starting overlapping jobs in dynamic mode.
 -- Fix for sacct --state to work correctly when not specifying a start time.
 -- Fix upgrade process in accounting from 2.1 for clusters named "cluster".
 -- Export more jobacct_common symbols needed for the slurm api on some systems.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.rc4
 -- Correction in logic to spread out over time highly parallel messages to
    minimize lost messages. Effects slurmd epilog complete messages and PMI
    key-pair transmissions. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Fixed issue where if a system has unset messages to the dbd in 2.1 and
    upgrades to 2.2.  Messages are now processed correctly now.
 -- Fixed issue where assoc_mgr cache wasn't always loaded correctly if the
    slurmdbd wasn't running when the slurmctld was started.
 -- Make sure on a pthread create in step launch that the error code is looked
    at. Improves fault-tolerance of slurmd.
 -- Fix setting up default acct/wckey when upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2.
 -- Fix issue with associations attached to a specific partition with no other
    association, and requesting a different partition.
 -- Added perlapi to the slurmdb to the slurm.spec.
 -- In sched/backfill, correct handling of CompleteWait parameter to avoid
    backfill scheduling while a job is completing. Patch from Gerrit Renker,
 -- Send message back to user when trying to launch job on computing lacking
    that user ID. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix it so 1 midplane clusters will run small block jobs.
 -- Add Command and WorkDir to the output of "scontrol show job" for job
    allocations created using srun (not just sbatch).
 -- Fixed sacctmgr to not add blank defaultqos' when doing a cluster dump.
 -- Correct processing of memory and disk space specifications in the salloc,
    sbatch, and srun commands to work properly with a suffix of "MB", "GB",
    etc. and not only with a single letter (e.g. "M", "G", etc.).
 -- Prevent nodes with suspended jobs from being powered down by SLURM.
 -- Normalized the way pidfile are created by the slurm daemons.
 -- Fixed modifying the root association to no read in it's last value
    when clearing a limit being set.
 -- Revert some resent signal handling logic from salloc so that SIGHUP sent
    after the job allocation will properly release the allocation and cause
    salloc to exit.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for recreating a block in a ready state.
 -- Fix debug flags for incorrect logic when dealing with DEBUG_FLAG_WIKI.
 -- Report reservation's Nodes as a hostlist expression of all nodes rather
    than using "ALL".
 -- Fix reporting of nodes in BlueGene reservation (was reporting CPU count
    rather than cnode count in scontrol output for NodeCnt field).

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.rc3
 -- Modify sacctmgr command to accept plural versions of options (e.g. "Users"
    in addition to "User"). Patch from Don Albert, BULL.
 -- BLUEGENE - make it so reset of boot counter happens only on state change
    and not when a new job comes along.
 -- Modify srun and salloc signal handling so they can be interrupted while
    waiting for an allocation. This was broken in version 2.2.0.rc2.
 -- Fix NULL pointer reference in sview. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Fix file descriptor leak in slurmstepd on spank_task_post_fork() failure.
    Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Fix bug in preserving job state information when upgrading from SLURM
    version 2.1. Bug introduced in version 2.2.0-pre10. Patch from Par
    Andersson, NSC.
 -- Fix bug where if using the slurmdbd if a job wasn't able to start right
    away some accounting information may be lost.
 -- BLUEGENE - when a prolog failure happens the offending block is put in
    an error state.
 -- Changed the last column heading of the sshare output from "FS Usage" to
    "FairShare" and added more detail to the sshare man page.
 -- Fix bug in enforcement of reservation by account name. Used wrong index
    into an array. Patch from Gerrit Renker, CSCS.
 -- Modify job_submit/lua plugin to treat any non-zero return code from the
    job_submit and job_modify functions as an error and the user request should
    be aborted.
 -- Fix bug which would permit pending job to be started on completing node
    when job preemption is configured.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.rc2
 -- Fix memory leak in job step allocation logic. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- If a preempted job was submitted with the --no-requeue option then cancel
    rather than requeue it.
 -- Fix for problems when adding a user for the first time to a new cluster
    with a 2.1 sacctmgr without specifying a default account.
 -- Resend TERMINATE_JOB message only to nodes that the job still has not
    terminated on. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Treat time limit specification of "0:300" as a request for 300 seconds
    (5 minutes) instead of one minute.
 -- Modify sched/backfill plugin logic to continue working its way down the
    queue of jobs rather than restarting at the top if there are no changes in
    job, node, or partition state between runs. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Improve scalability of select/cons_res logic. Patch from Matthieu Hautreux,
 -- Fix for possible deadlock in the slurmstepd when cancelling a job that is
    also writing a large amount of data to stderr.
 -- Fix in select/cons_res to eliminate "mem underflow" error when the
    slurmctld is reconfigured while a job is in completing state.
 -- Send a message to the a user's job when it's real or virual memory limit
    is exceeded. :
 -- Apply rlimits right before execing the users task so to lower the risk of
    the task exiting because the slurmstepd ran over a limit (log file size,
 -- Add scontrol command of "uhold <job_id>" so that an administrator can hold
    a job and let the job's owner release it. The scontrol command of
    "hold <job_id>" when executed by a SLURM administrator can only be released
    by a SLURM administrator and not the job owner.
 -- Change atoi to slurm_atoul in mysql plugin, needed for running on 32-bit
    systems in some cases.
 -- If a batch job is found to be missing from a node, make its termination
    state be NODE_FAIL rather than CANCELLED.
 -- Fatal error put back if running a bluegene or cray plugin from a controller
    not of that type.
 -- Make sure jobacct_gather plugin is not shutdown before messing with the
    proccess list.
 -- Modify signal handling in srun and salloc commands to avoid deadlock if the
    malloc function is interupted and called again. The malloc function is
    thread safe, but not reentrant, which is a problem when signal handling if
    the malloc function itself has a lock. Problem fixed by moving signal
    handling in those commands to a new pthread.
 -- In srun set job abort flag on completion to handle the case when a user
    cancels a job while the node is not responding but slurmctld has not yet
    the node down. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Streamline the PMI logic if no duplicate keys are included in the key-pairs
    managed. Substantially improves performance for large numbers of tasks.
    Adds support for SLURM_PMI_KVS_NO_DUP_KEYS environment variable. Patch
    from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Fix issues with sview dealing with older versions of sview and saving
 -- Remove references to --mincores, --minsockets, and --minthreads from the
    salloc, sbatch and srun man pages. These options are defunct, Patch from
    Rod Schultz, Bull.
 -- Made openssl not be required to build RPMs, it is not required anymore
    since munge is the default crypto plugin.
 -- sacctmgr now has smarts to figure out if a qos is a default qos when
    modifing a user/acct or removing a qos.
 -- For reservations on BlueGene systems, set and report c-node counts rather
    than midplane counts.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.rc1
 -- Add show_flags parameter to the slurm_load_block_info() function.
 -- perlapi has been brought up to speed courtesy of Hongjia Coa. (make sure to
    run 'make clean' if building in a different dir than source)
 -- Fixed regression in pre12 in crypto/munge when running with
    --enable-multiple-slurmd which would cause the slurmd's to core.
 -- Fixed regression where cpu count wasn't figured out correctly for steps.
 -- Fixed issue when using old mysql that can't handle a '.' in the table
 -- Mysql plugin works correctly without the SlurmDBD
 -- Added ability to query batch step with sstat.  Currently no accounting data
    is stored for the batch step, but the internals are inplace if we decide to
    do that in the future.
 -- Fixed some backwards compatibility issues with 2.2 talking to 2.1.
 -- Fixed regression where modifying associations didn't get sent to the
 -- Made sshare sort things the same way saccmgr list assoc does
 -- Fixed issue with default accounts being set up correctly.
 -- Changed sortting in the slurmctld so sshare output is similar to that of
    sacctmgr list assoc.
 -- Modify reservation logic so that daily and weekly reservations maintain
    the same time when daylight savings time starts or ends in the interim.
 -- Edit to make reservations handle updates to associations.
 -- Added the derived exit code to the slurmctld job record and the derived
    exit code and string to the job record in the SLURM db.
 -- Added slurm-sjobexit RPM for SLURM job exit code management tools.
 -- Added ability to use sstat/sacct against the batch step.
 -- Added OnlyDefaults option to sacctmgr list associations.
 -- Modified the fairshare priority formula to F = 2**(-Ue/S)
 -- Modify the PMI functions key-pair exchange function to support a 32-bit
    counter for larger job sizes. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- In sched/builtin - Make the estimated job start time logic faster (borrowed
    new logic from sched/backfill and added pthread) and more accurate.
 -- In select/cons_res fix bug that could result in a job being allocated zero
    CPUs on some nodes. Patch from Hongjia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Fix bug in sched/backfill that could set expected start time of a job too
    far in the future.
 -- Added ability to enforce new limits given to associations/qos on
    pending jobs.
 -- Increase max message size for the slurmdbd from 1000000 to 16*1024*1024
 -- Increase number of active threads in the slurmdbd from 50 to 100
 -- Fixed small bug in src/common/slurmdb_defs.c reported by Bjorn-Helge Mevik
 -- Fixed sacctmgr's ability to query associations against qos again.
 -- Fixed sview show config on non-bluegene systems.
 -- Fixed bug in selecting jobs based on sacct -N option
 -- Fix bug that prevented job Epilog from running more than once on a node if
    a job was requeued and started no job steps.
 -- Fixed issue where node index wasn't stored correcting when using DBD.
 -- Enable srun's use of the --nodes option with --exclusive (previously the
    --nodes option was ignored).
 -- Added UsageThreshold and Flags to the QOS object.
 -- Patch to improve threadsafeness in the mysql plugins.
 -- Add support for fair-share scheduling to be based upon resource use at
    the level of bank accounts and ignore use of individual users. Patch by
    Par Andersson, National Supercomputer Centre, Sweden.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre12
 -- Log if Prolog or Epilog run for longer than MessageTimeout / 2.
 -- Log the RPC number associated with messages from slurmctld that timeout.
 -- Fix bug in select/cons_res logic when job allocation includes --overcommit
    and --ntasks-per-node options and the node has fewer CPUs than the count
    specified by --ntasks-per-node.
 -- Fix bug in gang scheduling and job preemption logic so that preempted jobs
    get resumed properly after a slurmctld hot-start.
 -- Fix bug in select/linear handling of gang scheduled jobs that could result
    in run_job_cnt underflow error message.
 -- Fix bug in gang scheduling logic to properly support partitions added
    using the scontrol command.
 -- Fix a segmentation fault in sview where the 'excluded_partitions' field
    was set to NULL, caused by the absence of ~/.slurm/sviewrc.
 -- Rewrote some calls to is_user_any_coord() in src/plugins/accounting_storage
    modules to make use of is_user_any_coord()'s return value.
 -- Add configure option of --with=dimensions=#.
 -- Modify srun ping logic so that srun would only be considered not responsive
    if three ping messages were not responded to. Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
 -- Preserve a node's ReasonTime field after scontrol reconfig command. Patch
    from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
 -- Added the authority for users with AdminLevel's defined in the SLURM db
    (Operators and Admins) and account coordinators to invoke commands that
    affect jobs, reservations, nodes, etc.
 -- Fix for slurmd restart on completing node with no tasks to get the correct
    state, completing. Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
 -- Prevent scontrol setting a node's Reason="". Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
 -- Add new functions hostlist_ranged_string_malloc,
    hostlist_ranged_string_xmalloc, hostlist_deranged_string_malloc, and
    hostlist_deranged_string_xmalloc which will allocate memory as needed.
 -- Make the slurm commands support both the --cluster and --clusters option.
    Previously, some commands support one of those options, but not the other.
 -- Fix bug when resizing a job that has steps running on some of those nodes.
    Avoid killing the job step on remaining nodes. Patch from Rod Schultz
    (BULL). Also fix bug related to tracking the CPUs allocated to job steps
    on each node after releasing some nodes from the job's allocation.
 -- Applied patch from Rod Schultz / Matthieu Hautreux to keep the Node-to-Host
    cache from becoming corrupted when a hostname cannot be resolved.
 -- Export more symbols in libslurm for job and node state information
    translation (numbers to strings). Patch from Hongia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Add logic to retry sending RESPONSE_LAUNCH_TASKS messages from slurmd to
    srun. Patch from Hongia Cao, NUDT.
 -- Modify bit_unfmt_hexmask() and bit_unfmt_binmask() functions to clear the
    bitmap input before setting the bits indicated in the input string.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of bf_window to control how far into the
    future that the backfill scheduler will look when considering jobs to start.
    The default value is one day. See "man slurm.conf" for details.
 -- Fix bug that can result in duplicate job termination records in accounting
    for job termination when slurmctld restarts or reconfigures.
 -- Modify plugin and library logic as needed to support use of the function
    slurm_job_step_stat() from user commands.
 -- Fix race condition in which PrologSlurmctld failure could cause slurmctld
    to abort.
 -- Fix bug preventing users in secondary user groups from being granted access
    to partitions configured with AllowGroups.
 -- Added support for a default account and wckey per cluster within accounting.
 -- Modified select/cons_res plugin so that if MaxMemPerCPU is configured and a
    job specifies it's memory requirement, then more CPUs than requested will
    automatically be allocated to a job to honor the MaxMemPerCPU parameter.
 -- Added the derived_ec (exit_code) member to job_info_t.  exit_code captures
    the exit code of the job script (or salloc) while derived_ec contains the
    highest exit code of all the job steps.
 -- Added SLURM_JOB_EXIT_CODE and SLURM_JOB_DERIVED_EC variables to the
    EpilogSlurmctld environment
 -- More work done on the accounting_storage/pgsql plugin, still beta.
    Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
 -- Major updates to sview from Dan Rusak (Bull), including:
    - Persistent option selections for each tab page
    - Clean up topology in grids
    - Leverage AllowGroups and Hidden options
    - Cascade full-info popups for ease of selection
 -- Add locks around the MySQL calls for proper operation if the non-thread
    safe version of the MySQL library is used.
 -- Remove libslurm.a, libpmi.a and libslurmdb.a from SLURM RPM. These static
    libraries are not generally usable.
 -- Fixed bug in sacctmgr when zeroing raw usage reported by Gerrit Renker.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre11
 -- Permit a regular user to change the partition of a pending job.
 -- Major re-write of the job_submit/lua plugin to pass pointers to available
    partitions and use lua metatables to reference the job and partition fields.
 -- Add support for serveral new trigger types: SlurmDBD failure/restart,
    Database failure/restart, Slurmctld failure/restart.
 -- Add support for SLURM_CLUSTERS environment variable in the sbatch, sinfo,
    squeue commands.
 -- Modify the sinfo and squeue commands to report state of multiple clusters
    if the --clusters option is used.
 -- Added printf __attribute__ qualifiers to info, debug, ... to help prevent
    bad/incorrect parameters being sent to them.  Original patch from
    Eygene Ryabinkin (Russian Research Centre).
 -- Fix bug in slurmctld job completion logic when nodes allocated to a
    completing job are re-booted. Patch from Hongjia Cao (NUDT).
 -- In slurmctld's node record data structure, rename "hilbert_integer" to
 -- Add topology/node_rank plugin to sort nodes based upon rank loaded from
    BASIL on Cray computers.
 -- Fix memory leak in the auth/munge and crypto/munge plugins in the case of
    some failure modes.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre10
 -- Fix issue when EnforcePartLimits=yes in slurm.conf all jobs where no nodecnt
    was specified the job would be seen to have maxnodes=0 which would not
    allow jobs to run.
 -- Fix issue where if not suspending a job the gang scheduler does the correct
    kill procedure.
 -- Fixed some issues when dealing with jobs from a 2.1 system so they live
    after an upgrade.
 -- In srun, log if --cpu_bind options are specified, but not supported by the
    current system configuration.
 -- Various Patchs from Hongjia Cao dealing with bugs found in sacctmgr and
    the slurmdbd.
 -- Fix bug in changing the nodes allocated to a running job and some node
    names specified are invalid, avoid invalid memory reference.
 -- Fixed filename substitution of %h and %n based on patch from Ralph Bean
 -- Added better job sorting logic when preempting jobs with qos.
 -- Log the IP address and port number for some communication errors.
 -- Fix bug in select/cons_res when --cpus_per_task option is used, could
    oversubscribe resources.
 -- In srun, do not implicitly set the job's maximum node count based upon a
    required hostlist.
 -- Avoid running the HealthCheckProgram on non-responding nodes rather than
    DOWN nodes.
 -- Fix bug in handling of poll() functions on OS X (SLURM was ignoring POLLIN
    if POLLHUP flag was set at the same time).
 -- Pulled Cray logic out of common/node_select.c into it's own
    select/cray plugin cons_res is the default.  To use linear add 'Linear' to
 -- Fixed bug where resizing jobs didn't correctly set used limits correctly.
 -- Change sched/backfill default time interval to 30 seconds and defer attempt
    to backfill schedule if slurmctld has more than 5 active RPCs. General
    improvements in logic scalability.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of default_sched_depth=# to control how
    many jobs on queue should be tested for attempted scheduling when a job
    completes or other routine events. Default value is 100 jobs. The full job
    queue is tested on a less frequent basis. This option can dramatically
    improve performance on systems with thousands of queued jobs.
 -- Gres/gpu now sets the CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES environment to control which
    GPU devices should be used for each job or job step and CUDA version 3.1+
    is used. NOTE: SLURM's generic resource support is still under development.
 -- Modify select/cons_res to pack jobs onto allocated nodes differently and
    minimize system fragmentation. For example on nodes with 8 CPUs each, a
    job needing 10 CPUs will now ideally be allocated 8 CPUs on one node and
    2 CPUs on another node. Previously the job would have ideally been
    allocated 5 CPUs on each node, fragmenting the unused resources more.
 -- Modified the behavior of update_job() in job_mgr.c to return when the first
    error is encountered instead of continuing with more job updates.
 -- Removed all references to the following slurm.conf parameters, all of which
    have been removed or replaced since version 2.0 or earlier: HashBase,
    HeartbeatInterval, JobAcctFrequency, JobAcctLogFile (instead use
    AccountingStorageLoc), JobAcctType, KillTree, MaxMemPerTask, and
 -- Fix bug in slurmctld restart logic that improperly reported jobs had
    invalid features: "Job 65537 has invalid feature list: fat".
 -- BLUEGENE - Removed thread pool for destroying blocks.  It turns out the
    memory leak we were concerned about for creating and destroying threads
    in a plugin doesn't exist anymore.  This increases throughput dramatically,
    allowing multiple jobs to start at the same time.
 -- BLUEGENE - Removed thread pool for starting and stopping jobs.  For similar
    reasons as noted above.
 -- BLUEGENE - Handle blocks that never deallocate.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre9
 -- sbatch can now submit jobs to multiple clusters and run on the earliest
 -- Fix bug introduced in pre8 that prevented job dependencies and job
    triggers from working without the --enable-debug configure option.
 -- Replaced slurm_addr with slurm_addr_t
 -- Replaced slurm_fd with slurm_fd_t
 -- Skeleton code added for BlueGeneQ.
 -- Jobs can now be submitted to multiple partitions (job queues) and use the
    one permitting earliest start time.
 -- Change slurmdb_coord_table back to acct_coord_table to keep consistant
    with < 2.1.
 -- Introduced locking system similar to that in the slurmctld for the
 -- Added ability to change a users name in accounting.
 -- Restore squeue support for "%G" format (group id) accidentally removed in
 -- Added preempt_mode option to QOS.
 -- Added a grouping=individual for sreport size reports.
 -- Added remove_qos logic to jobs running under a QOS that was removed.
 -- scancel now exits with a 1 if any job is non-existant when canceling.
 -- Better handling of select plugins that don't exist on various systems for
    cross cluster communication.  Slurmctld, slurmd, and slurmstepd now only
    load the default select plugin as well.
 -- Better error handling when loading plugins.
 -- Prevent scontrol from aborting if getlogin() returns NULL.
 -- Prevent scontrol segfault when there are hidden nodes.
 -- Prevent srun segfault after task launch failure.
 -- Added job_submit/lua plugin.
 -- Fixed sinfo on a bluegene system to print correctly the output for:
    sinfo -e -o "%9P %6m %.4c %.22F %f"
 -- Add scontrol commands "hold" and "release" to simplify setting a job's
    priority to 0 or 1. Also tests that the job is in pending state.
 -- Increase maximum node list size (for incoming RPC) from 1024 bytes to 64k.
 -- In the backup slurmctld, purge triggers before recovering trigger state to
    avoid duplicate entries.
 -- Fix bug in sacct processing of --fields= option.
 -- Fix bug in checkpoint/blcr for jobs spanning multiple nodes introduced when
    changing some variable names in version 2.2.0.pre5.
 -- Removed the vestigal set_max_cluster_usage() function from the Priority
    Plugin API.
 -- Modify the output of "scontrol show job" for the field ReqS:C:T=. Fields
    not specified by the user will be reported as "*" instead of 65534.
 -- Added DefaultQOS option for an association.
 -- BLUEGENE - Added -B option to the slurmctld to clear created blocks from
    the system on start.
 -- BLUEGENE - Added option to scontrol & sview to recreate existing blocks.
 -- Fixed flags for returning messages to use the correct munge key when going
 -- BLUEGENE - Added option to scontrol & sview to resume blocks in an error
    state instead of just freeing them.
 -- sview patched to allow multiple row selection of jobs, patch from Dan Rusak
 -- Lower default slurmctld server thread count from 1024 to 256. Some systems
    process threads on a last-in first-out basis and the high thread count was
    causing unexpectedly high delays for some RPCs.
 -- Added to sacctmgr the ability for admins to reset the raw usage of a user
    or account
 -- Improved the efficiency of a few lines in sacctmgr

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre8
 -- Add DebugFlags parameter of "Backfill" for sched/backfill detailed logging.
 -- Add DebugFlags parameter of "Gang" for detailed logging of gang scheduling
 -- Add DebugFlags parameter of "Priority" for detailed logging of priority
    multifactor activities.
 -- Add DebugFlags parameter of "Reservation" for detailed logging of advanced
 -- Add run time to mail message upon job termination and queue time for mail
    message upon job begin.
 -- Add email notification option for job requeue.
 -- Generate a fatal error if the srun --relative option is used when not
    within an existing job allocation.
 -- Modify the meaning of InactiveLimit slightly. It will now cancel the job
    allocation created using the salloc or srun command if those commands
    cease responding for the InactiveLimit regardless of any running job steps.
    This parameter will no longer effect jobs spawned using sbatch.
 -- Remove AccountingStoragePass and JobCompPass from configuration RPC and
    scontrol show config command output. The use of SlurmDBD is still strongly
    recommended as SLURM will have limited database functionality or protection
 -- Add sbatch options of --export and SBATCH_EXPORT to control which
    environment variables (if any) get propagated to the spawned job. This is
    particularly important for jobs that are submitted on one cluster and run
    on a different cluster.
 -- Fix bug in select/linear when used with gang scheduling and there are
    preempted jobs at the time slurmctld restarts that can result in over-
    subscribing resources.
 -- Added keeping track of the qos a job is running with in accounting.
 -- Fix for handling correctly jobs that resize, and also reporting correct
    stats on a job after it finishes.
 -- Modify gang scheduler so with SelectTypeParameter=CR_CPUS and task
    affinity is enabled, keep track of the individual CPUs allocated to jobs
    rather than just the count of CPUs allocated (which could overcommit
    specific CPUs for running jobs).
 -- Modify select/linear plugin data structures to eliminate underflow errors
    for the exclusive_cnt and tot_job_cnt variables (previously happened when
    slurmctld reconfigured while the job was in completing state).
 -- Change slurmd's working directory (and location of core files) to match
    that of the slurmctld daemon: the same directory used for log files,
    SlurmdLogFile (if specified with an absolute pathname) otherwise the
    directory used to save state, SlurmdSpoolDir.
 -- Add sattach support for the --pty option.
 -- Modify slurmctld communications logic to accept incoming messages on more
    than one port for improved scalability.
 -- Add SchedulerParameters option of "defer" to avoid trying to schedule a
    job at submission time, but to attempt scheduling many jobs at once for
    improved performance under heavy load.
 -- Correct logic controlling slurmctld thread limit eliminating check of
 -- Make slurmctld's trigger logic more robust in the event that job records
    get purged before their trigger can be processed (e.g. MinJobAge=1).
 -- Add support for users to hold/release their own jobs (submit the job with
    srun/sbatch --hold/-H option or use "scontrol update jobid=# priority=0"
    to hold and "scontrol update jobid=# priority=1" to release).
 -- Added ability for sacct to query jobs by qos and a range of timelimits.
 -- Added ability for sstat to query pids of steps running.
 -- Support time specification in UTS format with a prefix of "uts" (e.g.
    "sbatch --begin=uts458389988 my.script").

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre7
 -- Fixed issue with sacctmgr if querying against non-existent cluster it
    works the same way as 2.1.
 -- Added infrastructure to support allocation of generic node resources (gres).
    -Modified select/linear and select/cons_res plugins to allocate resources
     at the level of a job without oversubcription.
    -Get sched/backfill operating with gres allocations.
    -Get gres configuration changes (reconfiguration) working.
    -Have job steps allocate resources.
    -Modified job step credential to include the job's and step's gres
     allocation details.
    -Integrate with HWLOC library to identify GPUs and NICs configured on each
 -- SLURM commands (squeue, sinfo, etc...) can now go cross-cluster on like
    linux systems.  Cross-cluster for bluegene to linux and such should
    work fine, even sview.
 -- Added the ability to configure PreemptMode on a per-partition basis.
 -- Change slurmctld's default thread limit count to 1024, but adjust that down
    as needed based upon the process's resource limits.
 -- Removed the non-functional "SystemCPU" and "TotalCPU" reporting fields from
    sstat and updated man page
 -- Correct location of apbasil command on Cray XT systems.
 -- Fixed bug in MinCPU and AveCPU calculations in sstat command
 -- Send message to srun when the Prolog takes too long (MessageTimeout) to
 -- Change timeout for socket connect() to be half of configured MessageTimeout.
 -- Added high-throughput computing web page with configuration guidance.
 -- Use more srun sockets to process incoming PMI (MPICH2) connections for
    better scalability.
 -- Added DebugFlags for the select/bluegene plugin: DEBUG_FLAG_BG_PICK,
 -- Remove vestigial job record field "kill_on_step_done" (internal to the
    slurmctld daemon only).
 -- For MPICH2 jobs: Clear PMI state between job steps.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre6
 -- sview - added ability to see database configuration.
 -- sview - added ability to add/remove visible tabs.
 -- sview - change way grid highlighting takes place on selected objects.
 -- Added infrastructure to support allocation of generic node resources.
    -Added node configuration parameter of Gres=.
    -Added ability to view/modify a node's gres using scontrol, sinfo and sview.
    -Added salloc, sbatch and srun --gres option.
    -Added ability to view a job or job step's gres using scontrol, squeue and
    -Added new configuration parameter GresPlugins to define plugins used to
     manage generic resources.
    -Added framework for gres plugins.
    -Added DebugFlags option of "gres" for detailed debugging of gres actions.
 -- Slurmd modified to log slow slurmstepd startup and note possible file system
 -- sview - There is now a .slurm/sviewrc created when running sview.
    Defaults are put in there as to how sview looks when first launched.
    You can set these by Ctrl-S or Options->Set Default Settings.
 -- Add scontrol "wait_job <job_id>" option to wait for nodes to boot as needed.
    Useful for batch jobs (in Prolog, PrologSlurmctld or the script) if powering
    down idle nodes.
 -- Added salloc and sbatch option --wait-all-nodes. If set non-zero, job
    initiation will be delayed until all allocated nodes have booted. Salloc
    will log the delay with the messages "Waiting for nodes to boot" and "Nodes
    are ready for job".
 -- The Priority/mulitfactor plugin now takes into consideration size of job
    in cpus as well as size in nodes when looking at the job size factor.
    Previously only nodes were considered.
 -- When using the SlurmDBD messages waiting to be sent will be combined
    and sent in one message.
 -- Remove srun's --core option. Move the logic to an optional SPANK plugin
    (currently in the contribs directory, but plan to distribute through
 -- Patch for adding CR_CORE_DEFAULT_DIST_BLOCK as a select option to layout
    jobs using block layout across cores within each node instead of cyclic
    which was previously the default.
 -- Accounting - When removing associations if jobs are running, those jobs
    must be killed before proceeding.  Before the jobs were killed
    automatically thus causing user confusion on what is most likely an
    admin's mistake.
 -- sview - color column keeps reference color when highlighting.
 -- Configuration parameter MaxJobCount changed from 16-bit to 32-bit field.
    The default MaxJobCount was changed from 5,000 to 10,000.
 -- SLURM commands (squeue, sinfo, etc...) can now go cross-cluster on like
    linux systems.  Cross-cluster for bluegene to linux and such does not
    currently work.  You can submit jobs with sbatch.  Salloc and srun are not
    cross-cluster compatible, and given their nature to talk to actual compute
    nodes these will likely never be.
 -- salloc modified to forward SIGTERM to the spawned program.
 -- In sched/wiki2 (for Moab support) - Add GRES and WCKEY fields to MODIFYJOBS
    and GETJOBS commands. Add GRES field to GETNODES command.
 -- In struct job_descriptor and struct job_info: rename min_sockets to
    sockets_per_node, min_cores to cores_per_socket, and min_threads to
    threads_per_core (the values are not minimum, but represent the target
 -- Fixed bug in clearing a partition's DisableRootJobs value reported by
    Hongjia Cao.
 -- Purge (or ignore) terminated jobs in a more timely fashion based upon the
    MinJobAge configuration parameter. Small values for MinJobAge should improve
    responsiveness for high job throughput.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre5
 -- Modify commands to accept time format with one or two digit hour value
    (e.g. 8:00 or 08:00 or 8:00:00 or 08:00:00).
 -- Modify time parsing logic to accept "minute", "hour", "day", and "week" in
    addition to the currently accepted "minutes", "hours", etc.
 -- Add slurmd option of "-C" to print actual hardware configuration and exit.
 -- Pass EnforcePartLimits configuration parameter from slurmctld for user
    commands to see the correct value instead of always "NO".
 -- Modify partition data structures to replace the default_part,
    disable_root_jobs, hidden and root_only fields with a single field called
    "flags" populated with the flags PART_FLAG_DEFAULT, PART_FLAG_NO_ROOT
    PART_FLAG_HIDDEN and/or PART_FLAG_ROOT_ONLY. This is a more flexible
    solution besides making for smaller data structures.
 -- Add node state flag of JOB_RESIZING. This will only exist when a job's
    accounting record is being written immediately before or after it changes
    size. This permits job accounting records to be written for a job at each
 -- Make calls to jobcomp and accounting_storage plugins before and after a job
    changes size (with the job state being JOB_RESIZING). All plugins write a
    record for the job at each size with intermediate job states being
 -- When changing a job size using scontrol, generate a script that can be
    executed by the user to reset SLURM environment variables.
 -- Modify select/linear and select/cons_res to use resources released by job
 -- Added to contribs foundation for Perl extension for slurmdb library.
 -- Add new configuration parameter JobSubmitPlugins which provides a mechanism
    to set default job parameters or perform other site-configurable actions at
    job submit time.
 -- Better postgres support for accounting, still beta.
 -- Speed up job start when using the slurmdbd.
 -- Forward step failure reason back to slurmd before in some cases it would
    just be SLURM_FAILURE returned.
 -- Changed squeue to fail when passed invalid -o <output_format> or
    -S <sort_list> specifications.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre4
 -- Add support for a PropagatePrioProcess configuration parameter value of 2
    to restrict spawned task nice values to that of the slurmd daemon plus 1.
    This insures that the slurmd daemon always have a higher scheduling
    priority than spawned tasks.
 -- Add support in slurmctld, slurmd and slurmdbd for option of "-n <value>" to
    reset the daemon's nice value.
 -- Fixed slurm_load_slurmd_status and slurm_pid2jobid to work correctly when
    multiple slurmds are in use.
 -- Altered srun to set max_nodes to min_nodes if not set when doing an
    allocation to mimic that which salloc and sbatch do.  If running a step if
    the max isn't set it remains unset.
 -- Applied patch from David Egolf ( Added the ability
    to purge/archive accounting data on a day or hour basis, previously
    it was only available on a monthly basis.
 -- Add support for maximum node count in job step request.
 -- Fix bug in CPU count logic for job step allocation (used count of CPUS per
    node rather than CPUs allocated to the job).
 -- Add new configuration parameters GroupUpdateForce and GroupUpdateTime.
    See "man slurm.conf" for details about how these control when slurmctld
    updates its information of which users are in the groups allowed to use
 -- Added sacctmgr list events which will list events that have happened on
    clusters in accounting.
 -- Permit a running job to shrink in size using a command of
    "scontrol update JobId=# NumNodes=#" or
    "scontrol update JobId=# NodeList=<names>". Subsequent job steps must
    explicitly specify an appropriate node count to work properly.
 -- Added resize_time field to job record noting the time of the latest job
    size change (to be used for accounting purposes).
 -- sview/smap now hides hidden partitions and their jobs by default, with an
    option to display them.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre3
 -- Refine support for TotalView partial attach. Add parameter to configure
    program of "--enable-partial-attach".
 -- In select/cons_res, the count of CPUs on required nodes was formerly
    ignored in enforcing the maximum CPU limit. Also enforce maximum CPU
    limit when the topology/tree plugin is configured (previously ignored).
 -- In select/cons_res, allocate cores for a job using a best-fit approach.
 -- In select/cons_res, for jobs that can run on a single node, use a best-fit
    packing approach.
 -- Add support for new partition states of DRAIN and INACTIVE and new partition
    option of "Alternate" (alternate partition to use for jobs submitted to
    partitions that are currently in a state of DRAIN or INACTIVE).
 -- Add group membership cache. This can substantially speed up slurmctld
    startup or reconfiguration if many partitions have AllowGroups configured.
 -- Added slurmdb api for accessing slurm DB information.
 -- In select/linear: Modify data structures for better performance and to
    avoid underflow error messages when slurmctld restarts while jobs are
    in completing state.
 -- Added hash for slurm.conf so when nodes check in to the controller it can
    verify the slurm.conf is the same as the one it is running.  If not an
    error message is displayed.  To silence this message add NO_CONF_HASH
    to DebugFlags in your slurm.conf.
 -- Added error code ESLURM_CIRCULAR_DEPENDENCY and prevent circular job
    dependencies (e.g. job 12 dependent upon job 11 AND job 11 is dependent
    upon job 12).
 -- Add BootTime and SlurmdStartTime to available node information.
 -- Fixed moab_2_slurmdb to work correctly under new database schema.
 -- Slurmd will drain a compute node when the SlurmdSpoolDir is full.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre2
 -- Add support for spank_get_item() to get S_STEP_ALLOC_CORES and
    S_STEP_ALLOC_MEM. Support will remain for S_JOB_ALLOC_CORES and
 -- Kill individual job steps that exceed their memory limit rather than
    killing an entire job if one step exceeds its memory limit.
 -- Added configuration parameter VSizeFactor to enforce virtual memory limits
    for jobs and job steps as a percentage of their real memory allocation.
 -- Add scontrol ability to update job step's time limits.
 -- Add scontrol ability to update job's NumCPUs count.
 -- Add --time-min options to salloc, sbatch and srun. The scontrol command
    has been modified to display and modify the new field. sched/backfill
    plugin has been changed to alter time limits of jobs with the
    --time-min option if doing so permits earlier job initiation.
 -- Add support for TotalView symbol MPIR_partial_attach_ok with srun support
    to release processes which TotalView does not attach to.
 -- Add new option for SelectTypeParameters of CR_ONE_TASK_PER_CORE. This
    option will allocate one task per core by default. Without this option,
    by default one task will be allocated per thread on nodes with more than
    one ThreadsPerCore configured.
 -- Avoid accounting separately for a current pid corresponds to a Light Weight
    Process (Thread POSIX) appearing in the /proc directory. Only account for
    the original process (pid==tgid) to avoid accounting for memory use more
    than once.
 -- Add proctrack/cgroup plugin which uses Linux control groups (aka cgroup)
    to track processes on Linux systems having this feature enabled (kernel
    >= 2.6.24).
 -- Add logging of license transations including job_id.
 -- Add configuration parameters SlurmSchedLogFile and SlurmSchedLogLevel to
    support writing scheduling events to a separate log file.
 -- Added contribs/web_apps/chart_stats.cgi, a web app that invokes sreport to
    retrieve from the accounting storage db a user's request for job usage or
    machine utilization statistics and charts the results to a browser.
 -- Massive change to the schema in the storage_accounting/mysql plugin.  When
    starting the slurmdbd the process of conversion may take a few minutes.
    You might also see some errors such as 'error: mysql_query failed: 1206
    The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size'.  If you get this,
    do not worry, it is because your setting of innodb_buffer_pool_size in
    your my.cnf file is not set or set too low.  A decent value there should
    be 64M or higher depending on the system you are running on.  See
    RELEASE_NOTES for more information.  But setting this and then
    restarting the mysqld and slurmdbd will put things right.  After this
    change we have noticed 50-75% increase in performance with sreport and
 -- Fix for MaxCPUs to honor partitions of 1 node that have more than the
    maxcpus for a job.
 -- Add support for "scontrol notify <message>;" to work for batch jobs.

* Changes in SLURM 2.2.0.pre1
 -- Added RunTime field to scontrol show job report
 -- Added support to handle communication with SLURM 2.1 clusters.  Job's
    should not be lost in the future when upgrading to higher versions of
 -- Added withdeleted options for listing clusters, users, and accounts
 -- Remove PLPA task affinity functions due to that package being deprecated.
 -- Preserve current partition state information and node Feature and Weight
    information rather than use contents of slurm.conf file after slurmctld
    restart with -R option or SIGHUP. Replace information with contents of
    slurm.conf after slurmctld restart without -R or "scontrol reconfigure".
    See RELEASE_NOTES file fore more details.
 -- Modify SLURM's PMI library (for MPICH2) to properly execute an executable
    program stand-alone (single MPI task launched without srun).
 -- Made GrpCPUs and MaxCPUs limits work for select/cons_res.
 -- Moved all SQL dependant plugins into a seperate rpm slurm-sql.  This
    should be needed only where a connection to a database is needed (i.e.
    where the slurmdbd is running)
 -- Add command line option "no_sys_info" to PAM module to supress system
    logging of "access granted for user ...", access denied and other errors
    will still be logged.
 -- sinfo -R now has the user and timestamp in separate fields from the reason.
 -- Much functionality has been added to account_storage/pgsql.  The plugin
    is still in a very beta state.  It is still highly advised to use the
    mysql plugin, but if you feel like living on the edge or just really
    like postgres over mysql for some reason here you go. (Work done
    primarily by Hongjia Cao, NUDT.)

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.17
 -- Correct format of --begin reported in salloc, sbatch and srun --help
 -- Correct logic for regular users to increase nice value of their own jobs.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.16
 -- Fixed minor warnings from gcc-4.5
 -- Fixed initialization of accounting_stroage_enforce in the slurmctld.
 -- Fixed bug where if GrpNodes was lowered while pending jobs existed and where
    above the limit the slurmctld would seg fault.
 -- Fixed minor memory leak when unpack error happens on an
 -- Set Lft and Rgt correctly when adding association.  Fix for regression
    caused in 2.1.15, cosmetic fix only.
 -- Replaced optarg which was undefined in some spots to make sure ENV vars are
    set up correctly.
 -- When removing an account from a cluster with sacctmgr you no longer get
    a list of previously deleted associations.
 -- Fix to make jobcomp/(pg/my)sql correctly work when the database name is
    different than the default.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.15
 -- Fix bug in which backup slurmctld can purge job scripts (and kill batch
    jobs) when it assumes primary control, particularly when this happens
    multiple times in a short time interval.
 -- In sched/wiki and sched/wiki2 add IWD (Initial Working Directory) to the
    information reported about jobs.
 -- Fix bug in calculating a daily or weekly reservation start time when the
    reservation is updated. Patch from Per Lundqvist (National Supercomputer
    Centre, Linkoping University, Sweden).
 -- Fix bug in how job step memory limits are calculated when the --relative
    option is used.
 -- Restore operation of srun -X option to forward SIGINT to spawned tasks
    without killing them.
 -- Fixed a bug in calculating the root account's raw usage reported by Par
 -- Fixed a bug in sshare displaying account hierarchy reported by Per
 -- In select/linear plugin, when a node allocated to a running job is removed
    from a partition, only log the event once. Fixes problem reported by Per

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.14
 -- Fixed coding mistakes in _slurm_rpc_resv_show() and job_alloc_info() found
    while reviewing the code.
 -- Fix select/cons_res logic to prevent allocating resources while jobs
    previously allocated resources on the node are still completing.
 -- Fixed typo in job_mgr.c dealing with qos instead of associations.
 -- Make sure associations and qos' are initiated when added.
 -- Fixed wrong initialization for wckeys in the association manager.
 -- Added wiki.conf configuration parameter of HidePartitionNodes. See
    "man wiki.conf" for more information.
 -- Add "JobAggregationTime=#" field SchedulerParameter configuration parameter
 -- Modify init.d/slurm and slurmdbd scripts to prevent the possible
    inadvertent inclusion of "." in LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
    To fail, the script would need to be executed by user root or SlurmUser
    without the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable set and there would
    have to be a maliciously altered library in the working directory.
    Thanks to Raphael Geissert for identifying the problem. This addresses
    security vulnerability CVE-2010-3380.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.13
 -- Fix race condition which can set a node state to IDLE on slurmctld startup
    even if it has running jobs.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.12
 -- Fixes for building on OS X 10.5.
 -- Fixed a few '-' without a '\' in front of them in the man pages.
 -- Fixed issues in client tools where a requeued job did get displayed
 -- Update typos in doc/html/accounting.shtml doc/html/resource_limits.shtml
    doc/man/man5/slurmdbd.conf.5 and doc/man/man5/slurm.conf.5
 -- Fixed a bug in exitcode:signal display in sacct
 -- Fix bug when request comes in for consumable resources and the -c option
    is used in conjunction with -O
 -- Fixed squeue -o "%h" output formatting
 -- Change select/linear message "error: job xxx: best_fit topology failure"
    to debug type.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for sinfo -R to group all midplanes together in a single
    line for midplanes in an error state instead of 1 line for each midplane.
 -- Fix srun to work correctly with --uid when getting an allocation
    and creating a step, also fix salloc to assume identity at the correct
    time as well.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue with jobs being refused when running dynamic mode
    and every job on the system happens to be the same size.
 -- Removed bad #define _SLURMD_H from slurmd/get_mach_stat.h.  Didn't appear
    to cause any problems being there, just incorrect syntax.
 -- Validate the job ID when salloc or srun receive an SRUN_JOB_COMPLETE RPC to
    avoid killing the wrong job if the original command exits and the port gets
    re-used by another command right away.
 -- Fix to node in correct state in accounting when updating it to drain from
 -- BLUEGENE - Removed incorrect unlocking on error cases when starting jobs.
 -- Improve logging of invalid sinfo and squeue print options.
 -- BLUEGENE - Added check to libsched_if to allow root to run even outside of
    SLURM.  This is needed when running certain blocks outside of SLURM in HTC

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.11-2
 -- BLUEGENE - make it so is named correctly on 'L' it is and on 'P' it is

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.11
 -- BLUEGENE - fix sinfo to not get duplicate entries when running command
    sinfo -e -o "%9P %6m %.4c %.22F %f"
 -- Fix bug that caused segv when deleting a partition with pending jobs.
 -- Better error message for when trying to modify an account's name with
 -- Added back removal of #include "src/common/slurm_xlator.h" from
 -- Fix incorrect logic in global_accounting in regression tests for
    setting QOS.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue where removing a small block in dynamic mode,
    and other blocks also in that midplane needed to be removed and were in
    and error state.  They all weren't removed correctly in accounting.
 -- Prevent scontrol segv with "scontrol show node <name>" command with nodes
    in a hidden partition.
 -- Fixed sizing of popup grids in sview.
 -- Fixed sacct when querying against a jobid the start time is not set.
 -- Fix configure to get correct version of pkg-config if both 32bit and 64bit
    libs are installed.
 -- Fix issue with sshare not sorting correctly the tree of associations.
 -- Update documentation for sreport.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix regression in 2.1.10 on assigning multiple jobs to one block.
 -- Minor memory leak fixed when killing job error happens.
 -- Fix sacctmgr list assoc when talking to a 2.2 slurmdbd.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.10
 -- Fix memory leak in sched/builtin plugin.
 -- Fixed sbatch to work correctly when no nodes are specified, but
    --ntasks-per-node is.
 -- Make sure account and wckey for a job are lower case before inserting into
 -- Added note to squeue documentation about --jobs option displaying jobs
    even if they are on hidden partitions.
 -- Fix srun to work correctly with --uid when getting an allocation
    and creating a step.
 -- Fix for when removing a limit from a users association inside the
    fairshare tree the parents limit is now inherited automatically in
    the slurmctld.  Previously the slurmctld would have to be restarted.
    This problem only exists when setting a users association limit to -1.
 -- Patch from Matthieu Hautreux (CEA) dealing with possible overflows that
    could come up with the select/cons_res plugin with uint32_t's being treated
    as uint16_t's.
 -- Correct logic for creating a reservation with a Duration=Infinite (used to
    set reservation end time in the past).
 -- Correct logic for creating a reservation that properly handles the OVERLAP
    and IGNORE_JOBS flags (flags were ignored under some conditions).
 -- Fixed a fair-share calculation bug in the priority/multifactor plugin.
 -- Make sure a user entry in the database that was previously deleted is
    restored clean when added back, i.e. remove admin privileges previously
 -- BLUEGENE - Future start time is set correctly when eligible time for a job
    is in the future, but the job can physically run earlier.
 -- Updated Documentation for sacctmgr for Wall and CPUMin options stating when
    the limit is reached running jobs will be killed.
 -- Fix deadlock issue in the slurmctld when lowering limits in accounting to
    lower than that of pending jobs.
 -- Fix bug in salloc, sbatch and srun that could under some conditions process
    the --threads-per-core, --cores-per-socket and --sockets-per-node options
 -- Fix bug in select/cons_res with memory management plus job preemption with
    job removal (e.g. requeue) which under some conditions failed to preempt
 -- Fix deadlock potential when using qos and associations in the slurmctld.
 -- Update documentation to state --ntasks-per-* is for a maximum value
    instead of an absolute.
 -- Get ReturnToService=2 working for front-end configurations (e.g. Cray or
 -- Do not make a non-responding node available for use after running
    "scontrol update nodename=<name> state=resume". Wait for node to respond
    before use.
 -- Added slurm_xlator.h to jobacct_gather plugins so they resolve symbols
    correctly when linking to the slurm api.
 -- You can now update a jobs QOS from scontrol.  Previously you could only do
    this from sview.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed bug where if running in non-dynamic mode sometimes the
    start time returned for a job when using test-only would not be correct.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.9
 -- In select/linear - Fix logic to prevent over-subscribing memory with shared
    nodes (Shared=YES or Shared=FORCE).
 -- Fix for handling -N and --ntasks-per-node without specifying -n with
    salloc and sbatch.
 -- Fix jobacct_gather/linux if not polling on tasks to give tasks time to
    start before doing initial gather.
 -- When changing priority with the multifactor plugin we make sure we update
    the last_job_update variable.
 -- Fixed sview for gtk < 2.10 to display correct debug level at first.
 -- Fixed sview to not select too fast when using a mouse right click.
 -- Fixed sacct to display correct timelimits for jobs from accounting.
 -- Fixed sacct when running as root by default query all users as documented.
 -- In proctrack/linuxproc, skip over files in /proc that are not really user
    processes (e.g. "/proc/bus").
 -- Fix documentation bug for slurmdbd.conf
 -- Fix slurmctld to update qos preempt list without restart.
 -- Fix bug in select/cons_res that in some cases would prevent a preempting job
    from using of resources already allocated to a preemptable running job.
 -- Fix for sreport in interactive mode to honor parsable/2 options.
 -- Fixed minor bugs in sacct and sstat commands
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue if the slurmd becomes unresponsive and you have
    blocks in an error state accounting is correct when the slurmd comes
    back up.
 -- Corrected documentation for -n option in srun/salloc/sbatch
 -- BLUEGENE - when running a willrun test along with preemption the bluegene
    plugin now does the correct thing.
 -- Fix possible memory corruption issue which can cause slurmctld to abort.
 -- BLUEGENE - fixed small memory leak when setting up env.
 -- Fixed deadlock if using accounting and cluster changes size in the
    database.  This can happen if you mistakenly have multiple primary
    slurmctld's running for a single cluster, which should rarely if ever
 -- Fixed sacct -c option.
 -- Critical bug fix in sched/backfill plugin that caused memory corruption.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.8
 -- Update BUILD_NOTES for AIX and bgp systems on how to get sview to
    build correctly.
 -- Update man page for scontrol when nodes are in the "MIXED" state.
 -- Better error messages for sacctmgr.
 -- Fix bug in allocation of CPUs with select/cons_res and --cpus-per-task
 -- Fix bug in dependency support for afterok and afternotok options to insure
    that the job's exit status gets checked for dependent jobs prior to puring
    completed job records.
 -- Fix bug in sched/backfill that could set an incorrect expected start time
    for a job.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix for systems that have midplanes defined in the database
    that don't exist.
 -- Accounting, fixed bug where if removing an object a rollback wasn't
 -- Fix possible scontrol stack corruption when listing jobs with very a long
    job or working directory name (over 511 characters).
 -- Insure that SPANK environment variables set by salloc or sbatch get
    propagated to the Prolog on all nodes by setting SLURM_SPANK_* environment
    variables for srun's use.
 -- In sched/wiki2 - Add support for the MODIFYJOB command to alter a job's
    comment field
 -- When a cluster first registers with the SlurmDBD only send nodes in an
    non-usable state.  Before all nodes were sent.
 -- Alter sacct to be able to query jobs by association id.
 -- Edit documentation for scontrol stating ExitCode as something not alterable.
 -- Update documentation about ReturnToService and silently rebooting nodes.
 -- When combining --ntasks-per-node and --exclusive in an allocation request
    the correct thing, giving the allocation the entire node but only
    ntasks-per-node, happens.
 -- Fix accounting transaction logs when deleting associations to put the
    ids instead of the lfts which could change over time.
 -- Fix support for salloc, sbatch and srun's --hint option to avoid allocating
    a job more sockets per node or more cores per socket than desired. Also
    when --hint=compute_bound or --hint=memory_bound then avoid allocating more
    than one task per hyperthread (a change in behavior, but almost certainly
    a preferable mode of operation).

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.7
 -- Modify srun, salloc and sbatch parsing for the --signal option to accept
    either a signal name in addition to the previously supported signal
    numbers (e.g. "--signal=USR2@200").
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed sinfo --long --Node output for cpus on a single cnode.
 -- In sched/wiki2 - Fix another logic bug in support of Moab being able to
    identify preemptable jobs.
 -- In sched/wiki2 - For BlueGene systems only: Fix bug preventing Moab from
    being able to correctly change the node count of pending jobs.
 -- In select/cons_res - Fix bug preventing job preemption with a configuration
    of Shared=FORCE:1 and PreemptMode=GANG,SUSPEND.
 -- In the TaskProlog, add support for an "unset" option to clear environment
    variables for the user application. Also add support for embedded white-
    space in the environment variables exported to the user application
    (everything after the equal sign to the end of the line is included without
 -- Do not install /etc/init.d/slurm or /etc/init.d/slurmdbd on AIX systems.
 -- BLUEGENE - fixed check for small blocks if a node card of a midplane is
    in an error state other jobs can still run on the midplane on other
 -- BLUEGENE - Check to make sure job killing is in the active job table in
    DB2 when killing the job.
 -- Correct logic to support ResvOverRun configuration parameter.
 -- Get --acctg-freq option working for srun and salloc commands.
 -- Fix sinfo display of drained nodes correctly with the summarize flag.
 -- Fix minor memory leaks in slurmd and slurmstepd.
 -- Better error messages for failed step launch.
 -- Modify srun to insure compatability of the --relative option with the node
    count requested.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.6-2
 -- In sched/wiki2 - Fix logic in support of Moab being able to identify
    preemptable jobs.
 -- Applied fixes to a debug4 message in priority_multifactor.c sent in by
    Per Lundqvist
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue where incorrect nodecards could be picked when
    looking at combining small blocks to make a larger small block.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.6
 -- For newly submitted jobs, report expected start time in squeue --start as
    "N/A" rather than current time.
 -- Correct sched/backfill logic so that it runs in a more timely fashion.
 -- Fixed issue if running on accounting cache and priority/multifactor to
    initialize the root association when the database comes back up.
 -- Emulated BLUEGENE - fixed issue where blocks weren't always created
    correctly when loading from state.  This does not apply to a real
    bluegene system, only emulated.
 -- Fixed bug when job is completing and its cpu_cnt would be calculated
    incorrectly, possibly resulting in an underflow being logged.
 -- Fixed bug where if there are pending jobs in a partition which was
    updated to have no nodes in it the slurmctld would dump core.
 -- Fixed smap and sview to display partitions with no nodes in them.
 -- Improve configure script's logic to detect LUA libraries.
 -- Fix bug that could cause slurmctld to abort if select/cons_res is used AND a
    job is submitted using the --no-kill option AND one of the job's nodes goes
    DOWN AND slurmctld restarts while that job is still running.
 -- In jobcomp plugins, job time limit was sometimes recorded improperly if not
    set by user (recorded huge number rather than partition's time limit).

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.5
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed display of draining nodes for sinfo -R.
 -- Fixes to scontrol and sview when setting a job to an impossible start time.
 -- Added -h to srun for help.
 -- Fix for sacctmgr man page to remove erroneous 'with' statements.
 -- Fix for unpacking jobs with accounting statistics, previously it appears
    only steps were unpacked correctly, for the most case sacct would only
    display this information making this fix a very minor one.
 -- Changed scontrol and sview output for jobs with unknown end times from
    'NONE' to 'Unknown'.
 -- Fixed mysql plugin to reset classification when adding a
    previously deleted cluster.
 -- Permit a batch script to reset umask and have that propagate to tasks
    spawed by subsequent srun. Previously the umask in effect when sbatch was
    executed was propagated to tasks spawed by srun.
 -- Modify slurm_job_cpus_allocated_on_node_id() and
    slurm_job_cpus_allocated_on_node() functions to not write explanation of
    failures to stderr. Only return -1 and set errno.
 -- Correction in configurator.html script. Prolog and Epilog were reversed.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed race condition where if a nodecard has an error on an
    un-booted block when a job comes to use it before the state checking
    thread notices it which could cause the slurmctld to lock up on a
    non-dynamic system.
 -- In select/cons_res with FastSchedule=0 and Procs=# defined for the node,
    but no specific socket/core/thread count configured, avoid fatal error if
    the number of cores on a node is less than the number of Procs configured.
 -- Added ability for the perlapi to utilize opaque data types returned from
    the C api.
 -- BLUEGENE - made the perlapi get correct values for cpus per node,
    Previously it would give the number of cpus per cnode instead of midplane.
 -- BLEUGENE - Fixed issue where if a block being selected for a job to use
    and during the process a hardware failure happens, previously the block
    would still be allowed to be used which would fail or requeue the job
    depending on the configuration.
 -- For SPANK job environment, avoid duplicate "SPANK_" prefix for environment
    set by sbatch jobs.
 -- Make squeue select jobs on hidden partitions when requesting more than one.
 -- Avoid automatically cancelling job steps when all of the tasks on some node
    have gracefully terminated.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.4
 -- Fix for purge script in accounting to use correct options.
 -- If SelectType=select/linear and SelectTypeParameters=CR_Memory fix bug that
    would fail to release memory reserved for a job if "scontrol reconfigure"
    is executed while the job is in completing state.
 -- Fix bug in handling event trigger for job time limit while job is still
    in pending state.
 -- Fixed display of Ave/MaxCPU in sacct for jobs. Steps were printed
 -- When node current features differs from slurm.conf, log the node names
    using a hostlist expression rather than listing individual node names.
 -- Improve ability of srun to abort job step for some task launch failures.
 -- Fix mvapich plugin logic to release the created job allocation on
    initialization failure (previously the failures would cancel job step,
    but retain job allocation).
 -- Fix bug in srun for task count so large that it overflows int data type.
 -- Fix important bug in select/cons_res handling of ntasks-per-core parameter
    that was uncovered by a bug fixed in v2.1.3. Bug produced fatal error for
    slurmctld: "cons_res: cpus computation error".
 -- Fix bug in select/cons_res handling of partitions configured with
    Shared=YES. Prior logic failed to support running multiple jobs per node.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.3-2
 -- Modified spec file to obsolete pam_slurm when installing
    the slurm-pam_slurm rpm.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.3-1
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix issues on static/overlap systems where if a midplane
    was drained you would not be able to create new blocks on it.
 -- In sched/wiki2 (for Moab): Add excluded host list to job information
    using new keyword "EXCLUDE_HOSTLIST".
 -- Correct slurmd reporting of incorrect socket/core/thread counts.
 -- For sched/wiki2 (Moab): Do not extend a job's end time for suspend/resume
    or startup delay due to node boot time. A job's end time will always be
    its start time plus time limit.
 -- Added build-time option (to configure program) of --with-pam_dir to
    specify the directory into which PAM modules get installed, although it
    should pick the proper directory by default. "make install" and "rpmbuild"
    should now put the file in the proper directory.
 -- Modify PAM module to link against SLURM API shared library and use exported
    slurm_hostlist functions.
 -- Do not block new jobs with --immediate option while another job is in the
    process of being requeued (which can take a long time for some node failure
 -- For topology/tree, log invalid hostnames in a single hostlist expression
    rather than one per line.
 -- A job step's default time limit will be UNLIMITED rather than partition's
    default time limit. The step will automatically be cancelled as part of the
    job termination logic when the job's time limit is reached.
 -- sacct - fixed bug when checking jobs against a reservation
 -- In select/cons_res, fix support for job allocation with --ntasks_per_node
    option. Previously could allocate too few CPUs on some nodes.
 -- Adjustment made to init message to the slurmdbd to allow backwards
    compatibility with future 2.2 release. YOU NEED TO UPGRADE SLURMDBD
 -- Fix accounting when comment of down/drained node has double quotes in it.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.2
 -- Added nodelist to sview for jobs on non-bluegene systems
 -- Correction in value of batch job environment variable SLURM_TASKS_PER_NODE
    under some conditions.
 -- When a node silently fails which is already drained/down the reason
    for draining for the node is not changed.
 -- Srun will ignore SLURM_NNODES environment variable and use the count of
    currently allocated nodes if that count changes during the job's lifetime
    (e.g. job allocation uses the --no-kill option and a node goes DOWN, job
    step would previously always fail).
 -- Made it so sacctmgr can't add blank user or account.  The MySQL plugin
    will also reject such requests.
 -- Revert version for compatibility with SLURM version 2.0 and
    earlier to avoid forcing applications using a specific version to
    rebuild unnecessarily (revert from to
 -- Restore support for a pending job's constraints (required node features)
    when slurmctld is restarted (internal structure needed to be rebuilt).
 -- Removed from the plugin rpm in the slurm.spec since
    it is also in the blcr rpm.
 -- Fixed issue in sview where you were unable to edit the count
    of jobs to share resources.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fixed issue where tasks on steps weren't being displayed
    correctly with scontrol and sview.
 -- BLUEGENE - fixed wiki2 plugin to report correct task count for pending
 -- BLUEGENE - Added /etc/ to point to the
    directory holding when building rpms.
 -- Adjust get_wckeys call in slurmdbd to allow operators to list wckeys.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.1
 -- Fix for case sensitive databases when a slurmctld has a mixed case
    clustername to lower case the string to easy compares.
 -- Fix squeue if job is completing and failed to print remaining
    nodes instead of failed message.
 -- Fix sview core when searching for partitions by state.
 -- Fixed setting the start time when querying in sacct to the
    beginning of the day if not set previously.
 -- Defined slurm_free_reservation_info_msg and slurm_free_topo_info_msg
    in common/slurm_protocol_defs.h
 -- Avoid generating error when a job step includes a memory specification and
    memory is not configured as a consumable resource.
 -- Patch for small memory leak in src/common/plugstack.c
 -- Fix sview search on node state.
 -- Fix bug in which improperly formed job dependency specification can cause
    slurmctld to abort.
 -- Fixed issue where slurmctld wouldn't always get a message to send cluster
    information when registering for the first time with the slurmdbd.
 -- Add slurm_*_trigger.3 man pages for event trigger APIs.
 -- Fix bug in job preemption logic that would free allocated memory twice.
 -- Fix spelling issues (from Gennaro Oliva)
 -- Fix issue when changing parents of an account in accounting all children
    weren't always sent to their respected slurmctlds until a restart.
 -- Restore support for srun/salloc/sbatch option --hint=nomultithread to
    bind tasks to cores rather than threads (broken in slurm v2.1.0-pre5).
 -- Fix issue where a 2.0 sacct could not talk correctly to a 2.1 slurmdbd.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix issue where no partitions have any nodes assigned them to
    alert user no blocks can be created.
 -- BLUEGENE - Fix smap to put BGP images when using -Dc on a Blue Gene/P
 -- Set SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR environment variable for srun and salloc commands to
    match behavior of sbatch command.
 -- Report WorkDir from "scontrol show job" command for jobs launched using
    salloc and srun.
 -- Update correctly the wckey when changing it on a pending job.
 -- Set wckeyid correctly in accounting when cancelling a pending job.
 -- BLUEGENE - critical fix where jobs would be killed incorrectly.
 -- BLUEGENE - fix for sview putting multiple ionodes on to nodelists when
    viewing the jobs tab.

* Changes in SLURM 2.1.0
 -- Improve sview layout of blocks in use.
 -- A user can now change the dimensions of the grid in sview.
 -- BLUEGENE - improved startup speed further for large numbers of defined
 -- Fix to _get_job_min_nodes() in wiki2/get_jobs.c suggested by Michal Novotny
 -- BLUEGENE - fixed issues when updating a pending job when a node
    count was incorrect for the asked for connection type.
 -- BLUEGENE - fixed issue when combining blocks that are in ready states to
    make a larger block from those or make multiple smaller blocks by
    splitting the larger block.  Previously this would only work with block
    in a free state.
 -- Fix bug in wiki(2) plugins where if HostFormat=2 and the task list is
    greater than 64 we don't truncate.  Previously this would mess up Moab
    by sending a truncated task list when doing a get jobs.
 -- Added update slurmctld debug level to sview when in admin mode.
 -- Added logic to make sure if enforcing a memory limit when using the
    jobacct_gather plugin a user can no longer turn off the logic to enforce
    the limit.
 -- Replaced many calls to getpwuid() with reentrant uid_to_string()
 -- The slurmstepd will now refresh it's log file handle on a reconfig,
    previously if a log was rolled any output from the stepd was lost.