Appendix: Converting CentOS 8 to Alternative DistroΒΆ

CentOS 8 has reached its official End Of Life phase and now exists only in archived form at To access software updates that track RHEL8 to one degree or another, you should convert to an alternative distribution.

Some alternatives choices are:

Red Hat RHEL 8

RHEL is the original source base of every CentOS release, so RHEL 8 is an obvious alternative to CentOS 8. Accessing the RHEL 8 repositories requires a paid subscription. Additionally, some RPMs found in the CentOS repository for a particular release are only found in the Red Hat EPEL repository. Contact Red Hat for details.

CentOS Stream 8

The CentOS Project recommends transitioning CentOS 8 to CentOS Stream 8. The CentOS Project defines that repository as containing RPMs that are in a development phase between a RHEL clone and the somewhat more experimental Fedora, i.e., as a form of "beta" release candidates for the next RHEL release.

The CentOS Project describes this transition at which today consists of two commands:

dnf --disablerepo '*' --enablerepo extras swap centos-linux-repos centos-stream-repos
dnf distro-sync

Rocky 8

Penguin Computing currently suggests considering Rocky 8 as a distribution similar to CentOS, i.e., tracking every new RHEL 8 release within days. See for details.

See for details about a bash script that performs the conversion.

Note however that updating CentOS RPMs to Rocky RPMs will likely install updates of various configuration files, which will leave various *.rpmsave and *.rpmnew files that require the administrator to examine and potentially merge local changes that were made when running CentOS.