Release NotesΒΆ

Scyld ClusterWare Release v12.1.1 is the latest update to Scyld ClusterWare.

For the most up-to-date product documentation and other helpful information, visit the Penguin Computing Support Portal. In particular, the most recent ClusterWare documentation can be found on the Penguin Computing Support Portal at The most recent version will accurately reflect the current state of the ClusterWare yum repository of RPMs that you are about to install.

Release Notes for Scyld ClusterWare:

  • This release consists of bug fixes on top of 12.1.0. See the changelog for more details. Release notes for 12.1.0 follow.

  • This release improves on the current node status, hardware, health, and monitoring systems by making them more modular. This allows cluster administrators to enable and disable optional checks to better balance their needs for performance and visibility.

  • With the inclusion of ignition ( and butane ( binaries ClusterWare can now partition local disks on booting nodes during the initramfs to streamline the deployment of disked compute nodes. By pairing this feature with new support for installing the GRUB 2 bootloader cluster administrators can deploy images of infrastructure nodes to bare metal as persistent installations.

  • ClusterWare head node hosted gitrepos can now track an upstream repo. To use this functionality administrators need to specify a public git repository URL in the new "upstream" field and optionally define a "branch_map" specifying what local branches map to what remote branches. Syncing is done through the scyld-clusterctl gitrepos sync subcommands. Scheduled syncing will be added in a coming release.


Upgrading from ClusterWare 11 to 12 may be more complicated than upgrading from ClusterWare 11 to a newer version of ClusterWare 11. Older clusters using Couchbase as the ClusterWare database must upgrade to the etcd database backend prior to the upgrade, and /etc/yum.repos.d/clusterware.repo may potentially require simple modifications to access the new Penguin Computing ClusterWare 12 repo. Please see Updating ClusterWare 11 to ClusterWare 12 for details.

See Changelog & Known Issues for a full history of ClusterWare releases, and Known Issues And Workarounds for a summary of notable known current issues.