bproc_getnodebyname – Get a node number from a node name.


#include <sys/bproc.h>
int bproc_getnodebyname (const char * name);



A machine name


This function returns the node number associated with the string name. Valid strings include “master”, “self”, a string representation of a decimal number, and the string representation of a decimal number prepended with a “.”

Note that this function duplicates some of the functionality of the BeoNSS system, but with a limited set of names. Note also that this function does not use BProc kernel information: it returns a value even when the cluster system is not active, and it may return a node number that is outside the valid range of nodes.

Return Value

Returns the node number represented by name.

May return BPROC_NODE_SELF if the string is “self”.

Returns BPROC_NODE_NONE if a valid string was not passed.


No errors