sendstats – compute node daemon that sends node status to the master node


sendstats [-h] [nodenumber] [IPaddress[:port] …]


The sendstats daemon is part of the beostat package. Typically, the daemon executes on each node in the cluster and periodically transmits status data to a recvstats daemon that executes on the master node. In a cluster with multiple master nodes, sendstats typically sends status data to every master node.

The optional nodenumber is unnecessary for normal uses of sendstats. The recvstats daemon is normally able to discern the sender’s node number from the sender’s IP address. If nodenumber is specified, then it must be seen by the receiving recvstats as being unique to one and only one sending node in the cluster.

The exact content and format of the sendstats messages is version specific, though it typically includes a unique identifying nodenumber plus the dynamic values of the following proc file system files: /proc/cpuinfo, /proc/meminfo, /proc/loadavg, /proc/net/dev, and /proc/stat.

The port number is optional, defaulting to port 5545. In the event of a collision with another preexisting service, which would typically be defined in /etc/services, you must override the default. Choose a new value that is not currently employed on the system, then add a server beostats `` directive to ``/etc/beowulf/config.

The recvstats daemon is started by the ClusterWare service, and the sendstats daemon is started for BProc nodes by the node initialization script /etc/beowulf/init.d/13sendstats.

The sendstats daemon may be used on machines outside of the BProc cluster management domain. In any case, the port number must match the port on which recvstats listens.


Start the daemon on ClusterWare node n0, sending stats to the master at using the default port:

[root@cluster ~] # bpsh 0 /usr/sbin/sendstats

Start the daemon on ClusterWare node n0, sending stats to the master at and a second master at, using a non-default port:

[root@c ~] # bpsh 0 /usr/sbin/sendstats

Start the daemon on a non-ClusterWare node n1, using the default port:

[root@c ~] # ssh n1 /usr/sbin/sendstats