beonpc – Show the count of all user processes started by this master running on the specified compute node.


beonpc [-h, –help, -u, –usage] [-V, –version] [-p, –pids] [-s, –sum] node


The beonpc program prints the count of running processes on the specified cluster node. The count includes only the processes started by the current machine and running on the specified node.

beonpc prints “-1” for nodes that are not controlled by this master or are otherwise inaccessible.

beonpc is typically used to make and observe scheduling and job mapping decisions.


The following options are available to the beonpc program.

-h, --help, -u, --usage

Print the command usage message on stdout and exit. When one of these options is recognized in the option list, all following options will be ignored.


Print the command version number on stdout and exit. Any following options will be ignored.

-p, --pids

Show the process IDs in a process list.

-s, --sum

Emit only a total cluster process count.


Optionally, show for the specific node number, or all (the default) for all nodes, or list for nodes with a nonzero count.


Find the number of jobs this master is running on cluster compute node 23:

[user@cluster user] $ beonpc 23